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Found 25 results

  1. Rather annoying feature although my understanding is that it is to minimise automated forum bots on here. As it is, am not keen to flood the forum with meaningless posts elsewhere just for the sake of enabling thread creation. So dear admins - do forgive the following "spam" posts and take it as feedback on a limitation of this policy. Thanks! Refer to thread title Refer to thread title Refer to thread title Apparently, one is unable to reply to one's own thread. Foiled!
  2. Been happening for some time but this is a very good case where both cannot meet minimum sum https://singaporeuncensored.com/couple-divorce-so-they-can-buy-another-hdb-flat-to-earn-rental/ COUPLE DIVORCE SO THEY CAN BUY ANOTHER HDB FLAT TO EARN RENTAL ByHello Its me September 8, 2022 Bumped into an ex-colleague (who is the same age as me) earlier and had an interesting brief catch up chat over coffee. He and his wife are now divorced. But except that there is nothing wrong with their marriage and they are still living together. The sole purpose of getting the divorce is to be able to buy ANOTHER HDB FLAT (under the singles scheme). So they collectively own two HDB flats as two single individuals. You see, he was a manager that had recently been displaced by cheaper foreign labour. As all of us know, at our age, there is a real challenge in getting a job that would pay him a decent salary. Yes, there are lots of employers that wants to hire him. He is, afterall, a qualified professional with a wealth of 30 years’ experience behind him. However, these greedy employers are just not willing to pay him his worth and wants to exploit his skills and experience for a mean salary. He refused to prostitute his skills for a low salary. He end up driving a cab that (ironically) pays him more than any of the offers that he had received. He won’t be getting any of his CPF money next year because he won’t be able to meet his minimum sum. All his past CPF contributions (more than $800K) had already gone into his 5rm HDB flat that they are staying in now. His wife has some CPF left but she (too) won’t be able to get a single cent out in a few years’ time because she (too) won’t be able to meet the minimum sum as well. So they planned, got a divorce and bought a second HDB flat just before they could lock away her CPF as the minimum sum in her CPF. They then moved into the new flat and rented their older flat out legally because he had already and duly met the “Minimum Occupation Period” required for the legal renting out for that flat. And this rental income will serve an additional passive retirement income. When I asked if he would be flouting any HDB regulations by doing that, he replied, 1) They are legally divorced and they are both legally SINGLE now. 2) He can retain the existing 5rm flat under the singles scheme and his wife is eligible to buy another flat under the singles scheme. 3) There is no law in this land that prohibit two single persons (divorced or not) from living together as a couple regardless if they were previously married or not. 4) At his age, being legally married is just a marital status. It doesn’t stop them living together as man and wife. They both had made their wills. 5) Instead of having the money stuck as a minimum sum in their CPF, they might as well utilise whatever that they can get out of their CPF so as to get an alternative passive income since:- – – a) they won’t be able to get any of their CPF money anyway – – b) even when they do get their CPF monthly payouts after the age of 65 yrs old (which is still a long way to go), the amounts will be so miserable that they would hardly be able to do anything decent with it anyway… – – c) so…. they might as well get a second HDB flat with whatever money that they can siphoned out from their CPF (before the money is being locked away instead under the minimum sum)…. rent it out and (at least), the monthly rental income of $2,500 can help them live a more dignified retirement IMMEDIATELY (right away) rather than waiting till they reach 65 yrs old for that miserable delayed CPF payout that is so insignificant…. Thinking aloud now…. could this be the new norm of retirement in Singapore that Singaporeans will be planning for? Wouldn’t it be so sad that we have to come to this, in order that we can respond to how our hard-earned CPF money is being wilfully and forcefully withheld from us…
  3. I have heard rumours that SAF will not send SAF100 to people earning above a certain amount. Does anyone know what is the minimum amount for SAF to consider someone too expensive?
  4. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-mandatory-minimum-jail-sentences-among-proposed-amendments-11506954 New mandatory minimum jail sentences among proposed amendments to Road Traffic Act In the first reading of the Bill, the Ministry of Home Affairs laid out new penalties and tighter regulatory frameworks to deter irresponsible driving. By Cindy Co 06 May 2019 02:52PM(Updated: 06 May 2019 03:44PM) Share this content Bookmark SINGAPORE: New Mandatory Minimum Sentences (MMS) will be imposed on the most serious irresponsible driving offences in an amendment to the Road Traffic Act introduced in Parliament on Monday (May 6). These minimum sentences will meted out to offenders who show “egregious driving behaviour” and “cause death or injuries with long-lasting impact on the victim”. The amendments will also introduce two classes of irresponsible driving offences that the MMS will be applied to​​​​​​​: Dangerous driving and careless driving. The two categories will roughly correspond to the Rash Act and Negligent Act in the Penal Code. In effect, the MMS will be meted out to drivers charged for dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing grievous hurt. For dangerous driving causing death, first time offenders will face up to eight years in jail, with an MMS of two years. Second time offenders will face a minimum mandatory jail term of four years, with up to 15 years' imprisonment. As for first time offenders charged with dangerous driving causing grievous hurt, they will be subject to one year MMS, and face up to five years in jail. Second-time offenders on the above charge will face a two-year minimum jail sentence, with up to 10 years' imprisonment. There will also be add-on maximum penalties for dangerous and careless driving offences, should the motorist have committed the offence while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or failed to provide a specimen for analysis. A person found guilty of dangerous driving while causing death while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or failed to provide a specimen for analysis, will face up to 10 years in jail with a minimum sentence of three years if he is a first-time offender. A second-time offender for the above charge will face up to 19 years in jail, with a six-year MMS. A person found guilty of dangerous driving while causing grievous hurt while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or failed to provide a specimen for analysis, will face up to six years in jail with a minimum sentence of 18 months if he is a first-time offender. He will also be subject to a fine ranging from S$2,000 to S$10,000. A second-time offender for the above charge will face up to 12 years in jail, with a three-year MMS as well as a fine ranging from S$5,000 to S$20,000. These changes come in the wake of an observed increase in irresponsible and reckless driving by the Traffic Police, with the number of summonses issued to motorists increased from 152,700 in 2015 to 181,000 in 2018. In addition, the Traffic Police has also noted that the penalties for irresponsible driving in Singapore are less severe than in other jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The current maximum imprisonment term for causing death by dangerous driving in Singapore is imprisonment of up to five years, while other jurisdictions have a maximum penalty of up to 10 or 14 years. The MMS is part of enhanced criminal penalties included in the new amendments to deter irresponsible driving. UP TO THREE YEARS' JAIL FOR DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENCE Under the amendments, the penalties for driving under disqualification, suspension and driving without a licence will also be enhanced. The biggest change are the proposed amendments to penalties for driving without a licence. Currently, first time offenders will face up to three months imprisonment and a S$1,000 fine, while second time offenders will face up to six months imprisonment and S$2,000 fine. The enhanced penalties will mean that those driving without a licence will face up to three years imprisonment and an S$10,000 fine for their first offence, and a six-year imprisonment and an S$20,000 fine for their second offence. READ: Motorists to face harsher penalties for serious offences as MHA reviews traffic laws TIGHTENING REGULATORY REGIMES The Traffic Police will now give motorists four weeks to file their appeals for licence suspension and revocation when they have exceeded the maximum allowable demerit points. After the four weeks, the Traffic Police will have the power to suspend or revoke the licence, even if an appeal is underway. “This is to prevent motorists from filing multiple appeals in order to delay the start of the suspension or revocation,” said the Traffic Police. In addition, for motorists who have accumulated five or more suspensions, the period of suspension will be increased from a maximum of three years to five years. Compounded sentences will also take effect, where the courts will be able to take into account a motorist’s driving history in dealing out sentences. “A motorist’s driving record is a useful indicator of his driving behaviour,” said the Traffic Police, when explaining the rationale for proposed change. ACCIDENTS INVOLVING ANIMALS Under the new amendments to the Road Traffic Act, the definition of "animals" will also change. Currently, motorists are only required to stop, contact the owner and render assistance for certain species of animals, such as horses, cattle, pigs, goats and dogs. The Traffic Police has now expanded the definition to include all species of animals. Motorists would now be required to stop - providing it is safe to do so - the vehicle if he has “reasonable ground to believe that the animal involved in the accident has an owner or that the presence of the injured or dead animal on the road may pose a hazard to other road users”, said the Traffic Police. PUBLIC FEEDBACK The Ministry of Home Affairs noted broad public support for the proposed amendments to the Road Traffic Act, through a series of public consultations conducted between February and March this year. In response to concerns that motorists would be held liable for accidents caused by victims, such as pedestrians, cyclists or PMD riders, the Traffic Police provided assurances that they would take into account the motorist’s driving behaviour. “When assessing whether a motorist should be held liable for an accident, Traffic Police will consider whether the motorist had been driving safely. “In addition, if the victim had engaged in risk-taking behaviour and violated traffic rules, Traffic Police will take the necessary enforcement action against him." Source: CNA/cc(rw)
  5. Hi All I will be going overseas and the temperature is going to be max 20 and min 10. Anyone went to such countries before can advise if need special thick jacket like those winter wear or can wear those thick wind breaker used in lecture theatres? Thanks!
  6. Hearing some comments here about minimum wage (MW) and Hong Kong has just approved the bill for MW. Coming from business angle, MW increase operating cost, reduce competitiveness and it does not necessary increase productivity. From employee angle, MW guarantee you are paid market rate (really?) Who should benefit from MW, local or all works (even FW)? Will it be abused? by both employer and employee? Will it drive companies out result in more jobless? Lets discuss!
  7. http://www.wsj.com/articles/another-minimum-wage-backfire-1439249236 This article is a good explanation of why setting minimum wage is no good for lower income people. Many people think setting minimum wage does benefit do good for lower income people as they will earn more which in turn will be less stressed out in their financial expenses. However they overlooked on the fact that by setting minimum wage, it actually backfire as explained in the above article. Many Singaporeans had been voicing out for government to set minimum wage just like other country but our government stay firm and say "No, we cannot do that" this I feel government is doing the right thing for lower income people. However one thing that the government lack of is clear explanation to convince why setting minimum wage is no good. I post this article to educate people that setting minimum wage do more harm than good, and hope people can see the good intention of government to stay firm to say no to minimum wage.
  8. The more important question you should ask is, why is CPF Life payouts reduced barely 3 years into it's inception... So far nobody reply his letter in Today's Voice forum. CPF Life Payout from $948-$856 (in 2009) dropped to $844-768 (2012) for the same $117,000.
  9. There is already one on this Still need another? Closed http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...871&hl=Cpf*
  10. Whats the minimum Ron for all the different swift out there?
  11. Just wanna find out if there are any minimum loan amount for car loans.. The banks might not find it profitable for small loan quantum especially in this low interest rates environment I am asking this becus currently considering to cash out from my MPV and switch to a older sedan. The cash will go towards the new car and hence lowering my monthly commitments.
  12. Anyone knows what the min age for marriage in SG? Asking this as my wife has a former student (14 yrs old) who has gotten his gf pregnant (gf same age). They have announced that they will be getting married soon. I thought that sex below 16yo is illegal, so how can a 14 yr old be married?
  13. CNA news report : CPF & Medisave Minimum Sum to be raised Posted: 30 May 2012 1139 hrs SINGAPORE: The Minimum Sums for both the CPF and Medisave accounts are set to be raised. CPF members who turn 55 between this July (2012) and June next year (2013) will have to set aside S$139,000, up from the S$131,000 in 2011. The CPF Board and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said the amount has been adjusted over the years to account for inflation, longer life expectancies and Singaporeans' rising expectations of their quality of life after retirement. They said that since 2004, the MS has been increased by S$4,000 each year to reach S$120,000 in 2013, as recommended by the Economic Review Committee in 2003. The actual increases in MS are also adjusted for inflation each year. The S$120,000 target in 2003 dollars is effectively S$120,000, adjusted for inflation between 2003 and the time the target is met. Doing so preserves the real value of the target. Based on 2011 inflation and incorporating the annual S$4,000 (in 2003 dollars) adjustment, the increase in MS due this year would have been S$12,000, which is relatively large compared with previous years. The Medisave Minimum Sum (MMS) will also be raised from S$36,000 to S$38,500 from July 1 - making it an increase of 7 per cent. The ministry said the move will help Singaporeans plan for their long-term healthcare needs. The CPF Board and MOM said they'll spread out the remaining MS increases needed to reach their S$120,000 target over a longer period of four years. This means they'll reach the target in 2015, instead of 2013. With this change, the 2012 MS will be S$139,000, an increase of 6 per cent, or S$8,000, over 2011. Without the change, the 2012 MS would have been S$143,000, or a 9 per cent increase, over 2011. Changes will also be made for contributions to the Medisave Minimum Sum (MMS) to help Singaporeans plan for their long-term healthcare needs. From July 1, the MMS will be raised to S$38,500, from S$36,000 - an increase of 7 per cent. The MMS is the amount that a person who turns 55 needs to set aside for hospitalisation expenses in subsidised Class B2 and C wards, subsidised outpatient treatment for selected chronic conditions and basic MediShield and ElderShield premiums. Members will be able to withdraw their Medisave savings in excess of the MMS at or after age 55. Another change - also from July - is in the Medisave Contribution Ceiling (MCC). It's the maximum balance a member may have in his Medisave Account. This is set at S$5,000 above MMS and would be increased correspondingly to S$43,500, from S$41,000. Any Medisave contribution in excess of the prevailing MCC will be transferred to the Special Account if the member is below age 55, or to his Retirement Account if he is above age 55 and has a MS shortfall. In a blog post, Minister of State for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin said that the minimum sum exists to help Singaporeans set aside enough to meet a basic level of needs in retirement. That sum needs to be adjusted to account for inflation and also members' growing expectations of their quality of life during retirement. Mr Tan added that it is encouraging to note that despite the rising minimum sum, the percentage of active CPF members meeting their minimum sum at age 55 has improved over the years. In 2011, nearly one in two CPF members (45 per cent) met their minimum sum, compared to about two in five members in 2007 (36 per cent). He added that among those starting work now, about 70 to 80 per cent should be able to attain the current level set for the minimum sum in cash (adjusted for inflation), by the time they retire, even after they have withdrawn money for a home. - CNA/ck/cc KNS, the current minimum sum is as good as increasing every year. The current increase is only from 1st July 2012 to 30 June 2013 which means, there will be an increase again from 1st July 2013 .............. I fall outside his category which mean I has to have a minimum sum of $143,000/- and medisave of $38,500/- next year. The increase is calculated by "adjusted for inflation".. quote: "In a blog post, Minister of State for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin said that the minimum sum exists to help Singaporeans set aside enough to meet a basic level of needs in retirement. That sum needs to be adjusted to account for inflation and also members' growing expectations of their quality of life during retirement. He added that among those starting work now, about 70 to 80 per cent should be able to attain the current level set for the minimum sum in cash (adjusted for inflation), by the time they retire, even after they have withdrawn money for a home." If he is really sincere of fighting inflation, help us by lowering our basic needs like housing, medical & transport cost. Those starting to work now would never meet their targets if the housing cost keep raising like no body business. Furthermore, by their retirement age, the minimum sum could have rise to $300,000/-... (taking into consideration at the age of 30 yrs old and 25yrs before retirement) No one for sure that the retirement age to withdraw CPF, will not increase from 55 to 60 or more in future...
  14. Actually wanna find out how this scheme actually work out. In CPF webby it stated after 55 years old if our CPF did not have the Min SUM then we need to top up cash or pledge our property. What is the meaning of pledging property ? Need to sell? Any bros can enlighten me?
  15. SINGAPORE: From July, the prevailing CPF minimum sum (MS) will be revised upwards to S$131,000, up from S$123,000. The CPF Board said the new MS will apply to members who turn 55 from July 1 2011 to June 30 2012. It was announced in August 2003, that the minimum sum would be raised gradually to reach S$120,000 (in 2003 dollars) in 2013. CPF Board said the increase in minimum sum, which includes an adjustment for inflation, is to ensure that Singaporeans set aside sufficient savings for their retirement. Members who can set aside the MS fully in cash can apply to commence their monthly payouts of S$1,170 when they reach their draw down age. Also from July, the Medisave Minimum Sum (MMS) will be raised to S$36,000 from S$34,500. Members will be able to withdraw their Medisave savings in excess of the MMS at or after age 55. The maximum balance a member may have in his Medisave Account, known as the Medisave Contribution Ceiling (MCC), is fixed at S$5,000 above MMS and this would be increased correspondingly to S$41,000, from S$39,500. Any Medisave contribution in excess of the prevailing MCC will be transferred to the member's Special Account if he is below age 55 or to his Retirement Account if he is above age 55 and has a MS shortfall. The revisions to MMS and MCC are to ensure that Singaporeans have sufficient savings to meet their healthcare expenses, and have been adjusted for inflation. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1132239/1/.html So fast increase after election. Wonder will I ever see my money?
  16. Hong Kong workers demand minimum wage law Posted: 14 July 2010 1740 hrs Photos 1 of 1 Protestors demanding a minimum wage demonstrate outside the Legislative Council in Hong Kong HONG KONG : Hundreds of workers in Hong Kong called for a minimum wage law Wednesday as lawmakers debated the controversial issue which has long divided the city's business sector and grassroots labour groups. The protesters, many of whom are paid as little as two or three US dollars an hour, said Hong Kong's policymakers and business sector have sacrificed them in the name of competitiveness and preserving the city's free economy. "We are workers! We are not slaves!" a group of Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers chanted outside Hong Kong's legislature building as lawmakers began the debate on the minimum wage bill. "Ironically, Hong Kong is now discussing the road to democracy. But how can there be democracy if workers' interests continue to be attacked by the big businesses?" said Eni Lestari, of the Asian Migrants' Coordinating Body. Labour rights groups have pushed for the minimum wage to be fixed at 33 Hong Kong dollars (4.2 US dollars) an hour, saying anything less would not cover basic expenses with living costs having risen sharply in recent months. But the proposal faced strong opposition from some of Hong Kong's largest employers. Michael Chan, chairman of giant fast-food chain Cafe de Coral -- who was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 35th richest man in Hong Kong in 2009 -- has said his group might issue a profit warning if the proposed hourly rate became law. Chan's comments have intensified anger among the unions, which have demanded that he quit the Provisional Minimum Wage Commission, a government-appointed body tasked to set the minimum wage once the bill is passed. Peter Tsoi, a security guard who works more than 12 hours a day, said he had to apply for welfare because he was only paid three US dollars an hour. "All of my salary is spent on transportation and food," Tsoi told AFP. "It is easy to understand why Hong Kong has one of the world's widest income gaps between the rich and the poor -- the tycoons will only get richer because they are making us work harder and for longer hours while our wages remain unchanged." A survey released this week showed that supermarket giants Park'n Shop and Wellcome, as well convenience stores Circle K and 7-Eleven, paid their workers an average rate of less than three US dollars an hour. - AFP/vm
  17. hey bros just to check, is the minimum age to drive 18 or 21?
  18. I have been watching a lot of The Practice, and I am wondering, what is the chance of sueing the gahment for holding on to our CPF money under the Minimum Sum Scheme ? Is the constitution untouchable ? By definition, what is yours, should be yours to keep. So is there any grounds to sue and win, or no way ?
  19. Too many silly car owners on the road lately hogging 1st lane going at 70-80km/h way below the speed limit of the expressway. In the rain they can even use the 1st lane at 50km/h!!!! If there is a minimum speed limit.... 1) There will be no congestion and BRAKING on the 1st lane! 2) It will keep SLOW cautious drivers off the 1st lane when it is raining so it will not block the way of faster cars. 3) No commercial vehicles will be using the lane at all times to slow us down. 4) Then people with itchy backside wanna drive so slow because they have alot of time, no need to use expressway at all. I've seen cars going at 40-60km/h on expressways, they are really blocking the way for everybody and creating jams. I was once on the AYE there was slow traffic at Clementi and in lane 1,2,3,4 was only going at 60km/h and i zig zagged.... guess what i found? On the 1st lane near Alexander a nissan sunny driven by an aunty was drive at 60km/h on the 1st lane.... infront of the car the road was CLEAR!!!!!! In lane 3 and 4 is slow becos of commercial vehicles.... then in lane 2 cars going so slow as usual. I was behind her... I horned and flashed.... other drivers did it too... but she din move.... so i tried to cut into her lane leaving a very little margin to scare her off, no reaction.... I hope someone in this forum who knows this aunty can educate her.
  20. Hi guys, Noticed from my dad's CPF statement that his property (HDB flat) is pledged in lieu of minimum sum. Seems like a default thing. Question - Is there anyway to be exempeted / excused from the pledging ah?
  21. Hi, I know that quite a lot of cars in the market have a minimum Petrol Grade to use specified at Octane 95. eg. Mit lancer, Nissan Sunny. I wonder what is the minimum petrol grade for other makes ?? eg continental cars like Renault, BMW etc. Why is it that the minimum petrol grade required are different & what it generally says about the car engine ? If a minimum petrol grade specified is say Octane 95, what would happen to the car if a lower grade eg Octane 92 petrol is used ? Lower performance when driving ?? What would happen if one uses a higher grade petrol eg Octane 98 or Shell V-power ? Will the car get more power & also better fuel efficiency ?
  22. Hi guys Can we list down shopping centres where upon a minimum spending, you will get free car park coupon? I believe it will be very beneficial to all users here...
  23. How to determine which grade the car shld use? Err .. I getting my new ride soon.. I saw on some website. The Minimum Fuel Grade is 95. Can i still use 92 ? Please clarify.. ***New car owner here **
  24. Hi, don't have the manual, may i know the minimum grade specifications from nissan owners here? thanks....
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