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Found 281 results

  1. Folks, Just wondering, can I go and get my inspection done on my car, ie, 3 yrs, and is needed for road tax renewal WITHOUT the notice? I have not received the notice, and could be with the prev owner. Anybody got any info on this? Thanks
  2. Who have brought this? Good? https://www.nonda.co/products/smart-vehicle-health-monitor Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor: Give your car a health check any time https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/give-your-car-a-health-check-any-time The Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor is a small Bluetooth adapter that connects to your car's On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD-II) port. The OBD-II is your car's on-board computer that monitors important information, such as emission, engine coolant temperature, mileage, and ignition. Its port is usually used by professional mechanics to troubleshoot vehicle issues. And now, you can monitor your car's vital statistics at your convenience with this adapter. Just plug it into the OBD-II port, pair it with your smartphone using the ZUS app (available on Android and iOS) and you will be able to keep track of your car's health in real time. The most difficult part is locating the hidden OBD-II port. It is usually located behind the dashboard, above the brake pad or accelerator pad (transport regulations dictate it must be located 0.6m from the steering wheel for easy access). Once you find it, pop in the adapter and start your car's engine. Launch the ZUS app at the same time. Note that you will need an account to use the app - either sign up for a new Nonda account or use your Facebook account. Upon logging in, tap on Add Device at the top right corner of the Dashboard window of the app and choose the ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor option. The pairing is almost immediate. The Dashboard will show real-time data of your car's current speed, top speed, current engine revolution, top engine revolution and engine coolant temperature. It is great to know such data, so as not to "over-rev" the car's engine. The app also has Car Finder, Mileage and Safety Centre options. Car Finder remembers where you parked your car, while Mileage automatically logs your drives in terms of distance travelled, time taken and mileage cost. It has pre-set mileage rates for the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. You can key in your mileage rate by calculating the cost of petrol, based on your car's fuel consumption. It is a good way to keep track of your fuel expenditure. You are allowed up to 60 free mileage logs a month, but you can have unlimited mileage logs via a monthly subscription of US$2.99 (S$4.09). The Safety Centre option is probably the highlight of the adapter. It allows you to identify potential issues by performing a number of checks, which encompass emission, ignition system, speed and idling control, computer circuit and gear box. I am glad my three-year-old car passed all the checks. But I cannot verify how accurate the checks are as the app just shows the list of checks being done. There is no data associated with the checks - for example, the gear ratio is not shown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuqzCD649Z0 It saves you trips to the mechanic by giving you real-time telemetry and allows you to perform checks any time you want. SPECSPRICE: $99 CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth WEIGHT: 25g (body with battery and memory card) RATINGFEATURES: 4/5 DESIGN: 3/5 PERFORMANCE: 3/5 VALUE FOR MONEY: 3/5 OVERALL: 3/5
  3. It's the end folks. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-cuts-vehicle-growth-rate-to-zero-9335560
  4. As I have mentioned in a few threads here, China is the leader in EV development and many big names in the automotive industry are trying hard to form JV with some of these well establish EV manufacturers. And I vividly remember 1 MCFer even asked for 'China Talk' folder to be removed from the forum, wait till you see the motoring trend in the next 3 - 5 years... BTW, noticed that it is BYD Toyota EV Technology instead of Toyota BYD EV Technology? BYD, Toyota Launch BYD TOYOTA EV TECHNOLOGY Joint Venture to Conduct Battery Electric Vehicle R&D Toyota City, Japan, April 2, 2020―BYD Company Ltd. (BYD) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced today that preparations have proceeded since they signed an agreement for the establishment of a joint venture company to conduct research and development of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) on November 7, 2019, and registration of the new company has been completed. Operations are scheduled to commence in May 2020. The name of the new company is BYD TOYOTA EV TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (BTET). Hirohisa Kishi from Toyota will serve as chairman, and Zhao Binggen from BYD will be the chief executive officer (CEO). New Chairman Hirohisa Kishi said with regard to the establishment of the company, "With the engineers from BYD and Toyota working together under the same roof, we aim to develop BEVs that are superior in performance and meet the needs of customers in China by merging the two companies' strengths and also through friendly rivalry." Newly appointed CEO Zhao Binggen commented, "This joint venture company will focus on the research and development of battery electric vehicles with technology and know-how from both China and Japan. The company is committed to promoting and populating high-quality technologies that make battery electric vehicles more environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, and intelligent. Our vision is to create a future customer-first mobility style, and a harmonious society for humans and nature." BYD and Toyota will work together to meet the diverse needs of customers by researching and developing BEVs that appeal to customers and promoting their widespread adoption and also hope to contribute to improving the environment in China. Overview of the Joint Venture Company Name: BYD TOYOTA EV TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (BTET) Location: Head officePingshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Chairman: Hirohisa Kishi (Senior Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd.) CEO: Zhao Binggen (BYD Company Ltd.) Directors: 6 (3 from Toyota and 3 from BYD) Auditors: 2 (1 from Toyota and 1 from BYD) Business Activities: Design, development, etc. of battery electric vehicles and their platforms and related parts Equity participation: Toyota Motor Corporation (50%), BYD (50%) Employees: Approx. 300
  5. Hi folks As per title, i need to trace a vehicle number to its registered owner. Any idea on how to go about it?
  6. Now this is a new level of road bullying. Check out this new post from SG Road Vigilante where the camera car is being harassed by a Toyota Premio from Geylang all the way until the end of the Thomson Flyover on the PIE towards Jurong. The incident happened on 10th of June, 2020 and we all know that there can be no smoke without fire. Coming out from Lor 19 Geylang and merging into Geylang Rd, the camera car must have honked the offending Premio as the Premio appears to be stopping in the middle of a busy and messy four lane road for no reason. In the Premio driver's defence, he could have trying to pick up a passenger as the car is under the Private Hire scheme and can be seen using his hazards. Unfortunately for him, he chose to lose his temper when he was honked at by the camera car, a Toyota Noah/Esquire, which could very likely be another Private Hire vehicle rushing to pick up/drop off another passenger. As we can see, in the process of intimidating the white Toyota MPV camera car, the Premio driver drove through a red light along Geylang Rd. From the various submissions of video to the SGRV's page, the whole event only ended when both of them drove past the Thomson Flyover, with the Premio driver speeding off after wildly gesturing at the camera car. Naturally the comment sections were full of unkind words for the "ah beng" in the Premio... So do you think the Premio driver is in the wrong? Or is there another side to this story? Let us know in the comments below!
  7. hi guys, Need some input: I'm about to get a double cab pickup ( 2nd hand), was sourcing around for some insurance quotes, one agent got back to me with like a quote of almost $2k and tells me that premium for commercial vehicles increase year by year ( not like normal car, go down year by year due to NCB) i know the NCB cap is like 20%, but wtf, commercial vehicle so expensive meh? pick up will be registered under personal name ( no company involved) and this is possible as it is a double cab. But is it true insurance for these kind of vehicle so expensive? thanks in advance guys cheers
  8. 'Onemotoring' Veh Transfer site used to show the "No. of Owner Transfers". I wonder which smart alex initiated the move to delete this information. 2nd hand car buyers can no longer check on the 'no. of owners' history prior to viewing the car.
  9. Hi In light of increasing petrol prices, i am toying with the idea of registering a company in order to buy 2nd hand one of those small diesel vans with a 2nd row of seats (like Renault Kangoo or Opel Combo). Reason being my bro is getting licence soon so need to find a 2nd vehicle Has anyone done this, and what are the limitations? Speed/lane limit is one i know, as well as cannot go to JB (no big loss). Will there be any other complications/problems that might arise? i heard insurance will only cover passengers who are registered employees.... PS: i posted this qns elsewhere, but didnt get much response. Try my luck here....
  10. How to change vehicle ownership from father to son? I call lta. Lta say must change insurance. I call car insurance, insurance say must change vehicle ownership at lta first.
  11. Hi, There are a few companies providing tracking devices but are all very expensive. I went online and ordered a GPS/GSM tracking, only to realise that the installation appears to be more difficult than what I had imagined it to be. Can anyone recommend a ws with reasonable charges that has experience with installation of such devices. My car currently have EasyCar 2-way alarm installed. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/www-yahoo-comcovert-alert-and-voice-surveillance-bracelet-gps-gprs-tracker-TK103A-2-with-SD-Card/1457370507.html
  12. Just a little effort from every motorist and the ambulance breezed thru the jam...saving him many precious minutes.
  13. Hi everyone, I will be getting a used car from a dealer. What are the charge to get a brand new of vehicle registration number without going for bidding number. Planning to get a Honda Stream RSZ to extend for another 10 years of COE. Thank you
  14. Really more than words... https://sg.news.yahoo.com/viral-dhl-driver-stops-vehicle-074324560.html
  15. Hi. Need advice from bros here. Intending to get a hiace for my work. However as need to fetch children, so I am thinking of getting a PC plate hiace, than maybe remove 2 or 3 rows of seat behind so than I can use the back to carry goods. Will this violate any ruling and will i get into trouble during the yearly inspection?
  16. Hi, anyone tried this service ? Wonder if there is any gimmick.
  17. Looking for vehicle owner SLR5667G Toyota Vellfire (White colour) who involved in a hit and run situation on 24 Apr 2019, 1800hrs at Bedok Central Block 213 car park. kindly pm me.
  18. The Japanese auto manufacturer has teamed up with JAXA to design a lunar rover with a cruising range of 10,000km. Toyota has joined forces with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), with the aim of producing a manned, pressurised lunar rover. Powered by a fuel cell electric drivetrain, the pair are targeting a total lunar-surface range of more than 10,000km (around 6,200 miles). Should a physical version of the six-wheeled rover reach production, it’ll measure six metres long, five metres wide and almost four metres tall. As such, it would be twice as long, twice as wide and almost five times the height of the Moon Buggy used on the Apollo 15 mission. Toyota claims its lunar rover could comfortably accommodate two astronauts (or four in emergency situations) in its 13-metre-squared living quarters. Other features include a huge retractable solar panel, air-less tyres and an array of communications equipment. JAXA’s Vice President, Koichi Wakata, set out the firm’s plans for space exploration, stating: “Manned, pressurized rovers will be an important element supporting human lunar exploration, which we envision will take place in the 2030s. We aim at launching such a rover into space in 2029.” Toyota seems to have its sights set on a more terrestrial level, and is keen to see how its partnership with JAXA will advance battery-electric and fuel cell technology for its earthbound vehicles. Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation, Shigeki Terashi, said: "Toyota believes that achieving a sustainable mobility society on Earth will involve the coexistence and widespread use of electrified vehicles, such as hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles. “Our joint studies with JAXA are a part of this effort. Being allowed to be a member of 'Team Japan', we would like to take up the challenge of space."
  19. chitchatboy

    Toyota develops vehicle for use on the Moon

    Toyota has been reported to be working with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency to develop a new vehicle for use on the moon. As reported by Sky News, the lunar rover will be used on their manned mission to the moon in 2030. Not much is known about the vehicle and how Toyota is involved in it, but if the information is true, Toyota could become the second automaker to put a vehicle on the moon. The first lunar vehicle was produced with the help of General Motors and it landed on the moon in 1971. Back it the day, it had four electric motors that produced 0.25bhp each and were powered by two 36 volt silver-zinc potassium hydroxide batteries. It allowed the crew of Apollo 17 to drive it for a total of 35.9 km with a total runtime of 4 hours and 26 minutes. More details about the moon vehicle is expected to emerge in a couple of weeks' time.
  20. Not sure if Toyota owners saw this. Better check your chassis number. Details are in the post. I have pasted the link from Japan Toyota as well. Affects Alphard, Vellfire, Prius, Sienta and the Triplets. https://www.hevshop.com/single-post/2018/05/27/Toyota-Vehicle-Airbag-Recall-Check-Your-Chassis-Number-Now https://toyota.jp/recall/2018/0131.html Cheers.
  21. Hello all! I am about to buy a truck. Not sure which one yet but it will definitely be one of Fords. I want to stay on budget, so I am thinking of buying used. And I'm not sure will I be shopping private-party or at a dealership but it's good to know what you'll get — and what you won't so I want to do a mechanical inspection and a vehicle history report. I know that a report isn't going to guarantee I'm getting a good used vehicle, however I think it's a good start for used-car shopping. I want to compare the results of those two checks out of curiosity. Can someone recommend good and not very expensive vehicle inspection software? I know that there is Carfax but their reports are pretty pricey: one for $39.99, three for $79.99, and five for $99.99. I was recommended these two apps, have someone tried them: UVIScan and VIR ? anyway, thanks for any contribution and Happy New Year to all! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in 2019 Dotard Trump won't throw a lot of fits.
  22. Hi everyone! I'm trying to do an academic study on electric vehicles (EV) vs petrol vehicle. Would greatly appreciate everyone's help and honest opinions in this 1min survey that I put together to get more insights on EV sentiments in SG! Thanks in advance! :) https://goo.gl/fxecTg Jason
  23. This thread served to provide a central reference for vehicle recall issued by automotive manufacturer. For a start, I will start with something light (but still along the line hor). Case #1: Lamborghini Centenario It doesn’t matter how rare or expensive your car is, there is always a chance it could be recalled. The Lamborghini Centenario was developed to pay homage to the 100th birthday of Lamborghini’s founder. It’s based on the Aventador and is powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine, generating 770 horsepower. Only 40 units total are out in the wild – 20 coupes and 20 roadsters – and apparently at least 11 of them are in the U.S. The 2017 Lamborghini Centenario is being recalled due to an incorrect certification label, which may have an incorrect weight limit. This could cause the vehicles to potentially be overloaded, increasing the risk of suspension or tire failure, which could increase the risk of a crash. A total of 11 units are affected by the recall, which includes both the Centenario coupe and roadster models. The Italian automaker will begin notifying owners on how to get the correct label fitted to their exotic. Err... how much could one possibly overload a 2 seater sport car? Come on, no 1 owner will likely be using it to say transport heavy items, of for the matter of fact, use it as a cargo mover, so how can it get overloaded to the extend of having it suspension damaged?? Well, I guess that is a high SES question that low SES people like me cannot foresee. Case #2: Rolls-Royce Ghost Amid a seemingly endless run of multimillion-vehicle recalls by volume carmakers, Rolls-Royce looks to have joined an elite group for making one of the smallest. The British-based luxury carmaker was forced to issue a safety recall notice in the US because of a problem with the side-impact airbags on the 2015 model of its best-selling Rolls-Royce Ghost. The number of cars affected — one. The company, which is owned by Germany’s BMW, told the Financial Times that the issue “was due to the incorrect labelling on one of the airbags” that had been identified during the customer pre-delivery check by Rolls-Royce. The company added that at no point was there any question of a safety risk. “It is a good way of demonstrating Rolls-Royce’s attention to detail,” it said. The carmaker, which sold a little more than 4,000 vehicles last year, said the car with the fault had left its factory in Goodwood, West Sussex, in January 2014 but its North American owner had not yet taken delivery. “The affected vehicle has thorax air bags fitted to both front seats that may fail to meet the side impact performance requirements for the front seat occupants,” according to the recall notice, issued by BMW North America, through the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Rolls-Royce did not confirm which company supplied the airbags. Although the NHTSA did not immediately respond to a request for comment, subsequent data provided by the agency confirmed that among carmakers a single vehicle recall is rare. It is label again... Now, since the recall involved only 1 car, and that car was not even delivered to the customer, is there a need to issue a statement of recall for it? It is more for marketing purpose if you ask me, or maybe again, a high SES problem... ... OK, back to the topic, and on a more serious note, here are some information relating to vehicle recall, which was posted on onemotoring.com.sg At a glance - When a vehicle is recalled, motor dealers/ importers are required to notify LTA and the owners of affected vehicles. - Your motor dealer/ importer will then arrange for rectification works, if your vehicle is affected. - With the Electronic Vehicle Recall System (EVRS) you can now check the details of the recalls, and determine if your vehicle is affected. Understanding vehicle recall Your vehicle may be recalled if the manufacturer finds defects that need to be rectified. Your motor dealer or importer is responsible for informing you as well as LTA. They must also make arrangements to rectify the affected vehicles. If your vehicle is affected, your motor dealer or importer will notify and arrange rectification works directly with you. Check with your motor dealer for the latest information on vehicle recall. Electronic Vehicle Recall System (EVRS) When LTA is notified by a motor dealer or importer about any vehicle recall, the information is updated into the Electronic Vehicle Recall System (EVRS). With the EVRS, you can check: - If your vehicle is recalled (Enquiry on Vehicle Recall - Vehicle Specific) - The list of vehicles being recalled (Enquiry on Vehicle Recall - Submitted for Last 6 Months) - The status of rectification works for your recalled vehicle (Enquiry on Vehicle Recall - Vehicle Specific)
  24. The next phase of electronic road pricing will also see vehicles fitted with new In