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  1. Firstly, I don't work for any of these folks, but I think I had a good time with them, so I'm giving them a shoutout. As some of you know, I've had a baby, yeah! However in my haste to run about preparing, I managed to scratch my bumper against a post whilst shopping for my wife and baby - boo! I also had a deep scratch that some terrible person keyed onto my bonnet within a week of my getting the car.. that has been an eyesore because it occured so soon after I got my car. I have tried polishing it off, but it was too deep for that. Thankfully, my bonnet was made from alum
  2. Kenny1985

    Car scratch

    Hi guys. My Car is scratched,button size. I can see the black primer paint. own mistake when reverse. Would like to know how to repair? I should go to BMW service center or private workshop? Not sure which one is cheaper. Normally take how long to repair this? Is it ok to claim insurance? Currently first year insurance under msig. My car is BMW 116i(white).. Bought last month.. Many txs
  3. Hi all I'm about to go spray my car and have narrowed down the paint shops to (1) Yew Lip and (2) Advanced Scratch Master. I'm spraying the whole car including bodykit and spoiler. Which one is better in terms of workmanship? Yew Lip is slightly more expensive than ADSM. Thanks!
  4. Well.... I drove my Mazda 3 SP for a good 10 years. Scrapped it and finally got a new car. Stay in HDB with an open space car park Based on experience, new cars always end up getting scratched. I knew it will happen soon. Just didn't expect it to be so soon..... Though I'm annoyed, I'm at the age where I feel for the culprit. He must have felt so sick in the mind to do something like that and to do it so quickly within a few hours of me getting the car. Just for the record. The car was perfectly mint when I collected it. So don't point finger at AD. God have mercy on him/h
  5. I bought a scratch remover brand (brand name starts with an M) after reading good reviews, but after much effort with a foam applicator, my car's superficial scratches were still visible, no improvement. Just wondering if it really does remove scratches or just a "filler" only.
  6. Found a 3cm long deep scratch on the rear door of my new car today, it was horizontal, and almost certainly made deliberately by a sharp object such as a key with alot of force in order to leave a deep indentation. One of the hazards of parking a new car in a public carpark I guess! Unfortunately because my in-car cameras are only front and rear facing, they would not have been able to capture the vandal at his act. Just wondering if anyone has any idea of how some camera system can somehow be installed so as to cover the sides of the vehicle when parked? Am fearful that the vandal may st
  7. Hello, my car has some scratches. Can waxing remove it? Any good Brand? I did applied sealant coating before ..
  8. 2nd time car kena scratched. Call police the first time in May 2019 and did not catch culprit. Then happenes again in Nov 2019. The problem is my car cam only capture motion sense front and back but not the side. Review car cam footage but not able to see anything. Serves to remind fellow drivers to do cursory checks and take down of the surrounding like lot no. Cars parked in front of u and behind u if they have cctv can inform police to help. End up i also damn sianz cus cannot catch the person. No dare to repaint or rewrap le. Just zham the car like no tomorrow now. Cus
  9. Anyone has any model to recommend ? - HD recording - Clear recording at night or dim lighting - Can record people scratching, of course when car is parked with engine off. Blackvue or Thinkware better??? Or any better brand? Which model?
  10. Hey guys, I just got my OL about 2 weeks back, and I was trying to clean off this stubborn water stain on my exterior car plastic trim, so i just used a microfiber cloth to clean it. To my surprise, a scratch appeared!! I'm not sure if it's because I wipe a little too hard or what, but now I (still) have the water stain and this scratch beside it. I have tried using toothpaste (searched online solutions), magic sponge (worked for my back window trims water spots) and vinegar and just simple water wiping, but nothing works.. Anyone has any experiences on this, or any advice on how I can
  11. Got a scratch around 2cm. Suspect scratched by lorry. Any suggestion bros here? I was quoted respect whole panel for $100. Any bros know where I can get a touchup paintjob? Thank you all for any suggestion.
  12. bros. what do you normally do if it happens heard touchup a bit is hundreds of dollars
  13. Thinking of trying for my rear left door with minor scratches and wheel arch for slight bent.Is it worth it or i shall just sent to normal workshop to do suchs as panel beat and respray whole door?
  14. Get instantly rewarded in our Scratch & Win giveaway! Win prizes worth up to $15,000 and earn more chances by inviting your friends! Attractive prizes are waiting for you! Participate now: https://apps.facebook.com/mcf_scratch_win/ Prizes: Cash Prize $688 Cash Prize $388 Capita Voucher! Infratint Solar Film worth $188 Kennol 5W40 Endurance $158 Eclipse - LED Undercarriage System $300 Tyre Queen - Tyre Voucher from, and many more!
  15. An irresponsible driver scratched her car and walked away without even a word of apology or any compensation made. Tough luck. Just helping my friend to share this, and for general awareness for all fellow drivers.
  16. Anyone here using JML Mantis Car Scratch Remover Pen? Just bought one but seem like unable to cover the scratches. Anyone have this problem also???
  17. I was removing a scratch on my car door using scratch remover of the brand M.. After applying and using an applicator pad, I found it left a circular stain on my black paint. How could I rectify this problem? Send it to groomer to handle? Thanks in advance.
  18. I saw this on TV, has anyone tried it? Any feedback?
  19. hi guys, a friend i know told me whenever he change tyres there will always be some scratches. He has been to many different tyres shops. Even some widely recommended shops such as Soh Brothers, p-- ---g, etc, all have scratched his rims to some extend. Any idea if any tyre shop gives guarantee for no scratch of rims or workmanship is superb?
  20. Dear all, I saw the ads by this company called Revol Carz Makeover, which claims to do deep sratch restoration. Anyone tried this service before ?
  21. What next? The Japanese building a Yamato replica? But seriously the Tigers and the King Tigers armed with a 88mm main gun was the most feared terror amongst Allied armoured formations during those days... These Germans very eng and really got the time and money to build a replica of this monster. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...attle_tank.html Posted on 15 Feb 2012 How to make your own World War II battle tank A group of tank fans built a full-scale working replica of the German Tiger VI tank used in World War II. See how they
  22. Hi all, Recently i notice a line about 10cm across my windscreen ( driver side). The scratch seems to be caused by the wiper as it follows the curves made by the wiper when you swipe it. However i cannot feel the scratch at all with my finger nor my nails but it is there thou very light. Can anyone know how to remove that as it is quite an eyesore. Lastly can the wiper cause such a scratch as i find it unlikely. Anyone have such experience? Many thanks,
  23. When turning through a sharp bend to the left, my side skirt touched the curb, leaving a long paintscratch. Only to side skirt. Anyone have a recommendation for good service, good price paint workshop. Kindly PM me or reply post to this topic. Would appreciate it. Tried the search function but did not get a lot of good results. Thanks.
  24. Hi, anyone knows if there are any products that could remove scratches in car interior plastic/leather trim?
  25. Saw this interesting product call easycolor scratch removal pen. live demo video of someone using it to fix a scratch. Its actually a pen cum spray, but can only spray if you attach it to a special air brush can. http://js.tudouui.com/bin/taobaoisv/TaoBao...wf?iid=54476471 From what I heard, the pen the product covers a range of popular cars like honda, toyata, mitsubishi, nissan, bmw, benz, vw etc. Some color like black, white, gray matched nicely if you buy the correct pen for your car model and make but some color has a slight different, need to use another coating shin
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