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  1. Ryosuke

    Family trip in Eastern Europe 2017

    Hi Wind Could you please pm me your itinerary for the 15D in Eastern Europe? I saw you took lufthansa, do u need to transit at Frankfurt? Btw, your photos are really good..especially those b&w ones. It really brings out the nice feel with their classic architectural at the background. Thanks a lot.
  2. Ryosuke

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    it's the pole light when you switch the light on without main headlights.It will on both the strip led and rear tailights. Ya I saw the 4 sockets there. I thought we can install the 4 led lights in it and run it like km ody.haa
  3. Ryosuke

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    ok, seems like will be stuck looking at jap characters. btw, is there a switch to on the DRL led lights like those kah motors variants? i think there's 4 led bulbs in there but don't know where is the wiring for it to switch it on. any bros here managed to enable these drl leds on their PI ody? thanks alot.
  4. Ryosuke

    Opel Astra 2016

    opel/vauxhall sold to french group PSA. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-39175740
  5. Ryosuke

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    yes, i am talking on the dashboard instrument behind the steering wheel... has anyone successfully changed to english in absolute model? please share the lobang here. thanks in advance.
  6. Ryosuke

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    Hi zeddersg, do you know the shop's contacts for changing vezel from jap to english? i need to ask them whether they can change for absolute model as well. many thanks.
  7. Ryosuke

    Where to buy 3m brushed aluminum sticker?

    does anyone know where can buy the 3M transparent sticker for use to stick the ERP unit other than going to those solarfilm workshop? thanks alot.
  8. buy toyota go outside service even cheaper and faster. since most ws outside can do the repair and maintenance for japs cars. anyway, most jap cars rarely breakdown compared to contis. don't know why still need to go back toyota after warranty ends.really is no point unless those owners like a classy showroom and better ambience environment. ends up costs them alot more compared to outside ws.
  9. Ryosuke

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    Sorry to ask..did anyone managed to find any Lobang to convert the PI absolute odyssey language to English successfully?
  10. Ryosuke

    NTUC Chief: More retrenchments coming

    Have some questions to ask regarding job contracts. Normally you will see in the contract that in the event that you resigned without giving one month notice you will need to pay the company one month salary. Do the company normally will pursue this if the person left without notice and didn't pay the salary for notice? The company will just give it up and didn't pursue further most of time?
  11. Ryosuke

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    already asked the PI during hand over from the PI.seems like they dont have the software to switch to english. anyone here got lobang to successfully switched from japanese to english for PI oddy?
  12. Ryosuke

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    Does anyone knows how to change the PI oddy from jap to English text?
  13. Yeah..really nothing there, recommend to just stay 1 night there and get back to kao hsiung the next day. Can rent electric bike there to ride around the place and walk along the main road with shops along side. Nothing compared to phuket, phuket is happening with people all year round but not kenting..
  14. Ryosuke

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    Does anyone have any idea whats the diff between G spec and absolute model? Thanks.
  15. Ryosuke

    Vandalism by Volvo driver?

    How do you conclude that a dent(if any) on the volvo was caused by the lady and not previous car owners parking that same slot too?