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  1. jonbaekis00

    Mahom SSW & Vossen rims , anyone tried them all?

    haha is just me i like to keep my stock rim in case next time i might wanna put it back
  2. jonbaekis00

    Mahom SSW & Vossen rims , anyone tried them all?

    Actually that 690 went down the toilet. it was 690 after trade in and not willing to trade in rim... haiyo
  3. Looking to get a set of rims after seeing the Fuel consumption increase of 20 inch vs 18 inch so.. going with stock size 18 inch basic specs 114.3 x 5 pcd 7-9J width Looking at the above brands Mahom 18 inch (new) @ Hock Seng Wah Tyres Priced at $690 for set of 4 inclusive install & balance (from carousell) SSW 18 inch (used) @ carousell Price $400 / set no labour incl. Vossen : can't find any on carousell that is 114.3 x5 18 inch any opinions from mcf is appreciated.. open to offers too can email to jonbaekis@gmail.com
  4. Hi all, i am looking to let go a set of Vossen cv7 20 inch rims comes with Conti cs6 tyres here are some specs : Rim 20 inch, PCD 114.3 x 5 9J width +32 offset condition 9/10 no major kerb rash Tyres Continental Contactsport 6 tyres 255 / 30 / 20 more than 80% left of life. previously fitted on Lexus GS450h, will be able to fit most japanese and korean cars of similar sizes or bigger. letting go at reasonable price, anything reasonable will let go due to rush sale any takers pls PM for WhatsApp, or just simply reply to this thread Thanks !!
  5. jonbaekis00

    Mercedes C class W204 (Facelifted model) Reliability

    thank you , still main concern "reliability" as its still a conti. lexus hybrid battery costed me 5k and was quoted 9k to rebuild blown engine + parts. definitely dont want this to happen again.
  6. jonbaekis00

    Mercedes C class W204 (Facelifted model) Reliability

    i have seen your PM and opinion regarding C vs E. as for me, interior space of the C class isnt much of an issue as the GS interior wasnt that big either. in my opionion, the E class is just looks way too "uncle" for me, just my opinion
  7. Hi all, some of you might know that i used to drive a Lexus Gs450h , bought 2nd hand 7yrs old with 117K km. Although i did choose lexus for reliability , it gave me 2 big big issues one being the hybrid battery and another being the engine blew up, hence have decided to scrap the car. with the lexus , i have learnt a few things : - 3.5 road tax can die - horsepower not worth in SG, although car is silky smooth - dont buy a old hybrid car hence, I've been looking around for the next car that will not give me so much problems ( at least not so expensive ones) and have come across a friend that drives a W204 facelift model. so far since day 1 of owning the car, the car had no major problems other than a few cheap wear and tears that were very minor. anyone can share any opinion regarding the reliability of the w204 model, buying 2nd hand , and also, after the expiry of COE, will it be worthwhile to renew COE on this model? i have yet to test drive the car, but overall looks and interior quality are pretty nice IMO any opinions regarding is appreciated, or even other car suggestions are welcome too. looking at c180 or c200 model
  8. jonbaekis00

    Lexus GS450h engine blown from overheating....

    the lexus doesn't, it still can crank but will shut off soon after,,,,
  9. jonbaekis00

    Lexus GS450h engine blown from overheating....

    i guess the main option everyone is suggesting is to scrap...... if i dont scrap im having a gamble as to not worrying the car of having any problems in the remaining time. as for the vios, am really considering vios, although the car will not be as comfortable.. at least bigger boot and cheaper to repair !! plus car road tax due..
  10. jonbaekis00

    Lexus GS450h engine blown from overheating....

    i see your advice... makes sense .. if another problem comes up it will be another big pain.. as for this case if wanna scrap is it advisable to claim total loss of car with insurance ?
  11. jonbaekis00

    Lexus GS450h engine blown from overheating....

    all the people i know driving lexus... car 200k+ mileage still good and running well.... but any idea of replacing whole engine in sg vs overhaul??
  12. jonbaekis00

    Lexus GS450h engine blown from overheating....

    Thank you all for speedy replies and advice !! really appreciate. as for the hybrid systems mentioned above, i have replaced the hybrid battery about 6 months ago........ maybe shunt have gotten hybrid in the first place i did send it to a workshop i know for inspection, they told me car still good. but why the engine overheated was because of radiator cap rubber worn and then coolant gone from there.... funny,,, my friends audi bmw mere all has lesser problems than my lexus !! at least have also not so ex... such a pain in the ass when i got a lexus because i was afraid of breakdowns and issues like these thats why chose lexus over conti.... as for scrapping will consider... next car definitely getting vios altis this kind !! :(( but no one with any previous experience ? Sian... only showed after i restarted the car ......... only if it showed it was overheating... i dont think this would have happened... enquiring w kk now ... i serviced every 10k after getting it.. prev owner i dunno.. mileage about 140k km
  13. Hi all, if you saw my thread about 6 months ago, i drive a '10 Lexus GS450h (s190) car is about 8.5 years old now , but a nightmare happened..... i was stuck in a Jam on the way back from Johor at CIQ. Engine produces diesel like clattering noise. no problem driving yet with no engine light whatsoever. Next, white smoke from exhaust, did not notice any rising temperature levels. After clearing passport, car engine shuts off, the engine still starts , but Temperature level rises to H and does not accelerate. (worst place to have a breakdown, $500 sgd to tow back to sg.....) Workshop diagnosis still not clear, engine taken down from car but yet to open up engine 6 cylinders, only 2 cylinders have normal compression ratio, 1 is completely dead, the remaining 3 are very weak... predicted repair sum they mentioned was upwards of $5k, but no promise that it will not be higher. if Scrapping the car is not an option, how would you repair it? workshop suggested overhaul or new engine ( from scrapyard, if there is any in the first place) any knowledgeable people able to advise on this issue ?? from replacement engine availability , price, any past experiences with similar cars... I did not have predicted a LEXUS to give me 2 big big problems with less than a year on owning...... maybe conti more common but can't find any info regarding present issue on internet... leaving scrapping out, i dont think anyone would wanna spend a fortune on a car with less than 2years coe left.... quotations from workshops that are able to repair at the cheapest possible rates are appreciated too.... your help and advice are deeply appreciated........
  14. jonbaekis00

    Lexus Owners (To share driving experience and advise)

    Anyone has experience on repairing mark levinson speakers (degraded foam on front 2 doors) ? On my gs450h and dont feel like replacing since the speaker still sounds alright, just stuttering