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Found 62 results

  1. Hi all, you can now get P21S and Klasse locally at the address below. Bronze Carman Pte Ltd 21 Toh Guan Rd East #01-20 Toh Guan Centre S(608609) contact person is Russel and his tel no. is 63163166 I checked with him on his prices and believe they are as follows: P21S carnauba wax $85 P21S bodywork shampoo $25 Klasse AIO $92 Klasse SG $85 Microfibre Blue $15 Applicator Pads Yellow $21 Lexol Cleaner $28 Lexol Conditioner $28 He has grooming packages as well and I think there are discount on products for members. You'll have to check with him on that.
  2. Ken1898

    Klasse Starter kit

    Hi all where can i purchase the above products?
  3. Hi guys, just curious...what happened to Klasse products in SG? Anyone still carrying it? Used to be very popular esp in MCF.... If wan to buy Klasse, must order from overseas? Cheers
  4. Maddriver

    Mass order for Klasse AIO and SG

    Pls refer to http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/General_C1...ck%29_P1471334/
  5. Underpaidsamurai

    Klasse Grooming Center in JB

    Hi Brudders, I recently sent my car to grooming center in JB called 'Sunshine'. It is located next to Plaza Pelangi. The reason why I went there is because I am interested in Klasse, but had no time to learn how to use before leaving for an extended stay in China after collecting my new ride. Total damage for the package was 218 ringgit. The boss is very friendly, and his workers did a pretty good job according to my untrained eye. Just to show that I am NOT promoting this place, I have also posted this in my blog. [ol][*]Have any other brudders sent their car to this shop and what is your opinion?[*]Are there are any other good and reliable grooming place in JB that use Klasse?[/ol]
  6. Achtung

    Klasse vs Zaino

    Can anyone comment? Shine, ease of application, price etc. Been using the latter for many many years.
  7. After 6 months and 25k km, my black ride is looking a bit jialat with small scratches and swirls. I'm thinking of DIY detailing but am newbie to this. I chanced upon this Klasse Starter Kit (1 x AIO (100ml) + 1 x SG (100ml)) at their website http://www.klassesg.com/store.html which claims to be enough 'to do up 3 Toyota Vios'. Their price of $19.90 is cheap and I'm thinking of trying this out. Realistically speaking, for a newbie like me who might end up using more than necessary, do you guys think this 100ml package can really last 1 vios (not to mention 3)??? Somemore mine is black car...
  8. Finally got my 15 posts, and am to start thread. Will be collecting new car from dealer sometime this week, and am keen to get off to a good start. Car will be bright silver in colour. Very large car, so plenty of surface area to cover Will usually be parked exposed to afternoon-evening sun, and rain splashes. I will most probably be able to spend about 1 hour on cleaning it up each week. Got a maid who used to wash the old car about 2 times a week, but not sure if can trust her on the new car So, am looking for a professional (Non-DIY) solution which is a good balance between ease of maintenance in between, and results (excellent shine). An higher initial cost/work, but easier and better results later on. Was at 1st looking at Glaze. Attracted by its ease of maintenance but from some of the reports here, more suited for dark colour cars. Alot of lao jiao ppl here recommend Klasse for light colour cars, but given that I'm not being able to DIY everyweek myself, abit worried. I'm thinking of bringing it in to Klasse grooming centre Bukit Batok Crescent UNITY CENTRE. Probably about once every 2 months. (I stay very near there) 1) Wash & clay
  9. hi shifu here, this is my first post in detailing folder, hope you guys dun find it a stupid qns. here it goes Did a detailing session last week before gg to JB last weekend, 1) Wash 2) Claybaring 3) Klasse AIO 4) Klasse SG 5) Sonax Wax after 24 hours curing by SG Now that i am into the first week for maintaining the shine. Am thinking of using FK425 to regain the shine and apply another layer of sonax wax on top of that. Alternatively use Klasse SG to layer another round -> FK425 -> Sonax wax? Thanks
  10. Chgoh

    Klasse AIO Replacement?

    Running out of KAIO. Having been using it for the past year or 2. Have not been keeping up with the new paint cleaners that have been release, so I thought some of you here might be able to help. Would anyone recommend a replacement for KAIO, or should I stick to KAIO. Just want a product that cleans the paint after polishing, or something that can be used standalone before an LSP step. Would prefer non polishing type (even micro polishes). Thanks for any help you can give.
  11. Maddriver

    My Interview with Klasse USA

    For those who wish to try klasse and also existing user..here is the application tips.. A brand after 25years without changing its formula and is still going strong in the market..What do u think... The AIO rockz me.... Interview with Klasse USA http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/classic-motoring_1928_62454227 Happy Anniversary Klasse! This year (2004), Klasse celebrates their 25th year in the US market and we sit down with Bob Faragasso, President of Klasse USA for a candid interview. Klasse USA was established in 1979 by Wolfgang Petsch, a German car enthusiast, when he secured the rights to distribute his favorite car care product in America. Wolfgang settled in California and started traveling up and down the California coastline calling on car dealers, accessory stores and detail shops. Growth was steady and Klasse's reputation for ease of application, durability and mirror-like shine grew among enthusiasts and show car owners. In the mid 80's, the catalog company, Herrington's, heard about Klasse and decided to test it in one issue of their catalog. The product was an instant hit with Herrington's customers and is still offered by Herrington's today. In the late 90's, Wolfgang decided to return to his native Germany and sold Klasse to Bob Faragasso, a high-end detailer in San Francisco. Bob had been using Klasse products in his business for over 15 years. Mr. Faragasso has continued Wolfgang's tradition of slow and steady growth through independent dealers steadfastly resisting the allure of mass-market chains and department stores. Q. For readers of this newsletter that are unfamiliar with Klasse, what is it? A. The foundation of Klasse is All-In-One. Like the name implies, All-In-One is a one-step cleaner, polish, gloss enhancer and multi-surface protectant. It can be used on painted surfaces with or without a clear coat, fiberglass, gel coat, metal, glass, plastic, Formica & laminates, marble, vinyl, finished wood, jewelry... literally any hard surface. I even use it on my CD's and DVD's to enhance playback and reduce skipping. There's really no other product like it in the marketplace. I can say that because All-In-One is an acrylic formula. It does not contain any wax or silicones. It really is different. Klasse All-In-One Q. What's in All-In-One? A. I know there are 14 different ingredients in All-In-One some of which are non-abrasive but fairly potent cleaners. The formula has resisted every attempt to duplicate it here even by a major chemical company. This company claimed they could manufacture it here (in the U.S.) and tried. They took it apart and put it back together but it didn't work. There is something in the formula or manufacturing process that can not be duplicated. Even I do not know exactly what's in All-In-One. I do know the product is safe and it works and that's the most important factor. Q. Has the formula changed over the years? A. The companion product High Gloss Sealant Glaze (HGSG) and our Vinyl, Leather, Plastic, Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner was updated about 4 years ago. We substituted a safer ingredient for one that was flammable. There was only a miniscule amount of that ingredient in the product anyway so the change was very minor but it now allows us to ship Klasse products by air and through the post office. All-In-One is the same product that was introduced in 1979. That formula has never changed. High Gloss Sealant Glaze Q. What is the difference between All-In-One and High Gloss Sealant Glaze? A. All-In-One has a cleaner/polish in the formula to remove surface contamination that normal washing does not remove. It brightens the surface and visually reduces swirls and minor paint imperfections. All-In-One will leave a mirror-like shine that lasts 6 months or more. High Gloss Sealant Glaze is a pure acrylic protectant without any cleaning or polishing properties. HGSG will typically last 12 months or more. Q. If I have a brand new vehicle, should I use All-In-One, High Gloss Sealant Glaze or both? A. I strongly recommend always using All-In-One first even on a new vehicle. All dealers prep a car prior to delivery. We can not guarantee that HGSG will bond to whatever the dealer put on the car. Using All-In-One first will insure a uniform gloss and protect the finish for 6 months or more. Enthusiasts can elect to add one or more coats of HGSG to deepen the gloss and extend the durability to a year or more. Q. Are there any "tricks" to applying All-In-One for optimum results? A. Yes, over the years, I've learned a number of tricks. While All-In-One is extremely forgiving it applies best with a damp Microfiber Applicator Pad or damp Microfiber Cloth. (I haven't had a chance to use the new Microfinger pads.) Mist the applicator pad with water or any quick-detail spray (Eagle One Wet Wipe N' Shine, Luster Detailer, Sonus High Gloss Acrylic Spritz, etc.) and add a small (nickel to quarter-size) amount of All-In-One. Apply to the surface using a firm to moderate pressure. Remember, you're polishing the surface and polishing involves rubbing. You don't have to rub your arm off but use a firm, even pressure as if you were applying a polish, not a wax. Many people do not achieve maximum gloss because they do not adequately polish the surface during application. This is one reason why applying All-In-One with a dual-action polisher like the Porter Cable 7424 will typically look better than applying All-In-One by hand. Some people prefer to apply All-In-One to the entire vehicle and then go back and buff. I prefer to work in sections (i.e. a door, fender, hood, etc.) applying All-In-One and buffing as I walk around the car. Always use a quality Microfiber Buffing Cloth for the final buffing. I prefer to buff by hand but you can use a Microfiber Bonnet on a dual-action or orbital machine polisher. One mistake many people make is using too much product. A little goes a long way. You should be able to polish and protect the average size car using 1 oz. of All-In-One! If you do your car twice a year, the 16 oz. bottle will last at least 5 years! [/color] Q. Any tips for applying High Gloss Sealant Glaze? A. Yes. HGSG does apply a little differently than All-In-One. Apply HGSG using a damp Microfiber or Microfinger Pad but apply less product (about the size of a dime) and wipe-on in broad, overlapping strokes. You can use a light pressure to apply HGSG because you are not "polishing", you're just applying a protectant. The longer HGSG stays on the surface, the easier it is to buff off. Apply to the entire vehicle before buffing. I will often apply HGSG in the afternoon, let it sit overnight and buff it off the next day. It will buff off like a breeze. Again, I buff by hand using a Microfiber Buffing Cloth. Occasionally, customers will complain that HGSG is difficult to buff. In almost every instance, I can trace the problem to the customer using too much product, applying with a dry, not damp, applicator and/or not waiting long enough before buffing. If HGSG resists easy buffing after it is dry, simply mist the surface with any quick-detail spray and wipe with a dry Microfiber Cloth. Q. I know you can layer multiple coats of HGSG. Can you put on too many coats? A. Not really. HGSG will not yellow or discolor with multiple applications. Black, red and dark color vehicles will actually look better with additional coats of HGSG. Always start with one coat of All-In-One and one coat of HGSG. The next time you wash your car, if you have the time, apply another coat of HGSG. Apply additional coats whenever you desire. Q. Should you wait between applying multiple coats of HGSG? A. The first coat of HGSG can be applied immediately over a base coat of All-In-One. After that, it's best to wait 8 to 12 hours between coats of HGSG. We have customers with show cars (not daily drivers) that will wipe on a coat of HGSG one day, buff it off the next day and immediately apply another coat. They'll do this every day for a month, literally putting on 30 coats of HGSG over a 30 day period. This sounds crazy but I've seen some of these cars and they're absolutely breathtaking!
  12. Anyone care to feedback? Which is easier to use and provide longer shine?
  13. Baconseet

    Bonnet with klasse AIO/SG/PinkWax

    Dear all fellow detailing expert. Need advise on the bonnet panel: 1. I washed and claybared my car in the day at MSCP. 2. Dry the car 3. use AIO on the car 4. Use SG on the car 5. Then use Pink wax to top on it. Visual check on the bonnet panel it looks great with clear reflection of daylight.(not glaring sunlight but the light sky day light from the washing bay of mscp.) However, when i came back home at night in the mscp. Under the flourescent light. I focus through the bonnet panel and i can see: donno scratches or too much of sealant applied. I suspect the scratches could be done by my claybaring? OR applied the SG too thick that i can see some line strain of SG. Anyway that i can improve on my bonnet to get rid of all those without incurring any other more materials? Klasse AIO and SG plus pink wax sufficient? Note; Using hand to do the above no machine used. Those done their detailing, can post some samples pictures taken at night with fluorescent or streetlight? If they are perfect at night.. WHat material/method u use to get rid of all these eye sores.. :) .
  14. Ehonda

    Menzerna or Klasse?

    after reading so many tread ... thinking of getting either one of the below option, need expert help to recommend which is better in term of lasting, protection and also shin. by the way, my Black baby is 2 yrs and 3 months .. previously done toughseal b4, body hv quite no. of scratchs and swirl mark... From DiyGurus Menzerna products FPII $32.50 FTG $28.80 FMJ $68.00 HGAS $29.60 Total $158.90 From KlasseSG Klasse product AIO & HGSG $75.00 or another other better recommend, are welcome ...
  15. OK. I've got 2 similar reflections taken side by side. The cloudier picture is with 3 layers of SG and taken under overcast skies. The brighter one is the one with 1 layer SG and taken in bright sunlight . Although the light conditions were different, I guess we can still scrutinise the degree of orange peel and reflection sharpness in the 2 pictures. 3 Layer SG 1 Layer SG Honestly, not much difference if you ask me . But the added protection is a plus for the additional elbow grease and back breaking work lah . Next week I will try to add on a layer of Carnauba #26 and compare the difference again. Cheers
  16. Maddriver

    Klasse and JW Prime

    Hi all, As agreed between Admin,moderator,myself and Gen2.All disussion will be posted at the detailing thread instead in the merchant thread.I have actually copy some posting from the merchant thread to here.Everyone is free to join in the discussion.No flaming please.Thanks you.
  17. Sammy

    New klasse applications tips

    I was asked to give some tips to klasse and I reviewed your sticky and there are some more preferred methods. I mean no offense I'm just trying to give some information. One of the magor distributors of klasse in the states is Bill North, he uses a sceenname David N at http://www.detailersclub.com/ . He recommends a different method than your apply 20 minutes then buff off. His method is WOWO, or Wipe On Wipe Off. Klasse doesn't need to dry, just wipe off immedialty and you wont get any streaks. Also, when wiping if you put too much just use a little water and it will help with removal. When I used klasse I left it on overnight and buffed off the next day, it worked for me. The problem occurs when you let dry, but the longer you let it dry the easier it is to buff off. I hope this was helpful. I will say eventhough Bill (David N) sold klasse for decades but doesn't care for the new formula. If you have a questions ask him directly, he can also give you other product recommendations. He's a moderator over at http://www.detailersclub.com/ .
  18. Maddriver

    Klasse AIO on a EG bonnet

    using Klasse AIO to wax a under bonnet? anyway here it goes on a 13year old EG6
  19. Zrun

    Klasse review

    I've received my Klasse package and used it on two different cars, a White 2002 Honda Accord Coupe, and a Black 2003 Toyota Matrix(Voltz?). APPLICATION Applying of both All In One polish and Glaze sealant were extremely easy, just use applicator pad and wipe a layer on. The liquid quality of the AIO is slighly creamy, and the glaze sealant is just clear liquid. Application is a matter of wiping it on. It only requires about a 10 cent coin drip size to apply to a 2x2 sq feet surface or more if your pad is quite wet. It is not required to apply and remove one section at a time. REMOVING AND RESULTS Removing the AIO is quite easy using a micro fibre cloth. The effects of the AIO is barely noticeable on white paint, however on the black car, the paint seems abit darker, and increase the depth slightly. HOWEVER, there is not much cleaning effect in the AIO juice, so I highly recommend thoroughly claying the whole car before application, as there are some serious buffing ahead. It is not as easy to remove the sealant glaze. When I am about to start buffing, the sealant glaze has already crusted on the paint, removing requires hard work. I got a sore arm buffing the marks away. I think this is a sign that the layer of arcylic wax is very hard and durable. This is why the car MUST be clayed properly before waxing, as you will buff quite hard over the paint. FINAL RESULTS Excellant shine that is hard to beat by any other hand applied waxes. Color depth is average. It does not hide imperfections well. Durability. It seems that the sealant is a very hard layer and can lasts at least a few months. In summary, I think this is an excellant product for car owners want the most bang for the effort put in. You can get near machine wax quality with minimal effort. It also lasts long, and will repel dusts, which means your car will stay clean, and look good longer. I believe applying Klasse twice per year will keep the car looking great all the time. For searious detailers, this product is suitable too. The sealant will produce an incredibly smooth surface, making it easy to apply regular carnauba wax, resulting in good shine, and rich colour.
  20. Instead of Klassemobile, I would like to try out their endorsed service provider. Does anyone has any feedback for Sumitoyo, Studio 12 and car image as found in their website?
  21. Spaceman

    Handheld polisher with Klasse?

    just got my hand on a Makita handheld polisher, just want to know if any bros here use it with Klasse before??? i also understand that there's different kind of foam pads for the different steps in polishing, any advice as to what and where to get them? any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Any bros can help? Where can get cheap price?
  23. Heynsl

    Klasse Starter Kit

    Hi, I have just bought a set of Klasse Starter Kit... Can anyone here advise me how to use it correctly? The guy told me to get rid of my current car wax (meguire) using the AIO and then apply the sealent before applying wax (meguire) on top of it and not the other way round... is that true? also what kind of car shampoo should i use to wash the car with? those clearcoat free one or those with wax one that selling in petrol kiosk?
  24. Comments? I have been using Fusso since day one without any wax. Thinking of using Klasse AIO combined with Fusso. Where got sell besides KlasseSG? 1L one...$$$? My other alternative is to use: - Hi-shampoo to strip wax and miscellaneous - Apply Kizz Clear - Fusso - Wax (Optional) Thanks Southpark The Dude Klasse AIO ---------- - Acrylic - Does everything --> remove oxidation, minor swirls, old wax, and other surface blemishes - Expensive Fusso 9 mths ------------ - PTFE (Teflon) - Super easy (apply - if kilat a bit, buff when dry) - Cheap
  25. Yesterday 26 March 2005. 39 Rav4 from Rav4 Expedition were convoy to JB national park for a semi-offroad event. When we arrived there, some of my follow R4E's members come to question me why my front screen is so clean & clear? At first I duno what they mean but after I went to see their rides and I found out all of their front screen were so dirty with full of dust & mud. They asked me what did I applied, any RainX, Glass Treatment....etc. For what I know I only apply the Klasse AIO on all the window screens and it was 4 weeks before. So I believed this is the effect of the Klasse AIO and I proof it can help your Screen keep the dust away. For those Klasse Users please do try to AIO your Screen. MarcosTan Toyota Rav4