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  1. Hi, I am changed to 2016 Kia K3 forte from a direct owner. Quite a good drive but not too sure about the reliability. I am looking out for pre-owned car warranty programme that is available in Singapore. Is there anyone can recommend or discuss their differences and how good is their coverage? please advice. TYVM.
  2. Bonafidestack

    All promotion for 54th National Day

    SPECIAL PROMOTION for a limited period of time only! To commemorate this joyous occasion of National Day SG54 & Hari Raya Haji, the team have decided to give a HUGE SLASH to the prices! Do take note that thier opening hours for the 3 dates mentioned will be from 11am to 11pm! We still accept walk-ins however we have to prioritize our customers with prior bookings/appointments made! SO DO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENTS NOW TO AVOID LONGER WAITING TIME! ☎ Faiz - 9072 2630 ☎ Faliq - 9181 9757
  3. Bonafidestack

    [It's OFFICIAL] Arma arrived in Singapore!

    Bro. what american brand do you recommend arh?
  4. Bonafidestack

    The continuing GLOBAL stressful thread! Part II

    Japan more cham. Women are abusing men. Domestic abuse soars in Japan, and it’s men reporting women for the violence
  5. Ahhh. A SUVguy you are!
  6. Agreed. This is all personal preferences. Some like to reach there fast, some like to have more comfort during the drive. No one is wrong. Nothing is wrong about driving. Just don't mention Chery QQ can le. hahah. Can try the kin kin ban mian in KL also!
  7. Yeah. I like how M2 is packaged leh. Small and nimble. Yet so fast. haha. Just a sharing session. Wondering what car will you drive up north if you have the access to all the cars in the world, what car will you drive?
  8. If everyone here can have a opportunity to drive any car up from Singapore to Penang, what car will you take up and drive? With over 700km of road for you to drive. What car would you choose? I will choose BMW M2 Competition.
  9. Bonafidestack

    Incident/accident with PMD

    Yah. nothing i can do. so I just rant here lor. :/ Most of the PMD user are self entitled and never take into consideration of other road user. If you are a pedestrian, they find you too slow and is blocking the road that they are using. If you are a motorist, they think that they are one too. But Singapore road have never take into consideration of PMD so in the end, they anyhow abuse.
  10. Bonafidestack

    Incident/accident with PMD

    https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/more-120-pmds-impounded-may-lta Our govt really surface only. catch those modded PMD. They should think of a system that they can monitor the dealers who sell PMD and user who ride the PMD. What they are doing is to catch the minority of the PMD abusers. haix.
  11. Bonafidestack

    Incident/accident with PMD

    Yesterday when I was driving out of the carpark, there is this young punk who is riding a PMD at a very fast speed which was turning out also. So can you guys imagine he is turning out at the same time as me and he is at my passenger side blind spot? He didn't slow down at all when turning out and in fact, he was trying to overtake me. If I wasn't aware of him, when I complete my turn and wanna keep back to the lane, I might have banged on him. I think the LTA must set a list of penalty like a motorist. And I can foresee in the future; there might be surveillance camera to catch PMD if all these incidents escalate. Do anyone of you encounter such incident with the PMD as me? Drive safe guys.
  12. Bonafidestack

    What to do with torn $10 notes?

    I use clear tape and stick it back and pay back to the exact hawker just now. Hahaha. He didn't realise.
  13. Bonafidestack

    What to do with torn $10 notes?

    Anyone experience this before? I didn't check the note is passed to me by the hawker. Then this morning when I take out my note i realised it's torn. Nowadays not all bank have people station there. What do you all do with torn note? any tips?
  14. Dead Christmas Trees To Be Used In The Making Of Engine Oil? “Motor” oil is the lifeblood of any car – unless you drive one of those battery-powered slugs. The lubricating fluid has typically been made from crude oil found underground, or a man-made mixture that creates a synthetic oil. Now, your dead or dying Christmas tree might be the way of the future to create your next oil change. A company called Nexcel has developed a motor oil made entirely from waste, which includes chewing gum and Christmas trees. A myriad of waste items have been recycled in the lab to yield properties required for crucial chemical additives. If Castrol wants our old Christmas trees, will the company be paying a “core charge”? If so, we will need to pay an environmental deposit when we purchase a tree? Castrol innovation business, Nexcel, has produced automotive-grade engine oil using nothing but waste products. Chewing gum, used fryer oil, batteries, bathroom sealant, and even a Christmas tree have been recycled and have yielded vital properties for the ambitious program, which demonstrates the significant potential of re-refined oil. “The project showcases the sustainability potential of waste” says John Ward-Zinski, Nexcel’s sustainability director. “This was a hugely demanding project, completed over the last year. It’s one which we hope will open the public’s eyes as to the importance of recycling and sustainability. Few people would think that discarded Christmas trees and old chewing gum could have a commercial or environmental value, but our engine oil shows this is the case.” According to the press release we received, Nexcel’s ambitious project has been inspired by the company’s innovative sealed-oil cell, which provides vehicle manufacturers with efficiency benefits and promotes used oil collection and re-refinement. “Our system has already been utilized by our technical partner, Aston Martin, for use in the visceral Vantage AMR Pro at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. At that event, the car became the first to tackle the legendary hill climb using re-refined oils,” continues Ward-Zinski. “In 2016, Nexcel and Aston Martin also achieved a podium finish in the competitive VLN Championship at the most arduous racetrack in the world: the Nürburgring. Sustainability, and therefore re-refinement, are of growing global significance; hopefully this project helps demonstrate the extent of what is possible.” Hopefully, the price of an oil change will decrease after Christmas because of a dead tree surplus. The most significant challenges of the project included the yielding of phenols and catechols from the waste to be used as antioxidants, forming the basis of the chemical additives required. Nexcel’s experts worked with a zero-waste goal, and after significant research, analysis of component properties and trial and error, the blend consisted of 180 chewing gum pieces, 500ml of used fryer oil, one gallon of RTV silicone sealant, 14 household batteries, 1-liter of used engine oil, and an old Christmas tree. Extraction of components from these waste items enabled Nexcel scientists to produce 1-liter of automotive engine oil. Finally, a good use for this stuff. “Re-refinement of used oil can create a high-quality product when blended with new additives, but bulk feedstocks made up of many different types of used oils can complicate the process and reduce the yield. Nexcel’s oil-management system avoids this by segregating used engine oil, keeping it in the cell during collection,” says Ward-Zinski. “For this particular project, we wanted to make the oil from waste materials, and the challenge lay in the creation of the chemical additives. However, with creative utilization of modern technology there is huge potential in recycling. It could even help prevent the traditional Christmas tree tip-run needle-drop, from which no car interior has ever recovered.” - https://www.turnology.com/news/motor-oil-trees/
  15. Are there any mods that you guys think or find that it is useless? Let's crowdsource the list of items to avoid! This thread is catered only for performance part or power gains. I found this quantum plasma magnet online that seems shady. The last time I came across quantum physics is from Ant-man from Marvel https://innersoultech.com/product/vehiclemagnets/