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Found 108 results

  1. Wishcumstrue

    China 歼-20 first flight new photos 

    Official maiden flight at ChengDu with presence of VIP. Photo taken by armature Chinese aviation enthusista on 11 Jan 2011 outside parameter fence. Auspicious date: 8th day of 12 month on Lunar calender
  2. Lmws214

    Photos of the week

    Photos of the week for all of us to share in this folder. Do share pls. I will start first. A man removes stalks from red chili peppers at a farm in Shertha village on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India.
  3. In the beginning there is only my wife...
  4. Bluepica

    Posting photos

    Hi, Trying to search for a sticky question on how to post photo here but couldn’t find . Do I still need to upload my photos to some online storage like photobucket and then cut and paste the link here? Or now can be upload directly to Mcf ? Besides photobucket, what reliable online photo storage are more ppl using? Cos I find that most ppl posting thru photobucket got their photo in MCF cannot load or got other problem.
  5. Need some help. I has lots of photos and videos of my 6 month old boy. But recently I accidentally deleted all of it.Now I wanted to recover it back. Any ways to do it? The photos and videos all in handphone.using note 3
  6. Hope you MCFers are having a great start for the New Year. So, I will be straightforward and jump right in to my point: I am waiting to get my new car (Mazda CX-3) and as with many car lovers, I am thinking of taking the family to a nice location for the first photoshoot with the car (paiseh ah, I took first-day and last-day photos for all the cars I ever owned). For this baby crossover, I am thinking of somewhere rustic looking, so I want to share this list with you, 14 nice ulu places for photo and kopi: http://thesmartlocal.com/read/road-trip-singapore It's not a full-fledge SUV so I am going to rustic locations and not hardcore off roads. Hahaha! Any other recommendations will be MUCH APPRECIATED. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Benji
  7. therock

    Eclipse time!

    It's time to get your cameras out! An eclipse of the century is due! https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/longest-total-lunar-eclipse-of-the-century-to-occur-on-july-28-morning-in-singapore
  8. 2006 Facelifted New Beetle - First Photos May 23, 2005 source: Volkswagen of America Volkswagen of America, Inc. revealed its
  9. The opening ceremony of the traditional Opera Ball in Vienna.
  10. Lmws214

    Paris Ris Park (photos)

    This morning I went to pasir ris park for cycling with my family. Sharing some photos of the park. photos photos photos photos
  11. recently my company bought 10 digital cameras for our work use. however, all the sets did not come with the USB transfer cable. (mini usb type) so i emailed the manufacturer and a lady called me today. she told me that due to overwhelming feedback from consumers, they no longer ship their digital cameras with the usb cables. and the feedback was that consumers preferred to open up the battery cover and remove the sdcard and then download the pics using their computer or card reader, rather than plugging the usb cable between their computer and camera. so what is your preferred way of d/l your digital camera pics ? i told her that if i were to do that, i will be changing cameras very often as the battery cover will break or come loose more frequent too !
  12. Traffic Police: Keep sending photos, videos of errant road users By TAN TAM MEI There are millions of smartphones in use in Singapore, and the Traffic Police (TP) hopes to harness them to help police the road, said TP Commander Sam Tee yesterday. "(The) TP welcomes the public to send (traffic) violation photographs and videos because it's much more powerful," he said. "If we can harness and crowdsource that... it will go a long way to help us build a more disciplined culture among road users." The Assistant Commissioner of Police (AC) was speaking to reporters at the release of the annual road traffic statistics at TP headquarters in Ubi. AC Tee said the TP receives close to 500 submissions a month of videos, photos and tip-offs regarding traffic violations or errant road users. "We continue to welcome that, and we are also looking into how to make it easier for people to submit information to us... BEING WATCHED "There are a lot of cars with in-vehicle cameras, so it's easy. When you spot someone beating the red light, you can just download it and send it to us via e-feedback," he said. These submissions have played a part in deterrence and making road users more aware that they are being watched by others, he added. The TP has also deployed a new mobile speed camera (MSC) - the first one was installed on Monday at Seletar West Link. The MSC can detect up to 32 vehicles over a reach of five lanes at any time and is able to transmit images to TP headquarters automatically, eliminating the need to reload and retrieve wet-film negatives. It also has its own batteries and can be deployed in just one week, compared to existing fixed speed cameras that take six months to set up. AC Tee said: "To be fair, preceding the cameras we will have warning signs to tell people that there's a speed camera in front, please slow down. "So our idea is not to fine him, but the idea is to deter him from speeding. And if he slows down, he saves his life and saves the lives of others." If we can harness and crowdsource that... it will go a long way to help us build a more disciplined culture among road users. - Traffic Police Commander Sam Tee on public participation http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/traffic-police-keep-sending-photos-videos-errant-road-users ----- So what are you waiting for? Cash incentive like STOMP? :X
  13. Why does some of my photos uploaded from the iPhone or mac turn out to be -90 degree in the forum?
  14. Looks like SG kids can make great artists in the future. :) Taken from http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/07/singapore-youth-festival-art-exhibition_13.html http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/07/singapore-youth-festival-art-exhibition_29.html
  15. Source: http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/07/good-morning-cher-exhibition-2015.html http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/07/good-morning-cher-exhibition-2015_11.html http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/07/good-morning-cher-exhibition-2015_2.html
  16. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-33347866
  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2739215/Jennifer-Lawrence-victim-hacker-leaks-slew-graphic-nude-photos-Oscar-winning-actress.html A flaw in the 'Find My iPhone' function of Apple's iCloud service may have helped a hacker to steal nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and '100 other celebrities', it today emerged. The hacker claims he or she broke into stars' iCloud accounts, including those of the Hunger Games actress, Kate Upton and Rihanna, before publishing them on 4chan, the image-sharing forum. A list of the alleged victims of the hack - 101 in total - has also been posted online; most of whom have not seen any photographs leaked by the hacker. A spokesman for Oscar winner Lawrence confirmed to MailOnline the photos of her are genuine. 'This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence,' the emailed statement read. Following the publication of the images of Sunday night, experts have voiced their concerns over how the hacker managed to access them. Now, reports suggest that a specific flaw in the 'Find My iPhone' service may have been to blame. Despite the story breaking last night, Apple is still yet to confirm or deny whether its software was the target of the hacking.
  18. Hiphiphoray

    Digital Photo Storage

    People of MCF........hear me out. How do you guys store your digital photos har ? Portable HD ? DVD ? Desktop only ? Photobucket ? Currently i have them stored half in a desktop and 1/2 in a laptop. No other backupz. Recently, the laptop feels like wana upz lorry liao.....so im worried and want to transfer them out. To where is the best ? And how many backup should be sufficient ? Got a few thousand photos lor.......so file quite big!
  19. Happen to click on one of the advert link below. Then saw in the advert, they use what looks like accident photos. I censored the screenshot that will ID the advertiser.
  20. This is probably one of the more important head to head comparisons for this year as two of our mid-size sedan favourites come together for another round of battle. With sedans being Singaporeans' favourite body style, we decide which is the better car to own. With only 3bhp separating both of them, you would expect both to have similar performance. This was not the case as the Altis felt slightly livelier and has a better appetite for revs. However, the Mazda3 has a smoother powerplant and when paired with the responsive six-speed automatic, it still offers decent pace for most. While CVT gearboxes are known to 'slip' when asked to accelerate hard, the Altis's new Super CVT-i gearbox minimises the effect with good results. When it comes to the twisties, the Mazda3 is the clear victor with a nicely judged ride and a direct steering. The Altis fights back with better insulation when it comes to cruising at highway speeds. While not as agile as the Mazda3, the Altis is in a totally different league as compared to its predecessor, which had too cushy a ride. Inside, the Mazda3 scores again with its better fit and finish. Its impressive equipment, like for example, the Active Driving Display, the MZD Connect touchscreen system and its Commander Control knob elevates it into a higher class. However, the Altis still triumphs in terms of overall space. So which one is the better car? Read our full review to find out.
  21. Singaporeans have always loved their sedans. Look at the amount of Mercedes-Benz and Toyota sedans on our roads if you aren't convinced. Not to be outdone, Audi introduced their A3 sedan with its 122bhp 1.4 TFSI engine. While its power output is nothing to shout about, it goes about providing the A3 sedan with plenty of low end torque (200Nm of it from 1,400rpm) to make merging into highways a stress-free experience. I personally felt the engine performed at its best if driven sedately. Revving the engine to its redline revealed slight breathlessness as with most turbo engines. . While the rest of my colleagues drove it pretty hard when we had the car, I tried a short eco-friendly run from the west to the central of singapore and I registered a similar 17km/L reading when we road tested the A3 Sportback. Riding softer than its hatch sibling, the sedan settles into a nice cruise at highway speeds. While the steering is not the best of its kind, it provides enough feedback to the driver and weighs well. Inside, it is business as usual for Audi with probably the best cabin in its class. Cabin space is decent but sitting three at the back might be slightly uncomfortable for long drives up North. We think the A3 would do well here with its handsome, crisp silhouette and a proper trunk. Seems like the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class just got itself a pretty decent rival!
  22. really look like 古惑仔 movie [sweatdrop]
  23. anyone kenah b4 ? my colleague paid almost $4k for his wedding shoot ( whole day, incl. gown) however, last week when he collected his photos, he was told that the pics for his tea ceremony was not able to be processed. so what recourse can he seek from the photoshoot company ?
  24. Lightspeed

    Can't wait for the vRS MK3 to be unleashed
  25. Donut

    Old photos of Singapore

    It does bring back some memories of those who are old enough to remember http://timlight.mymalaya.com/SingaporeThro...Ages/index.html