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Found 138 results

  1. Hi all, Do you know what is the difference between 3m normal solar film and crystalline solar film ? Anyone used it before ? Which is better ? It seems the some people use the normal film for the front windscreen and crystalline for the rear ? Why is that ? Thanks
  2. Friedpiggy

    Not the normal engineer

    Hello Guys, I'm looking for information on how to attain the true blue professional/charter engineer status which is recognized by PEB. Not the common kuching kurak engineer title that you see plastered all over jobsDB everyday. After spending 11years doing general engineering work which isn't really relevant to anything I am thinking of going into some specialization. I need some concrete information to start out that path to attain it. For a person with a decent electrical engineering honors degree(but with no relevant experience), which trade to be in, where or which companies to start out from and how to proceed?. (in case u are wondering, i'm generally asking about the milestones needed, not asking how to work haha) I hear from some friends I need to join consultancy companies as a first step, obtain enough years experience, write enough peer reviewed papers or significant contribution to local engineering community to get the recognition, and thereafter must maintain currency etc...? Thats all quite brief though without the where's and hows, which shows they are not too sure either. Any of you guys have good information, or good sites i can look up?
  3. May interest some runners. https://www.runnersworld.com/heart-rate/normal-resting-heart-rate?utm_content=2017-11-30&utm_campaign=Rundown&utm_source=runnersworld.com&utm_medium=newsletter&smartcode=YN_0025954157_0001645938&sha1hashlower=b34acbbb488cc17027bbba911594dd01a6509a6f&md5hash=05b203cb4debf674b893ce980c0c7fa8
  4. HEPA filter are more expensive than the normal filter.. .does the additional cost for HEPA worth it ?
  5. Imagine you are the driver [sweatdrop] But got that tinkling feeling that this particular case seemed to be staged.... Anyway there are all sorts of characters on the roads so just watch out & not only be safe, play safe also. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ore_is_bad.html Posted on 02 Apr 2012 Bizarre road rage in Poland: Biker threatens driver with axe If you thought road rage in Singapore is bad, you would be shocked by what happens in Poland. This guy chases people who honk at him, with an axe! This video has been gaining popularity online. It shows a biker waiting at the traffic light. Despite the fact that the light turned green, he remains stationary. The vehicle behind honks at him. On the second honk, the biker takes out an axe and chases the other driver, who reverses to avoid getting chopped. Said STOMPer Rai: "That was scary. "And I thought people who shouted at each other were unreasonable. "Who goes around with an axe anyway?"
  6. Done the services about a month , and drove 1k + km since then . Check the engine oil today and notice overfill , so pump up about 500ml . The engine oil color is dark grey/ brown .wonder is this normal ? Or the workshop cheated me by just topping up engine oil and charged me 150 ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbprsemlo2a25m7/engine_oil.JPG?dl=0
  7. went for a short trip to meleka. was driving at north south E-way and found that my rpm jus wont drop and fixed at 4000...is it normal?
  8. Guys, Came across this article on SgCarMart that I thinks explains well for the 3 main types of car battery today. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=3534 Now we know what type of battery to replace for our individual cars.
  9. https://www.everydayhealth.com/hs/guide-to-constipation-relief/bowel-movements-whats-normal/ Not everyone has a bowel movement every day, and it doesn't mean something's wrong if you don't. Discover what being regular really means, and what to do when constipation symptoms strike. Bowel health is an important topic, as changes in bowel movements can be a sign of a health problem. But before you begin to worry about how “normal” you are, you have to know what a regular bowel movement is for you. Many people wrongly believe that having regular bowel movements means you move your bowels every day. However, everyone’s bowels are unique to them, and what’s normal for one person may not be normal for another. You can have a bowel movement anywhere from one to three times a day at the most, or three times a week at the least, and still be considered regular, as long as that’s your usual pattern. More or less frequent would be considered abnormal, but not necessarily cause for alarm, says gastroenterologist Arthur Magun, MD, clinical professor of medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in New York City. What Happens With a Bowel Movement Digestion begins in your mouth and stomach and ends in your bowels — the lower parts of your digestive tract. When the food you eat reaches your bowels, the water and salts that remain are absorbed. The digested food that is left becomes more solid and exits as bowel movements. Dr. Magun explains that normal bowel movements “consist of formed, brown stools, not too hard, not too loose.” When stools are too loose, you can have diarrhea. When they are too hard and dry, you can be constipated. Symptoms of constipation include not having a bowel movement for more than three days and having hard, dry stools that are painful or difficult to pass. What Causes Constipation A variety of circumstances can cause constipation, including a change in routine such as when travelling, becoming pregnant, dieting, taking certain medications, and lacking physical exercise, particularly in older people. Certain health conditions, from a bowel disease to stroke, can also be a factor. Everyone has their own normal pattern of bowel movements, but if you find that you frequently experience symptoms of constipation, and if eating more fiber and drinking more water doesn’t help, see a doctor. He can determine whether a health check is necessary. Here’s what you can do to promote regular bowel movements: Eat more fiber. “Constipation is almost always due to inadequate fiber and liquid,” Magun says. Fiber can be found in beans, fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Strive for 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day. “Unprocessed bran is the best type of fiber,” he adds. Eat fewer low-fiber foods. These include ice cream, cheese, meat, processed food, and sugary foods such as soda and candy — which can all cause constipation. Drink more. “Eating enough bran and drinking the right amounts of water will lead to increased bulk within the intestine,” Magun says. Having the right amount of bulk stretches the intestine (a muscle) and causes it to contract and propel food along properly. “This is what leads to regular bowel movements,” he adds. Besides water, good choices are 100-percent fruit juices (juice with pulp has some fiber), soup, and tea. Don’t rely on laxatives. Improper use of laxatives can actually make symptoms of constipation worse, so take them only as directed. Reduce stress. “Stress can sometimes cause the large intestine to spasm, leading to pain and hard stools,” Magun says. Stress-reducing techniques that can improve constipation symptoms include yoga, meditation, and exercise. Don’t ignore the urge to go. Resisting the urge to go or waiting to go to the bathroom also can cause constipation — or make existing symptoms worse.
  10. Hi guys, I'm a new driver and just bought a 2nd hand Mazda which is close to 2 years old and close to 20k kms. So I sent it to Mazda service centre to do the 20k service this morning after driving it for a few days which I didn't notice any problem with the car. I just got a call from the Mazda technician telling me that the battery is charging very slowly and they suggest to replace it with a new one at the cost of S$145. I have very little knowledge about cars but after google a little bit I think the price is higher than purchasing from 3rd party but that I can accept since everything from the original manufacturer is more expensive than from open market. But a faulty battery on a 2 years old car, is that reasonable? how long does car batteries usually last. And any suggestions for a newbie on (consumable) car parts purchases in Singapore? And any recommended service/repair shop after warranty is over? or shall I stick to Mazda for service/repair? I live in Choa Chu Kang and work in Clementi so any suggestion closer will be appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hello! I have a problem with my 1 month old Estima: While driving suddenly I lost power steering, Speed reading and all the warning lights including Engine, Power steering, traction control and ABS came on. The car remained drivable and the engine sounded the same. Brought it to the service center (PI) and they said it was a bad battery, changed it. Problem happened again and they changed battery again. Finally they also changed the alternator at my insistence but the problem continued. They then blamed the drive camera for draining too much battery. I've been asked to unplug it and see if the error comes back on. I have a HUD which reads real time voltage. I noticed that when in Park, its always 13.8-14.2V. When I drive, for the first few mins it will remain in this range. After that, on the road it will suddenly drop to 12.2V when the accelerator is being pressed. If I stop stepping on the accelerator while the car is moving at speed, the voltage will jump back to 14.2-14.4V. Also when I turn on the lights the voltage will jump to 13.7V. Turning on or off the air con makes no difference. I'm wondering if this is normal behaviour for the Estima or do I have a problem with some electronic control component? Thanks for any advice! P.S. Since this is my first post, I'm not allowed to start a new topic but if anyone is kind enough to help me re-post this in the Japan Car forum, I'll be very grateful for the increased exposure!
  12. Lol, reminded me how I spent my money on those mods when I was much younger. who were involved? Im sure there are some of you here who did the same to their old cars. Lancer into EVO, Starlet into GTI and Honda ESI into SiR.
  13. Hi all bros and sis, I am driving into malaysia to Genting this month. I know that singapore registered plate cars cannot pump subsidised petrol in JB. but once we travel beyond certain radius, can we pump subsidised petrol?? Thanks so much
  14. Excessive oil consumption isn't normal Automakers say adding oil between scheduled changes is acceptable. It's not. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2015/06/excessive-oil-consumption/index.htm Newer Audi, BMW, Subaru models use lots of oil, Consumer Reports survey finds http://www.autonews.com/article/20150630/RETAIL05/150639990/newer-audi-bmw-subaru-models-use-lots-of-oil-consumer-reports-survey
  15. My uncle Toyota Corona is 20yrs old on this coming May and he finally decided to renew 10yrs COE if able to convert to OPC. We've qsn to ask here and need your advise otherwise opinion. Can this car be converted to OPC? Are we eligible for the $17K rebate? This mth PQP for Cat A is $65,607 if after the OPC rebate, he only require to pay $48,607 which means yearly dep is only $4,860.70 Anyone here has done the conversion?
  16. I drive a over 200bhp V engine and tend to leave many cars behind at traffic lights even when I am NOT driving fast... is my car more powerful by engine type.
  17. Hi everyone! I just installed my headlights a few hours ago and it already started misting up! The garage told me "misting up is normal, but if water gets in we'll replace it." Is this the way it's supposed to be?
  18. Hi all, Wondering if anyone know how I can go about converting OPC plate to normal plate. Will there be a need for re-inspection on my car again? Just did it during June and don't want to do again due to converting of plate.
  19. Quite often saw 'police car' use normal plate escort 'cd' or 'q' plate this 'police' car so far i saw only volvo xc90 or land rover freelander 2 with blue-red light + police sign inside the behind window car. what i keep thinking, is this real police car, why: - use normal plate, instead q plate? - the blue-red light inside the behind window car instead outside top roof? - the police sticker also inside window, not at body of car. and of course, the driver always have pole position in need for speed/ f1 / racing ps3/ xbox games
  20. Is Singapore government missing something? Or just bladening obvious they are sucking the fuel company tits?
  21. Dear all, I will be stationed overseas for 2 - 3 years. Thinking of converting my normal plate to opc and then converting back to normal again when I'm back. Is this feasible? What are the implications? During my absence, car will only be utilised during the opc time frame.Any kind souls who can advise will be very much appreciated
  22. Whenever I washed my car every few weeks, I observed that the 2 front wheel rims always have oil stains whereas the 2 back rims only have normal dirt. Is it normal or something is leaking somewhere?
  23. Anyone working as Buyer before? Is it a standard practice to implement changes to trading terms and then backdated to a few mths and ask u to SIGN???? got such thing meh?
  24. Convert OPC to normal, the top up amount go to where? Will the prorated $17K amount you pay to convert go back to become your OMV and COE immediately? Or will your OMV/COE still remain as OPC value?
  25. Hello to all, I've got a question which I've been thinking.. Assuming I wish to convert my car on 14 Jan 2013. LTA will pro-rate me and require me to top up e.g. $7000. And from today 3 Dec 2012 to 14 Jan 2013, there are 4 days which I can drive without using the $20 coupon namely Xmas eve, Xmas day, New Year eve, and New Year day (I'm under the New Revision scheme). My question is does this $7000 take into consideration already of the 4 days which I can drive say to say, free on the roads for LTA's formula to derive this $7000 to charge me? In other words, if I convert e.g. tomorrow, then I "loo-gi" these 4 days of free usage since LTA is going to charge me from today and they are not going to consider the upcoming 4 days of free usage which I can enjoy? Err, am I making any sense to the bros here? Bottomline is this: Should I be converting my OPC to normal plate before or after public holidays? Thanks in advance for the advice!!