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Found 29 results

  1. Johny_walker

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    I've BlackVue on the front windscreen. Isit necessary to install another set at the rear just incase someone kiss your bumper and you've solid proof to show your insurance for damages claim. Anyone done before?
  2. Dear all, I have uploaded my new video which i had purchased yesterday. Pic and audio very clear. Pls comment. Will upload another day driving another day. Pls comment if the quality is good. Brand is Lukas Blackbox LK-3700G. Dunno how to embedd, here is the link
  3. Mazdaowner

    In Car Vehicle Recorder Part 2

    continue from ....... http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...268&st=6420
  4. Dear all, Thank you for your interest in this budget thread on car cam recorder. The price range of car cam can be as cheap as $35 all the way to $450. After reading many post, seem like this technology very not stable a lot problem even the exp one. I know many say is memory card issue. I really like to see and hear from those using the below $150 car cam recorder share their problem and their ups. It will be good if you can provide the brand, model and price too. Thank you for your time and bandwidth. Regards, Rustyz
  5. Inlinefour

    HP F200 Driving Recorder

    Hi Bro and Sis, May I know any one use this HP F200 driving recorder before? What are the pros and cons? Many Thanks...
  6. Rustyz

    TaoBao in car recorder

    Dear all, I would like to seek feedback from those who bought their on board car cam from Taobao how good their car cam is. As I am keen of getting 1. Thanks Reagrds, rustyz
  7. Wah liew, start to see some reviews on DVR with Wifi capability. The trend is starting...time to change my ITB-100HD liao. Any ppl already install these two model? http://coretech.com.au/news/blackvue-dr500gw-review/ http://forum.dashcamtalk.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=404 Seem like Blackvue does not have any heat issue..sure cost a bomb.
  8. Price Range: $80 - $120 Quality: OKOK can already...as long as can record things happening on road, park car people come n scratch car it will help to record the fellow face, durable for long term use Thanks!!
  9. hello, this may sound silly. i own a singtel miotv. i want to record some TV programs but learn that the miotv dvr could only serve as a storage but when i asked the singtel technician, he said that it is not possible to say download the programs to a DVD or CD or a thumbdrive. but could some tech savvy person kindly advise me how to record and store recorded programs on a DVD or CD? If I buy another DVR device, would this solve the problem? thanks in advance.
  10. Tom_kkh

    In car vehicle recorder

    has been hunting around for one. budget abt $250 any recommandation. I wan those can run direct from car battery. Checked around for three weeks cant decide. any advice?
  11. I saw Giant hypermart advertisement...selling for $89 dollars.....anyone using it? Supposed to be HD.
  12. Owen_fan

    Car video recorder

    Hi all, Just got a car recorder from Gmarket for $68.50. Received yesterday & try it out this morning. Find that not too bad & would like to share the video with all of you. If you do not want to invest too much on a in car video recorder, you may want to consider this :)
  13. Phuakangtao

    In car video recorder

    Can recommend one? In case accident ... Those with media card and auto rewrite one
  14. Any review of this car black box?
  15. Chewbacca

    In car recorder deal.

    http://www.deal.com.sg/deals/singapore/S86...48178_172888_10 I'm a bit interested. But anyone have experience with this brand before? Thanks....
  16. Yesterday came back from MY, as I was clearing the final stage of customs at SGP, the one where you open your boot to let them see see look look one. One officer saw my camera in front even though quite hidden said nothing at first, then went to the back to check the boot (I had one installed at my ride's rear too), he then ask me do you know its not allowed to take video at the customs, I told him I am aware but my camera not recording cause I had taken out the sim card earlier to view some images (which is the truth). He then tell me to remember to off if I am crossing customs in future. So anyone practise this? If that is the case must go and do switch is it?
  17. Seaweed

    Camera recorder

    Just a survey that comes to my mind...
  18. I was just thinking; if a driver is only looking at recording thru the windscreen when he/she starts driving and end recording when he/she stops driving, isn't it easier and cheaper to just get a cellphone holder and use your cellphone to record?
  19. Hi folks, I start this thread to share with you the test I did on a SDHC Kingston SD Card, 16GB Class 4 Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 12.7 MByte/s Reading speed: 17.1 MByte/s H2testw v1.4 Below the results are done using a Transcend SDHC Class 10 16GB card. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 12.5 MByte/s Reading speed: 20.3 MByte/s H2testw v1.4 As owners of in car camera owner, I believe you want to have a good writing speed SD card to record your HD or Full HD video. I owned both class 4 and class 10, in terms of writing speed is the MOST important factor to record HD videos and I don't think see significant increase in writing speed except for the READING SPEED. There again, is it really worth getting the fastest class 10 SD card where the performance of writing is almost on PAR with class 4??? Anyone can share their thoughts?
  20. Last night chanced upon a free app (for now) as above. Found it very useful. Basically it makes your iphone work like a car video recorder with GPS logging functionality. I have been testing out a commercial recorder of $400 value and found the apps to be of much better quality, due to the good camera in my 3GS. 4G iphone should return even better performance. During playback, you can see the video together with gps location and speed, very cool. Should be good for oversea driving holidays too. But you will need to pay US$3 to get it exported from the phone, which I will gladly pay if the need arise. Try it and see if you like it.
  21. Hi all, After the freak incident involving a bike that kissed my rear and ran away, I'm determined to install the in-car video recorder not just the front but at the rear as well. Hope to get a pair over the weekend. Sorry that I've skipped the other 2 long winded discussion on the gadget as I want to be very specific and also to lower my expectation now: 1. Which is the smallest recorder I can get in the market? No PDA or Handphone option. 2. Auto start and stop. 3. HD quality and play back resolution. 4. Longest recording time possible (high storage memory). 5. No messy wiring like ciggy lighter wire. 6. Reliable and cost effective. Kindly recommend one. Thank you Thank you very much . Regards,
  22. Droozy

    Need expertise on dvd recorder

    hihi My philips dvd recorder is gg off soon.. I use expertise from bros here to help me think of one as i hv lost track of the latest gadget. My usage is jz recording japan hour and some little stuff from SG channel only. after which normally i will convert the recorded show into avi format. Which philips recorder should i get to hv these functions. Thanks alot of all inputs !
  23. Espire

    DVD Recorder or HDD Recorder

    I am contemplating in getting a recorder to record shows from my hubstation. I know in the market now... there are some dvd recorder with built-in HDD... a little bit confuse... need some advice from those who had similar experiences...
  24. Hi, I just did a DIY cheapo car video recorder. If you find it is useful, you can use it inside your car. Quality of video:- Details about my setup:- Handphone: Sony Ericsson K610i Recording: 1 min = 1 MB SD Card: 2 GB (how many MBs is that? I think can record quite long) Velcro: Free (found it at the dustbin) Another setup was using my wife's better handphone and a suction handphone holder. Video Quality:- Details on setup:- Phone: Samsung Preston Camera: 3.2 Mega Pix File size: 1 min = 3MB SD Card: 1 GB My wife's handphone better. Can see number plates. The advantage I see here is that you can record everything in front. If someone reverses into you and say you knock into him, at least you have proof that he was the one who reverses into you. Or roll back (at most shopping centres nowadays, roll back very common). Hope this is useful for you. Thank you Dave
  25. Hensony

    Is there such a HDD recorder?

    Hi My Samsung HDD recorder only allows me to transfer TV programmes stored on its hard disk to recordable/rewritable DVD. The USB port is only for input, not output. Is there such a HDD recorder that allows me to transfer such recordings to a USB drive as well? Thanks