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Found 183 results

  1. BAN: Clone of Dennis78 Hi all, I been wanting to do up my solar films for my car as the weather is terrible these days. And went on to understand and enquiry about the different types of solar films offered in Singapore. To my surprise some Top brands do not seem to offer very good types of solar films and instead its the lesser known companies that do I understand that Metallic films will cause IU/GPS interference and are the lesser preferred. And IR% would be most important for heat rejection. I asked for their top specs and for my mid-size saloon BMW 320I and all LTA approved. Below are my findings for each Brand_____________Type of Solar Film____________Front IR%________________Rear IR%_______________Cost Huber Optik___________Nano-Ceramic_________________45______________________87____________________1100 V- Kool______________Metalllic-Film_________________77_____________________98_____________________1200 Absolute Tint__________Nano-Ceramic__________________95_____________________95_____________________480 Rike Cool_____________Nano-ceramic__________________80_____________________90___________________1600 Tintsy Cool_____________Nano-Ceramic__________________90_____________________90______________________949 Verdict - I decided on Absolute Tint that proves the best value and highest specs for both front and rear. It was quite shocking to know that the big brands are over-charging and not proving as good films as I thought they have.
  2. Hi all, Do you know what is the difference between 3m normal solar film and crystalline solar film ? Anyone used it before ? Which is better ? It seems the some people use the normal film for the front windscreen and crystalline for the rear ? Why is that ? Thanks
  3. STEK’s Paint Protection Film combines best-in-class durability and clarity not previously available in the market. The only Company in the world to produce paint protection film with Hydrophobic, Self-healing, Anti-contamination, Anti-yellowing. No other conventional films will have such abilities or are limited to only having one functionality. In addition, the clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that "self-heal" eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches without having to do anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRj9zkUQ630 Our Product in Line: DYNOSHIELD, DYNOPRISM, DYNOMATT & DYNOCARBON DYNO-SERIES provides you with unparalleled top-coated paint protection film technology for those seeking the best-performing film on the market. Our nano-glass top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level during manufacturing virtually eliminating the need for waxes or after-market top coatings. DYNOSERIES is unique in the market because of STEK's combination of an extremely hydrophobic top coating plus self-healing properties for correction of light surface scratches. Our top coat combined with UV-resistant anti-yellowing adhesives results in unmatched clarity and gloss plus improved puncture resistance. STEK- The best automotive paint protection available from one of the world's leading paint protection film manufacturers DYNO Advantages & Benefits: -Glossy Finish -Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties) -Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants) -Fast Recovery (by heat or hot water) -Stain Resistant Warranty: DYNOseries paint protection film is warrantied against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking. ****************************************************************************************************** Talk to our Paint Protection Specialist Today! Authorised #STEK Dealer - For Singapore Mobile: +65 8161 0131 Email: info@newagepolish.sg Website: www.newagepolish.sg
  4. A short film made in Penang Enjoy and do give me your honest opinion. Happy Lunar New Year ! https://youtu.be/afV44Lz8QO8 Why so many Penang filming ? Because I always travel to Penang.
  5. what recommendations and why please? I hope to have easier wash and harder for sio langs to scratch or ding with door.
  6. therock

    Please help me find this movie

    Setting up this thread to help myself and others who may have caught a snippet or the whole movie somewhere, like a plane, trailer or something and would like to know what the movie title is, so they can find and watch that movie :) Some format to help others find the movie for you: - rough period in which the movie was viewed - likely year of release of the show, even if you only narrow it down to the decade, it helps - Western / Chinese / Jap / Korean etc - genre So here's my first question: It was an incidental finding on an recent flight.. What I know It's release in the recent past - 2016 onwards It's a Chinese / Korean / HKG / Jap collaboration Set in WWII, with a Jap treasure involved, and an HKG who plays a kick ass Jap general with a wonderful fight scene at the end The movie starts with an Indiana Jones / Han Solo type hero rogue who bluffs and cheats his way out of trouble, and a Korean actress who is a spy and kills her Jap army officer husband on a train to secure some map / info.. That's all I have... Thanks bros!
  7. Hi All, Have shortlisted the above. Zen is half the price of the other 3 brands (3M, Coolnlite, Vkool) though but not sure if it performs as well. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  8. Maddriver

    Paint Protection film

    Hi everyone... Duragloss has manufactured cleaners and sealant for paint protection film..It is used for all paint protection film brands like 3M or other..Let me know if you require a sampler.. If you are shop dealing in installing paint protection film..Feel free to approach me for samplers...
  9. Shouyi

    Tuffi Cool Solar Film

    Hi, Anybody installed the above ? Feedback pls. Thanks.
  10. Aimnfire

    Nice short film

  11. Tailgatepro

    Car protection film

    Anyone done DIY for this Car protection film? Or Local shop doing this? reason also found this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSe124eCnyM...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY_Rd6xur_I
  12. The Last Of The Woodlands Centre. A Tribute Short Film to Singapore's Iconic Location In The North. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79B5mMfDLfs&t=4s
  13. another accolade for SG... Singapore-born filmmaker Sandi Tan wins Best Director award at Sundance Film Festival https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/lifestyle/singapore-filmmaker-sandi-tan-wins-sundance-best-director-9904272
  14. Do not read beyond this sentence if you haven't watched the movie. Thanks.
  15. rear passenger window film kena scratch from inside, now thinking of doing new film cheap way. Any good film shops in JB to recommend? how to ensure the new film pass LTA inspection? compare old and new using our own eyes to see its not darker than old one? Many thanks.. ps: what's the standard JB price for one window?
  16. Fu11thr0tt1e

    Solar film JB

    Anyone know where in JB can i do solar film?
  17. Alvinlkw

    Solar film for home windows

    Hi Bros, Anyone know of where to purchase DIY window films for home windows? I used to buy it from Katong Shopping Centre but not sure if the shop still exist after 12 years... any recommendation in the West?
  18. Need big quatity for window for a project. PM me your contact. I will call you. Regards,
  19. Bluecollar

    Protective Film or 9H coatings?

    Hi All, Appreciate your help and existing experience on either one of the above. Just signed the dotted line today and should be getting the car by end June (anyway these aren't important)..... Being in the marine industry, I have to go shipyard very often, plus I'm not exactly a hardworking person that detail my car until swee swee.... Please don't start the fire..... [wave] Hope you can share your experience with the pros and cons of the above, although I am more incline toward protective film after reading some of the resources here [thumbsup] Any other alternative also welcome.........Thanks
  20. Neutrino

    HDB flat window film

    We've been in our new flat for 4 years. All has been well with fabulous views up in to Malaysia, some mountains 60km away, when there's no haze. But now another HDB block has been built not only blocking views but allowing us to see into their rooms and them to see into our rooms. Don't really want to have to continually draw curtains as it cut down on the breeze through the flat. We looked at window films when we moved in but they didn't appear dark enough and we wondered about them peeling off the glass. Any suggestions from you guys for good films to apply and do the sellers apply them as well. I suppose with all the car window films around these days there should be a lot of choice.
  21. Hi all, I be collecting my new car soon and most likely it will be bare with all accessories fixed outside by myself. Can i check which sequence of the above mention accessories is better to install first and reasons? My friend was telling me solar film then followed by car camera as the car camera need to stick on the windscreen so better put the film first else the camera will need to be removed when installing the film.. sounds logical.. so anyone has any advice? the items i am planning to install is solar film, front and back camera and head unit with reverse camera.
  22. I called many companies from the motor directory and none of them has LTA legal front windscreen solar film that has 99% IR rejection. if it is true that there is no 99% IR rejection film with at least 70% VLT, then which legal film has the best IR rejection?