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Found 17 results

  1. Never knew Viagra can help against mountain sickness. Is anyone going Tibet or Bolivia or sichuan? If so, good excuse to get some http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/south-korea-s-presidential-office-explains-viagra-purchase/3311870.html?cid=twtcna
  2. https://www.facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia/po...150253328502934 [rolleyes]
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    Who Will Win ? - US Presidential Election

    Who Will Win the US Presidential election today (8.00pm tonight onward) ? My pick Obama to win this round and continue for another term in office. Was watching the presidential debates and the challenger seem 'bo leow' .....
  4. nice figure Korean Adoptee Is Top Advisor to French Presidential Hopeful French presidential candidate Francois Hollande, who emerged as the frontrunner in the first round of the vote, was captured on camera meeting with key advisers including a sharply-dressed Asian woman. Fleur Pellerin (39), whose Korean name is Kim Jong-sook, is the digital economy advisor for Hollande and a key confidante of the candidate. French media have singled her out as a top candidate for a Cabinet post if the Socialist Party candidate wins. Pellerin was born in Seoul in 1973. She was found in the streets when she was just three or four days old and sent to an orphanage. Six months later she was adopted by a family in France. Her younger sister is also a Korean adoptee. Her father was a technician who ran a small business, and her mother, who did not have much of an education, wanted her adopted daughter to succeed academically. "I studied very hard," Pellerin said. She passed her baccalaureate -- the equivalent to a high school diploma -- when she was just 16, two years sooner than most, and graduated from the prestigious ESSEC business school, Institut d'
  5. Now that things are hotting up.. lets have a preview of what to expect.. from our fellow MCFers Disclaimer: This online poll is not indicative of future presidential election results and is not intended to influence any outcomes. You should vote based on your own decisions made of the 4 presidential candidates And your vote is SECRET!
  6. Early morning's super heavy rain is really a good start for the designated cooling off day. All the heated debates/arguments and rhetorics from the various candidates will be a think of the past now for this PE 2011. So we just have to gather our thoughts and think about the shown capabilities and electoral promises each claim they will deliver once elected to be ready to vote for the right Tan come Saturday. May the best Tan wins...
  7. Old-driver

    Presidential Portrait

    Which couple do you think have the look? For me it TT and his wife... both has the looks befitting a President and 1st Lady. 2nd choice would be TCB I just can't imagine TKL and his wife's portrait at every govt agencies, school etc
  8. Breaking news: The Presidential Elections Committee issues four Certificates of Eligibility to - Dr Tony Tan; Tan Kin Lian; Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Tan Jee Say.
  9. Bismarck

    Presidential Election on 27/8

    Please vote wisely everyone.
  10. Reading between the lines, I guess someone will be getting the COE other than TT? Must control myself not to draw moustache on polling day Ballot paper for presidential polls to include candidates' photos Posted: 02 August 2011 1759 hrs SINGAPORE: The ballot paper for the upcoming Presidential Election will include the photographs of candidates. The Elections Department said this will allow voters to recognise the candidates more easily and facilitate their marking of voting choice on the ballot paper. The change in the format of the ballot paper was one of the rules and regulations gazetted on Tuesday, ahead of the Presidential Election which has to take place by the end of this month. Political observers are expecting Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to issue the Writ of Election in the next day or two. The rules gazetted give clear definitions of matters like what constitutes an assembly centre, a banner or poster, distribution of election campaign recording, an election activity, and a social networking service. The gazette notification stated that the election period will begin with the date a Writ of Election is issued for the Presidential Election. It will end with the start of the eve of Polling Day, which is now called the Cooling-Off Day. Several items have also been excluded from the category of election advertising. These include diaries or calendars, key chains, T-shirts, miniature flags and soft toys. The gazette notification also stated that the maximum number of posters and banners which may be displayed in any public place during the campaign period will be decided by the Returning Officer. In addition, no new display of posters and banners will be allowed on Cooling-Off Day and Polling Day. The non-partisan restrictions on posters and banners remain unchanged. They are not allowed to denote any political party affiliation, given the nonpartisan character of the Presidential Election candidacy, said the Elections Department. An exemption under the Films Act has also been made to allow any individual to exhibit and distribute election campaign recordings as election advertising on the Internet, so long as the film does not distort or dramatise the election activity, and the film is not materially altered. President SR Nathan will not be seeking another term of office. So far, five Singaporeans have come forward to express their interest to contest the polls. Three of them have already submitted their forms for a Certificate of Eligibility from the Presidential Elections Committee chaired by the chairman of the Public Service Commission, Eddie Teo.
  11. Some one is obviously of the opinion that the 4th Tan is unsuitable.. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_692473.html Puzzled by Tan Jee Say's presidential promises I AM curious about the reasons behind Mr Tan Jee Say's motivation to serve Singaporeans ('Another Tan enters the fray'; last Saturday). The investment adviser has resigned from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). Yet he continues to promote his five-year $60 billion National Regeneration Plan, which he lobbied for as an SDP candidate at the hustings for the recent general election, in his presidential bid. Has he confused the role of Singapore's head of state with that of an opposition MP? If he is elected president, Mr Tan is reported to have stated that he plans to turn the grounds of the Istana into a central park. As far as I know, no country in the world, including the United States, has done this for the official residence of its titular head. Security is a key consideration. There is also the dignity of the office. Imagine a foreign dignitary being met by sweaty joggers on his way to an official meeting with our president and prime minister. Singaporeans may want a president who is not merely a rubber stamp for government policies, but it is just as important that we do not elect someone who rolls out populist schemes to appeal to the masses. Toh Cheng Seong
  12. Seems like Dr TT is jumping into the fray to slug it out with the other 2 Tans after all. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1136687/1/.html Who could fill Tony Tan's shoes at GIC? By Leong Wee Keat, TODAY | Posted: 23 June 2011 0640 hrs
  13. Bystander50

    Tan Kin Lian confirms Presidential bid

    Former NTUC Income chief Tan Kin Lian has thrown his name into the hat for the post of President of Singapore. In a short message on his blog on Tuesday, Tan said, "I have now decided to contest the Presidential Election (if I am given the Certificate of Eligibility)." He will issue a full statement later on Tuesday. Tan first announced his interest in contesting the Presidential polls, due by 31 Aug, last Friday after his friend collected the Certificate of Eligibility forms on his behalf. He was then undecided then as his wife, fearing a "possible smear campaign" had initial reservations about his participation. He also mentioned the fact that he also came from a humble background, and as such, was not sure he could fit the "ceremonial and diplomatic role of the Presidency." However, in his blog post entitled "Safeguarding the reserves" on Tuesday, Tan appeared more determined and said he had taken note of two main concerns that Singaporeans shared via Internet postings regarding the post of President. One was whether their money in the Central Provident Fund is safe, and whether the government is able to make payouts at the withdrawal dates. The other was whether Singapore has enough reserves to protect its economic security in the challenging global financial environment. He noted these concerns were worsened by the decline in trust in the government in recent years and a lack of transparency on the reserves. To improve transparency and assure people, Tan suggested the Elected President's office produce an annual report on Singapore's reserves, with the financial assets of relevant organisations stated at its book values and market value. "It is important to avoid focus on the market value as it is highly volatile and is not appropriate for long term investments," he noted. Tan Kian Lian confirms his bid on his blog. (Screencap) The annual report should show the obligation of the government and include people's balance held in the Central Provident Fund as well as the bonds and guarantees issued by the government. Physical assets such as military hardware and infrastructure may be excluded from the annual report so long as there are adequate measures to ensure these items can be properly accounted for, said Tan, citing the need to preserve national secrets and the practical difficulty in listing the items. "Some people may worry that it will be quite a challenge to produce this annual report. This is not the case, as it is what multi-national corporations have to do now," he said. "I believe that the publication of this annual report would improve transparency and give the assurance to the people of their financial security. The reserves held by the Singapore Government are among the highest in the world on a per-capita basis. There is really no need for the people to be concerned," he added. Tan also said, he would prefer Singapore's two sovereign wealth funds (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation and Temasek Holdings) to adopt a "conservative approach", by avoiding speculation on market timing and asset selection, when investing assets. Stanley Yang, a fan of Yahoo! Singapore's Facebook page welcomed Mr Tan's decision to run for President. He wrote, "Men-on-street, NTUC, middle ground, opposition supporters, PAP supporters, sandwiched class all can relate well with TKL. This is excellent news." Mr Tan joins Dr Tan Cheng Bock, a former PAP member and Ayer Rajah MP, in officially confirming his bid to run as a candidate for President of Singapore. An independent panel will decide if the duo meet the strict criteria required to become an official Presidential candidate. Among the criteria is candidates must have served for at least three years in a senior leadership role in government or chief of a company with a paid-up capital of at least S$100 million http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...-041303754.html If George Yeo decides to run as well as the others, we may have an election coming out way soon. TKL don't look like a yes-man, will the same tactics used in GE be used against him?
  14. Shull

    US Presidential Election..

    I know US is half a world away..but then, as the saying goes, when US sneezes, the world gets the flu.. Obama and McCain..We shall know next week who will win.. But the interesting part is, how will the 2 of them affect Singapore and the rest of the world as a whole? as of now, Obama seems to be leading in every major poll.. your views please..
  15. Obama has won the first round with Clinton coming in 3rd, behind John Edwards for the Democrats. It looks like it's going to get interesting this coming Nov.
  16. NISSAN unveils completely re-designed President As the fourth generation of this prestigious series, the new NISSAN President has been developed around the product concept of "a modern, formal luxury sedan with a relaxing interior for comfortable travel." Nissan