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Found 81 results

  1. Hello all MCFers, we have landed on MCF and we are happy to be here and coming to a step closer to drivers like you! We know that in today market, there are alot engine variations, such as 3-cyclinder, 4-cyclinder, 6-cyclinder, V6, V8 and even the hybrid engine! Motul has gained experience as an official supplier to many racing teams and manufacturers and contributes with them to further technological development in motorsports. We are confident that we have the expertise to share and educate you guys with the right application. We will listen and try to answer as many question you have as possible! And thank you for supporting Motul!
  2. Guess your know how these cryptos have run up since 2017. anyone brought bitcoin?
  3. [it's OFFICIAL] Arma arrived in Singapore! I am very fortunate and delightful that I can spend my afternoon today at Fong Kim, who is currently one of the dealer in Singapore who is carrying a brand new CAI (Cold Air Intake) from Arma Speed. Instagram: @arma_speed ARMA has more than 25 years experience in the carbon fibre industry, and now are considering one of the leaders in carbon fibre air intake. ARMA Hyper Flow Carbon Fiber Air Intake System and brake kit are just like sword. The Hyper Flow Carbon Fiber Air Intake System can give your car more energy to attack; car enthusiasts can enjoy an instant performance upgrade only by upgrading to Arma Hyper Flow Carbon Air Filter. After chatting with Li Hwa, a representative from Arma Speed. She has mentioned that the uniqueness of the Hyper Flow Carbon Fiber Air Intake System is a complete upgrade of your air intake system. Usually, when you upgrade your air intake, the main focus is always the airbox or the cold air intake compartment. Metal is a tremendous conductor of heat, and all the cold air's goodness will be lost when drawn to the pipe!
  4. It's Official: Reunited GUNS N' ROSES To Play This Year's COACHELLA Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/its-official-reunited-guns-n-roses-to-play-this-years-coachella/ Is this for real?! I had given up hope that they will ever reunite! My ultimate dream is to see them live in Singapore, but highly impossible.
  5. Automotive Aftermarket Within the Automotive Technology business sector, Automotive Aftermarket manages the supply, logistics, and sales of automotive spare parts and Bosch products for retrofitting. In addition, its services include customer service for automotive products and systems. The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket headquarters is located in Karlsruhe, as is its main distribution center. One of the tasks of the distribution center is to supply Bosch customers – including car manufacturers, wholesalers, and workshops – with a wide range of spare parts, which are shipped from Karlsruhe to over 140 countries. The division also manages 24 other warehouse locations around the world. More than 10,000 associates in 140 countries, as well as a global logistics network, ensure that some 450,000 spare parts reach customers quickly and on time. In its diagnostics operations, AA supplies testing and repair-shop technology, diagnostic software, service training, and information services. The division is also responsible for the “Bosch Car Service” repair-shop concept, the world’s largest independent chain of repair shops, with some 15,000 branches. In addition, AA is responsible for more than 500 “AutoCrew” partners. Feel free to inquire more about our products and services!
  6. Rogersk8ter

    Intimidating Custom Official

    This is my bad day.... Was going to JB to meet a client this morning via Tuas 2nd link. Along the way, dashboard warning light came on and off. I stopped my car just after the custom check point. 2 officers, not sure they are custom officials or Atos security, waved frantically at me coming down from the watch tower. I drove up and wind down the window to be met with a intimidating man in blue(Bayee Sing) who raised his voice asking me do I know that is a non parking zone? He was so mad and asked his partner to take my car number. I tried to explain but he appeared so pissed and instructed me to make a U turn back! I made a U turn back to custom not know what to do. An Atos security came towards me and i told her what happened. She took my passport and went into a room for sometime. She came back and told me she will lead me towards the road back to jb again. My conversation with her seems to tell me that guy shd not ask me to make U turn and has happened a few times already. Here are my qns... Are those guys sitting in the tower customer police officers or Atos security? I did not notice any no stopping markings or signs after the custom check point. Like to know is that so? What is the fine? Demerit points? Stopping/parking illegally is an offence. Such outburst is necessary as a deterrent?
  7. http://www.burnpavement.com/article.php?id=1226
  8. Two National Environmental Agency officers Muhammad Alhaffif Mohamad Saifuddin (left), 28, and Muhammad Ramadan Mohamad Saifuddin, 25, were charged in court on Thursday with tipping off two men on a surprise inspection in the Arab Street area. Two men were charged in court on Thursday with tipping off two people on a surprise inspection in the Arab Street area. Muhammad Alhaffif Mohamad Saifuddin, 28, was with NEA's hygiene department when he allegedly told Mr Muhammad Ramadan Mohamad Saifuddin that officers from his department would be conducting a surprise check at Arab Street, Bali Road and the surrounding areas on Feb 8, 2012. Muhammad Ramadan Mohamad Saifuddin, 25, is accused of giving the same information to Mr Ameen Ali Salim Talib, owner of Cafe le Caire at Arab Street, the same day. They were represented by Mr C.S. Lee, who applied for an adjournment. The pre-trial conference for both cases has been set for April 11. If convicted under the Official Secrets Act, they could be fined up to $2,000 and jailed for up to two years. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/two-men-charged-under-official-secrets-act-tip-offs-surprise-probe-201
  9. SeriousGuy

    2014 Honda Fit goes official

    I like the gearstick , that's all The Hybrid version will get approx 40km/liter ! Japan scheduled for September release
  10. Thought I'd start this for newbies who start their journey here. Non conclusive but a start. Mcfers add in 1. Search first - biggest sin is to duplicate threads 2. Learn the language of sarcasm n live with it- if u cannot handle it, get out of the. Kitchen 3. We are mortals here. Dun cone here promoting your use of money. We dun give too much of a damn esp when it is repeated as nauseum 4. Cut the slack n dun get personal - agree to disagree 5. This is not stomp - dun post every damn incident here Any contravention of the above may lead to a personal meeting w the undertaker Good day
  11. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/06/...N0B65NW20130206 Whoa... mai sng sng... Someone on the ball planning public protest!! Who's going??? PS - Mods, if this is considered another dupe thread, then pls do the necessary.
  12. http://www.worldcarfans.com/112110650237/o...oporte-revealed
  13. Lai Lai Lai... dun be shy. Seem like no fans wanna open a thread for ABU so i will kick start lor. All Man U fans pls gather here and say whatever you like abt the club and their rivals. All other rivals fans.... if got nothing good to say abt Man U, Pls dun come in here stir sh*t. Lai Lai Lai, Dun be shy.
  14. Just heard news on radio, Malaysia has announced wef Feb this year, there is no need for white card to enter Malaysia already. I'm still trying to find the official press statement from Malaysia though.
  15. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1208991/1/.html
  16. is it claim piak piak $ ====================== A senior Foreign Affairs official is being investigated by the police over allegations of filing improper claims for expenses incurred during visits overseas. Chief of protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Mr Lim Cheng Hoe was suspended on Tuesday and the ministry referred the case to the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) on Wednesday. The Straits Times understands he has not been arrested. Mr Micheal Tan Keng Siong is now acting chief of protocol at the ministry. The Business Times, quoting an MFA spokesman, reported on Thursday that the ministry had received information that Mr Lim, a veteran of 38 years in the Civil Service, had made improper claims for reimbursements, for expenses incurred by him, during some of his overseas visits.
  17. Wishcumstrue

    It is Official: IED found Singapore.

    "Anyone caught setting off improvised explosive devices may be prosecuted in court for either an offence of negligent conduct with respect to any fire or combustible matter, or negligent conduct with respect to any explosive substance. If convicted of either offence, the offender can be jailed up to one year, or be fined up to $5,000, or both." Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1190178/1/.html
  18. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...dicine_too.html Posted on 16 Feb 2012 Shouldn't LTA officer be fined too for stopping vehicle on double yellow zig-zag lines? STOMPer Amused thinks that a LTA traffic warden should be prosecuted too as he had committed a traffic offence while performing his duty. STOMPer Amused wrote: "Traffic Policemen are fair. They listen to you and try to understand your problems. "On the other hand, LTA traffic wardens behave as if they own the roads. They like to play god. "Those who are misfortunate enough to encounter them would know. "This photo was taken at 3.30pm on Feb 30 opposite Suntec City Tower Four. "I saw this 'hot pursuit' by a LTA traffic warden with siren and flashing lights on, just to intercept a car. LTA should have a record of this event. "Both vehicles came to a halt at the double yellow zig-zag lines. "A page from the Highway Code states, 'Double yellow zig-zag lines indicate No Stopping at all times on that side of the road where the lines are drawn.' "Therefore, the LTA traffic warden has broken a traffic rule. "So, dear Traffic Police, please do what you have to do! :)"
  19. The first pictures of the 2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupe have leaked to the web ahead of its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show. While the front is identical to the facelifted sedan and estate, virtually everything aft of the A-pillar is unique to the coupe. Overall, the design is tastefully elegant as there's a kinked rear window and an upward sweeping shoulder line. Unfortunately, engineers were forced to install a traditional B-pillar which a bit of a bummer as the pillarless design is a hallmark of Mercedes coupes. Moving on to the interior, the redesigned cabin appears intact but the five-seat rear bench will undoubtedly be replaced by two individual seats. Engine options will likely carry over from the sedan, but the coupe will eventually be offered in Black Series guise with a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 with up to 571 PS (420 kW / 563 bhp) and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque. Source: autobild.de
  20. searched around but can't really find one, I remember in the past, MCF used to have MU quite frequently, but after 3 years away from MCF, it seems that MU is no longer organized.
  21. One more teaser for the new Porsche 911...everyone is waiting for it. Just a few more days so that everyone finally gets to see the new generation of the iconic car. Here's the official teaser video Check the video
  22. Expect the car to have 1.6GDi petrol and 1.7CRDi diesel engine, 6speed manual, 6speed auto and the same 6speed Dual Clutch Gearbox used on Veloster... A sport version with 1.6TGDi 208hp is on the list as well.