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Found 17 results

  1. Ahtong

    15th Anniversary of 911 liao

    Hard to believe that time flies so fast. The one good news is they finally nailed Osama. But who "won" and who "lost" is still hard to say.
  2. Hi, Anyone know if these front suspension parts for 2009 Japan built corolla are compatible with 2008 Thai built corolla sold here in Singapore. Thanks
  3. Hi, All My wheel (Cat B) is reaching its 10th yr nxt Jun. And dun think COE will come done in the next 2yrs (end 2014 maybe). Bcos I had spent great efforts & loads $ to maintain the car, it still looks brand new inside out (yes, how stupid of me). I dun mind about the price of car body, but rather the $ to put it on the road for use . . . . Please advice on a step-by-step guide to obtain the open COE for the abovementioned? Does it require inspection, insurance etc? Finally, is it worth it ???
  4. Hmmm..... My colleague sms me that no train service from lakeside to town.... Any confirm reports out there?
  5. Just sharing what we did over the weekend. It was a crazy time putting everything together. BMW.SG celebrates 10 Years! "The People" What a night it was and what a way to celebrate our 10 years of online/offline existence. Even up to the day of the event, most of us helping to put together the party were still running around trying to tie up all loose ends and setting up. With the event soon to begin, we had some extra help from some very lovely ladies. The kickass t-shirt. Some of our participants were visibly more emotional then others when playing games. More last minute work for our lucky draw. We secretly bought flowers for the main lady who spear-headed this event. For more event photos, head on over to our facebook page
  6. Jchuacl

    10th anniversary for MCF

    It's the 10th anniversary since the founding of MCF and it has been a long time since I first join. Hopefully the forum will still be around in the next lap.
  7. Will there be any 10th anniversary celebration for MCF (founded in 2001) such as gathering, printing of cash cards?
  8. Pyschopath on the loose? Folks staying in Yishun, watchout. Suay for these owners.... http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._in_yishun.html Serial Vandal Loose in Yishun: 10th Car Smashed The windscreen of STOMPer Clare's car was smashed on Sunday (Mar 13), making it the tenth car in the Yishun Street 22 carpark to be vandalised, the STOMPer claims. The STOMPer reported: "My car got smashed on the windscreen twice yesterday (Mar 13) when it was parked at an open air carpark at Yishun Street 22. "Apparently this is not the first case of vandalism at this carpark. "My car is the tenth car we know of that got smashed by this vandal in the past few months and the culprit has not been caught yet. "My family and I personally witnessed four cases of vandalism over the past few months. "Just a block away, three cars were smashed on the windscreen in one night, some time last year in Jan/Feb. "This was confirmed by the shop owners near the carpark. "We were also told by the police officers there were around 10 cases of vandalism reported at that carpark. "I would like to appeal to the other victims to sign a petition for the MP to arrange for more patrols in the area, or for a CCTV to be installed in this neighbourhood."
  9. Hi brother and sisters out there! Anyone keen on going down to PG track to have a fun afternoon session!? I'm going down to track for the 2.30-3.30 session this coming 10th august, monday.(National day holiday) Pls do put down your name,hp number and car model! all are welcome! 1) Jon Loh/96991673/wrx
  10. YC86 Welcome Back Meetup Date: 10th July Friday Poll Venue: Kallang KFC / West Coast Mac / Rochor Tau Heuy / Chong Pang Tau Huey Time: 10.30pm onwards 1. Mivec9 (Kallang KFC - free flow drinks ) 2. 3. 4. 5.
  11. 10th Aug is govt-declared replacement holiday for 9 Aug. Does that mean my first IPT session no need to come?
  12. To the lady driving a black merc at Yishun avenue 6 on 10th Mar around 9am: I hope you can be more considerate when you drive. That stretch of road has many sharp turns and you should be driving carefully. You nearly caused an accident when u swerved into my lane at one of the turns. Didn't even bother to apologize for your error and just continue driving as if nothing happened. For those of you who know this driver...please let her know. I think she works somewhere in Yishun Industrial park A as her car drove into the road where ASM technologies is located. Seems like a high level executive as she was dressed smartly in a power suit...sad to say she don't even have the manners to apologize for her bad driving. Bros if u see a black merc driven by a lady with triple one as the car plate no. around this area...do be careful.
  13. VW Jetta 1.6L now selling for only $79,000. that's the cheapest german car that is available for budget conscious family man. In terms of width it's wider than the 2 jap cars, meaning 3 people seating behind will feel less squeezy. And it's 6 speed auto, beating the civic that is 5 speed auto. Fuel economy is at 12.2km/l, matching or better than the civic 1.8. But the 0-100km/h timing is miserable at 13.3sec, with power only at 102bph. Altis is 12.2sec/107bph. Civic 1.8 I think is under 10sec. the wheelbase is 2578mm so expect not so good legspace, also losing to the 2 jap cars. Kerb weight is also the heaviest. So with this consideration: Altis 1.6A $69,000 key winning factor: price, quiet ride. Civic 1.8A $78,000 key winning factor: acceleration, driver's car. Jetta 1.6A $79,000 key winning factor: it's a conti german car. (i will never consider 1.6 civic so it's out from my buying list). Will you choose the Jetta 1.6A? (note that the other version is 1.4A which has the same engine as the golf gti and cost close to $100K).
  14. 1. Hi guys, just to share the info that I've gathered from a car magazine on the new Corolla specifications: a) American version: - 1.8L D-VVTi, 2ZR-FE, 132hp/17.7kgm, 5MT/4AT - 2.4L VVTi, 2AZ-FE, 158/22.4, 5MT/5AT b) China version: - 1.6L D-VVTi, 1ZR-FE, 121/15.7, 5MT/4AT - 1.8L D-VVTi, 2ZR-FE, 134hp/17.9kgm, 5MT/4AT c) Euro version: - 1.4L VVTi, 4ZZ-FE, 97/13.3, 5MT - 1.6L D-VVTi, 1ZR-FE, 124/16.0, 5MT/5AT - 1.4L D-4D, 1ND-TV, 90/19.4, 5MT/5AT - 2.0L D-4D, 1AD-FTV, 126/30.6, 6MT d) Taiwan version: - 1.6L VVTi, 3ZZ-FE, 110/14.9, 4AT (Old Altis engine) - 1.8L D-VVTi, 2ZR-FE, 134hp/17.9kgm, 4AT 2. It seems like SG market probably follow the Taiwanese market in term of spec. All cars have standard dimension, 4540x1760mm and the wheelbase is 2600mm. From what I've read, they are predicting 80% chance that Toyota may introduce a Corolla 2.0L in view that Civic, Lancer, Mazda 3 & etc have 2.0 offering. They are likely to use the old 1AZ-FE(147hp/19.4kgm) engine from the proven Camry 2.0 if realized. Regards,
  15. You guys may be aware that we have a few cars from MCF that participated in the recent SG Competition. Throughout the competition and putting placing aside, we have exchanged pointers with other competitors and judges and picked up many valuable tips or best practices to improve the install and the sound quality of the ICE system. Join us on the forthcoming ICE Meetup at MacPherson. Usual famous Nasi Padang shophouse. All are welcome and especially to those MCF members that went for the competition but not a ICE Meetup regular - hope you can contribute too so that we build better ICE system in the future.
  16. Marcostan

    After 10th layer of KSG

    Did the 10th layer of KSG and here's how my babe look :