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Found 11 results

  1. Background If you were to do a search on Wikipedia, the term Quadricycle exists since 1896, when Ford called his vehicle, which ran on four bicycle tires with an engine driving the back wheels, the "Quadricycle". In modern-day France, a quadricycle is a 4-wheel car that cannot go faster than 28 mph and weighs less than 770 pounds. Latest Development The India government has approved quadricycle as a new category of vehicle to be allowed to run on Indian roads. The road transport and highways ministry has issued the final notification on the standards for quadricycle, such as its weight, emission and safety features. The passenger quadricycle will have a maximum weight of 475 kg and before being launched, it has to go through a mandatory crash test that would determine the passenger safety standards. Along with those running on conventional fuel, the government has also given approval for electric and hybrid quadricycles. “The final standards for the category have been issued. Any company that manufactures quadricycle can sell it in India. We have ensured that the safety standards for quadricycle are more stringent than the European standards,” a road transport and highways ministry official said. “All safety standards that are prescribed for other passenger four-wheelers are prescribed for quadricycle as well. The vehicle will be tested on its crash worthiness as well,” the official said. Bajaj Qute Bajaj has been the pioneer of last mile city transport. It’s auto rickshaw is an Indian icon recognized around the world. With the urban landscape changing in last few years, Bajaj has once again pioneered the transformation in the way modern India will move by introducing Qute- a smart move for solving the urban problems. Qute is a four-wheeler, yet not a car. It comes under a whole new category — the quadricycle. It is a new-age vehicle that carries the attributes of a three-wheeler as well as those of a car. It is compact, lightweight, and has a carbon footprint that is 37% lesser than the smallest car available. With a patented fuel injected Digital Tri-spark ignition engine that delivers C02 emissions of just 66gms/km & a mileage of 36kmpl, the Qute is possibly the greenest & leanest 4-wheeler anywhere in the world, and perhaps the safest too. Thanks to its restricted weight & speed of under 450 kgs & 70 kmph respectively, the Qute, unlike cars, is no threat to pedestrians, cyclists & 2-wheeler riders who represent the vast majority of casualties on our roads. The simple truth is that fast & heavy cars can kill slowly with emissions or instantaneously upon impact. Bajaj Qute, the world’s first affordable "Anti-car" quadricycle was thus designed specifically for intra-city travel that’s always green, never mean. Technical Specifications Engine: 216.6cc CNG and LPG variants available Gear: Sequential gear shift like motorcycles (5 forward + 1 reverse) Peak Power: 13.2 PS Max Speed: 70 Kmph Dimension: 2,752 mm (L) x 1,312 mm (W) x 1,652 mm (H) Wheel Base: 1,925 mm Wheel Track: 1,143 mm Turning Radius: 3.5 m
  2. Dear ADMIN, May I ask, Where can I post a "looking for" or "WTB:" thread for a specific used car model/make, which Category/section/sub-section is allow ? As in the After-market Category, I don't see/find a section for Auto-car. Thank you in advance.
  3. Cat D – for motorcycles – S$6,801 to set another record high. These piece of paper can buy a 2 ~ 3 used bikes in the old days. I can't understand why there is such a high demand for motorcycles. Nowadays, I can see more people riding the luxury bike like Harley Davidson, BMW etc.. These people indirectly or directly push the coe up, I think so. Normal people need a small cc bike for personal or to do dispatch job etc. This coe has a great impact on these group of riders. In the current coe, LTA should sub-divide the Cat D category to Cat D1 & Cat D2. D1 for motorcycle less than 200cc and D2 for motorcycle above 200cc. How can I know the sale figure of the motorcycle maker ?
  4. i am surprise that there is actually one MP who saw the merit of such a proposal ST- The Government will not create a different Certificate of Entitlement (COE) category for first-time car buyers, said Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo in Parliament Tuesday. Responding to Dr Intan Azura Mokhtar (Ang Mo Kio GRC) who made that suggestion, Mrs Teo said the main difficulty was that it is hard to say why a second-time buyer is always less deserving than a first-time buyer. She cited an example of a growing household which has had more children and are planning to buy a bigger or second car. A COE system which favours first-time buyers would not be fair to this family, she said. She added: "Our current Vehicle Quota System (VQS) is not a perfect system but still the most appropriate way to allocate a limited and non-basic resource."
  5. Or another scheme or something. Some sort where the owner of a car is limited to 1 day user per week (or similar, maybe 52 days a year). Extremely restricted usage at much lower COE prices. Of course, there's no way to regulate it right now. Only chance is probably GPS tracking.... I really don't mind, at this point......I don't need to use a car a lot of times......just sometimes, when I go back to JB I guess Cat A car will be something like 63K next bidding. Sigh......
  6. Hiphiphoray

    Trainer Category in Govt Sector

    Can somebody explain what difference it makes if obtain an appropriate Trainer certification ? Not the Gym trainer or kungfu trainer, share market trainer har.......... Its a trainer in MHA. There are different cat and the highest being Master trainer, then Principal, Senior trainer.....henceforth. My wify told me she pass the Principal Trainer course ytday. Seldom see her so happy before. She got 95 marks. Have to make presentation for solid 3+ hours. (passing mark is 90!!! not 50) And her whole dept is happy like hell too. Something like the staff's HOD will also raise in status or something. A very highly regarded certification in the govt sector. I cannot understand what it means from wify hence this thread. Cos my job come and leave office on the dot. Typical boring deck-bound job rah. Can somebody explain........
  7. As a move towards greener cars. Do you think Gahment should have something like Japan's Kei car category. HAving small CC and small cars instead of big ones. When I look at oversea website (eg Toyota UK), I see they selling small cars at low prices, good for single or couple and even students. Cut cost and cut pollution. These small cars uses less petrol and puts out less pollution than even small cars like Swift or Jazz etc.
  8. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getMediumSizePhoto.do?id=31671 http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=33007 is really true that tuas is F1 Heavy weight category circuit?
  9. It's always been an interest to me to know which category of buyer Singaporeans fall into when comes to buying a car.
  10. Tomasulu

    The sub-70k category

    if you are thinking of buying a car and your budget is $70k and below, this post is for you. recently, i test drove the chevrolet optra stick (~$65.9k), honda city idsi/vtec stick ($64.5k,68.5k), nissan sunny ex stick (~$67.5k), suzuki liana 5-dr hatch stick (~$66.9k), and the toyota vios auto (stick not available in the ubi showroom) ~$63k. this is what i think... chevrolet optra - exterior: the front of the car attempts to be distinctive but ended up on the wrong side of conservative. although i must admit there is nothing particularly offensive about the whole set up. for some reasons, the daewoo equivalent looks nicer with its logo on the hood compared to the chevy logo which is attached to the grill. a set of odd-shape headlamps anchor the two sides. the back is more musculine and purposeful, the pair of sparkling lamp clusters look good. there are only 5 colors to choose from (black, silver, gold, blue and red). the 15" rims that comes with the premium package appear a little small inside the wheel well. i suppose a set of 17" would be a worthwhile investment if you want to enhance its appearance. my verdict? 5/10 interior: this is where the optra really sets itself apart from the pack. the faux-walnut trimmings are understated and therefore tolerable. the CD-changer matches so well with the dashboard that it looks like it is factory-fitted. interior space is good for a car this price, should be able to comfortably sit 4 adults. verdict? 7/10 drive: engine is run of the mill dohc 16v. not sure if it comes with valve timing technology... the salesman gave me the i-don't-know-but-i-won't-admit-it-so-i'll-start-babbling-like-a-clueless-sales person lecture about emission standard when asked about this. acceleration is decent although the engine will be vocal when you push it into the high RPM range. handling is above avg even if it was obviously tuned for comfort, independent suspension notwithstanding. NVH is good for a car at this price. verdict? 6.5/10 honda city - exterior: this is one sleek willy. very short and angular front (almost at the same angle as the windshield!) and a long big butt translates into a volumous trunk. reminds me a little of the discontinued nsx. certainly looks like it is raring to go and go fast. will look better with the optional front grill and a bigger set of rims (duh!). it is a little controversal but i likey likey. verdict? 6.5/10 interior: one word, yikes. plastic-plastic-everywhere. and the hard unyielding look will scream its humble origin to all it will ferry. hated the locally fitted stereo unit which leaves a gapping hole on the dashboard. size is cozy if you want to be charitable but downright niggardly if you are honest. there is little to like about the interior. verdict? 3/10 drive: the idsi engine is designed to be fuel efficient so don't expect a brisk performer from this unit. perhaps the lack of haste is accentuated by the vtec but i soon found myself losing interest and turned back to the comfort of the showroom. the suspension is twitchy and floaty, certainly doesn't live up to honda's reputation for good handling. NVH is below avg with wheel noise particularly apparent. the vtec version is a much MUCH MUCH better drive. the acceleration is instant, linear and extremely addictive. i sent it above 6k RPM within the confines of the ubi backlanes while dodging oncoming trucks. the sales lady was holding on to the overhead handle like her life depended on it. although you should forget about the myths surrounding the vtec moniker. the sohc unit means you won't feel the surge in power when vtec kicks in. verdict? idsi 4.5/10, vtec 7.5/10. ...to be continued
  11. Hi, Quick question. Is there an open list to what car is under which insurance category? Order of increasing premiums would probably be (correct me if I'm wrong) Sedan Coupe Turbo High-Performance (or something like that) But how would you know if a car is under High-Performance? Is there some sort of a benchmark?