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Found 317 results

  1. Bought a used car and the last owner only change the front 2 tires 3000 km ago, Yokohama ES501. Mileage 42k now, thought of bringing the 2 ES501 behind and change the stock rear tires to others like Hankook k415. Is it weird to have 2 different types of tires? Another option is to get another 2 ES501. I'm looking for a quiet tire, is k415 as quiet as the ES501?
  2. Dear brothers, currently driving year 2004 Civic (ES5), observe that when driving through hump or uneven roads, the drive feel quite bumpy (is it because of the stiff suspension?). if by installing the above items will the drive be beter (beside better corning)? thank you
  3. Hi Experts this may have crop up many time but i need some advice here. My current setup is a semi-passive 3 way speaker for the front and coaxial for the rear back speakers. I have an amplifier driving all of them togther with an 8 channel processor. Was wondering if upgrading the back speakers to component would have a significant difference to the surround sound, According to articles on the web it mentioned that you should not use component for the back as it may affect the sound stage and imagining of the sound as the back speakers are more like a filler or support for the front speakers. However i believe it is under the assumption that there is no dsp. Having a dsp should be able to solve that issue? Your thoughts guys, component or to stay as coaxial. Please healthy discussion please, I believe we are here to learn and share knowledge. Cheers
  4. Thread too big. Continue here Previous thread https://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2711791-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-vi/
  5. JavinAiyo

    SUV’s rear roof spoiler

    Hi guys , created this forum to share this particular part Am driving a suzuki s cross 2019 and it’s hard for me to find much out of local shops . Do share if you guys have lobangs for suv’s rear roof spoiler
  6. my car front tires 195/50/R15, rear tires 195/55/R15 is it any effective in term of FC, performance?
  7. Nissan Fairlady 350Z Light Weight Rear Bonnet For Drift Race
  8. Hi all, I would like to request of any car owners out there who had rear aircon installed for their Toyota Wish and so far how reliable it is and if it will drain off battery or shorten the compressor due to sharing between main and this additional rear unit? Thanks a lot and appreciate!
  9. Thinking of using this kind of LED two-filament bulb with stock rear light assembly. LTA-friendly? TIA. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2PCS-Red-White-Blue-Lamp-1157-BAY15D-T25-S25-13-SMD-5050-LED-Turn-Signal-Tail/32339146904.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.2.qvLR7q&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_1_79_78_77_82_80_62,searchweb201644_0,searchweb201560_4
  10. anyone knows where to get anti glare rear view mirror? and roughly what's the price for 1? thanks.
  11. Titanium

    Rear tablet holder.

    Hello... Looking for a VFM rear tablet holder to entertain my little gal, any recommendation or comment? Thanks.
  12. Micarforum

    Rear Facing Child Seat

    Hi all, I was researching on child seat (from birth), and realised that rear-facing child seats are safer than forward facing ones. My criteria: 1. Rear Facing 2. From birth until as heavy as possible (e.g. 18kg) 3. ISOfix (not LATCH) Based on the above, I found only 1 child seat that fits the criteria (none of the child seats sold in SG fits the criteria): DuoLogic 2 (Graco), also known as KISS 2 (Klippan). More info about rear facing child seats at http://www.carseat.se/ Does anyone have the above child seat? (i found the above website selling it from Sweden, and does ship to SG). Anyone has other recommendations for child seats that fits my criteria?
  13. Hi Rear seat belt is stuck - cannot pull out (altis). How to release? DIY or go WS? Thks
  14. Anyone here have lobang for rear spolier for Freed (2017) model please? side bodykit? thank you
  15. Siyexcalibur

    Chery A5 rear spoiler

    Anyone knows where in Singapore or JB sells rear spoiler for Chery A5? I know there are many rear spoilers available in China for this car, but it is inconvenient to bring it back as it is too bulky. Thanks
  16. Hi all, I have this knocking sound on my rear brakes whenever i brake and it is very annoying. I have already changed the brake pads, cyclinder and the brake shoe and i even changed my absorbers but it still happens. It is a drum brake system on the rear and my car is a nissan latio. My regular workshop is unable to pin point to the problem,would appreciate some views from the forum. Thank you in advanced!
  17. Hello, Accident happened just before JB customs (outbound to Singapore) on 19th November 2017 at around 9pm. I have rear car camera footage of the accident. If you are the driver of the black Honda stream who got rear-ended or the owner of the car who got reversed into, contact me if you need my footage. (PM me or reply to this thread). I have video evidence of the car rear ending the stream thrice and reversing into the car behind him.
  18. Yr input pls? Current car Airwave. Nice leg room.
  19. Wanted to get one cause will be ferrying four persons quite frequently. Don't want the middle person at the back to feel uncomfortable, therefore looking for ones which have flat floor. So far the ones i know are Honda civic and the new vios. Anymore? Thanks for sharing.
  20. Is there a way a soft setting or a software upgrade for the iRoad V7 that will display the correct view on smartphone or HU ? At present my view on either of these displays - smartphone anf HU on the driver front seat is reverse for the rear view camera. That is what I see on the smartphone or the HU on my left , is actually on the right and vice versa on the display.
  21. Normankok

    Rear spoiler installation

    hi all Bought a rear spoiler for my Nissan Juke. Any recommendation on workshop to do installation.
  22. Wonder whether tinted headlight and Rear light is it legal in SG? Will it be like tinted window, up to certain percentage only?
  23. Hi guys, anyone can advise on the length for Hyundai Avante Wiper Blade ??? both Front and Rear ... Need the info urgently, helping my friend to buy and he dunno how to check the length ... thanks in advance