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  1. wah break fall ark.... for a start whole hand and leg blue black.... the photo reminds me of jessica alba in fantastic 4. hope she is allright....
  2. Terras14

    X-Men Days of Future Past

    thats a damm good way of resurrecting a dead person lol btw anyone know who are the mutants in the millitary camp? why they are so willing to be confined n tested? there is one guy who can make ppl have tummyache, one with spike giving enemies headache? and one who have power from his hand. who are they?
  3. Terras14

    X-Men Days of Future Past

    hi, i am confused after some thoughtt on this movie i watch last sun. anyone can chip in to explained? the part i cannotmunderstand is when kitty teleport bishop back few days ago to China from moscow to warn the rest of the x men not to go to moscow as going there will result in sentinel attack and killing all of tthem, the story then continues from the temple in china which is the past where they all gather to discuss on sending wolverine back to 1973. however when wolverine is sent back from 2023 to 1973 and when things changed, he wokr up in 2023 in the school amd supposing only himself knows what happen. why is then bishop not waking up in the present day just like wolverine after being teleported back a few days to warn the rest to find everything had changed. for example he may wake up in another country where after he warn the rest not to move from china to moscow, the rest of the xmen moves from china to say japan. this is like inception liao. not to mention we now dun know what happen from 1973 to 2023 since everything has been wiped clean. i wonder did wolverine still gets his metal claws etc or prof x and mangeto now are best of buddy.
  4. Terras14

    Cost of new SG citizenship

    anyone read the GIP? its seems not only 2.5m is the only condition. u also need to have a business of 50m turnover for non real estate business and much more for real estate business. correct me if i am wrong that both must be satisfied before can apply. also strange edb did not want to use a local bank for the payment of the application fee. lol
  5. Terras14

    Audi R8 got repossessed by UOB

    matter of lifestyle i guess. and i said at least 25k and not a commission job. stable 25k and bonus year end. 25k take home less off 10k for car, thats still 15k if this guy got no committment for family, i think thats allright if one wants to spend that way. obviously this owner has lots of other committment j guess or lose alot in casino. of course a better way will be to drive that vios instead and invest the rest of the money spend on audi. in 5 years time if the market is right, can maybe pay for the r8 in full. its a choice. some say to be prudent even you can afford like only earming 50k then dare to drive r8. some say you only live once amd if u dun drive the car tony stark drive, by the time u are old and money ozing out of your bank account, the only wheels u can sit on is wheel chairs, then we may have regrets and ask ourself why last time can afford dun dare to buy r8. so its really a choice. 8k a month defintely cannot drive a R8.
  6. Terras14

    Audi R8 got repossessed by UOB

    seriously if u are referring to the R8 owner, then i think its at least a 25k pm job. just the loan if he have one plus housing loan maybe 8k already plus petrol n tax pkus his lifestyle. if 8k can support a R8 then we have more R8 then c class on the road i think.
  7. Terras14

    BMW 5

  8. Terras14

    What sunglasses are you wearing when u drive?

    is this description considered polarized? high-quality nylon lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH for optical supremacy and excellent vision thin Tri-FlectionTM mirror coating BLUEZ inside antireflective coating to reduce residual reflection highly stain- and scratch-resistant resistant to solvents and grease easy-care properties 100% UV protection spanning the entire UV range (UVA/UVB/UVC)
  9. Terras14

    What sunglasses are you wearing when u drive?

    haha yup. its very comfortable when i wear it and dun feel theres a sunglass on my face at all as it is very light.
  10. what caught my attention was the song ts was listening. whose song? sounds ghostly....
  11. Terras14

    What sunglasses are you wearing when u drive?

    can try redbull racing sunglass. i using nxt and its light and very durable not to memtion its quite chio i think.
  12. i enquire before, dun think fender can do pdr. or maybe its shop i enquire not pro enuff. pls let me know if you found a shop that can do it.
  13. Terras14

    Me got vtec , so i can race anytime and anywhere

    Is the red car also euro r? The white one seems to be disturbed by the red car before it starts to race. Can tell the white euro is faster so not sure the red is a euro as well. I miss my fd2r vetch roar now
  14. Terras14

    BMW 5 or Audi A6?

    Hi Ts, i too had the same difficulty so when to tedt drive the A6. The 2.0t is really bare and the steering rack is manually adjusted. No soft close door, no auto tailgate, the screen is small and limit in function thou it comes out nicely. The steering is real light too. Went to see 528 and when i am seated in the driver seat before moving off, i decided on it. Unless u are considering the 3.0t with the diamond led headlight with full function, if not the 5 series is a better choice in my opinion.