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Found 25 results

  1. Hi people what do your think of the impact on Cat A?
  2. Gadgeter

    Will SPH Retrenchment impact MCF

    With reference to: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/sph-starts-retrenching-staff I wonder if MCF will be impacted since the main cash cow is SGCARMART and not us. Will MCF be shut down or be sold-off?
  3. http://www.wsj.com/articles/another-minimum-wage-backfire-1439249236 This article is a good explanation of why setting minimum wage is no good for lower income people. Many people think setting minimum wage does benefit do good for lower income people as they will earn more which in turn will be less stressed out in their financial expenses. However they overlooked on the fact that by setting minimum wage, it actually backfire as explained in the above article. Many Singaporeans had been voicing out for government to set minimum wage just like other country but our government stay firm and say "No, we cannot do that" this I feel government is doing the right thing for lower income people. However one thing that the government lack of is clear explanation to convince why setting minimum wage is no good. I post this article to educate people that setting minimum wage do more harm than good, and hope people can see the good intention of government to stay firm to say no to minimum wage.
  4. Just watched Fifth Gear's feature on 7 seater MPVs getting rear ended by a lorry going 40mph. http://fifthgear.five.tv/jsp/5gmain.jsp?mn...tion=Crash+Test The results are not pretty. Some people comment that if the headrests were up, it wouldn't be that bad, though. I would think that hatchbacks like Jazz, Swift, Yaris, Aveo, etc wouldn't fare much better.
  5. There is a heated discussion on hardwarezone about an online petition started by a Singaporean (?) who said that Muslims in Singapore are forced to remove the Hijab in certain occupations. But as the debate rages on, some sharp-eyed netters doubted the integrity of the online petition because the petition numbers can be inflated artificially by repetitious entries. Do any governments in the world or any corporations in the world give a flying fark about online petitions? Shouldn't a real petition should be signed physically with name and NRIC on paper and then hand delivered to the parties concerned? Online petitions cheapen the cause of petitions. I don't want to embed any picture here for sensitivity reasons. If you want to see, click this link to see => http://i.imgur.com/PRcd0Q1.jpg
  6. Jan window is coming to and end and FSG has fulfilled their promise in signing a young player in Sturridge whom we have tracked since summer. Sahin didn't work out after spending so much effort tussling him with Arsenal. Latest info is that we have got Coutinho. Expect announcement tomorrow. Will touch on the tactical aspect when I am on a PC.
  7. From the positions of the displaced cars, the impactt must had been rather great Luckily no passerbys were hurt. Still the owners of these parked cars sibei suay, precious rides bo dai bo chi kena whacked .... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...big_impact.html Posted on 02 Dec 2012 Small car, big impact: Suzuki Swift driver hits not 1 but 3 parked cars STOMPers sent in pictures of a Suzuki Swift that had rammed into a row of parked cars at the carpark behind West Coast Plaza. A STOMPer wrote: "It happened at the carpark behind West Coast Plaza. "A Suzuki swift hit the 3 parked cars around 3pm and no one was hurt." STOMPer Halo wrote: "What a Sunday."
  8. Rogersk8ter

    Car Cam For Side Impact?

    We all install car cam for front and back collisions. What about side impact? Infact, for back collision, car cam serve not much use cos sure claim max. As for side impact, you cant be sure if w/o a cam. This morning, I was driving straight when a car coming from a T-juction drove straight at me on my right side causing me to jammed brake. He was just 2 feet away on my right when i jammed brake. But my 120 deg car cam cannot see prpperly what happened. So any car cam can also capture side impact?
  9. Does any1 knows the impact of using higher temperature plugs instead of those as indicated by car manual. For eg. Using: Denso irdium IK20 spark plugs Manual: Denso irdium IK16 spark plugs
  10. A new range of adaptive airbags will be featured on the new Ford Focus. The driver's front airbag features a reconfigured curve-shaped tether system that pulls in the lower section to create a pocket to help lessen the impact of the airbag on the driver's chest and ribs in frontal crashes. In addition, the passenger front airbag has a pyrotechnically-operated adaptative venting system which reduces airbag pressure when it has been sufficiently inflated to protect the occupant. Likewise, the side airbags also have a venting system but their design ditches the pyrotechnic charge for traditional vents. Mounted at shoulder level, the vents allow less pressure to be exerted on smaller passengers. According to Sue Cischke, Ford's group vice president of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, "This is our most advanced airbag system ever in a Ford car, and is designed to enhance protection for front occupants in the most common types of crashes. Each of these airbags uses innovative technologies to help customize airbag protection to the occupant."
  11. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...rom_impact.html Wow any bro seen this? Can't tell the car model from the pic. Hope the driver is ok.

    EUR vs SGD impact on OMV

    Any one know how much impact EUR vs SGD has on OMV as many conti car are paid in EUR? For comparison, lets take (a) EURSGD = 2.05 and (b) EURSGD = 1.90, if case (a) OMV is $70,000...how low can the OMV go in case (b)... Any viewpoint on above is most appreciated...Thanks!!
  13. I'm thinking of buy a 2nd Car for my wife to drive under my name. Does my 50% NCD has any impact on loweing the Insurance cost ? Need Advise
  14. Kia Amanti PRESS RELEASE: New side tests of large luxury cars: luxury doesn't always buy safety BMW
  15. List down the negative impacts of the proposed ERP scheme -- more gantries, higher charges. 1. Lesser pocket $$$, higher cost of living 2. Less work life balance, all have to wait until 8pm before going home to avoid evening ERP 3. Ugly city icon ... Fullerton Hotel + ERP grantry = mismatch 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  16. Mediacorp gives out $200 supermarket vouchers to soften the impact. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../355313/1/.html My company... simi sai also boh.
  17. SINGAPORE: The Singapore government is prepared to do more to soften the impact of rising food prices
  18. my current ones are up to 1.1 bar... say if i chose to buy an after market ones that can hold up to 1.3 bar, any impact? i do notice that some part of the engine got some coolant leak.... think it might be a faulty clip that's holding onto a radiator hose.... dunno what to do about it also...
  19. With MCF being the leading car forum with the largest no. of members in Singapore, do you think it has influence (positive/negative) the road users here? It has evolved from a place where pple can come in to exchange/learn more about technical aspects of their wheels to sharing the different driving experiences seasoned drivers have learnt. I can see members having notions of the common sense driving tips/etiquette but I wonder how many really practise it. With cars getting more affordable, either the quality of driving knowledge being imparted get diluted or drivers here have a whacko driving attitude when they are being the wheels, I read more and more complaints about acts that seems to get more & more common as compared to last time. As such, it leaves me to wonder, how can the members here really make a change as unity is strength. Can we do something to change the driving culture? Can we practise common-sense driving in S'pore so that insurance companies, workshops do not profit at the expense of our pocket? Therefore, on a Sunday morning, I start a provoking post for members to share on how we really can go about effecting some positive changes instead of forcing ourselves to put up with the increasing acts by reckless drivers. The way I see it, we can either continue to suppress our intolerance or really go about making an effort to drive the message across.
  20. Hi! Just a curious thought: (Nothing happen to me btw, but just wondering) I was discussing with a friend just now. Question : Is the accident investigator able to measure actual speed of car before impact? Example : Car A bansg into Car B. If Car A was going at, let's say 150km/hour; from the accident impact can they actually measure the speed the car A was traveling before the impact? Of course, driver A will say that he is travelling at legal speed limits. But just want to know how precise and accurate our accident investigators are in Singapore!
  21. Steppenwolf

    Impact of increase in GST

    I have gathered from LTA website that GST is calculated on the cost the car at import and not list price (which was new to me of course). This is OMV plus excise duty (20% of OMV) Hence the calculation should breakdown like this : OMV : 30,000 Excise Duty : 6,000 Total Import Cost : 36,000 GST at 5% = 1,800 GST at 7% = 2,520 Diffence in GST = 720 Assuming the current selling price for the car is $100,000 (including the 5% GST), this means that the dealer should either absorb it or at worst increase it to $100,720 right? If they try to increase the price to 102,000, then they'll be pull a fast one on the consumer. Anyone have any thoughts on this>?
  22. Titanium

    Sonic Impact T-Amp.

    This low-cost(US$30>) digital amp have MANY rave reviews online. This amp is running in 12v, so logically shld be able to mod it to ICE.
  23. Odyssey02

    Impact Bolting

    Today i visited Eng Wah tyres and batteries to install my new set of rims for my Odyssey. To my dismay, when Vincent the boss was loosening the bolt of my front right tyre, the long screw (the stick which we mount the rim on) broke off, leaving behind only half of it. He claims that it is because the usual tyre shop i patronise did not mount the tyre correctly thus when he unbolted the nut, the screw broke. The usual tyre shop i patronise which is next to Serene Centre at Farrer Road called Hurry Tyre tightens the bolt by hand whereas Eng Wah uses the powered type. Now, i have to spend money to bring the car back to Kah Motors to have the screw replaced. Can anyone tell me who is the one in the wrong?
  24. Hi all 2 quick questions.... if i fit a strut bar rear and front .... and if there is a impact on say the left (*touch wood* ) the right will be damaged too right....??? so in this case will insurance be covered (assume i never infrom them abt the strut bar (if inform then will my premium go up)).... also in the case of a strong side impact...wat will happen to the bar? will it 1) break (in which case will it pierce thru the fire wall or rear seats) 2) bend (risk of damaging engine bay stuff) 3)nothing will happen? (ok i know this sounds stupid ) pls assist...thanks
  25. wonder what kind of effect would I see... still pondering if I should ??