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Found 153 results

  1. This will be the offical Elections thread with the opening of the register https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/registers-electors-ready-public-inspection-feb-26-march-11?fbclid=IwAR35b5zOAEzNcms43KklYO-BGZwc1hJZLFtBO1xWCVHPeFEhhjuIwP4CEiQ SINGAPORE — The registers of electors will be open for public inspection from Feb 26 to March 11, the elections department said on Monday (Feb 25). Singaporean citizens who are at least 21 years old as of Feb 1, and who are not disqualified as an elector under any law, will be allowed to vote. They must also have a Singapore residential address on their National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) as of Feb 1. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads Singaporeans can check their particulars: Online at the Elections Department website At community centres or clubs At the Elections Department located at 11 Prinsep Link Singapore 187949 They should have their NRIC or passport with them. Those who wish to check their particulars in the registers at community centres or clubs can only do so from 6pm to 9pm on weekdays and 3pm to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays. During the inspection period, a person can submit requests to include or remove his or her name or to update his or her particulars in the registers. Persons whose names were removed from the register for failing to vote in a past election may apply to have their names restored to be able to vote in future elections. REGISTERING TO VOTE OVERSEAS Overseas Singaporeans who have changed their NRIC address to an overseas address must also have a Singapore residential address registered with the Immigrations & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) as of Feb 1 to qualify to vote. Overseas Singaporeans whose names are listed in the Registers of Electors, and have resided in Singapore for an aggregate of at least 30 days during the past three years, may apply to register as overseas electors in order to vote at designated overseas polling stations. Registration and checking of particulars can be done at Singapore overseas missions that serve as overseas registration centres. Those registering must have their NRIC or passport. Singaporeans who registered as overseas electors in previous elections will have to register again. Registration as an overseas elector is open year-round, but overseas Singaporeans are encouraged to register early. Overseas Singaporeans who wish to vote in the upcoming elections must register as an overseas elector by the end of the second day after the writ for an election is issued.
  2. Huh ... https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/politics/article/3014162/malaysian-minister-implicated-gay-sex-video-prompting?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2NgV2yM4e1FpPMqnLZT62CHZuml1-sg8BQRAdVZpMJ8BLhIWSLXvwhBqA#Echobox=1560319568
  3. Hui ge jit pai siao liao http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/prime-minister-lee-hsien/2154802.html meanwhile..... "HENG AH"
  4. Mockngbrd

    LTA come for phv liao

    https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/lta-to-streamline-rules-governing-taxis-private-hire-cars SINGAPORE - A long-awaited move to impose tighter regulations on private-hire operators is finally on the way. The Land Transport Authority said on Thursday (Jan 24) that it is proposing to license all street-hail and ride-hail operators, "as they provide the same fundamental service of transporting commuters from point to point". This is a stark change from the time when these newcomers arrived six years ago, when the authority viewed them as "tech companies" and not transport providers. The LTA said on Thursday that regulations will also cover companies which provide pre-booked chauffeured services. Observers expect changes to harmonise regulations governing taxis and private-hire players. The LTA noted that the change will be "different from today's regulatory framework, where one set of regulations apply to taxi operators which provide both street-hail and ride-hail services, and there are no uniform regulations that apply to operators that purely provide ride-hail services". It said a new regulatory framework "will replace the existing Taxi Service Operator Licence and Third Party Booking Registration Certificate". The LTA is also looking at ways to improve safety, but gave no details on how it intends to do this. Preliminary statistics from motor insurers indicate road accident rates have crept up since the arrival of private-hire firms. On the commercial side, the new regulatory framework will allow drivers freedom to drive for whomever they wish. The framework will "allow LTA to prohibit all operators from having driver exclusivity arrangements", the authority added. The Straits Times understands the Public Transport Council will eventually see that both taxi and private-hire companies adhere to the new regulations. When asked, the PTC said it was more appropriate for the LTA to reply. An LTA spokesman would not comment, merely saying "more details on the review will be made available when ready". The LTA is seeking public feedback on the proposed changes. Those who wish to have their say can do so via http://bit.ly/PCDP2P, or e-mail jiaksai@lta.gov.sg by Feb 21.
  5. Tjkbeluga

    4th telco ai lai liao....

    http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/myrepublic-could-be-singapores-fourth-telco-20140626 I wonder what color will they choose.... Pink?
  6. Ahtong

    15th Anniversary of 911 liao

    Hard to believe that time flies so fast. The one good news is they finally nailed Osama. But who "won" and who "lost" is still hard to say.
  7. CREATIVE Technology, the home-grown tech firm, has slashed 2,700 jobs, or almost half its total workforce, in the last fiscal year as falling demand for its products continues to hit its bottom line. Jobs cuts were made across the board, but the bulk was in manufacturing, due to the sale of its Malaysian plant in July 2007. The Straits Times estimates that up to 2,200 jobs have been eliminated as a result of that closure. This came to light in the company's annual report filed with the Singapore Exchange on Wednesday. In the report, Creative said it had about 3,100 full-time workers as at June 30 last year, or 47 per cent fewer than the 5,800 employed a year earlier. In the previous year, Creative had cut headcount by about 800 from 6,600. A Creative spokesman said: 'The bulk of the reduction in the worldwide workforce was due to the sale of Cubic Electronics, the manufacturing subsidiary of Creative in Malaysia, in July 2007.' Creative sold an 80.1 per cent stake in the Malaysian facility for US$6.9 million (S$10.1 million) to a group of third-party investors as part of a move to streamline and improve its operational efficiency. Other staff cuts were made, with about 250 coming from sales, marketing and customer support, about 180 from administrative and other areas and fewer than 50 from research and development (R&D). Besides Asia, headcount was also significantly reduced in the Americas region, from about 640 to 280. The spokesman said there had been no 'significant change' in headcount in Singapore, where Creative has its corporate headquarters and a large part of its R&D operations. 'We are still looking to hire more R&D engineers,' the spokesman said. The company employs about 1,100 staff in R&D across the US, Britain and China, in addition to Singapore. Creative had net losses of US$19.7 million for the year ended June 30, 2008. The company, which makes MP3 players and speakers, has been hit by slowing sales of its products due to the worsening economic situation and tough competition. Sales for the three months ended Sept30 were US$141.2 million, down from US$184.6 million for the same period a year before. Half of Creative's sales came from Europe, while the Americas and Asia made up the rest almost evenly. In the report, Creative said it faces 'intense competition from a large number of established companies and emerging companies'. Sales of electronic products have slumped as the economic slowdown forces consumers to cut back on spending, leading companies like Chartered Semiconductor and Philips Electronics to announce job cuts in recent months. Creative suffered a net loss of US$32.2 million in the first quarter ended Sept 30 to follow a net loss of US$31.7 million in the three months before that. 'We will continue to reduce operating expenses as we target to reduce our losses in the uncertain market environment ahead,' president and chief operating officer of Creative Labs Craig McHugh said in October. chanckr@sph.com.sg [AD]
  8. By Tan Weizhen - 6 hours 19 min ago SINGAPORE
  9. @cscbb, cum cum cum, your last thread tio lock, now you chu lai liao, I start one for you to welcome you back! I think here can fight until throw towel or lay flat, if cannot tahan one can still call police, but policeman all change shift liao. Now here there is no pro-gov or anti-gov moderators, fight base on facts and own opinions, but I think better mind our language. If you tio warning and moderation again, I am sure someone will have to follow tio warning and moderated with you, how can gang fight only one party go in right? Let's see who is going in with you. Rolling rolling Action!!! @eviilusion, you want to continue from where you guys stopped?
  10. im driving a Civic EK3A and my aircon compressor is just abt to give way......everywhere i go, pple know im coming from miles away........ im looking for some help in looking for a place to change it for a reasonable price......student pockets arent very deep......so hoping some of the bros here could recommend a workshop where i can get it done......anyone can help me pls?
  11. The latest news from straits time. Exodus global has been filed police reports with several buyers who paid the first or balance payment not able to get their new car. Some owners even had paid as much as $100,000 with no car been delivered. https://soulblogger.net/random/parallel-importers-in-business-risk/
  12. Mockngbrd

    LTA got new boss

    http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/sph-ceo-alan-chan-to-take-over-as-chairman-of-land-transport-authority-from-april-1 GG liao, new boss usually means alot of stupid thing going to be happen for him to chut power....
  13. End up in longkang in the end: https://www.facebook.com/LangkapPerakMalaysia/videos/749253401841847/
  14. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/filipino-ex-nurse-charged-sedition-and-giving-false-info-the-polic INGAPORE - The nurse who allegedly made anti-Singaporean comments on Facebook was charged on Tuesday with sedition and giving false information to the police. Filipino Ed Mundsel Bello Ello, who was sacked by Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), faces two charges of publishing a seditious comment on his Facebook account and three of lying to the police. The 28-year-old allegedly said Singaporeans are "loosers" (sic) and vowed to "evict" them from their country and prayed that "disators" (disasters) strike Singapore and then he would celebrate. He ended by saying that "Pinoy better and stronger than Stinkaporeans" in his Jan 2 post. He also allegedly commented in another post that evening that he would "kick out all Singaporeans and SG will be the new filipno state". The charges, under the Sedition Act, say the publications have the tendency to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between Singaporeans and Filipinos in Singapore. Ello is accused of lying to the police at Chong Pang Neighbourhood Police Post the next day that he did not post the comments on Facebook. On Jan 4, he is said to have lied to a senior officer at at Ang Mo Kio Police Division headquarters that he did not post those comments and that his Facebook account had been hacked. The last charge accuses him of giving false information to the same officer on Jan 5. Ello, who was not represented, told the court he would be engaging a lawyer. Bail of $10,000 was offered and his passport has been impounded. A pre-trial conference has been set for April 21. If convicted, he could be fined up to $5,000 and/or jailed for up to three years on each charge of sedition. For lying to the police, he could be jailed for up to one year and/or fined up to $5,000 on each charge. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/filipino-ex-nurse-charged-sedition-and-giving-false-info-the-polic#sthash.GpUVPnmq.dpuf
  15. Two-wheeled revolution: Pyongyang installs bike lanes In a bid to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents, authorities in the North Korean capital have installed cycle lanes on major thoroughfares in the city. POSTED: 14 Jul 2015 11:55 SEOUL: North Korea has installed cycle lanes on major thoroughfares running through Pyongyang in an apparent bid to cut down on pedestrian accidents as more people have the cash to spend on bicycles to get around. Bicycles are an expensive but popular mode of transport for many in an impoverished and reclusive country where private car ownership, although on the rise, is still rare. They are often used by women to transport goods to semi-tolerated markets, where one of the most common services sold for profit is bicycle repair. Concrete paving stones on some long stretches of pavement in the central area of Pyongyang have been replaced by a strip of smooth cycle path marked with white outlines of bicycles, according to photos seen by Reuters. One image from early July showed a freshly laid bicycle path leading to the towering 105-storey Ryugyong hotel, the uprooted paving stones still on the pavement. North Korean cyclists are not supposed to ride on urban roads and have for years used an unmarked narrow strip of pavement shared with pedestrians, residents and visitors said. "This causes a lot of accidents and collisions and as a result people ride slowly and ring their bells very frequently," said Simon Cockerell of Beijing-based Koryo Tours, which takes Western tourists into North Korea. Pyongyang - the name of the showpiece capital means "flat lands" - is geographically bicycle-friendly, but has in the past introduced and then lifted bans on bikes in the city centre. Cockerell said the number of cyclists in Pyongyang appears to have increased by roughly 50 percent in the past few years, although the thought of riding a bike might be unsophisticated for many image-conscious Pyongyang residents. "They are not the most common form of transport for the average Pyongyang resident and many people I have spoken to about bikes there - mostly men - have scoffed at the idea that they would ride a bike," said Cockerell, whose company offers bicycle tours of North Korea. - Reuters/rw Article from : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/two-wheeled-revolution/1982720.html
  16. "It will also be considered an offence when a person use items bearing Singapore Police Force (SPF) logos and insignias for the purpose of creating a false impression of an association with the SPF without authorisation." http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/penalties-for-those-who/1879574.html
  17. http://rt.com/usa/203519-cnn-obama-osama-typo/
  18. Mockngbrd

    Shisha Smoking Got Banned

    Gahment cannot earn marney, so banned. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/shisha-to-be-banned-in/1452290.html SINGAPORE: Shisha is no less hamful than other forms of tobacco use, so the Ministry of Health (MOH) intends to prohibit the import, distribution and sale of shisha (give free can?) from later this month, said Parlimentary Secretary for MOH Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim in Parliament on Tuesday (Nov 4). According to the National Health Survey 2010, 7.8 per cent of young adults aged 18-29 years smoke shisha at least occasionally, compared to 1 per cent among older adults. The Student Health Survey found that the proportion of students who used alternative tobacco products, including shisha, had increased from 2 per cent in 20009 to 9 per cent in 2012. Dr Faishal said that in view of the health risks associated with shisha smoking, and to prevent the proliferation and entrenchment of shisha smoking in Singapore, the ban will be effected later this month. "However, as a transitional measure, existing licensed tobacco importers and retailers who import or sell shisha tobacco will be allowed to continue importing and retailing shisha tobacco until Jul 31, 2016," he said. "This allows such importers and retailers ample time to deplete their stock and restructure their businesses away from the shisha business." - CNA/kk
  19. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152740163093139 saw on fb. not my video
  20. Duckduck

    Blogger tio by LHL liao!

    http://thehearttruths.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsiaSingapore/posts/10152117852852934 typp: Mods pls help edit my topic title as the blogger has not had legal action taken against him yet... but the article is still accesible in his blog...???
  21. Read on BT today: VW, Toyota, Merc, Audi , BMW, Mazda, Kia, Hyudai, Chevy, Opel, Volvo, Jag got together on Tues to see how they collectively kpkb to the gahmen about all the rapid policy changes made recently. Interesting to note that not juz the conti not happy, seems like even jeepun and kimchi oso pissed off. Well done LTA.....again! Sorry hor, cannot find url link so this will do for now:
  22. Turboflat4

    Invited to Lim Kopi liao!

    By the Prime Minister, no less. (OK, OK, I know it's after the fact - I didn't go if you're curious). If they're pulling out the big guns, then Erection must be imminent. Better give the sheeple a massive dose of Viagra to make sure the Erection goes well.
  23. Thaiyotakamli

    The Ultimate Solution

    The ultimate solution to achieve Swiss living standard!
  24. porsche anyone? guarantee buyback ... depreciation is even much lower than buy (aka hire purchase) but you must have $235K to park there first and collect it back 3 years later .... LOL