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  1. Starting a thread to share bits and pieces of properties information 😀 For Condos pre and post 2009, there is a noticeable difference in their layout for Bay window and Balcony.
  2. Will my HDB flat be worth $0 when the lease expires? Probably one of the biggest questions most HDB buyers have is: What happens when the 99-year lease is up? Does it just go down to zero? Or will you have an option of extending the lease? A recent discussion on Reddit focused on this very question and on some possible alternatives. It's an especially pertinent question at this point in 2022, with resale flat prices at record highs, and no less than 259 flats selling for $1 million or more last year. Have Singaporeans truly processed the significance of the 99-year lease limit; and is there a better way? https://www.asiaone.com/money/will-my-hdb-flat-be-worth-0-when-lease-expires
  3. I didn't know HDB selling flats at lelong price until now 💰💰💰
  4. 3 kids all squeeze into 1 room https://qanvast.com/sg/articles/familys-executive-apartment-in-tampines-gets-a-staggering-sgd325k-reno-2944 Family’s Executive Apartment in Tampines Gets a Staggering $325K Reno No expense was spared in this lavish home, where even the tiniest detail was chosen with great care! Going into a renovation, most homeowners tend to have a fixed budget – for resale flats, that usually hovers around $40,000 to $80,000. But for the homeowners of this executive apartment in Tampines, their desire for a spacious, luxury-themed home culminated in a home that cost a whopping $325,000 to renovate. “The owners actively made the choice to upgrade their materials,” says Shawn, the designer from Style Elements Studio. “Some of them – like the large-format floor tiles – are about $800 a piece, while the laminates we used are triple the price of regular ones.” This renovation, however, isn’t just the sum of all its materials. From embedding rockwool within the ceiling to customising doors, cabinets, and even mirrors, every element in the house was was carefully curated by the owners and designer – all in the effort to create the desired lavish home. To see how the house turned out – and to learn about the design process – we got Shawn to tell us more! Shawn (S): This home belongs to a couple and their three kids. They were previously staying in a 4-room BTO flat – and as we know, BTO flats are very small, so they lacked space and wanted an upgrade. For the new house, they had quite specific criteria – like having distinct living and dining spaces, an entertainment room, and so on. So, they had a rather different house-hunting approach – after seeing one they liked, they’d immediately consult me to ask if the layout could incorporate what they wanted. This was pretty helpful actually, because to designers, the layout is quite important. Before this, the other houses they looked at had odd layouts – the kind with the kitchen and living room in the middle, and the bedrooms on either side, which isn’t really ideal. Eventually, we agreed that this house was best. They fell in love with the space and location, and for me, I felt that the layout had a lot of potential. On planning the renovation S: To me, renovations aren’t just about the budget – it’s about the concept that the clients want to achieve. Technically, I can renovate any house within a given budget, but that limits the material choices for the clients, which may not be what they like. So, I tend to be very transparent with my clients, where I’ll educate them on the different materials and their prices to fit a client’s expectation. I was glad that my clients understood that the materials they wanted were more expensive than average, and were willing to pay more just to achieve their desired aesthetic or quality. About the dining room S: The husband has always been an avid collector for Bearbrick figures – he used to keep his collection in his office since his old house was too small. Since he hosts quite often, we saw the dining room as a potential area to show off his collection, and gave him the space he needed to do so. Other than that, I think the large-format homogenous tiles stand out. I selected 1.5m by 1.5m tiles, which are sizes that are usually only used in commercial or landed properties. Of course, they’re more expensive than your regular tiles – and on top of that, it takes about 2-3 workers to layer it on, so there’s a high labour cost as well. We also used epoxy grout, which is more resistant to fading and discoloration than regular grout. They’re very hard – you can’t just use a pen to scrape it out. You won’t have kids accidentally scraping them out with their toys. Oh, and all the laminates are from Lamitak’s Protak series, which have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-fingerprint properties.They’re triple the price of regular laminates – but we figured that this was a worthy investment since it keeps the space clean for the children, and reduces the need for clean-up. On renovating the living room S: Since the dining room was designated as the husband’s area, we designed the living room more for the wife. She likes the luxury theme, so we thought it was fitting to create the TV feature area out of bookmatched quartz, with a bottom console made with quartz of a matching colour. All the lights in this house are from Sol Luminaire, who only supply warm lighting. So, behind the TV feature area, we put up a copper-tinted mirror – which complements the warm lighting better than a regular mirror, and adds a cosier vibe to the space. As the owners are fond of fluted panels, we erected a wall with this design to conceal the bedroom and entertainment room doors. From my perspective, I see it more as a way to contain everyone within the communal area – I guess you could say it separates the public area from the private. About the kitchen S: Compared to the rest of the house, I think the kitchen design was quite straightforward. There’s a lot of natural light coming in from the kitchen, which I wanted to take advantage of. But at the same time, the clients brought up a Chinese superstition that says we shouldn’t be able to see the stove from outside. So, the natural choice was to use a fluted glass door. We had it custom-made as there aren’t a lot of choices out there – and honestly, it was a really long wait, because it took six weeks from fabrication to installation (laughs). Regular HDB kitchens use wall tiles, so I wanted to go against that. I used outdoor weatherproof paint – which doesn’t absorb oil, grime, and cooking smells like regular paint does. The wooden area you see is actually a niche. Rhythmic flow is important to designers – if the whole area has a similar colour theme, it’ll be overkill. This way, there’s a smooth transition between the marble, the black sintered stone surfaces, and the wooden tones, all of which complement one another. About the entertainment room S: The couple loves singing, so we needed to soundproof the area to avoid complaints from the neighbours (laughs). We embedded rockwool within the ceiling and fluted walls to dampen the sound. If you noticed, the room looks smaller than usual – it’s because we had to make the walls thicker to accommodate the rock wool. Since there are a lot of elements in this room, we had to find ways to accommodate everything while keeping the space neat. The cabinet next to the SMEG fridge is actually where the subwoofers are – it has a customised door with a perforated bottom half and a top half covered with black-tinted glass. This way, it helps to reduce the visual clutter, while still allowing infrared connections to pass through. About the master bedroom and ensuite S: The wife wanted to incorporate more marble designs in the master bedroom. I was against this at first since the rest of the house already features marble – but as she really wanted it, I counter-proposed using marble-look laminates as accents around the fabric headboard. The his-and-her bedroom wardrobe was another thing the couple really wanted. Creating it was a bit challenging as we had to ensure there was enough walking space – if you realise, the wardrobe is slightly angled to ensure that they can walk to and fro comfortably. Oh, and fun fact: this wardrobe is four times the usual length of a HDB built-in wardrobe. Typically, they’re about six to seven feet, but this one is over 24 feet! I think it takes up almost the whole wall – which, in a way, looks more luxurious. Like the bedroom wardrobe, the master ensuite features his-and-her sinks. They’re integrated sinks made out of Quartz stone – I never really liked the regular freestanding sinks as their silicon edges are prone to mould. Also, the mirrors were a challenge to obtain. They’re not the type that you can just buy off the shelf – I had to look around to find someone to fabricate them. I think I took about two weeks just to find the right supplier. To sum up S: This house was renovated around October last year, and like a lot of 2021 renovation projects, it was affected by the pandemic – I know it sounds like an excuse, but it did affect manpower and logistics. There was a lot of back-and-forth between myself and the contractors, and I made sure to be as detailed as possible to minimise misunderstandings. Actually, I’m not really sure what else to say about the house without sounding cliche (laughs). I understand that the renovation price has piqued people’s interest, but from a designer’s perspective, all I wanted was to create a home that my clients are happy with. To me, it was more about educating the clients about the different materials out there, and letting them make the choice. And if they’re happy with what they chose, then so am I!
  5. anyone did renovation to their flat in the past six months ? got reliable renovation company to recommend ? not doing fanciful reno ... eg no customized furniture except the kitchen cabinet, so dun really need ID but more like a supervisor to get the job done. alternatively, can also tell me which company to stay away from.
  6. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/politics/first-timers-must-select-bto-flats-when-invited-by-hdb-or-lose-priority-for-a-year-from-august-launch SINGAPORE - First-timer applicants who do not select a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat when invited to do so will be considered second-timers in subsequent flat applications for a year, starting from the August sales exercise. The tightening of the rule is meant to reduce the number of people who decline to pick a flat and ensure more efficient allocation, so that those who need a flat can secure it more quickly, said National Development Minister Desmond Lee on Thursday. Currently, first-timers will only be moved to the second-timer category for a year when balloting for flats if they do not book a BTO flat twice. Far fewer flats are set aside for second-timers - 5 per cent of four-room and larger flats, versus at least 95 per cent for first-timer families. Mr Lee also announced other measures to help first timers secure their home during the debate on his ministry’s budget, including setting aside more flats for a new subset of first-timer families - those with Singaporean children aged 18 and below as well as married couples aged 40 and below. From the August BTO exercise, up to 40 per cent of the flat supply will be reserved for this group of applicants, up from 30 per cent now. Up to 60 per cent of Sales of Balance Flats (SBF) units will be set aside for them as well, an increase from the current 50 per cent. SBF flats are typically either completed or in various stages of construction. Applicants under this new First-Timer (Parents & Married Couples) priority category will also get one additional ballot chance in their BTO and SBF applications, for a total of three ballot chances. Various MPs including Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim (Chua Chu Kang GRC), Ms Foo Mee Har (West Coast GRC) and Mr Seah Kian Peng (Marine Parade GRC) asked if more support can be given to help Singaporeans buy their first home amid the strong housing demand and elevated resale prices. Help will be provided on several fronts, starting with the ramping up of flat supply in the next few years, said Mr Lee. Close to 100,000 homes are expected to be completed between 2023 and 2025 across both the private and public housing markets, he said. Of these, almost 40,000 homes will be completed this year - the highest in the last five years, including pre-Covid-19 years of 2018 and 2029, he added. This increased supply should help to alleviate some pressure in the rental market as those who have been waiting for their keys will stop renting, and new homes will provide additional rental supply, said Mr Lee in response to Mr Louis Chua (Sengkang GRC). On tightening the rules for BTO flat non-selection, Mr Lee said it strikes a balance between considering the interests of flat applicants with urgent housing needs and being fair to those who successfully balloted for a flat. He noted that the drop-out rate for BTO flats has hovered around 40 per cent in the past few years, even as strong housing demand pushed up application rates. This means that four in 10 applicants either do not turn up or decline to book a unit at their flat selection appointments. Some reasons include people wanting only flats on high floors, trying their luck or the remaining flats being out of their budget, he said. “Understandably, some would rather give up the opportunity to select a flat now, and wait longer for a better flat. But whatever the reason, such applicants do crowd out other homebuyers who may have more pressing needs,” he said, urging Singaporeans to only apply for flats if they really intend to purchase one. The rules will also be tightened for second-timers from August. Those who do not pick a BTO flat when invited to do so will have to wait one year before they can apply for a flat again. Currently, this only kicks in after they fail to book a flat twice. Mr Lee said HDB will only waive the rule if applicants have 10 or fewer BTO flats, or five or fewer SBF flats, to choose from. “We understand that some applicants may have genuine reasons for not selecting a flat. Buying a home is a large financial decision, so we want to be fair to applicants who have very limited options when they are invited to select their flat,” he said. Where there are extenuating circumstances, HDB may exercise flexibility to waive the rule, he said. Mr Lee said the new First-Timer (Parents & Married Couples) priority category is targeted at those buying their first home and to help young families settle down more quickly. The current first-timer category covers a wide range of applicants, including those who already have their own homes but have not previously received housing subsidies. About 10 per cent of all first-timer applicants fall into the new category, Mr Lee said. To qualify, families must not have owned or sold a local residential property before, or did not have a chance to book a flat in the past five years before their application. This is on top of having at least one Singaporean child or meeting the age limit of 40 for married couples. Applicants do not need to submit additional documents to qualify for the new category. In addition, those under the new category will get first priority when applying for four-room or smaller BTO flats in non-mature estates, Mr Lee said. He said these applicants will be shortlisted ahead of all others who come under the expanded Family and Parenthood Priority Scheme - previously known as the Parenthood Priority Scheme. They thus stand a substantially higher chance of being invited to select a flat, he added. On why the measures will only take place from August, Mr Lee said: “We are announcing the changes early to give everyone some time to understand how these changes may affect them. And HDB will also need some time to stress-test and implement the system changes.”
  7. New BudgetMealGoWhere portal to help residents find cheaper meals in HDB coffee shops A new website to help residents find cheaper meals in the neighbourhood was launched by HDB and GovTech on May 19 Named BudgetMealGoWhere, about 40 participating coffee shops are listed for a start Coffee shops and the available budget meal options will start with those located within 2km of the postal code entered HDB said that budget meals will progressively be offered at all 374 HDB rental coffee shops by 2026 Patrons and stall owners interviewed generally welcomed the new initiative and made some suggestions on what they would like to see SINGAPORE — A new portal has been launched to help consumers easily locate Housing and Development Board (HDB) coffee shops offering budget meals. HDB and the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) said in a joint statement on Friday (May 19) that the new “BudgetMealGoWhere” website will allow the public to search for HDB coffee shops offering budget meals near their location and view the budget meals and drinks available at these places. This can be done by entering a postal code in the website’s search box. A list of the coffee shops and the available budget meal options will appear, starting with those located within 2km of the postal code. The portal will also be accessible through the LifeSG mobile application and website. Budget meal options refer to lunch or dinner meals that are priced affordably compared to the average price of meals sold at nearby eating establishments. These budget meals must be full meals, and not side dishes, snacks, children's meal or half-portion meals. Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for National Development, announced in Parliament in March that all coffee shops leased from HDB have to offer budget meal options upon their tenancy renewal starting May. As a start, all older coffee shops leased from HDB that are due for renewal will need to provide four budget meals and two budget drinks across two or more different stalls as a condition of their tenancy renewal. Two of the budget meals must be rice-based and one must be halal. These coffee shops must also offer at least two budget drinks, which are black coffee (kopi-o) and black tea (teh-o). "The budget meal and drink prices will be benchmarked against economically priced food-and-beverage offerings in nearby neighbourhood coffee shops," Ms Sim said at the time. Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for National Development, announced in Parliament in March that all coffee shops leased from HDB have to offer budget meal options upon their tenancy renewal starting May. As a start, all older coffee shops leased from HDB that are due for renewal will need to provide four budget meals and two budget drinks across two or more different stalls as a condition of their tenancy renewal. Two of the budget meals must be rice-based and one must be halal. These coffee shops must also offer at least two budget drinks, which are black coffee (kopi-o) and black tea (teh-o). "The budget meal and drink prices will be benchmarked against economically priced food-and-beverage offerings in nearby neighbourhood coffee shops," Ms Sim said at the time. There are a total of 776 coffee shops in Singapore, of which 374 are under HDB and 402 are privately owned. On the new BudgetMealGoWhere website, about 40 coffee shops are listed, with more being progressively added. “HDB will work with GovTech to continually improve the website’s functionality and listing to make it more useful for Singaporeans, and members of the public can also provide feedback on the budget meals,” the two agencies said. To help customers in identifying budget meals more easily, participating stalls will display the budget meal decal stickers on their food display signage, indicating the budget meals on offer. HDB has completed 37 new coffee shops in the last five years as part of efforts to ensure that residents have access to affordable cooked food, the two agencies added. "Another 34 coffee shops are slated for completion in the next five years, to meet the needs of residents." WHAT PATRONS, FOOD SELLERS SAY Commenting on the new initiative, customers and food stall owners who spoke to TODAY generally welcomed it and suggested how it can be improved. TODAY visited three coffee shops, all of which were among the 40 participating coffee shops listed on the website. Most patrons could see themselves using the site, but some mentioned how it might present problems for older users. Madam Sissi Lin, a scientist who did not want to reveal her age, said: “I think it’s quite comprehensive. I’m just concerned because I believe there will be some older people who might want to use it. Maybe the font size of the text can be bigger (for those who find it hard to reading small print).” One suggested that photographs can accompany the meals being listed. Mr Jason Lim, a 22-year-old engineer, said: “It would be nice if there are pictures of the food or reviews. Maybe it’s cheap but the portion is small. If there are pictures or reviews, people will know.” Madam Noradila Affandi, 37, who works in the digital security field, suggested having pictures of the coffee shops for people to recognise them easily. Civil servant Benjamin Tan, 31, said: “They show some coffee shops that are way too far. There are a few coffee shops in Clementi but they are probably not listed yet." Stall owners generally believed that the new website will help to bring in more customers. Mr Kelvin Lee, 26, who runs an economical rice stall at a coffee shop in Bukit Batok, said that he had seen about 30 more customers than usual who have bought the budget meal, which is a rice with meat and two kinds of vegetables at S$3. The BudgetMealGoWhere website is at https://www.gowhere.gov.sg/budgetmeal/. https://www.gowhere.gov.sg/budgetmeal/ https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-budgetmealgowhere-portal-help-residents-find-cheaper-meals-hdb-coffee-shops-2175151 only 40 coffee shops are on BudgetMealGoWhere at present. hopefully more will come on for this initiative to gain traction and awareness.
  8. Read here: https://stackedhomes.com/editorial/3-surprising-upcoming-changes-that-may-affect-property-prices-and-en-bloc-in-2023/#gs.vq6f0g
  9. From my high HDB I can look down on 12 storey HDB. There looks to be some work going on on a group of 12 storey HDB nearby where they appear to be installing solar panels on the roof. Is this correct and have they been installed elsewhere? I think it's a good idea.
  10. TL;DR – A Volkswagen Golf R with expired road tax gets caught on camera speeding along the SLE and overtaking a vehicle by using the road shoulder of the expressway and evading parking fees by forcibly pushing the gantry arm up. What. The. Shit. That’s still my reaction after watching the video multiple times. Watch this 76-second shocker for yourself to see why. What happened There are two incidents captured on video of the same culprit. The first incident sees a Volkswagen Golf R speeding along an expressway (caption says it’s the SLE). Besides its insane speed, it’s also overtaking the cam car by using the road shoulder of the expressway! The second incident is video footage of the same Volkswagen Golf R leaving a carpark in a very unorthodox manner. The passenger of the Golf pushes the gantry arm up and the Golf leaves the car park without having to pay for parking. But that’s not all Either the person who uploaded the video or SGRV went to CSI this bugger and found out a couple of things. It’s driving illegally. The car has multiple parking fines by HDB that have been unpaid. These fines all occur in one month (just FYI). The comments section for this is going to be wild. Let’s have a look! Online Chatter ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  11. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/real-estate/flash-govt-rolls-out-new-property-cooling-measures So late then announce .. Looks like kanna forced to act like that maybe targeting the US and Europe markets..😂
  12. Been happening for some time but this is a very good case where both cannot meet minimum sum https://singaporeuncensored.com/couple-divorce-so-they-can-buy-another-hdb-flat-to-earn-rental/ COUPLE DIVORCE SO THEY CAN BUY ANOTHER HDB FLAT TO EARN RENTAL ByHello Its me September 8, 2022 Bumped into an ex-colleague (who is the same age as me) earlier and had an interesting brief catch up chat over coffee. He and his wife are now divorced. But except that there is nothing wrong with their marriage and they are still living together. The sole purpose of getting the divorce is to be able to buy ANOTHER HDB FLAT (under the singles scheme). So they collectively own two HDB flats as two single individuals. You see, he was a manager that had recently been displaced by cheaper foreign labour. As all of us know, at our age, there is a real challenge in getting a job that would pay him a decent salary. Yes, there are lots of employers that wants to hire him. He is, afterall, a qualified professional with a wealth of 30 years’ experience behind him. However, these greedy employers are just not willing to pay him his worth and wants to exploit his skills and experience for a mean salary. He refused to prostitute his skills for a low salary. He end up driving a cab that (ironically) pays him more than any of the offers that he had received. He won’t be getting any of his CPF money next year because he won’t be able to meet his minimum sum. All his past CPF contributions (more than $800K) had already gone into his 5rm HDB flat that they are staying in now. His wife has some CPF left but she (too) won’t be able to get a single cent out in a few years’ time because she (too) won’t be able to meet the minimum sum as well. So they planned, got a divorce and bought a second HDB flat just before they could lock away her CPF as the minimum sum in her CPF. They then moved into the new flat and rented their older flat out legally because he had already and duly met the “Minimum Occupation Period” required for the legal renting out for that flat. And this rental income will serve an additional passive retirement income. When I asked if he would be flouting any HDB regulations by doing that, he replied, 1) They are legally divorced and they are both legally SINGLE now. 2) He can retain the existing 5rm flat under the singles scheme and his wife is eligible to buy another flat under the singles scheme. 3) There is no law in this land that prohibit two single persons (divorced or not) from living together as a couple regardless if they were previously married or not. 4) At his age, being legally married is just a marital status. It doesn’t stop them living together as man and wife. They both had made their wills. 5) Instead of having the money stuck as a minimum sum in their CPF, they might as well utilise whatever that they can get out of their CPF so as to get an alternative passive income since:- – – a) they won’t be able to get any of their CPF money anyway – – b) even when they do get their CPF monthly payouts after the age of 65 yrs old (which is still a long way to go), the amounts will be so miserable that they would hardly be able to do anything decent with it anyway… – – c) so…. they might as well get a second HDB flat with whatever money that they can siphoned out from their CPF (before the money is being locked away instead under the minimum sum)…. rent it out and (at least), the monthly rental income of $2,500 can help them live a more dignified retirement IMMEDIATELY (right away) rather than waiting till they reach 65 yrs old for that miserable delayed CPF payout that is so insignificant…. Thinking aloud now…. could this be the new norm of retirement in Singapore that Singaporeans will be planning for? Wouldn’t it be so sad that we have to come to this, in order that we can respond to how our hard-earned CPF money is being wilfully and forcefully withheld from us…
  13. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/housing/pods-set-up-in-void-decks-to-cater-to-requests-for-conducive-work-study-spaces For the full article, please click on the above link. SINGAPORE – Housing estates and community spaces throughout Singapore will see more work-study pods for residents to use, if ongoing pilots in several neighbourhoods show a strong uptake. These pods, which are portable enclosed cubicles that can seat one to two, can provide a conducive and more private environment for residents to work near their homes, said Minister for National Development Desmond Lee on Sunday. Although existing study areas in void decks continue to be well-used, Mr Lee said: “(Needs) evolve and change for students as well as working adults for more privacy, especially when they make more confidential calls or business calls. Three pods each were installed in the void decks of Block 183C Boon Lay Avenue, Block 260 Boon Lay Drive and Block 674B Jurong West Street 65, as part of a year-long pilot lasting till end July next year. The pilot – a collaboration among the Housing Board, People’s Association and pod provider Burztech – is the first involving pods installed at void decks. Pods in ongoing pilots in Clementi, Bukit Timah and Keat Hong that were launched last November and December are in common areas of community centres, or within Residents’ Committee centres. The nine pods in Boon Lay, which began operation in August, are air-conditioned and soundproof, with two power sockets and Wi-Fi connectivity provided. Some 5,000 residents, including 100 students, are expected to benefit. Burztech’s app, which is used to make bookings up to two weeks in advance and open pod doors, currently has more than 2,000 users, said co-founder Joel Leong. The firm charges six cents a minute in Boon Lay, in a launch promotion till Oct 10, before prices rise to seven-and-a-half cents a minute. The People’s Association said the initiative arose following residents’ requests for a quiet working space amid the pandemic and that the pods may be set up in more estates if the pilots are successful. Among those set to benefit in Boon Lay are 25 lower-income students, who on Sunday were each given 35 hours of credit worth over $150 – sponsored by the Boon Lay Community Development and Welfare Fund – to cover their usage till December. Mr Kevin Goh, a first-year electrical and electronics engineering diploma student at Singapore Polytechnic, is one of them. The 21-year-old said the chirping from more than 20 birds his father, a school bus driver in his 60s, keeps as pets has been a distraction. “There is definitely a lot of noise from my house; the TV, the birds – everything adds up together. Even if I close my bedroom door, I can still hear them,” said Mr Goh. His family includes his security officer mother, who is in her 50s, and a brother, 19, an Institute of Technical Education student. Mr Leong said though pandemic restrictions have eased, the need for such pods remains as hybrid and work-from-home arrangements are here to stay. Mr Leong said Burztech is keenly awaiting the results from the Boon Lay pilot, as this is the first time users have to pay to use its pods. “Everybody wants to come when it’s free, but we don’t know what if it’s not free.”
  14. Parking PSA: 1️⃣ From 1 Sep 2022, we will adjust the grace period for short-term parking in all car parks with the Electronic Parking System to 15 minutes, to give motorists time for pick-ups and drop-offs. 2️⃣ From 19 Sep 2022, we will discontinue the sale of parking coupons at all HDB branches, as 9 in 10 motorists now use the Parking.sg app at most coupon-based car parks to take advantage of per-minute charging. Motorists who prefer to use coupons can still purchase them at authorised agents, such as petrol stations and convenience stores.
  15. This blanket ban on cats should be repealed. 😀 If dogs are allowed to be kept in HDBs, then the same should be allowed for cats. Homeowners should be allowed to keep cats, provided they are microchipped, vaccinated and registered with AVA, the same standards held for dogs. Cats should be kept indoors and not allowed to free roam for their own safety. Cat owners who allow their cats to free-roam will face the possibility of getting their cats rehomed if found outdoors or causing disturbances to other HDB dwellers such as defecating and urinating in public areas. Punish the irresponsible cat owners, not the animals. The same can be said for dog owners who don't pick up their dogs poop. Shedding fur. They've obviously not seen the amount of fur shed by dogs. 😅 ANYWAYS, SURVEY TIME. HELP OUR CATS! The Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS), a cluster of the National Parks Board (NParks) is seeking feedback from the public on our proposed strategies for the management of pet and community cats in Singapore to form a framework that aims to safeguard public health, and better protect the health and welfare of Singapore’s pet and community cats. The proposed cat management framework comprises three strategies that we are seeking views on: (i) Including pet cats in the licensing and microchipping scheme; (ii) Expanding the Trap-Neuter-Rehome/Release-Manage (TNRM) Programme for free-roaming dogs to community cats; and (iii) Promoting responsible community cat caregiving, adoption of cats, and responsible cat ownership through engagement and outreach. Your feedback will help us refine the proposed cat management framework. Click the link below to participate in our online survey, or scan the QR code. The consultation is open from 3 September to 2 November 2022. English: https://go.gov.sg/catsgEng For the surveys in our other national languages, click on this link: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/avs/pets/owning-a-pet/public-consultation-(cats)/public-consultation-on-managing-pet-and-community-cats
  16. By now the famous quote by our million dollar minister: https://mothership.sg/2016/10/josephine-teo-said-you-dont-need-a-flat-before-making-babies-sporeans-disagree-vehemently/ This guy's disrupted grieving is a testament of how true the statement is.... Sexy time moaning from 2nd floor flat interrupts guy mourning & burying dead pet cat at Bukit Batok HDB estateFrom mourning to moaning. https://mothership.sg/2018/12/guy-burying-cat-interrupted-moaning/ *disclaimer: chill you prudes.....this is just a light hearted thread.
  17. my father just passed away earlier this month and the flat is registered under both my parents name. now my mother wants to replace my father's name with my sister's name into the flat ownership. anyone had a similar experience of changing HDB flat ownership ? there will be no contest as i already have my own flat. i was at HDB office the other day and i was told we could do it online ... i read thru the HDB website and fulfil every requirement ... up to the part they say we will need to hire a lawyer ... ?? is the lawyer really a must ? i am also looking into his bank accounts and some bits of shares .... and i also read need lawyer to apply for probate ... all these fees and charges ... for i think less than $10k of monies .... i hope to be able to DIY to cut all these fees.
  18. Ysc3

    Hdb main door

    anyone changed their HDB main door before or recently ? got any good and cheap recommendation ? normal door can already .... HDB told me no need fire-door for my unit. i think my main door is the original door from about 30+ years ago ... !! what about wrought iron gate ? ST classads got ads so cheap ... but what's the trade-off ?
  19. Source: https://mothership.sg/2022/04/hdb-van-malaysia-clamped/ It is not every day you get to see this: A Malaysia-registered van was wheel clamped while parked at an open air car park in Woodlands, Singapore. Notice stuck on van A notice stuck on the van indicated that it was clamped by the Housing & Development Board as a result of chalking up S$400 in fines from five parking offence notices that have gone unpaid since 2017. There is also at least one warrant of arrest against the owner of the vehicle. S$100 to remove clamp The notice informed the owner of the vehicle that it will cost S$100 for the wheel clamp to be removed, and any attempt to remove it without first paying the fee can cause damage to the vehicle. The owner was also advised to report to the subordinate courts with a bailor, who is a Singaporean aged 21 years and above, to settle the warrant. Multiple fines According to publicly accessible information, the van chalked up fines of S$45 to S$100 from five HDB parking offence notices. Besides the S$400 in unpaid fines, the van also chalked up fines for three traffic offences that amount to S$460 in 2017 and 2018. This is on top of owing the Land Transport Authority a vehicle entry permit (VEP) fee of S$1,155 and a S$200 expiry penalty. The total amount due to the Singapore authorities was S$2,215. Fines issued against foreign vehicles The issue of foreign-registered vehicles flouting traffic rules in Singapore and chalking up fines that go unpaid for extended periods of time has been a sticking point, so much so some online platforms have been actively trawling publicly accessible databases to highlight these vehicles and the extent of the outstanding fines, while urging the authorities to take action. The act of clamping the wheels of vehicles of errant motorists who have outstanding fines appears rare though. In this instance it could be due to the warrant of arrest issued for the owner of the vehicle. What is Singapore's VEP policy? Singapore’s VEP policy, which has been in place since 1973, is meant to equalise the cost of owning and using foreign-registered vehicles in Singapore with that of owning and using Singapore-registered vehicles, according to gov.sg. It ensures comprehensiveness of Singapore's vehicle population control policy -- that there is similar restrain to using foreign vehicles on Singapore’s roads as there is for Singapore vehicles, which are subject to the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) system and high vehicle taxes.
  20. Hi, Planning to reno my home and change all the windows. Old HDB flat, no extend ledge on top, thus have to close window whenever rain. What is you take of the differences between sliding and casement windows? and also with or without top-hung section. To me, casement window will direct wind blow into the flat but sliding window will not. Sliding window easier to open close. casement window more sound proof? (my room facing E'way) Having top-hung window, they say at least got ventilation when heavy rain have to close all other windows but I don't feel the different. Worst, cleaning the window more leceh compare to cleaning one whole piece...
  21. The 'chope-ing' culture is prominent in Singapore and it is usually observed when dining out at coffee shops or hawker centres. And unfortunately, this toxic culture has been shaped to be part of the Singapore identity. Watch the product of our toxic culture unfold before your very eyes: What Happened? This incident occurred at an open-air carpark at Block 114 Geylang Lorong 3. Two 'ah-mas' stood in a vacant white parking lot to 'chope' in a supposedly crowded carpark. As a result, they prevented a mini-van from parking at the vacant lot, which indirectly obstructed the traffic flow in the carpark. The van driver then alights from his vehicle to film the elderly ladies' absurd actions. Due to the obstruction, vehicles started piling up behind the mini-van. Toxic and Self-Centered Lo and behold, a Chevrolet Sonic rolls up to the parking lot and parks head-first into the lot. The driver, an elderly man, presumably the spouse of either one of the elderly ladies, alights from the car and walks across the carpark. IMO, their act of 'chope-ing' a vacant white lot is nothing but a toxic and self-centred act. Just because they insisted on having that white lot, they wasted the precious time of many other motorists. Oh, well. And those two elderly ladies probably don't have a driving license either. I guess you won't know the woes of a driver if you aren't a driver🤷‍♂️ Ps. For those wondering why the van driver did not park in the other vacant lot beside it, the reason is that it is a season parking lot (red lot). Netizens' Comments Bopian, what to do? Time for them to buy this and 'chope' more lots in the future. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  22. https://www.8world.com/singapore/severed-leg-found-queenstown-hdb-rubbish-chute-1746011 垃圾槽惊现断腿视频疯传 警方证实视频属实但排除他杀 新加坡 发布: 06/03/2022 19:44 更新: 1小时前 近日,网上疯传一段组屋底层垃圾槽出现血淋淋的断腿视频,引起网民热论。警方证实有关案件确实在本地发生,并指这是一起非自然死亡案件,不过排除他杀的可能性。 根据网上流传的视频,有人拍到几个大型垃圾桶旁发现一截血淋淋的小腿,周围还散落着一些纸皮和垃圾。 从短短的16秒视频中可见,发现断腿的地点疑似组屋楼下一个垃圾槽。 新加坡警察部队回复《8视界新闻网》询问时,也证实在前天(4日)中午12点35分左右接获报案,指女皇镇玛格烈通道(Margaret Drive)第37座组屋发生了一起非自然死亡案件。 警方到场后发现一名31岁男子一动不动,被医护人员当场宣告不治。 根据警方的初步调查,已排除了他杀的可能性,相关调查还在进行中
  23. Imagine it is the weekend, and all you want is to get some rest in your peaceful, quiet and comfortable house before the workweek starts. BUT NO. In the distance, you hear a low, noisy exhaust burbling sound coming from downstairs your block. And this is what you see: What's the first thought that comes to your mind? Frustration? Anger? Disappointment? You tell me. What Happened? Apparently, this frustrated Bedok resident managed to take a video of this rowdy Audi driver that has constantly disturbed the estate's peace. From afar or a single glance, the car's quad exhaust makes it appear as though the driver is driving an RS3, S3, or even a "Quattro tuned" Audi Sportback. If it were any of those cars, the noisy exhaust would have been understandable. But wait, here comes the twist: That "sports car" is none other than a 1-litre A3 Sportback. Putting Things Into Perspective The Audi A3 1-Litre Sportback has 114BHP and 200 Nm of torque, with 9.9 seconds for its 0 - 100km/h timing. And the fact that a noisy aftermarket exhaust is equipped to this ordinary car definitely poses as an annoyance to Bedok residents. Worse still, it pops and bangs even when its speed is <20km/h. So do you think this Audi A3 has an illegal or LTA approved exhaust? Do you think his exhaust system is "operated"? Netizens' Comments Sooner or later his car sure kena tow to the workshop. What's the point of stretching a 1-Litre engine to its limit? Damn, that escalated quickly. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow transfer for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️ https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  24. SINGAPORE — Most people living in three-room flats, and all of those in larger flats, will pay higher property tax next year following a revision of annual values of Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats. The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) said in a press release on Wednesday (Dec 1) that it will revise the annual values of HDB flats upwards by 4 per cent to 6 per cent on Jan 1 next year. The annual value is the estimated annual rent of the property if it were to be leased. It is determined based on the market rents of comparable properties. The revision will be in line with the increase in market rentals and is part of its annual review of properties to compute the property tax payable, Iras said. The property tax payable is derived by multiplying the property tax rate with the annual value of the property. With the revision: About 65 per cent of the owner-occupiers of three-room flats will pay between S$8.80 and S$14.40 yearly in additional property tax Owner-occupiers of four-room, five-room and executive flats will pay between S$21.60 and S$26.40 more yearly One-third of three-room flat owner-occupiers will continue to pay no property tax All one-room and two-room flat owner-occupiers will continue to pay no property tax The annual value was last revised in 2017. “However, with the rising market rents of HDB flats this year, the annual values of all HDB flats will need to be revised upwards from Jan 1, 2022,” Iras said. Private residential property owners will also see an increase in their annual values next year, it added. The hike in property tax came a day after the National Environment Agency announced that it will increase the fees for refuse collection for public and private homeowners who use the public waste collection scheme. The fees will be raised by 16.7 per cent monthly. Iras said that all property owners will receive their property tax bill by the end of this month and it reminded property owners that the bills must be paid by Jan 31 next year. Property owners who face financial difficulties may approach Iras for assistance on a suitable payment plan before Jan 31. They may appeal for a longer payment plan via the Apply for Payment Plan e-Service at myTax Portal website, or contact Iras on its hotline at 1800 356 8300. Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/higher-property-tax-most-3-room-hdb-flats-all-bigger-flats-jan-1-2022-iras
  25. SINGAPORE: A one-year trial to collect food waste from residents will be launched in the Ang Mo Kio-Toa Payoh sector in November, with 10 “smart lockers” placed at selected Housing & Development Board (HDB) blocks in the area, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Wednesday (Sep 22). The trial will be conducted by 800 Super Waste Management, which was on Wednesday awarded a new public waste collection contract for the sector. The sector covers the planning areas of Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Serangoon and Toa Payoh. “These smart lockers will be installed with an Internet of Things remote access smart system, a QR code scanner and a load cell weighing scale,” NEA said in a media release. “Participating households will be issued a unique QR code and air-tight reusable plastic containers to store their food waste. “Participating households can then do a one-to-one exchange of the reusable plastic containers when they drop off their food waste-filled containers into the smart lockers.” Participants will receive reward points via the 800 Super mobile app for depositing their food waste. These points can be exchanged for grocery vouchers. “If the trial is successful, 800 Super will deploy another 83 smart lockers to other HDB blocks in the sector,” NEA said. Source & Full article: CNA/ https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/food-waste-lockers-hdb-ang-mo-kio-toa-payoh-2193986 -------- Think Singaporeans will warm up with this idea of food waste management? I think what concerns me is the smell from these food items and the pests that itll attract if its not properly carried out...
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