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Found 79 results

  1. In our fast-paced and hectic society, it is easy to get triggered when unexpected things happen to you as we can see from this video that has been posted on SG Road Vigilante. In this video that was shot in Yishun a few days back, we can see a van which is the camera vehicle, coming to the rear of a Volkswagen Scirocco. While waiting for the gantry to be lifted, the car rolled back as one pair of its wheels were on a hump. The van driver gave the car a tap of its horn, triggering the Scirocco driver to come down and confront the van driver. For those who have no experience with dual-clutch gearboxes, some, if not most, have the tendency to roll back if the car is on a slope as the car behaves very much like a manual car in start-stop situations. Hence, the Scirocco driver wasn't trying to reverse on purpose. Was the horn necessary? Was it necessary to follow so close to the Scirocco seeing that he had trouble at the gantry? And was the van driver guilty of tailgating out of the carpark? Or was it simply just a case of an ill-mannered Volkswagen driver having a bad day? What do you guys reckon? Let us know in the comment box!
  2. chitchatboy

    Weird things are happening in Yishun again!

    Weird things are happening in Yishun again. To be precise, at Blk 509B Yishun Ave 4 on the 20th July. For no apparent reason, this guy in orange simply falls down on his own as 'invisible forces' make him lose his balance. Also seen on SG Road Vigilante and circling around in many whatsapp group chat, this is clip is the perfect antidote for a boring and sleepy Monday. This should be a case of the guy wanting to try out an 'insurance scam' where by the pedestrian attempts to get hit by a moving car before proceeding to get compensation from the driver's insurance company. Unfortunately for the guy in orange, he looks quite silly 'falling' twice and with the driver's in-car camera showing clearly no signs of impact, his attempt is bound to fail. Check out what netizens have to say...
  3. Man who grew cannabis plants in his Yishun flat gets 4 years' jail source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cannabis-plants-yishun-jail-cnb-12574986?cid=FBcna SINGAPORE: A man who grew cannabis plants in his Yishun flat was sentenced to four years' jail on Wednesday (Mar 25) for cultivating a Class A controlled drug and other drug-related charges. Artamu Ibrahim, 45, pleaded guilty to one charge of cultivating two cannabis plants at Block 336A, Yishun Street 31, another charge of consuming a controlled drug and a charge of possessing a controlled drug. A fourth charge of possessing utensils for drug consumption was taken into consideration for sentencing. Immigration and Checkpoints Authority officers had detected glass apparatuses, suspected to be for smoking drugs, at the parcel post section of SingPost Centre. Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers raided Artamu's 13th-floor flat on Sep 9 last year and found two small containers containing vegetable matter in the master bedroom. They also found two pots of cannabis plants in an improvised makeshift greenhouse, and numerous instruments and reagent used for cannabis cultivation. Artamu was arrested and the seized plants were sent to the Health Sciences Authority. Both plants – weighing 1.83g and 49.7g – were analysed and found to be cannabis. Artamu admitted to cultivating cannabis at his home, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Lu Yiwei. Artamu said he obtained information on how to grow the plants from the Internet, including information on the amount of water, humidity level, pH level and temperature required. He built a "grow tent" for this purpose and used light bulbs, a spotlight and LED lights to boost plant growth, with fans controlling the temperature in the tent, as well as a ventilator and humidifier for optimal conditions. On top of this, he used an electric timer to measure the timings for the fans, ventilator and lights to be switched on or off. He also measured the humidity, temperature and soil wetness in the tent with two humidity meters, a thermometer and pH readers. Artamu also used a camera that was linked to his mobile phone to monitor the meters and the cannabis plants when he was not home. After his arrest, Artamu provided urine samples to CNB and drugs were detected in them. The vegetable matter was analysed and found to be a Class A controlled drug, a type of synthetic cannabinoid. A 52-year-old woman was also arrested at Artamu's flat, but she has not been prosecuted. The court heard that Artamu had been convicted in 2006 of consumption of cannabis and jailed for 10 months. Anyone convicted of cultivating cannabis plants can be given between three and 20 years' jail, fined between S$5,000 and S$40,000, or both.
  4. A popular local Singer/Songwriter has taken to her facebook page to rant about cars making loud explosive noises where she lives. 1 bang 2.mp4 In her post, Beverly Morata Grafton pointed out in her post she has been experiencing "exhausts have been popping off like gunshots from 10:30pm and counting. And like every weekend since mid April, they will do so until 4am plus in the morning..." From her photos and videos that she provided, we gathered that these incidents happenen along Yishun Ave 1, where Sinopec Yishun is situated at. This stretch has a speed camera but car enthusiasts are known to still gun their cars there while heading towards the Yishun Dam. We will not go into the rest of her post as it can be a bit demeaning and vulgar. For those who are curious, you can view her post below. In the video that was taken on the 25th of April, we could identify a white Volkswagen Golf accelerating away quickly from the petrol station before letting off some loud bangs, much to the annoyance of the songwriter. Being a post on the writer's personal page, it was no surprise to find the comments supporting her views. But what do you guys think? More pops and bangs for everyone? Or should we cooperate for quieter neighbourhoods?
  5. Royce, one of the co-owners of the establishment told Mothership that he had “never experienced” an all-female car wash before. He stated that the reason for using female washers is to “create a fun and unique washing experience which we cannot achieve the same results with males (sic)”. That curiosity, mixed with the inevitable “first-mover” advantage, spurred him to set up such a company. Opening on August 9 with a promotion It will open on August 9, 2019, with a promotion to boot. And while one might think it’s a pop-up stall type of scenario, disappearing behind a wall of foam after the last fireworks go off, Royce has big plans for the venture. Invariably, issues of sexism might rise, with some questioning whether the women will be used as sexualised props instead of being seen as actual employees. This is a claim spurred on by the negative associations with the previous bikini carwash in Singapore. Royce, however, was quite adamant that this is a whole different ball game. When we broached the subject of the possibility of girls in bikinis, Royce quickly shut down the idea that his staff would be in swimwear. “Mrscarwash is a legitimate and a non shady female carwash business. Hence, our girls will be wearing personalised crop tops with shorts and flip flops.” “I do not intend to exploit any females to dress in a revealing or skimpily manner and it’s going to be just another job for them,” he added. He also reiterated that it will be “just another car wash business”. “Frankly speaking, I choose to believe that concerns of sexism may float up from the general public but i strongly believe that with proper honest working ethics, even if it involves fully female washers, it’ll be just another car wash business where customers get their car cleaned up.” The car wash will open their doors on August 9, 2019.
  6. We know PMDs can be fast if you know what to do to increase its performance. Check out how this rider goes from Yishun to Ang Mio Kio in less than 5 mins. Of course, being electric-powered, there is plenty of torque to pull away from the rest of the traffic. The camera car gets dropped once the lights turn green but soon manages to follow behind after some time. No traffic lights along Lentor Avenue? Let's switch into 'max speed mode' then! we are no scientists or mathematicians but a wild guess probably puts the rider speed above the road's speed limit of 70km/h. Soon, he encounters traffic and goes past easily. The rest of the video then shows him passing more vehicles like a pro. Rider even checks his blind spot when changing lane. Bravo! By now, it is 4 minutes into the length of the video and the rider is already traveling along Ang Mo Kio Ave 6. Thankfully, we can see from the video that he did not get into any accident riding on the road illegally. Here's the full video from SG Road Vigilante.
  7. hi, any bro can advise whether the red light camera at X-junction between lentor ave and yishun ave 1 (lower seletar reservoir park) is active?? thanks. i accidentally beat the red light as i did not notice the RED turn-right arrow as the traffic light to go straight is green. May I know wats the penalty and fine??
  8. ABOUT US Our core business is to specialise on armrest console box and compartment with difference design/size models available to suit your car. Various base-bracket mounting available to accommodate your car's need for best comfort of arm-resting and storage. *We do provide installation at YISHUN and strictly by appointment only. WHY US? Our price is reasonable to suit your budget and provide best customer service, include after-sale support. Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp @ 98521155 (Mr Kong) to make an appointment or find out more! Other than armrest console box, we also sell a variety of products such as: a) Engine air filter b) Cabin aircon filter c) Door visor d) Front & rear wipers Note: Self-pickup at YISHUN by appointment. By postage possible for small parcel size. We're located at: Block 328 Yishun Ring Road S(760328) View our full product listing here: https://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=listprod&ppuser=126525&what=available
  9. Last night went there with a group of friends, saw alot of modified Singapore and Malaysian cars. Saw 1 Malaysian car (can't rem the model) went fast past us and fire came out from his exhaust. He repeatd this for quite a few laps. A good car showroom place
  10. I was told by the other branch of Shell that another Shell station at Yishun Ring Road (near Yishun Ave 5) is closing down and giving out vouchers for at least $30 petrol pumping. But those vouchers can only be used at 3 Shell stations. One @ Yishun Street 11 and another near SSC and followed by third place which I could not recall. So, those bros and sis staying in Yishun or sembawang might want to give it a try. It is till 25 March 2016. I will probably try next week.
  11. This is one of the place 7 days a week you can see people parking their cars along the dam, TCSS and enjoy the nice scenery. Soon it will be gone ...... http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story...227-330429.html Two new road projects to improve connectivity in S'pore's north The Government will start on two new road projects to improve overall road connectivity and capacity in the north to support upcoming and future developments, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Monday. It will expand the existing interchange that connects Central Expressway (CTE), Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE). At a cost of $75 million, the expansion will improve connectivity between Yishun, the new Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) and the expressway network. As part of the project, four new vehicular flyovers will be constructed and five new road connections will be created. With the flyovers, motorists travelling on Seletar West Link will be able to access both the CTE and Yio Chu Kang Road, and vice versa. Those on the westbound TPE will also be able to access Seletar West Link. SECOND PROJECT The LTA will also construct a new road link between TPE and Yishun Avenue 6. As part of this new road link, a new dual two-lane road from Yishun Ave 1 to Yishun Ave 6 will be built. A stretch of Yishun Ave 1 will also be re-marked from the current dual one-lane road to a dual two-lane road. The existing Seletar West Link will be widened from a dual one-lane road to a dual three-lane road as well. When completed, motorists can look forward to better connectivity and faster travelling time between the three connecting expressways, Yishun Town and SAP. For example, motorists travelling from Yishun Town to CTE can expect a time savings of up to 10 mins. The completion of the new road link will also improve traffic conditions along Lentor Avenue and Yishun Avenue 2. Tenders for the new road link between TPE and Yishun Avenue 6 will be called shortly. Construction is expected to start in the third quarter of 2012. According to a my paper report, road-diversion works will be carried out during off-peak hours. Both projects are targeted for completion by 2015.[attachment=64924:Yishun_Dam.jpg]
  12. Hi, Anyone know of any reliable car maintenance workshop in Yishun area ? Going for my 30k service soon. Car - Chevrolet Optra Thanks
  13. Iceklsy

    How to get to Yishun Dam

    Yoz... most helpful folks of MCF.. pls gib me some direction to drive to Yishun Dam, from Queenstown. without using CTE tunnels.. Gum Siah..
  14. For all the bros and sis that live in the northern part of Singapore. This thread to share news and happenings around our area. New places to go, new food to eat, new corners to explore. If you are closer to KSL than Takashimaya, you are technically in the North.
  15. Replying to media enquiries, LTA also said, “We are currently embarking on a sizable scale of expansion projects for passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. Coordination is very important.” “We should have better internal coordination for this new bicycle path along Yishun Central, to discover earlier the need of a new bus-stop along the same stretch of road,” it said. Again, stressing that it was an isolated incident, it said, “This is an isolated incident. Nonetheless, we have used it as an example to improve coordination between different projects, so as to avoid inconvenience and concerns.” http://www.tremeritus.com/2015/01/19/new-bicycle-lane-demolished-upon-completion-by-lta/ I wonder how many more goes unnoticed and unreported?
  16. LifePro_Tips

    Yishun Bus Services

    Yishun Bus Services Corporate Services We provide limousine services for VIPs, corporate functions and important meetings held in Singapore. Our vehicles are maintained daily to deliver the best experience for your important guests. Important Events Got a wedding coming up, scheduling Singapore City Day Tours, or are you a school teacher organizing excursions? Let us know and we have the best transport for important occasions as well. Scheduled Transport We have the most reliable, comfortable and fully air-conditioned buses and mini-buses for your company’s daily or hourly transport needs. Contact us and we will send a person to talk to you. With our wealth of experience and commitment , we promise to fulfil your exacting transportation requirements to provide value-added services . We guarantee a convenient and comfortable ride to your destination , whether planning trips for business or for pleasure. Travel with us now ! Feel free to contact us for a quote or for more information. Yishun Bus Services 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 , #01-03 , Harvest@Woodlands , Singapore 757322 Tel : 6734 7260
  17. An additional station will be built between Yishun and Sembawang on the North-South Line, and it will be known as Canberra station, said Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew on Friday (June 27). He said the feasibility study has been completed, and the Land Transport Authority will provide more details on it later. Mr Lui was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Thomson Line, which will be opened in three phases in 2019, 2020 and 2021. When fully opened, the line will bring an additional 60 per cent capacity to the North-South corridor, he said. When fully completed in 2021, the Thomson Line will have 22 stations, including six interchanges. The line will see a projected daily ridership of about 400,000 commuters, and will serve several housing estates in the north and central areas – including Woodlands, Sin Ming, Thomson and Kim Seng – and connect them to the city and the rest of the MRT network. The 30km-long line will also be eventually linked to Johor Bahru in Malaysia, he said. Apart from the new line, Mr Lui also spoke about the planned expansions to the existing rail network – the West Loop of the Punggol LRT, which will open on Sunday (June 29); the North-South Line Extension, which will open later this year; the Tuas West Extension, which will open in 2016; and the Downtown Line, which will be fully opened in 2017. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-mrt-station-to-be/1213422.html --------------------- finally they utilize the NS12 station code..the businessed located nearby most probably will be greatly affected for the next 7 years & most will probably fold up
  18. Residents of Yishun Street 81 spotted a 5kg potted plant lodged in the windscreen of a Toyota sedan that was parked in the Housing Board estate on Sunday. The police said yesterday that they received a call about the incident at Block 871 on Sunday at 2.23pm. The case has been classified as a rash act and investigations are ongoing. The potted plant apparently fell from the ninth floor of the HDB block. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/5kg-potted-plant-lands-parked-car-20140603
  19. This morning around 10.20 am, a black Malaysian plate proton JGP1805 suddenly stopped and reversed after it turned right into the carpark turn-in, hitting my stationary car's right bumper. Bloody faggot reversed back into the main road and drove off when I got down from my car and approached him to exchange particulars. If any bros spot this car pls let me know. Thanks.
  20. NEA investigating sewer pumping incident in Yishun NEA seems to be very busy lately, from the ceiling cleaning to trade fair to haze and now gutter oil. Another article also appeared in 154th today, polis also looked bad, culprits run away. If no wrong done, wonder why they run away. Illegal immigrant? No work permit? or really guilty of pumping the sewage oil out?
  21. Scion

    BMW chu pattern at Yishun dam

    wah wu sa la boh? too drunk? lucky never drove straight into the waters
  22. been noticing a TP officer riding a scooter around yishun even on weekends. jus yesterday at 1pm opposite yishun north npc, TP set up roadblock with 1 TP volvo, 1 TP bike n 1 TP scooter. found out tat 11+am yesterday, roadblock was also set up near the Yishun ITE area. when driving at 5.30pm saw the TP volvo, bike n scooter on the move probably setting up another roadblock. with alot construction going on in yishun, wonder if the operations is aimed at heavy vehicles or modded cars?
  23. Bigbadguy

    Yishun to Depot Road Via Lornie

    Hi Peeps, I need to reach depot road by 9am weekdays and I would like to know what is the best timing to travel on Lornie road. I don't mind reaching early. My main objective is to siam the Jam, Hope those that frequent travel this route can give some advice. My travelling route will be Lentor - Marymount Rd - Lornie - Alexander road - Depot Road Thanks ya all.
  24. Was watching the Ch8 news. Water in Yishun is smelly and rashes are formed on skin after the water has been used for bathing. Any folks here affected?