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Found 95 results

  1. Picnic06-Biante15

    This Beast Worse Than Any Other Beast

    Make sure got no payroll for him .... Yahoo news: Teenager sentenced to life for killing of mother A South Texas teenager has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering his mother and then defiling her body. A Nueces County jury took less than an hour in deciding the life sentence for 18-year-old Kevin Jazrael Davis, who pleaded guilty earlier in the week to killing Kimberly Hill. Davis smiled at jurors during the murder trial that heard how he struck his mother, Kimberly Hill, about 20 times with a hammer before sexually assaulting her corpse. "Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse," he chillingly told detectives during the investigation. "I wouldn't take back what I did. I did love her in a way." Davis told investigators to that he deserved 100 years behind bars after claiming he wasn't mentally disturbed. "I'm a terrible, disgusting person," he said. "I don't have standards. I don't have morals. A body's a body. A piece of meat." According to police, Kimberly Hill was choked with a cord and stabbed in the head before finally being killed with a hammer. Kimberly Hill, 50, was murdered with a hammer before her son sexually assaulted her corpse. Photo: Facebook Hill's body was found undressed from the waist down. The Corpus Cristi Caller Times reports that her son had 'grown weary with life and hated other people' before he snapped and murdered her. Kevin Davis made a number of grisly confessions after murdering and sexually assaulting his mother. Photo: KRIS Police say Davis decided against killing his sister, instead leaving a trail of blood throughout the house along with a message: 'Chase me. Sorry for the mess. KD.' Davis called 911 the next day to say he had killed someone. Jurors this week were shown a video of Davis' interview with detectives in which he acknowledged having violent fantasies toward women. The Corpus Christi Caller Times reported that the teen told investigators he's sane and was aware of his actions in March.
  2. Hi guys, just a check, what is the minimal grade acceptable for a used car to guarantee a safe buy? B? Will the STA inspection indicate all the defects and if got accident before will highlight to us?
  3. Parallel imported cars has been in the Singapore automotive market for decades. They offer car buyers alternative choices other than those selling in authorised dealers, bringing car models that authorised dealers don't bring in, and provide cheaper choice of almost similar models sold by authorised dealers. Although in the recent years, there have been some unscrupulous PI dealers practicing unethical practices of business, however, this only represnts the minority and parallel imported cars still remain a favourite choice for Singaporeans. PI market still consist mainly of JDM models although continental cars forms a fraction of the sales as well. Let us see some of the PI cars imported to Singapore in the past and presently. I'll start with JDMs. 1. Honda Fit/ Fit hybrid 1st gen 2nd gen 3rd gen 3rd gen Fit Hybrid Fit Shuttle Shuttle Crossroad Vezel/Vezel hybrid Civic 1.0T hatchback FK8 Civic Hybrid 7th gen Civic Euro Type R FN2 FK2 Civic Type R EK9 EP3 FD2 Grace/ Grace Hybrid Elysion Edix Freed/Freed Hybrid 1st gen 2nd gen Freed Spike CR-Z hybrid Jade Odyssey/Odyssey hybrid Airwave N-Box 2nd gen S660 S2000 Stepwagon 2nd gen 3rd gen 4th gen Stream 2nd gen Vamos Integra Type R DC2 DC2 4 door DC5 Accord Euro 7th gen Accord 8th gen Accord Accord Euro R CL1 CL7 FCX Clarity 2. Mitsubishi Pajero 2nd gen 3rd gen 4th gen Pajero mini Pajero iO ek wagon Delica 5th gen FTO EVO 9 wagon 3. Mazda Axela MX-5 RX-7 Efini 929 (?) Verisa 4. Nissan GTR R34 R35 Patrol Skyline R34 V35 V36 Skyline Crossover Serena 3rd gen 5th gen Cube 2nd gen 3rd gen Elgrand 2nd gen 3rd gen. Nissan Gloria (?) Y34 Silvia S15 5. Suzuki Swift hybrid 4th gen Alto 6th gen Baleno (2016) Cervio Hustler Jimny 3rd gen Lapin 2nd gen Lapin SS Splash Stingray Every/Carry 6. Subaru 7. Isuzu 8. Daihatsu Terios 1st gen 2nd gen Copen 1st gen 2nd gen Mira Cocoa Hijet 9. Toyota Crown (Royal, Athlete) S170 S180 S200 Crown Majesta S200 S210 SAI Camry XV40 Mark X X120 X130 Allion T240 T260 Premio T240 T260 Prius XW20 XW30 Corolla Axio / Fielder E140 E160 CH-R FJ Cruiser Harrier XU10 XU30 XU60 Landcruiser J80 J100 J200 Landcruiser Prado J90 J120 J150 Prius V Isis Aqua Alphard / Veifire ANH10 ANH20 ANH30 Esquire Estima XR20 - Emina, Lucida XR30 XR50 Noah / Voxy R60 R70 R80 Sienta XP80 XP170 Passo M300 Vitz/Echo/Yaris XP90 XP130 Porte AP10 Tank Auris E180 Rush J100 J200 Wish AE10 AE20 Altezza XE10 Aristo S140 S160 bB NCP3 QNC2 Caldina T240 Celica T230 Celsior XF10 XF20 XF30 Chaser X100 Verossa Cresta X100 Mark II / Mark II Blit X110 Corolla Spacio Mark X Zio Paseo EL44 Gaia Ipsum 1st gen ist XP60 XP110 MRS Ractis NCP100 Raum XZ20 Windom XV10 XV20 XV30 WiLL VC / VS
  4. June 30, 2008 Managers, professionals command higher salaries in '07 JOBS requiring professional and specialised training continued to command higher salaries in 2007, reflecting the premium on skills and responsibilities. Wages also rose with age, especially for jobs at the higher end. But this link was less so for the lower skilled and blue-collared workers whose wages rose slightly with age and peaked early in their 30s. These are some of the key findings of the 'Report on Wages in Singapore, 2007' published by the Ministry of Manpower's Research and Statistics Department. The 210-page report, out on Monday, provides information on salaries of over 300 occupations as well as wage changes and bonuses paid in various industries. It also includes information on the extent to which employers have restructured their wage systems. The report shows that managers received the highest median gross monthly wages at $6,101 in June 2007, followed by professionals at $4,030. The third highest paid were associate professionals and technicians at $2,789, while clerical and sales and service workers were paid close to $2,000. Among blue-collar occupations, production workers were paid more - at $2,110 - than plant and machine operators ($1,780). The lowest paid were the cleaners, labourers and related workers who took home a median gross pay of $968. The report also revealed that: [*]Amid the strong economic performance and tight labour market, total wages rose by a seven-year high of 5.9 per cent during the year, up from 4.5 per cent in 2006. This was a result of a basic wage gain of 4.3 per cent and an increase in bonus payout (also known as annual variable component) from 2.18 months in 2006 to 2.36 months in 2007. [*]Labour productivity contracted by 0.9 per cent, after the previous two years of slowing growth. After adjusting for higher inflation, real total wages rose by 3.8 per cent and real basic wages by 2.2 per cent. Consequently, real wages outpaced productivity growth in 2007 for the third consecutive year. Over a longer period of five years or more, the growth in productivity had kept pace with gains in wages, said the report. [*]As at December, 84 per cent of of the workforce in the private sector was under some form of flexible wage system, up slightly from a year ago but significantly higher than 76 per cent in June 2004. During the year, more private establishments (18 per cent) that employed low wage workers adopted the National Wages Council's recommendation to give more to these workers, compared with 16 per cent a year ago. The report can be downloaded from the Ministry of Manpower's website. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_253138.html
  5. Seems like the gambling ( legal type) have increased with the economic boom we are currently experiencing. I can see more ppl spending more than desirable in placing bets for various forms of gambling availiable under legal betting houses and the authorities are really not addressing the issue well or keeping a control of ppl from getting addicted. By personal view is that if one would to consistently spend more than $50 per month on bets of any kind , it would be considered that there is a HIGH POSSIBILITY OF A GAMBLING ADDICTION IN THAT PERSON. But I get different views of what qualifies as a gambling addiction of the ppl I had asked. What's your view?
  6. First time owning an auto car, would like to ask what's the proper sequence to put the auto gear to "P" after parking. Is it: 1. Stop car, keep leg on brake pedal 2. change gear to "N" 3. Pull handbrake 4. Change gear to "R", then to "P". 5. Turn off ignition Should one turn off the ignition (Step 5) before step 4? With the engine off, the auto trans would not have a slight surge when changing gears to "R" and "P"(which would seem to have lesser wear and tear), but is this the correct way? Thks for yr advice
  7. Imagine you drove into a petrol station wanting to pump petrol... You see Supreme+. And then beside it, you see EXTRA... Which will you think is ron 98? Obviously I choose the wrong one thinking it had extra in it. Am I the only stupid one?
  8. Anyone here tried buying a ultra basic NO frills car and then upgrade along the way like a project. Let me see if this could be an interesting way to own a car. If setting aside cost, I know cars are already expensive to begin. Then along the way maybe after a year or so upgrade to a better parts and qualty including interior. No sure if it makes sense. So here goes. Supposed on Day 1 the car is ultra stock You then have this urge to make it better and start swapping to better parts. You wait for parts to be avalable then slowly upgrade
  9. 35-year-old gets coveted Golden Bayonet award Cadet outshines much younger trainees to clinch award. Timothy Goh Updated today at 09:27 AM HE IS more than a dozen years older than most of his peers. And Specialist Cadet (SCT) Yong Heng Soon was also ahead of them in clinching the Golden Bayonet award at the 23rd Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade yesterday at Pasir Laba Camp. The 35-year-old was one of 1,003 Specialist Cadets from the Singapore Army, the Republic of Singapore Navy and the Republic of Singapore Air Force who graduated after completing a 22-week course. Only 21 cadets received the coveted Golden Bayonet, awarded to the top 10 per cent of all Specialist Cadet trainees. Said the father of two children aged two and four: "I didn't really expect it - I came here with the objective to get the Third Sergeant (3SG) rank, not to fight for the Bayonet." Having joined the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) as an enlistee in 1999, SCT Yong worked his way up the ranks until late last year, when he was chosen to go for training at the Specialist Cadet School. In contrast, most cadets are full-time national servicemen picked after basic military training and are aged between 18 and 22. The 22 weeks of training to attain the rank of 3SG were challenging but his time in the SAF had taught him perseverance. "As a commander, I have more freedom, but also more responsibility," he said. The experience has also broadened his perspective. "Last time I was (an enlistee), now I will be a Sergeant... Now I know how the Sergeants felt when they led us, what lines we cannot cross," he said. However, one of his toughest moments had nothing to do with the training. His wife and children fell sick when he was training in Thailand. "I wanted to give up, to go back and take care of them. But we encouraged and motivated each other, and got through it," he said. SCT Yong said his age and experience made him a natural guide for the younger trainees. He hopes to continue his SAF career, eventually becoming a Warrant Officer if possible. The parade was reviewed by Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah. Addressing the cadets, she said: "You are now entrusted with the heavy responsibility of leading men and women into battle... lead them by example and with conviction." timgoh@sph.com.sg
  10. kobayashiGT

    Then vs. Now: What Does $1 Buy You?

    Found this interesting infographic to share with you all. Sources: http://www.visualcapitalist.com/then-vs-now-1-dollar-buy-you/ I remb last time $1.00 can buy Pilot G1 refill le. Now i think at least $2 then can get one. hahaha.
  11. Beregond

    Tuesday more blue then monday?

    Does u guys feel tuesday is more blue then monday. it does so for me. haiz..
  12. Dear all, I will be stationed overseas for 2 - 3 years. Thinking of converting my normal plate to opc and then converting back to normal again when I'm back. Is this feasible? What are the implications? During my absence, car will only be utilised during the opc time frame.Any kind souls who can advise will be very much appreciated
  13. motorbike... knock down a pedestrian... hope she/he is ok.. Note: I'm not the owner of the video... This is taken from Hardwarezone EDMW forum: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...an-4033569.html
  14. Now then i see and i know after distributing this dg for so many years and i always wonder why my customers say how good it is..good as in? Easy to use or protect? Only until yesterday during a weekly routine wash..wax etc..i found out why..i always see something like gel on the bottle cap.. Abit elastic but not sticky like this once dry.. When i started applying dg271 on trims..i see the similar like rubber gel peeling off from the trim as i reapply it.. Looks like is forming a layer of gel on the trimmings against from cracking and drying
  15. Check this out... Many, she's fierce..
  16. Like that also can? Driver totally bochup, simply blur or driving BF's car? Just hope the next "contact" target will not be my ride From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...rier__then.html Posted on 19 Oct 2012 Woman driver knocks down barrier at IMM carpark -- then parks illegally STOMPer Johnson said the female driver of this car backed into a stanchion at the IMM Building carpark and then left her car parked illegally. Said the STOMPer: "Goondu driver. "This woman driver backed into the stanchion and left the car parked illegally."
  17. Was driving along Jln Besar near the hawker centre this morning in the rain and then this double decker chut pattern: (Paiseh the video quality was as it was recorded by my old DOD FH500 and have since asked our resident car cam guru bro Adrianli for advise to get a new one soon) Agree it was at a bend and that there was an old lady pushing a cart obstructing the bus but still the bus driver could at least signal, check clear then filter out safely and not abruptly like that. But seriously this bend is a dangerous spot and I urge all bros to be careful when here as I have seen many such suka suka filterings since it was created.
  18. Unker Sam running out of countries to whack? [laugh] From 《联合早报网》: 美国务院:不会入侵加拿大 (联合早报网讯)中央社报道,美国国务院发言人纽兰,今天在对记者做新闻简报时,连续3声否认美国与墨西哥正在密谋侵占加拿大。 在新闻简报前,美国国务卿希拉蕊曾与墨西哥外交部长艾斯皮诺萨(Patricia Espinosa)签订1项协议。签约仪式并未公开。 在新闻简报中,记者问纽兰(Victoria Nuland),签约仪式为什么不公开,美墨到底签了什么协议。 纽兰答说,「我尚不知道答案,不过我会为你找到答案。」 记者又问,是否像是侵占加拿大那样的事?纽兰急忙回答,「不、不、不,这绝非机密性的协议。」 这件趣闻,在美国引起很多人兴趣,大家开始在网上开玩笑地讨论美国要不要侵占加拿大。 美国NBCnews.com网站的部落格里,有人写道,美国在1935年确曾拟定入侵加拿大的秘密计划。 有人在www.invadecanada.us网站留言称,加拿大人有点太骄傲,美国应该将本土及阿拉斯加连成一块。 也有人称,美国应该入侵加拿大,因为加拿大人喜欢在炸薯条中加上奶酪及肉汁。 《联合早报网》 (编辑:王秘) Source: http://realtime.zaobao.com.sg/2012/09/jg120920_015.shtml *** Now angmo version: State Department: No secret plan to invade Canada By Ian Johnston, NBC News The U.S. and Mexico are not secretly planning to invade Canada, a State Department spokeswoman confirmed to laughter during a daily press briefing. Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland was taking questions from journalists about its activities Tuesday, which included a meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mexico Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa. She was asked about
  19. u not much time to enjoy life..... wat's the point?
  20. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...a_crossing.html Posted on 23 Jun 2012 Hit-and-run driver hits rollerblader at zebra crossing then flees STOMPer Chan says his brother was knocked down by the driver of this car, momentarily trapping his leg under its bumper. When his brother told the man he would call the police, the driver lied about parking his car elsewhere to not obstruct traffic and simply fled the scene. The STOMPer wrote: "My brother was rollerblading in the Jurong West area when he was about to cross a zebra crossing. "He raised his hand to signal to one oncoming car (about 10 metres away) that he is going to cross the road. "If you attended primary school, you would know that safety lessons teach us about raising hands before and during crossing the road. "However this driver did not stop and knocked onto my brother, causing his right leg with the roller blade on to be stuck under his bumper. "The driver came down and asked my brother if he was okay. "My brother used force to pull out his leg, damaging his roller blade and the conversation was as below: "Driver: Are you ok? "My brother nodded and asked: Do you know this is a zebra crossing for pedestrians? "Driver: No, not really. "Bro: I raised my hand to signal I was going to cross. "Driver: No, I thought you were going to stop. "Bro: Are you going to be responsible? "Driver: No. "Bro: I am going to call the police now. "Upon hearing this, the driver was stunned and immediately went back into his car. My brother then followed and stopped in front of his car to prevent him from running away. "Despite my brother standing in front of his car, the driver accelerated, forcing my brother to move backward a few steps. "My brother then stood firm to see if the driver will continue to move forward. The driver stopped and came down from his car a second time and told my brother that he wanted to park the car in another place in order to not block traffic. "Instead of doing that, he drove away. "A witness came down to help my brother who sustained a slight injury. Traffic police came sometime later to take down the report and my brother was asked to go for medical check-up and make a second police report at the police post. "I put up this post not because we are not being compensatedfor my brother
  21. Ysc3

    NS life now and then

    any parents of boys who has just entered BMT ? what's the life like now ? compared to your time ?