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Found 39 results

  1. Hello admin and mods, can we have a dark mode or dark theme option to choose from? Thanks.
  2. anyone knows where to get anti glare rear view mirror? and roughly what's the price for 1? thanks.
  3. Quartermaster

    Glare Polish @ Bukit Batok!

    Hi all, Calling all westerner, there is a Glare Franchisee open for business. One thing to add, they've a customer waiting area where you can have a massage (massage chair), have a drink, watch DVD, listen to music while you wait for your car to be polish. Also, I heard that they've 2 experience polisher over there.Enough said, check them out........ AIRVERSHINE PTE LIMITED 51 Bukit Batok Crescent #01-13 Unity Centre Telephone no: 65150555 / 65151970
  4. From the company that brought us side airbags, Volvo has introduced the Active High Beam Control Technology. According to Volvo, this system allows drivers to use their high beams at all times without causing disturbance to the rest of the traffic users. Volvo will display the new technology at the Geneva Motor Show. The system uses a camera mounted at the back of the rearview mirror to detect the traffic ahead. A device in the head lamps then partially blocks out the high beam in order not to cause glaring to oncoming drivers. Volvo says that the program is designed to be so precise that even an oncoming motorcycle can be detected and shielded from the high beam effectively. "When another car approaches from the opposite direction, the system helps to prevent dazzling of the oncoming driver by shading out only as much of the beam as necessary. The same functionality applies to drivers in front. The side of the road is still illuminated, which makes it easier to detect unprotected road users," Volvo explains. The new system will be available as an option in the updated S60, V60, and XC60 in early 2014. Personally, I feel that it should be fitted as a standard equipment instead as I believe not many people would want to pay extra for something that does not benefit himself.
  5. [extract] Sunday,20 May 2012, was marked by an interesting astronomical phenomenon whereby an annular (ring-shaped) solar eclipse occured when Earth
  6. Hi guys, Im planning to send my ride to Glare for polishing. Any bro here have sent their ride to any of the branch for polishing before? Any comments on their service? Thx!
  7. Take part in our Oct contest by answering 3 trivia questions and stand a chance to win Glare Polishing Package worth $688. Contest period from 1st Oct 2011 to 31st Oct 2011 More details here : http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autocom=contest
  8. Shsoh

    Glare Professional Polish

    Read this a while ago... Seems that this liquid glass technology (Glassplexin) will replace conventional deataling. Check out http://www.glare.com.sg. Any comments?
  9. Contest from 1st July 2011 till 31st July 2011 Post your items for sale in the MCF Marketplace in the month of July and stand a chance to win a Glare Polishing Package worth $688. The MCF Marketplace (sgCarStore) is the largest & biggest marketplace for you to buy/sell your car parts and accessories. A wide range of new & used items, from tyres, rims, bodykits, motorsport equipment, audio systems to car parts are available for your selection. More details here : http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autocom=contest Glare Polishing Package from worth $688 (one to be won) Glare professional polish is the world's finest and most effective auto paint sealant and protectant. Only Glare Professional Polish contains Glassplexin, exclusively formulated to prepare , polish , seal and protect your car's paint finish in one , non-renewable application. Only Glare Paint Sealant is guaranteed to keep your car "Showroom" bright up to 18 months.
  10. GLARE Any reviews or feebdbacks please??? Thanks..
  11. Pea01

    CSII vs Glare

    Any reviews or advise which to choose? And why?
  12. Just thinking out aloud.. Currently most aftermarket (Hi-Intensity Discharge) HID lamps are 35W producing output of around 2800-3200 lumens. This is 2x the light intensity of standard 55W halogen bulbs (between 1200 - 1600 lumens), which generates alot of glare (safety hazard) when it is loosely focused and dispersed by the ordinary reflectors and covers for halogen headlamps. Projector headlamps and auto-levelling mechanisms can focus and cut-off the beam very nicely, but these are costly and unique to every make/model compared to standard halogen lighting, hence manufacturers are slow to adopt/implement. This makes HID conversion infeasible for most existing vehicles too, as they are simply not equipped or designed for HID. Even properly focused aftermarket HID conversions will generate perceivable glare in a standard halogen reflector headlamp housing. Another problem with HID conversion is it requires a high power surge when starting up, which exceeds the specifications for the standard halogen lighting and may require additional relays and wiring harnesses to address the heat and fire safety issues. I'm no HID expert, but if the power is reduced to a 20-25W, will that make the light output on par with standard halogen systems? Does that mean that with proper focusing during installation, revised power draw limits (controlled via ballast), HID conversion would work within the same specifications as standard halogen bulb, but at almost 300% efficiency and with a much wider selection range of colors? The presence of HID torches in various wattage and output levels will prove that what I suggested is already technically possible. Not sure if there are important factors that I have omitted, but if the glare and power draw issues can be addressed without the need for new/fancy technology such as Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS), perhaps these can become the basis for making aftermarket HID legal, as in the case of fog lamps? Otherwise at least it could be subject to approval like turbo/super charging, rather than outright illegal?
  13. Viking1203

    Glare vs Toughseal ?

    Hi, I'm conisdering between Glare (http://www.glare.com.sg ) or Toughseal (http://www.toughseal.com.sg ). Pricing for both are about the same for MPV. It seems both uses different technology for their sealant. Would appreciate comments on their services as well as customer satisfaction, i.e. any complain? Any idea which is better Acrylic/PTFE Sealant (Toughseal) or Glassplexin (Glare)?
  14. Osiris

    Glare AMK - Standard drop

    When I first use Glare, I was very satisfied. In fact when I went for the grooming service, "car spa" which cost $25, I was also very pleased. They did a good job and told the whole forum that I was a happy customer. Now, I went for my Glare 1st inspection after 6 months. James (the PIC) wasn't around. So the polishing was done by the workers (Previously, polishing was done by James). After a casual inspection of the work done, I left for home. It was only until I reach home, the first hint of a haphazard job begin to surface. I had to unpack my stuff from the boot and noticed a new scratch! and black dots (like the one above the scratch) all over the boot lid. I can't say for sure the scratch is caused by them but the many black dots shouldn't be there after a wash, claybar and polish. [inline "Woes 4 - Souvenir.JPG"] Next I went around really inspecting my car. Wow, they claybar my wiper washer! [inline "Woes2 - Left over claybar_s.jpg"] Water spots on the top of my car. This is the 1st Inspection polishing standard. I quickly grabbed my Glare DIY kit and begin polishing them away. [inline "woes 3 - spots 1st inspection std.jpg"] It took less than 2 minutes to apply the polish to the problem area and here's my DIY results. Please ignore the shine difference between the 2 photos as the sun was behind clouds & out. Just see the spots disappear. [inline "woes 3 - DIY Glare_s.jpg"] The saga continue in my next post.
  15. Which one is better? Any difference between the two? I am torn between these two. Kindly contibute your feedback.Thks.
  16. Lifemoveon

    Re: Anti Glare mirror

    Hi there, During my Camry test drive, I was impressed by the anti-glare rear view mirror. Anyone knows if I can buy it off the shelf somewhere? This is definately a good protection against the ah-beng HIDs. Thanks.
  17. Blackbird

    Which Glare Outlet is better??

    I have just collected my new babe and seriously looking into a good PPS. Indeed, after much studies, I gathered that GLARE is still probably the best in the market now. Now the important questions.... Which Glare outlet is the better? Would really appreciate those who have 'glared' their car to offer your valuable opinions. I must say that through the product may be good, it still needs a good man to do the job well and of course the service got to be excellent! Cheers
  18. Hi, I am looking for a good PPS for my black car which i'll be collecting soon. Good is defined by easy to maintain, good shine and durable. Glare is pretty popular but i was told that 3mendouz is even better -- anyone used 3mendouz before? (www.3mendouz.com.sg) I'm probably not considering other PPS like Ultrashield, Tuff Kote System 6 etc... Comments will be most welcome. thanks!
  19. Blackjaz

    Glare polish

    Hi all, My first posting here.. Wanted to find out more about Glare, any comments on the product?
  20. Getting my car soon and was wondering which would be a good choice for a white car. As long the shine can tahan for at least 4-5 months it would be good. Budget is around $400+ thereabouts to cover 18 mths. Is glare a good choice? or Zaino better for white cars? or any other brands? Thanks.
  21. jus got the car last thur... the problem now is... i planned to do both glare (got it at 288 during a promo at car-nival)... and i consider doing tinting also maybe coolnlite as imm very near to my place... headache now is... should i tint first or polish first? the car is a sunny ex manual silver... also planning to add strut bar infront for better cornering... i heard alutec is good... but any workshop at westside that got it? should i change the main light to philip vision plus... will it be a waste of money consider the oem light quite bright laio... wat abt spark plug and filter? should i change or not...
  22. Cwongsm

    Glare or Toughseal ???

    Hi all, Just got my car 1 wk ago. Anybody can advise me whether to go for Glare or Toughseal please? Hopefully can do it this wkend. Please help as soon as possible. Thanks guys Regards, Chloe
  23. Tazzie_devil

    Klasse VS Glare

    Hi everyone!!!! I have been looking around for some form of paint protection system. Am wondering if anyone have done either Glare or Klasse. And whats your comments and recommendations for these products?
  24. Vin2212

    I nid help about GLARE...

    helo everybody, juz nw dunno drive past which truck or car "coughing", nw bonnet and fenders got plenty of engine oil droplets. sianz got to wash car after dinner le... My QUESTION is i GLARED my car at UBI Branch...do they have normal car wash service other than their "car spa", if yes hw much is it, i never call them up coz think they close alreadi... 2nd QUESTION is can i go to other branch for their services eg, AMK AUTOPOINT...for car washing or purchase their car spa package. i heard amk oni charge S$5 for their car wash ar n i live in BIshan wor, thays y... n hor if i oso intend to buy their car spa package but dunno can buy at AMK mah coz my car was GLARED at UBI... ANY REPLIES WILL BE MUCH MUCH APPRECIATED...
  25. Osiris

    Glare Promotion

    Got this from another forum. Please don't ask me for details. I just report it here for the benefit of everyone here. Starting 15 April 2005 @ 0000hrs till 15 May 2005, spend $30nett at either SPC Queensway or SPC Market Street and get a $150 discount voucher off the usual price for a GLARE polishing package. SPC Queensway: 264 Queensway Singapore 149062 SPC Market Street 50 Market Street #01-19 Golden Shoe Car Park Singapore 048940 Vouchers whilst stocks last!