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Found 31 results

  1. chitchatboy

    Young punks on PMDs strike again!

    You can't blame the authorities when videos like this leak onto the internet, prompting the government on clamping down on PMDs (Personal Mobility Device). With more than 600 comments as of press time on SG Road Vigilante's latest video post blasting on these YP (Young Punks), this is one viral video. From the video, we can see the motorcyclist (with his friendly gesture) , 'escorting' the bunch of them from bukit timah road, passing by Raffles Hospital before going up to the Benjamin Sheares bridge and stopping at Marina Bay area for some rest. In the clip, we can also see them overtaking traffic easily with no regard for the speed limit of PMDs. No thanks to the friend who 'sabo-ed' the group and leaked the clearly-shot video out, we are fairly certain the authorities will be knocking on their doors soon... Check out what netizens have to say about them about below!
  2. We know PMDs can be fast if you know what to do to increase its performance. Check out how this rider goes from Yishun to Ang Mio Kio in less than 5 mins. Of course, being electric-powered, there is plenty of torque to pull away from the rest of the traffic. The camera car gets dropped once the lights turn green but soon manages to follow behind after some time. No traffic lights along Lentor Avenue? Let's switch into 'max speed mode' then! we are no scientists or mathematicians but a wild guess probably puts the rider speed above the road's speed limit of 70km/h. Soon, he encounters traffic and goes past easily. The rest of the video then shows him passing more vehicles like a pro. Rider even checks his blind spot when changing lane. Bravo! By now, it is 4 minutes into the length of the video and the rider is already traveling along Ang Mo Kio Ave 6. Thankfully, we can see from the video that he did not get into any accident riding on the road illegally. Here's the full video from SG Road Vigilante.
  3. New saga! Cheapo rider take Gojek, according to her there's a route that can avoid ERP. When the driver ask which way, she says she don't know and then claims that driver is out to cheat her ERP money. Driver angry, drove to police station. She tries to record driver and accused him of driving recklessly. She says driver has no right to record her, even though she herself is trying to record the driver. She calls (presumably Gojek hotline) to report driver. They reach a place where there is a Malay policeman. She tried to exit the car but the car is auto locked, and shouts "kidnap!" Policeman appears to side with driver and she plays racist card. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0sziuM1_a8&feature=youtu.be
  4. Give the man a TIGER!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=555335134581552&set=vb.487870694661330&type=2&theater
  5. HermanGuoh

    Did the rider dozed off?

    this courier rider almost swerved into my lane without signalling, my honk somehow woke him up & he later apologised(not seen on vid)....wonder if he really dozed off, if so my honk would have saved him from the barrier....
  6. SMRT Night Rider services to be scaled back Public transport operator SMRT is scaling back its Night Rider services due to low ridership. From April 30, Night Rider services heading towards the city will cease to operate. SINGAPORE: Public transport operator SMRT is scaling back its Night Rider services due to low ridership. From April 30, Night Rider services heading towards the city will cease to operate. Night Rider services NR1, NR2, NR3, NR5, NR6, NR7 and NR8 leaving city towards residential areas will also end earlier -- at 2am, instead of the current 4.30am. SMRT said that from April 30, these seven services will operate from 11.30pm till 2am on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as on eve of public holidays. SMRT's Director for Media and Marketing Communications Alina Boey said that ridership for Night Rider has declined steadily over the years to 11,000 per year as of February 2014. "This translates to about 350 passengers across seven services per night, more than a 50 per cent drop since February 2008. Curtailing services between 2am and 4.30am allows us to maintain a balance between reasonable services for commuters and business sustainability," she added. - CNA/ac http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/smrt-night-rider-services/1070866.html?cid=FBSG
  7. Saw this as I was driving back from KL yesterday on NSH...its at above 100km/h...these people are plain crazy...I saw from afar they were at that position and flipping their feet for fun and was shock when I got near them...they could lose their balance easily and become part of the asphalt!
  8. RchLuvSlly

    Advice - Jaywalking is strictly prohibited!

    You know, paying careful attention for oncoming vehicles while crossing the street is actually a pretty obvious thing to do. However, it seems that there will always be some people who are just ignorant enough that they tend to jaywalk. The woman in the accompanying video is a good yet unfortunate example. You see, when you jaywalk, not only are you putting your life in danger but also that of other people's. If a vehicle happens to be approaching while you are jaywalking, the driver of the vehicle will be forced to slam the brakes all of a sudden. As a result, other vehicles behind the vehicle approaching you may happen to hit it if the drivers fail to stop their cars at the right time. With that being said, do you actually realise how dangerous you are becoming by simply crossing the street without paying attention? Well, I won't lie to you, though. Most of us probably do jaywalk every once in a while. However, after watching the video, I shall always keep in mind to refrain from doing so as I value my life. I don't know what the woman was thinking when she started walking towards the middle of the street. Nonetheless, while she was crossing it halfway, she seemed to finally realise that she shouldn't have actually started crossing in the first place as it was nearly certain she would get trapped on the centre double line. Unfortunately, she decided to take the worst option, to turn back! Let me remind you, when you cross the street, especially if you're already halfway, you'll probably be better off going forward or halt when necessary rather than turning back. Turning back is very dangerous! Moreover, the woman in the video didn't watch out for any oncoming traffic prior to turning back. Well, I'll have to be honest with you. It didn't really come as a surprise seeing the woman get hit by the scooter. The scooter rider, however, didn't seem like he was paying attention, either. Had he paid more attention on the road ahead, he should, at least, have been able to decelerate. Furthermore, jaywalkers often have erratic behaviour that they may turn back or even jump when motorists least expect it.
  9. You see, if you're living in a place where floods have become some sort of a daily sighting, you may want to consider building a DIY flood kit. Who knows, you may even make a handsome fortune out of it. Don't believe it? Well, what about watching the accompanying video? The guy riding the Honda motorcycle shown in the video makes good use of duct tape and some plastic tubes. With those, he makes some sort of dual snorkelling air intake and ensures that no water gets into his exhaust pipe. So, the next thing he has to focus on is to keep on throttling and make sure that the bike goes in a straight direction. It's pretty creative. Using this method, he successfully managed to go through the flood despite its three-feet depth. What an engineering mind he had for such an unfriendly condition. Imagine how many people you could possibly help with such a DIY flood kit.
  10. A man was jailed for eight weeks and banned from driving for five years on Tuesday for causing the death of his elder brother and drink driving. Jaswant Singh, 54, a technician, who had pleaded guilty, was giving his brother, Mr Harbans Singh, then 54, a ride home when the accident happened at the signalised T-junction of Bukit Batok Road by Bukit Batok West Avenue 7 on July 25, 2009. The court heard that they had earlier attended a ceremony at the house of their eldest brother, whose son was getting married the next day. They had taken some beer. Jaswant was riding along the extreme left lane of Bukit Batok Road at about 12.30am that day when he failed to keep a proper lookout ahead for a car that was slowing down when the traffic light changed from green to amber. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-brothers-death
  11. [shakehead] Feels sorry for the innocent child... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...t_having_3.html Posted on 19 May 2012 Family scolds passerby who informs them that riding a bike with 3 people is illegall A family was spotted with three people on a motorbike. They also scolded a passerby who informed them that it was illegal to have three people on a bike in Singapore. Said STOMPer Beckham: "Picture says it all... on Singapore road. "Family gets bold."
  12. Both need anger management?
  13. hi all seeking your opinions on buying Term CI coverage where the coverage will reduce every year. This is a CI rider tying in with a mortgage reducing-term loan. Pay $360 premimum per year for $150K CI coverage, where the CI coverage reduce per year while the $360 premium remains the same. Wise move? pls advise.
  14. Yusld

    Irritating Motor rider

    Many people might encountered this kind of rider. During a quiet and peaceful night, suddenly you heard a long blast and their exhaust pipe sound really irritating. Why must they ride this way? To show off they have big exhaust pipe or...... ?
  15. A*STAR staff condemns dead rider in ECP accident for delay READERS are outraged by a man who condemned a rider killed in an ECP accident for causing a 45-minute delay and incurring $3 ERP charge. The man claims to be an A*STAR employee in his Facebook profile. One reader, Timothy wrote: "This guy, an A*STAR employee as stated in his Facebook profile, made light of the death of a motorcyclist along East Coast Parkway (ECP) by posting insensitive comments on his Facebook wall. "He claims that the death of the rider caused him to be delayed by 45 minutes and incurred $3 in ERP charges. "With this as a justification, he condemns the rider to hell -- 'he's probably going to hell because of that,' wrote the user in his Facebook status bar." Timothy added that the guy did not even have a sense of remorse after being chided by his friends. "In response to chiding from his friends, the A-Star employee remained self-righteous. 'I can phrase it even more terribly...speeding is the pathway to hell. They need to learn'" he writes. "The Facebook user goes on to joke about the rider's death by saying, 'the deceased has been granted a long permanent break,' in response to comment asking him to 'give (the deceased) a break.' "The local riding community at Singapore Bikes Forums is incensed, with a flurry of enraged responses to the Facebook user's statements, which have been uploaded to the site since 11.46pm yesterday. In another e-mail, reader Ronald wrote: "This guy made such an uncalled comment on a rider who had an accident and passed away just because of $3 and 45 minutes of his insignificant life. "It is insulting to the deceased."
  16. And I thought I had my fair share of accidents knowing what to do but this one is a new one truly. Maybe not new to some other bros. I was on a single lane 2 way road, Haig Road towards Haig Court. At the entrance to haig court, I turned left to guard house. Suddenly go one bike whack right into my left side/left rear. He was squeezing in from my left on a single lane road and did not notice my signal. My car not new car 5 years already. I quickly stop vehicle, help the rider up and ask him if he needs assistant. Didnt bother about the damage. help ppl 1st ma. I glanced at the damage, not very serious. Some dents, paintwork badly scratched but nothing that couldnt be fixed. I still pat him on nhis back and tell him that single lane road why rush and cut until like that? Lucky low speed. Cars were horning as they needed to enter the condo so I moved my vehicle some metres forward. After that, took some photos of the surroundings and the bike and then spoke to rider asking him if he would like me to go his workshop, settle here or I claim his insurance. He says that he got no $$$ to pay and no workshop so I say claim insurance lor. He says ok. I say we exchange particulars and as I approached my vehicle to take pen and paper, he quickly rode off on his bike!!!??? wa lao eh. So never mind, I got his number anyway. The security guard also offered to be my witness as he saw me slowing down, signal in advance before turning. Kayu rider dreaming just whack thru. The rider seemed 99% malaysian from his accent but he was riding local bike. I did for a moment think that he was either borrowing his friends bike etc. Maybe not owner. Today go my workshop for 3rd party claim. Shared my sentiments with them. Alamak, tell me that unlike car, bikes no any rider (i know la, I rider too) if bike rider not owner or insured, hard to claim. Bike insurance wont cover. Got witness also no use. Becomes civil case. but if biker no $$$ also wasting my time. Report to police hit and run, police not interested say will only do accident report acknowledgement form for me. So if biker is not owner of bike, my case is as good as gone. It does not matter if I have the photo of the rider, the bike, the damage, the accident scene or even a witness. Nothing for me to claim liao. If I want to teach the fella a lesson, for riding without insurance, must report to police. But police not interested to find out who. sit down and cry. Probably fix with my own $$$. Luckily its in the high hundreds only. knn, good heart, polite and helpful and relax also no use. let ppl take advantage and run like that. maybe i should have reversed hard and crush his bike so he cant run. just sharing my sob story. btw if u guys got any inputs feel free to add. Otherwise, I just wait to pay for my own damage. this kinda case also have, sigh.
  17. Nowadays ppl use to do application of services in the comfort of their home. But some document need hard copy where fax copy is not acceptable. In such case, usually the company will send a dispatch rider to collect ur document (application form with your signature, photocopy IC). how reliable r these dispatch rider when your most important document is in their hand? This question arises when I just receive my M1 upgraded phone online and I pass my photocopy IC to the dispatch rider... Will few months down the road Ah Long come to my house to pour red paint ??? oh no.....
  18. Anyone know the contacts to these vendors who provide the despatch rider ? Kindly PM me. Thank you.
  19. Had a weird encounter with an angmoh biker this morn at chancery. was going up chancery hill and to make a right turn to chancery lane when the biker appeared on my left, there was a Q to turn so i let him go 1st. i was in easy mode tdy and cruised along at 50, keeping 2 cars away from him and he was also 2 cars away from e car in front of him... some 200m later he put his hand behind himself asking me to back off? i was like wth/wtf? i wasnt even tailgating! anyway, jus as i was about to make a left to jln pasiran, he opened his visor, prob wanting to F me verbally, but i turned anyway and he went along straight... duh? jus wan to get it off my chest...
  20. Unfazed

    Dangerous Yet Angered Rider

    Hi Guys, Just wanna share another interesting sighting or experience today. Riding bike as usual with spouse behind to drop her off at bus stop in the morning & up behind came another middle aged rider riding Super Four who scared the daylight outta me. Swooshed past at high speed just inches besides, squeezing thru a vehicle infront of me and switching lane (w/o signal too! gosh!). Naturally w/o knowing y, I pressed my horn & he actually slowed down (esp when he's already in another lane? Y?) to give me the look & gesture,"hey what's wrong, mate?!" Sighed, cant bother trying to explain with all the hand or sign languages as that will become "chicken & duck" kinda game (he's gonna think he did nothing wrong whereas I will see that as pretty dangerous or even reckless and inconsiderate to another fellow biker). So I waved him to proceed on with his journey but what prompts me is just how some ppl will react even thou they are in a disadvantage situation with such reckless behaviour. I admit there are times all riders ride pretty fast and I m guilty of being fast too sometimes. But Goodness! I cant imagine he survive this long with his riding stunts skills. Nevertheless God make the world interesting with ppl like him, dun ya think so? Cheers!
  21. I was watching the Channel U news a moment ago. The editor of Sin Ming paper who caused the death of a 24 year old maid and injured a 70 year old rider was previously sentenced to 18 months' jail when the first sentence was passed. She appealed and managed to reduce the 18 months' jail to 1 day. Why the initial sentence can be changed so drastically?
  22. Superyandao

    Knight Rider 2008

    Pretty good. Hope it'll become a series.
  23. Chickenwing

    Fans of Knight Rider

    The series is back! Premiers on 24th Sept 2008!!! And it appears that the online version is a week earlier on 17th!!! What a wait since the film pilot some months back. http://www.autoblog.com/2008/09/06/i-knigh...-a-week-before/ "Knight Rider premiering online Sept. 17th, a week before broadcast" "Hey kids, don't forget: the new, not-at-all-improved Knight Rider becomes a weekly series on Wednesday, September 24th." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knight_Rider_(2008_film) "NBC has commissioned a weekly series to debut during the 2008-2009 television season.[12] Gary Scott Thompson has been brought on to showrun[13] and is commited to two years.[14] Filming on the season began June 23,[15] for a September 24 premier.[16]" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knight_Rider "After receiving good ratings, NBC announced that Knight Rider will return as a weekly series beginning in the fall of 2008. The show is set to air Wednesdays at 8:00PM/7:00PM CT.[9] The series premier will be Sept 24, 2008 per commercials on NBC."
  24. Hi guys, I have heard of "riders" that covers the difference between the insured market value and the outstanding amount to pay if an event of a total loss. Is such riders still commonly available?
  25. Location: Bt Batok West Ave 6, heading towards BB central Date: 18/8/08 Time: 7.30pm+ Scenario: 2-lane traffic, roadworks on right lane near Bt Gomak MRT. Traffic slowed down considerably due to 2 lanes merged into 1 with the usual busy traffic at junction outside of MRT. I was on left-most lane, following in lin patiently and keeping to my lane. I've stopped down for ard 10secs when I heard a 'thump' sound from my right rear. I checked my rear view mirror + side mirror. Just in time to notice a young P-plate female rider squeezing between my right rear and car behind me. She was trying hard to maneuver her bike and eventually got thru'. I was like 'Hey, u hitted my backside!'... Too late, she rode away swiftly between the lanes. Not even time for me to note down her licence plate no. I got home to check my rear. True enough, she has left her mark. A more than 10cm long scratch along my right rear bumper, no dent though. Tried to polish off but still bears a tattoo. To really remove the mark will need a respray = min. $100. Another suck thumb situation!