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Found 83 results

  1. i think we all are aware of the high number of incidents/accidents related to heavy vehicles. be it toppling, or crashing into other vechicles or causing accidents directly or indirectly. please drive very defensively when you see them on the road and stay away from them if possible. I was once nearly ran off the road when 1 of them changed lane without looking and i was beside it. Jammed brakes immediately and still my side mirrors got scratched...glad to be alive. didn't think much about it till recently i heard a friend of mine working in the transportation industry that there are a lot of accidents lately because a lot of the drivers are either from China or other countries. They are not use to the "road culture" here and like in China, they still believe that as long as you have a bigger vehicle, you have the right of way. I know that different countries really have different road cultures and therefore I can foresee more of such incidents happening as long as FTs are willing to take lower salaries to do all these long hours and difficult work. Noticed that there is no such warning or actions from TP all these while, so we better protect ourselves and our families. All the best and drive safe...stay away from them...stay far away.
  2. I am wondering whether there are heavy duty curtains which can prevent rain and elements getting into the balcony where my washing machine resides? My balcony is only 1 meter deep so any rain would get it wet. At times when it rains badly I have to cover up the power outlet also for safety because curtain flies around.
  3. Dear all, Just want to ask, are heavy vehicles (Buses, 14 footer lorries, Tipper Trucks, Prime Movers etc) allowed to turn right on the extreme right turning lane if there are 2 turning lanes? Means 1 right turning lane, and the lane beside is go straight + turn right? Thanks
  4. Hi, Just bought a used Peugeot 308 (8 years old) and realized the steering wheel is very heavy especially when parking. It’s so bad that my arms ache after reversing into a lot. Any idea why it’s like that?
  5. This is referring to peak hours traffic on 3-4 lanes expressways or major roads. It's common to see container trucks, earth-carrying trucks, big lorries, going slowly at 50kmh+ in lane2, hogging the traffic behind when general speed in lane2 is close to 80-90, but the cars behind are not fast enough to find a gap in lane1 (which is full of faster cars) to overtake these hogging trucks. These cars end up overtaking from the left!! Worst is when these trucks will slow to crawling speeds when they climb up flyovers eg Benjemin Shears bridge etc making cars behind also crawl. I though they can actually stay away from lane2 and use 3 or 4 to allow free flow in lanes 1, 2? Hopefully there will be new rules to ban them on lane2 during peak hours if it's a four-lane expressway.
  6. Dear all Guru, Thank you for your interest in this post and time. I need a system 4 replacement, the old Toshiba having compressor problem so need a replacement system. Maybe is I mountain tortoise I just learnt about Mitsubishi heavy industry, their air con is more fancy have self clean function and more technology above all that it is more energy efficient as compared to Mitsubishi electrical. Mitsubishi electrical is where we all know Mr jack will clean his air con when he is not testing car suspension. For this it is a really old design, high sale volume and the removable fin for easy Limited cleaning. Any feedback from the two Mitsubishi air con. Anyway asked a air con he claim that heavy industry clog very easily which I doubt so but if he say Heavy industry would have a higher riskier of failure due to the new component I would agree. (side talk York aircon very fancy can wireless control air con(mountain tortoise) Rustyz
  7. Hi guys, Anyone know if there are any heavy vehicle parks that allows night parking using coupon?
  8. Thunderstorms across parts of Singapore on Sunday (Dec 7) led to sections of Tampines Mall being flooded. Ms Chow May Kee, who called Channel NewsAsia’s hotline at about 3pm, said that the second and third floors of the mall were flooded after a heavy downpour, and there was water flowing down the staircase of the second level. The National Environment Agency had earlier issued an advisory, warning that thunderstorms with gusty winds were expected over many areas of Singapore between 3.10pm and 4pm. The PUB also said that flash floods may occur. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/part-of-tampines-mall/1514638.html
  9. More heavy-vehicle drivers seem to be getting reckless on Singapore's roads. Latest Traffic Police statistics revealed to The Straits Times show that the number of traffic violations committed by them has risen by 15.6 per cent in the past three years, from 10,882 in 2010 to 12,583 last year. Common offences include failing to wear seat belts, speeding and failing to drive on the leftmost lane of the expressway, a spokesman said. Accidents involving heavy vehicles accounted for about 9 per cent of the total number of accidents in the past three years. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...ers-16-20130717
  10. I just briefly did a search n to my surprise there are at least 20 over bus services on Orchard road. Let's say 1 bus = to 3.5 cars length, so at anytime if there are 4 bus in 1 bus stop n there are 8 bus stop along Orchard road. 4(Bus) x 1(Bus stop) x 8 (Bus sop) = 32 Bus 1 Bus = 3.5 (Car) length 32 (Bus) x 3.5 = 112 Imagine, 112 cars occupying the road anytime during the day. Above is just an example of x numbers of buses could be traveling on Orchard road day time. My question is do we really need so many bus servicing Orchard road?
  11. just in case anyone going JB these 2 days and on the 8 and 9 feb, big heavy good vehicles will not be allowed on the roads in JB. but the smaller goods vehicles will still be there .... so it might help ease the jams a little bit.
  12. The scene of an accident on Monday involving a tipper truck and a car at the junction of Tampines Street 45 and Tampines Avenue 9. The tipper truck involved in a recent accident at the Tampines junction where two young brothers died a year earlier came from the same construction site as the cement-mixer truck that killed the boys. With new projects lined up at the site near Tampines Street 45, residents fear this means more heavy vehicles plying the roads in the area and greater danger for children especially. "Having many heavy vehicles ferrying construction material in and out all day long right smack in a school zone is very dangerous," said housewife Christina Tan, 48, who lives on Tampines Street 45. "These heavy vehicles shouldn't be so near such a populated road where lots of people walk to and from school." Accidents involving heavy vehicles have come under the spotlight after Nigel Yap, 13, and his brother Donavan, seven, were fatally hit by a cement-mixer truck in January last year at the junction of Tampines Street 45 and Tampines Avenue 9. The driver responsible, Munir Mohd Naim, was jailed for two weeks on Monday for negligence. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/tampines-residents-face-heavy-vehicle-hazard-20140130
  13. inlinesix

    Heavy Rain

    It has been raining recently. How come no news of flood?
  14. Seeing these driver really blood boil, but then photo dun speak the actual picture. An errant heavy vehicle on 2nd lane doesn't mean anything, hope he can just start video these driver and send them to the TP. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...725-361321.html
  15. How many late for work due to jams? early morning i took CTE from amk to chin swee... but when i reached just before PIE slip road (PIE from Changi joining CTE), suddenly a TP shot out from this slip road and immeidately put his bike across lanes 1-4 and stopped everyone coming from north on CTE!!! ............ he really fierce, one taxi tried to sneak pass, he point finger at him and gave him angry hand gestures!! (later this taxi crawled at snail pace when traffic moved again) we LL stopped and waited.... he then waved all the cars from the slip road into CTE, for the next 2 mins!!! ............ wonder why he did that? was there a big jam clogging up the slip road and back into PIE?.... i really doubt so coz before he did this, traffic on CTE and from slip road was moving, although slow at about 60kmh..... anyone experienced such thing before? then after he waved us to move on, further down just before CTE tunnel (towards city), he did the same thing again!!! ................ this TP ki siao or what? anyway, that was about 715am... from then until i reached office via vivo to the north, saw many jams......... when i wanted to use adams flyover to get from farrer rd into lornie then PIE towards BKE, big jam again... the admas flyover was jammed... so i used the side road trying to bypass the flyover, but the side road also jammed, so i turned right into Dunean towards city direction, but turned into KHeam Hock rd instead of all the way, using Kheam Hock rd, i went towards Bukit Brown!!, then turned into Lornie in the direction of farer rd, down the slip road back to PIE towards bke!!... bke on the opp direction (from North towards toa payoh) big jam from BKE/PIE slip all the way back to mandai rd!!! when i reached office... i was still the earliest!! guess my colleagues kena jams on their way also
  16. as above..............
  17. Kena waken up by this extremely heavy rain now......rain v fierce and bigz, thunder, lightning and strong winds Now I'm wondering if orchard road is flooded or not?? LOL. Will Starbucks, Wendy's have a rude shock when they open biz later?? I'm also wondering how many trees have fallen onto the roads. I was looking out the windows and an ambulance with blinking lights on zooming past. Is there an accident or a fallen tree fell on a car? The rain is really scary....... I hope all cars including cabs should not be driving at this moment. Too dangerous.
  18. that was like few years ago. it start at one of the car park in East Coast Park if not wrong, then they moved north to Yishun area i guess. It a weekly meet up for all these with expensive car stereo, they will open up the car for public to see and blast the area loud. Can anyone remember this? are they still around? if they are. when they move to and when is their weekly meet up and what time? Cheers
  19. Was at TPE just now, the lorries and heavy truck drive happily on the middle lane obstructing the traffic flow. Wondering can they drive all the way in the second lane?
  20. Orchard Rd..... look for mscp instead
  21. I wish to have our fellow drivers opinion of what type of road is safer to drive during very heavy downpour and bad visibility. Expresway or normal trunk road? Pls share your view as we are having bad weather now.
  22. Early morning's super heavy rain is really a good start for the designated cooling off day. All the heated debates/arguments and rhetorics from the various candidates will be a think of the past now for this PE 2011. So we just have to gather our thoughts and think about the shown capabilities and electoral promises each claim they will deliver once elected to be ready to vote for the right Tan come Saturday. May the best Tan wins...
  23. Hi bros, As title. Only notice it recently. Any advice?
  24. Unidentified

    Conti cars immune to heavy rain?

    yesterday morning heavy downpour encountered 2 conti,1 vw golf and 1 opel astra zooming very fast on lane 1(easily 130-140).it's not the 1st time i encounter conti cars running fast on wet weather.are conti cars immune to wet weather?
  25. SimonTan

    How heavy is a typical safe?

    http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=41771 It's amazing....this is a mid size safe. I was thinking at least it weights 20kg or more? But the way she carry it....machiam it's only 5kg. Is she a real person or ghost? If real....then she must be one hell of a super duper strong lady! Some more walk up staircase. POWER SIa.