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Found 16 results

  1. Interesting.... so pty go up or go down?!?! http://www.kitco.com/reports/KitcoNews2011..._deflation.html
  2. vasantham debate on foreigners 6.9mil wah, only vasantham got balls sia! very epic, very candid, no holds barred one! got substitles
  3. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/06/...N0B65NW20130206 Whoa... mai sng sng... Someone on the ball planning public protest!! Who's going??? PS - Mods, if this is considered another dupe thread, then pls do the necessary.
  4. they conduct a live poll, and get this! hahaha a nice slap in their face
  5. DOES NOT SUPPORT POPULATION WHITE. Source: EDMW. Btw, what is division of motion? Means, don't agree and continue to debate?
  6. Ahtong

    Romney wins big in debate

    According to the CNN polls, 67% voted that Romney won. This percentage is in itself a record since no presidential candidate has crossed the 60% mark before. Apparently Obama was very off form and let Romney attack. There was no mention of the 47% comment. Maybe the American Taliban Party have a chance after all?
  7. March 1, 2012, 6:20 PM SGT Debate Over Blog Limits Intensifies in Singapore - Southeast Asia Real Time - WSJ
  8. There is always this huge debate on the rights of smokers versus those of non-smoking folks'. So where do you stand? Typical of those arguing their cases are portrayed here: From ST Forum: Smoker's view: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_747947.html Don't use health as a proxy to browbeat smokers socially Published on Dec 23, 2011
  9. To think that our nation's fate is in the hands of 21 men & women in the cabinet is really chilling to the bone. And in extreme cases, it is down to 11 folks determining what happens to you, me, our future & our children's future if there is also a democratic system of majority-wins during their cabinet meetings. How did I ever come to this assumption? With a 82-2 overwhelming majority in parliament, whatever decisions/bills these 21 people comes out with WILL BECOME LAW unless the party whip is lifted. And even if the party whip is lifted, there is no guarantee that the ruling party MPs will vote with their own conscience if there is actually a group think thingy going on or they vote for these bills simply out of fear of antagonising their party colleagues or superiors. So regardless of what the background i.e. humble or otherwise, the potential i.e. minister-cailbre or otherwise or their stated convictions i.e. wanting to listen more, willing to change or otherwise, the present slate of eager & earnest newbies together with the existing batch of MPs will LL have to vote along the party line if the whip is not lifted. The idea of 9 NCMPs provided after the amendments to our constitution sounds great on paper. They can debate all they can but plays absolutely no part in deciding our nation's fate as they are only pseudo MPs & cannot vote at all. We are all pragmatic people & know the present government, despite all the apparently misgivings about transparency, accountability & dominance, is still functioning properly. Who can say, however, few GEs down the road, that their substance will still be the same? And if we are still relying on a A-Team formula, what happens if the gov of the day turns rogue then? Will it be so simple as to some say, just vote them out? Who is to stop these jokers from enacting bills to entrench them in perpetual control of the country? Will our future generations need to do what many of the Middle East folks are doing now to get things back in order? So my message is the same as what the ruling party is urging you now: THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU CAST THAT PRECIOUS VOTE COME MAY 7... Just my 2 cts...
  10. Albeniz

    Ch 8 pre-election debate/forum

    Still being telecasted now... Good discussion. Opposition representatives seem to be better prepared than their English-speaking colleagues yesterday, especially the first and last speakers.
  11. I'm sure all would agree with me this is how things work in most parts of the word, and applies to most industries. In essence, it shows a positive relationship between having qualifications and remuneration. But the relationship becomes weaker as one moves up the academic ladder. The salary difference between a person without education and a person with a cert, is greater than the salary difference between a person with a bachelor's deg and one with a masters. Please do not flame me for not being sufficiently scientific or "accurate". I've left out factors like, quality of unis/courses, individual experiences/capabilities, gender-biases, age... omg so many other things. This is simply an informal arbitrary graphical representation of how the general view is on this debate. Do you all agree that this is more or less the way things are, excluding all the other factors?
  12. Iisterry

    The First Election Debate on TV

    With the election called for 6th May, tonight sees the first ever live television debate between the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat party leaders. Will our brave leaders ever do the same?
  13. what's the purpose of debating over the budget when the govt has announced and is going to implement it. isn't it a waste of the MP's time? the budget should be debated, view and opinions asked, and then implemented.
  14. Parliament to debate over EPL rights, standards of local pageants By Li Jiamei, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 16 October 2009 1627 hrs SINGAPORE : Questions over the rights to air the English Premier League (EPL) as well as other sports channels will be raised when Parliament sits on Monday. At least three MPs will ask the Acting Information, Communications and the Arts Minister about the recent successful bid by SingTel over the EPL rights. MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Zainudin Nordin, for instance, wants to know if consumers will benefit from the competition between the operators. Other questions tabled include concerns over the prices of HDB flats, the revenue generated from the Formula 1 night race, as well as the recent controversy over the Ms Singapore World pageant. MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC Baey Yam Keng has asked the Trade and Industry Minister if there is a need for greater supervision by local organisers to ensure that Singapore's brand name will be protected. Parliament is also expected to introduce the Singapore Armed Forces Amendment Bill and the Medical Registration Amendment Bill. The changes to the Medical Registration Act seek to improve and streamline the Singapore Medical Council's existing disciplinary processes. Parliament will sit at 1.30pm on Monday. - CNA /ls --- I am sure there are other more important things to debate???? Football is a national issue????
  15. KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian government minister set to take part in an unprecedented live television debate Tuesday (15 July) with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on unpopular fuel prices rises is willing to resign if he performs badly, his aide said. Anwar, known for his oratory skills, has slammed last month's hike of gasoline prices by 41% and diesel prices by 63%, and promised to lower prices if the opposition forms the government. The government says the hikes were inevitable because the country can no longer afford the massive subsidies that kept fuel prices low for decades. Even now, fuel in Malaysia is one of the cheapest in the region. "It is my responsibility to defend and explain the government's policies," Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek told the local media Monday (14 July). "If I cannot provide the people with the proper explanations, then I fail to do my job." His aide, who declined to be named citing protocol, confirmed the minister's comments, adding, "If he fails to deliver the debate tonight, it's up to the Cabinet to decide whether they need a new minister." The debate is the first involving a minister discussing government policies with the opposition on television. All mainstream media is government-linked, and opposition parties have long complained of getting no fair exposure. Ahmad Shabery has dismissed the opposition promise to reduce fuel prices as misleading. Anwar has said he wanted to debate with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or his deputy but would settle for Ahmad Shabery. (By JULIA ZAPPEI/ AP) http://www.mysinchew.com/node/13867?tid=14 got balls... steady!