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Found 58 results

  1. wlalala

    Scratched bonnet

    Bonnet got scratched and small dent too Is quite deep This scratch is about 1 feet long If go for respray, will cost how much? If want the colour to be accurate, only can do at AD?
  2. Well.... I drove my Mazda 3 SP for a good 10 years. Scrapped it and finally got a new car. Stay in HDB with an open space car park Based on experience, new cars always end up getting scratched. I knew it will happen soon. Just didn't expect it to be so soon..... Though I'm annoyed, I'm at the age where I feel for the culprit. He must have felt so sick in the mind to do something like that and to do it so quickly within a few hours of me getting the car. Just for the record. The car was perfectly mint when I collected it. So don't point finger at AD. God have mercy on him/her.
  3. I accidentally hit the lower barrier when i went out of the car park. its on the right of the rear passenger door. Wondering how much will this cost to fix? Nissan car. Haiz.... thx for your replies in advance.
  4. Cheesepiekia

    Haiz... My car got scratched

    Haiz... My car got scratched, hope to do something about it as see already very tu lan! Any advise whether to go for grooming or respray? Thanks.
  5. I tried wax but it can get rid abit.. but very hard to remove all.. since big portion of scratched paint.. anyone got experience and wanna share what to use?
  6. Accidentally scratched my rims against kerb. Can any one recommend repair? Where to go? Thanks in advance.
  7. as topic, scratched my dashboard yesterday :( driving a mazda 6
  8. I went to a workshop to fix some stuff onto my car and found that the worker had left a deep scratch on the soft plastic of the gearbox cover. Complained and the workshop offered to fix it by doing a carbon fibre wrap. Went down to pick up yesterday and discovered that the carbon fibre wrap job was like a primary school art work, all the sides not even with plenty of bubbles, the corners like haphazardly pasted with pieces of carbon fibre sticker like paper mache. I have rejected the work and asked that he redo this, but is this common or is there a more reputable carbon fibre wrap place that we can go to?
  9. .... at last after many years of 'kuai lan' driving, car tio scratched liao... CB fcuker dont let me catch red handed knn... something like this... heard of many scratch removers in the market... any good recommendations?... not the old 'rough' paste polish type, but heard of scientists which have developed a polyurethane coating that repairs scratches...
  10. Flyby

    Scratched rims repair

    Wanted to share this with more people. $35 and above for each rim. can get spares to replace rims during repair so you can drive off no need to wait there. workmanship pretty good. Do call before going down to check if Ah Hoe is free to do rims for you. Definately wont have to wait a few weeks for your turn. maybe 1-2 days at most. Can say recommended from forum see can get discount anot lah. btw, i dun make any $ for this. Hoe Tyres & Sports-Rim 10 Braddell Rd 6282 6782 Sometimes i cannot tell where it was repaired
  11. Latka

    Woman scratched SMRT worker

    Straits Times Jun 29, 2011 Woman scratched SMRT worker By Elena Chong A WOMAN was found guilty yesterday of using criminal force on an SMRT station manager at a train station. Chinese national Wang Shu Jun, 35, a permanent resident, was convicted of scratching the hands of Ms Chua Hui Keng, 28, at the Serangoon MRT station, at about 11pm last Sept 10. The prosecution's case is that the station manager had stopped Wang and her six-year-old son at the lift for not paying the boy's train fare. When she asked Wang to follow her, the woman replied that she would return after taking her son to a friend waiting at a taxi stand. When Ms Chua refused, an argument broke out. She then snapped some photos of Wang, who tried to snatch the camera. In the midst of a struggle, Wang scratched the victim's hand and pulled the cord of her walkie-talkie. In her defence, Wang, who did not have a lawyer, demanded to know what right Ms Chua had to take her picture. She admitted it was her fault the child's fare had not been paid but denied using criminal force. District Judge Eugene Teo adjourned the case to July 12 for sentencing. The maximum penalty is three months' jail and up to $500 in fines.
  12. Just realised my car was badly scratched by the side when my fren sat in my car, it shld be scratched abt 1 mth ago at bugis carpark and i thought there was not much damage at that point of time. The scratch consists of many lines of abt 5 by 10cm and there are 2 such area. I know its difficult to assess how much is the damage without pictures, but anybody roughly know? its abt lets say 20% of the lower portion of the door. Also, any reliable workshop to reccommend for touch up? oh yea, location shld be at the east side preferrably, as i stay in hougang. Thanks alot
  13. Schmi

    Windshield Scratched

    Hi! Anyone out there can advise what I should do with fine scratches on my windscreen? Due to my own fault - wrong installation of windshield wipers (didn't take out the protective sheath from the blade).
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to repair a scratched carbon fibre front lip? Would appreciate any advice and/or contact. Thanks guys. Mil.
  15. Green_carnation


    Usually I will park my car in the 2nd row of lots in front of my block.. But these days, the raintrees keep having greenish droppings which if dried up will get stuck to the car and have to be scraped off. Sometimes the fluid from the dropping actually will seep through into the paint. I have had small yellowish marks due to that. I decided to move the the first row of lots, which doesnt have such trees planted. After 2 nights of parking, i went to my car to see along scratch from passenger side mirror all the way to the rear door handle.. I supposed it can be polished off and didnt think much of it as I was rushing to work. When I examined and tried to polish it off.. it couldnt go off.. the scratch had gone right through the paint and onto the metal surface.. I could feel rough texture along the scratch.. I wanna rant.. but what can I say.. I dunno if I had parked in someone's preferred lot.. But I noticed the lots in front had been parked by different car all the time.. No one had one fixed lot at any one day. Sigh.. I now probably leave the scratch as it is.. What if I the side resprayed? Doesnt mean it will happen again ya..
  16. Sighz... Been park at my house MSCP for 6yrs+, kenna scratched for the 1st time here. I know if kenna door / bonnet / boot still can respray the entire door / bonnet / boot, so not so obvious, but this time round, the f--ker scratched on the oil tank area, will it obvious if i respray that area only? 1st car also kenna scratch on bonnet at Marina sq few yrs back. Super Sianz liao...
  17. The culprit is looking for the owner. black car got scratched on driver side at sim on 12 jan 2010
  18. Ordix

    Scratched by vandals

    I received this 'present' on my 1 mth ride from some ba*tard last week... I posted somewhere but wanted some more feedbacks. [inline cb_present.jpg] I already managed to remove half of the scratch with polish (note: pic is before polish), now left only bout 8cm (initially bout 15cm) but the 8cm is the quite deep area... 1) Anyone here ever use touchup paint (or pen) on this kind of deep scratches (i tink by penknife or screwdriver) and managed to make it flawless? 2) Must this be respray? Some said touchup paint will do some said confirm need to respray whole door. 3) I also read bout getting touchup paint from my AD and using toothpick to fill the gap... Any advice? 4) Read bout respray which should cost 70-100 for this? But abit relunctant cos mine only a 1mth ride. Hopefully can see photos of after 'touchups' :) Thanks everyone!
  19. xian, I just scratched the front of my door mirror of my cefiro. I noticed that my side mirror seems to have signal light, so I think there is a mirror cover. does anyone know how much it cost to replace this cover? should be very cheap right? I tried call TC but they already closed for the weekend....
  20. Hi all, I hit the kerb today and my rims were scratched.... Is there anyway to repair it? like re spray? any shop to do it? Thanks in advance!
  21. Lapse of concentration, got too intimate with a curb. Now my rim got some rather ugly scars, tyre also a bit scratched. Just called my "friendly" KM - Changing only just 1 stock rim is $697. They gotta be kidding me man! Anybody got any other suggestions? I was thinking just to a rim repair and check the wheel alignment. Another option I'll explore is getting a 2nd hand rim, if it's stock just change the front left. If it's an aftermarket one, and nice, then I'll change the whole set...
  22. I know i my car is not expensive but it means the world to me as it's my first owned car. i know you will not be that kind and own up that you did it. i just want you to know that what comes around goes around. You will get your just treatment. for the record, it happened at Bukit Purmei block 109 open carpark between 0000hrs to 1700hrs on Saturday (10/10/2008). My vehicle is a baby blue Hyundai Getz OPC. hit area is above the front left wheel... will post pics as soon as i get my hands on my camera. Regards...
  23. Parkingidiot

    Some M^%#F&&^2r scratched my car

    This morning disovered that my car had been deliberately scratched. A untidy figure 8 symbol had been carved into the panel above the front wheel in front of the driver's door. This is my 1st experience with deliberate vandalism on my car after these years of driving - the rest have been accidental dings from opening doors too wide, and generally forgiveable. The cowardly m0th3rf0ck3r who did this deviant art - if I catch him.... will learn how it feels to be kicked in the b0lls. Fortunately, for my ownself - my car has so many dings and dents and scrapes, this scratch itself does not really bother me - but the fact it is deliberate vandalism is what galls me.
  24. I have got this in front of my car when I went downstairs to get my car in the carpark to buy my supper. This is really the last honest person left on SIngapore. But he really have scratched my car at the front bumper area around 10cm, scatched off my car paint. I just called him and really there is someone answered the phone and willing to pay for my damages and ask me to send him the invoice and he will send me money via account transfer. I am shocked that there is still a honest person in SIngapore. I am still in shocked! Image: http://www.sgnick.com/my-life/the-last-hon...t-a-note-for-me
  25. Location: Bt Batok West Ave 6, heading towards BB central Date: 18/8/08 Time: 7.30pm+ Scenario: 2-lane traffic, roadworks on right lane near Bt Gomak MRT. Traffic slowed down considerably due to 2 lanes merged into 1 with the usual busy traffic at junction outside of MRT. I was on left-most lane, following in lin patiently and keeping to my lane. I've stopped down for ard 10secs when I heard a 'thump' sound from my right rear. I checked my rear view mirror + side mirror. Just in time to notice a young P-plate female rider squeezing between my right rear and car behind me. She was trying hard to maneuver her bike and eventually got thru'. I was like 'Hey, u hitted my backside!'... Too late, she rode away swiftly between the lanes. Not even time for me to note down her licence plate no. I got home to check my rear. True enough, she has left her mark. A more than 10cm long scratch along my right rear bumper, no dent though. Tried to polish off but still bears a tattoo. To really remove the mark will need a respray = min. $100. Another suck thumb situation!