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  1. Hi all need advise whats the difference between them and any recommended workshop?
  2. from my noob knowledge, if u want a nice finish, you need to cut/polish away the imperfect surface of the top coat/clear coat to reveal a nice smooth layer. but that means some places may over polish and reduce your top coat thickness. so is there any groomers that focus on top coat measurements so as to minimize the cutting depth?
  3. Crystal Coat: Why you should Coat instead of Wax? Paint protection systems (PPS) such as ceramic coating/glass coating are becoming increasing popular with users due to various reasons. Time Saving Better Protective properties than Wax Achieve a high standard of gloss 1.Time Saving With the traditional method of applying wax, there are multiple steps involved. Firstly, your car has to be washed with a car shampoo and dried completely. Next, a thin layer of compound or paste wax must be applied on the paintwork. After which, wait for the wax to harden before buffing off. However, with a PPS coat, you do not need to wait before buffing off which saves a huge amount of time and effort in detailing your car. 2. Better Protective Properties than Wax Another difference of Coat Vs Wax will be the level of protection that it provides. While wax may have a higher gloss unit especially if a high quality wax is used, it only gives the car a deep shine without protecting the paintwork against water marks, UV rays or Acid Rain. Also, PPS when applied frequently, causes the coat to multiply, thus extending its longevity. 3. Achieve a high standard of gloss For the effort to result ratio, there can be no doubt that using a coating will result in a more than satisfactory result in gloss for your car, furthermore, the ease of maintenance means that simple stains can be remove by just using water! This is because the layer of coat protects the stains from penetrating the core layer of the paintwork. Why spend hundreds of dollars on Paint Protection Systems (PPS) when you can DIY yourself at a fraction of the cost? Try Bullsone Crystal Coat today at 25% off your first bottle! Use code IWANTTOCOAT at checkout to receive your discount Click HERE to buy
  4. Hi Has anyone tried Ceratec from Liquimoly? Read positive feedback from few overseas forum + there're also youtube videos showing the ceramic coating stays on dismantled engine parts.
  5. wanna seek some advice in choosing a new coat of paint, Currently is on blue but slightly toward purple; previous owner I'm not a white person as i don't like to polish the car.. Black, i tried but realized i'm a lazy bugger who will only send the car for a wash every few months.. so it look terrible Matt colors, tried and it suit me well. The only complain is that it wears and tear easily.. especially at the front bumper area where prone to stones/sands.. I read that silver cars are the best, keeping it classy, less heat and best of all, despite few months of dirt, it still look great. Red is sexy, fits the sedan but not many cars can carry Red well.. somehow, it make me fury too. I'm looking at frozen colors, in case, its not available any other colors that i could look into? please share.
  6. hi, anyone know where else can i buy this in SG ? my usual place(Autobacs) has been OOS since Dec12. thanks mice
  7. Anyone ever try to let this company to do pps on thelr car before (Williams F1 Team Ceramic Coat Paint Protection ), any feed back ??
  8. Came across this newly launched PPS, which comes with F1 price as well From $988 to $1088, depending on car size. Check it out at http://www.carpride.com.sg/index.html and http://www.williamscarcare.com.sg/index.html
  9. Dear fellow forumers, Does anyone know if the black tape/coating around the windows at the car doors can be replaced? I accidentally scraped and cause some scratches and some exposed the steel beneath. My ride is an Avante.
  10. Does Tuff-coat(System 6)really help keep new paintwork protected & shining? Comments welcome please!
  11. I bought a bodykit part from overseas and when it arrived, the workmanship leaves something to be desired. To improve it, I was thinking of having it coated with another layer (not just painting over), say powder coating or with fibreglass or something durable. Anyone knows a decent shop that provides such services, possibly to paint over when done as well? I was thinking bodykit shops may be good, but this is my first time doing up a bodykit part, so would appreciate some recommendation. Thanks!
  12. What is the difference between Soft99 Fusso Coat 7 & Fusso Coat F7? Both are polymer sealant, both "last 7 months", etc...
  13. I am trying to remove part of a long scratch on the passenger and driver's doors, which seems to be caused by a sharp object. &$*%@# I used a 1000 grit commercial sand paper to wet sand the affect area, and wax it. The results seems to be acceptable for a noob. But I worry I would over sand the clear coat off that protects the body paint. How thick is usually factory clear coat on the car's body? Especially Nissan?
  14. Hi All! My car's about 3 weeks old. It's white in colour and recently I noticed that there are little orange spots (around 0.5mm in diameter) that have appeared on the paint. I tried to remove it by washing but it seems to have gone beyond the surface. Any help on how these orange spots come about and how to remove them would be appreciated!! :)
  15. Anyone using this product? Understand it is a sealant.. Just wonder after washing & apply F7 is it ok?
  16. i know we all like our rides shiny shiny and to that end we use polishers to remove marks and swirls... but aren't polishers abrasive (not referring to fillers which don't do the work so well) and wear out the clear coat? so how does one top up the clear coat without going for a respray?
  17. I'm looking for wax to polish my White Honda Fit now, and happened to find this Japanese brand Soft99 Fusso Coat for White Car??? Anyone try this before? is it good? Cost S$18 buck and it's just a small tube. Btw, what's the differences between Clay and Wax??? Any better brand to recommend for my White Car? I'm currently using Meg NXT Wash for my car.
  18. Any bros care to share their experience with this 2 products?
  19. Hi, just curious any nissan cars owners here have the scratch guard coat and how effective? http://www.nissan-global.com/EN/TECHNOLOGY.../SGC/index.html
  20. Anyone care to feedback? Which is easier to use and provide longer shine?
  21. Imamiah

    Wat to coat?

    dear all, will be getting my new ride tmr. can any bro suggest wat should i coat my car w? DIY sealant? tuffi's sys6? toughseal? ultrashield? too many this-seal that-seal haha... suggestions are most welcomed! thanks in advance! p.s. best if u guys can disclose e price
  22. For some unknown reason, an area of about 5cm(sq) of the paint appears tough after SRP, while the rest of the car is smooth. I suspect too much of the SRP removes it. Is there any way to restore it, so that I get the smooth feeling? Or do I have to go for a respray? What are the implications of leaving the area tough? Some other areas spotted appears a bit tough, but not that bad overall.
  23. Allo! Have been driving my red optra for exactly 3 mths since 3rd Feb 05. So far so good except a change in the throttle body that causes my vehcile to stall 2ice just after my 1st servicing.Good enough to pissed me off for this new baby. Noticed 2 probs lately 1) Small dots on the clear coat. Have noticed that the clear coat for the paint work on the canopy, the boot and bonnet of my chevy is seen with many tiny dots. I'm dead sure these are not water spot marks. These dots are not dirt. when closely scrutinized, seems lke small portion of my clear coat had been corroded. These spot is very evident under florecent light and not under sunlght. Tried polishing, waxing but nothing helps. The number have been increasing....starts from the boot then canopy now the bonnet! strangely , none found on the side of the body. Not sure if it is the case of the known "orange peel" syndrome. Noticed this during the 2nd moth of my drive. Getting worse...any one can advise or its it the paint prob? My colleagues have no such prob with their cars parked in the the work place. I wash regularly say, 2ice a week and yet this happens. Any one can advise? 2) chattering of the wiper Noticed that the wiper works well initially during downpour, as it continues to wipe, the strokes becomes terribly chattery and gives you the irritation that the rain is making my windscreen dryer to have such effect. Any one having this prob? Somehow, tested a few times,the chattering comes when the windscreen is wet, when dry no prob......strange reverse effect. is the wiper faulty? Btw, i did use a proper windscreen clearer with a seperate clean cloth. btw, the place i worked in is the place where all Aveo and Optra comes when discharged from vessel. So far i seen only one shipment of red last yr and no more. Guess who ever is getting a red optra must be having that very first batch since last yr Aug.
  24. Hi Guys, I need help in removing the pitted clear coat on the wooden section of the steering wheel. This pitted spots are likely to be caused by exposal to sunlight and sweaty palm. Pls let me know any after market products can be applied to smoothen or repair the clear coat. Thanks.
  25. http://www.meguiarsonline.com/forums/showt...10&pagenumber=3 Interesting read
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