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Found 36 results

  1. Been hearing her on the radio inadvertently. I find her jokes stale and voice impersonations irritating. I switch stations while driving all the time, whenever I hear her voice, I will switch station immediately. To those who enjoy her segments on radio, no offence.
  2. Piyopico

    Is there a bug on MCF

    Is there a bug of some sort on MCF? I have been experiencing these on all of the pages......
  3. How many of you guys here receive sales calls on a continual basis from Pudential and its agents? They are damn thick skinned, thick in the skull and just god damned irritating. I get as many as 3 calls PER DAY and its pissing me off real bad. If any Prudential agents happen to read this, well bugger off. The world can do without you f--kers giving yourselves a fanciful title of FINANCIAL ADVISOR/CONSULTANT. What makes you think you're qualified? Just because you passed some mickey mouse papers? Stop ruining the name of finance. Sorry, just wanna vent some anger here. If this isn't appropriate please take it down.
  4. shrjun

    Tanglin post office parking

    Parked in the building with the Tanglin Post office in it for approximately 10 minutes.Came back and the carpark cash card reader kept saying that my cashcard was invalid and would not let me exit.I pressed the intercom and an ancient old man turned up,kept asking me to put in another cash card and refused to open the barrier.He said that he would get his supervisor to come over but that would take 1 hour! I lost my temper and yelled a bit and he said that he would call the police ( ? ) .I thought that it was stupid to wait an hour with the moron and gave him $3 ( he gave me a receipt ) and he then opened the barrier. 1. Pissed off because he kept implying that I had used a different cash card to enter . couldn't he have checked on the entry machine ? 2. It was the machine that was at fault - he could have just opened the barrier ! Thoughts ?
  5. Porker

    Interesting phrases

    We have our share of commonly used phrases/lines encountered so please share. Some are irritating and some just don't make sense The irritants 1. in view of business exigencies 2. please revert 3. please expedite 4. Noted 5.Noted with thanks 6. For you action 7. WIP aka work in progress 8. Song song gao julong 9. Swee swee boh zhao zhui Doesn't make sense 1. Strictly no xxx ("No" means no. What does "strictly no" mean? Does it mean that "No" gives you a small leeway and "Strictly no" means absolutely no?) 2. Cheap and good 3. Cheaper better faster Jesus
  6. Spurman

    POSB ATM irritating ads

    As above. Posb bank atm now have 3 ads poping up like for a good 20 to 30secs b4 we could do anythong after we insert the card. Wtf
  7. Chucky2007

    Irritating teens running over cars

    Just now I was smoking downstairs, saw a bunch of monkey kids, after loitering at neighbouring void decks. After they are done w messing the place up, they walked away and 2 of them proceed to run and jump up a car and run across it.. they ran, jumped up onto a car boot and up the ceiling, then down the bonnet.. I see Liao cannot take it, went up and shouted at them to stop messing with other people's car. One teen even stopped n say "what?" I so angry ask them to duck off and stop messing other cars.. bloody hell if we are not seperated by a fence, I think I will run up and slap their face... Maybe they will wack me instead since they are 6 of them..haha The car they messed is a jaguar.. pity the owner...maybe the boys red eye see jaguar at public estate.. Really itchy legs and lousy behaved teenagers
  8. recently keep hearing this irritating hydundai radio ad at class 95. the guy keeps shouting goal.
  9. Rubberpad

    Irritating Facebook friends

    I am quite a religious person but i really cant stand it when my friends constantly keep thanking god for the good weather they will thank god for the nice dinner they will thank god for the relative that visited his house they will quote some bible phrases how do you feel towards them?
  10. Just wanted to discuss an experience I just had at the Dunearn Rd Shell Station (the one the near Turf City junction). This Shell has been freely giving out those "$3 off every $40 petrol" vouchers like water. I have 3 whole sheets of these vouchers. They allow you to use more than one voucher per fill, e.g. $120 petrol (before discount) = $9 off. I was also pleasantly surprised recently when I "won" an $8 voucher during my last fill - this is that promotion where they match the serial no. of the receipt or something. It's like a lucky draw. Anyway, this is not something that's freely given out. So today I filled a full tank of V-power, as I usually do. The bill was just over $128 dollars. Naively, I assumed that I could use my $8 voucher plus three of those $3 vouchers to get a total discount of $17. Nope, think again. The counter staff (PRC girl) told me this was not possible because "both of them were vouchers" and I couldn't use 2 sorts of vouchers together. Or something like that. This struck me as unfair and stupid. For one thing, even after discounting the $8 voucher, I would still legitimately be able to use 3 of the "free" $3 coupons. It's not like I was trying to pull a fast one by getting a discount to which I was not entitled. Furthermore, the expiration date for the $8 voucher was close to the expiration date for all the free stamps (of which I had tons, more than I would be able to finish before the expiration date). So that essentially meant my "special" $8 voucher was fairly useless to me because I would never be able to use it in conjunction with the other stamps. If there had been someone waiting in line behind me, I would just have sucked it up and moved on. But since I wasn't inconveniencing any other customers, I decided to play hardball. I insisted on speaking to the manager. The PRC girl at first insisted she was the manageress there, and her decision was final. I said, OK I will write an email registering my displeasure to Shell. At this point, she relented and agreed to make a phone call to her manager (so there *was* someone higher she could readily contact after all ). After that call, she came out all apologetic and said they would accept all the vouchers together. $17 off. Finally. So I got what I wanted, but only after a good bit of table-banging. It's not even about the money, it's about being fair to the customer and the principle of the thing. Just wanted to vent a little, and share my experience so the bros here know what to expect.
  11. Was turning left to Pasir Ris Dr 3 from Loyang Ave last night at 10pm and when I was waiting at the slip road, traffic was clear at the junction as on-coming traffic was 'red' and 'green' arrow show for vehicle to turn right to Loyang Ave. As traffic was clear, I move 'off' to PR Dr 3 (on left lane) and this SMRT taxi SH* 6367* (dark maroon colour) make an illegal 'U' turn at the junction and speed up & almost knock onto my vehicle rear. The driver (malay driver) was not happy and during the journey to Downtown East, he play punk along PR Dr 3 by slowing down, sped off quickly, cut into the left lane and then right again in front of me. Thinking that I would horn or flick high beam at him, I totally ignore him all the way. At one point nearer to Downtown East, he cut into th left lane but was caught by surprise as there was a 10 tonne lorry infront of him and he can't come out again as there is another NTUC taxi beside him. As I was just behind the NTUC taxi, we overtook him on the right and I turn right at the junction to DE. He followed all the way to DE and as there are 2 auto parking barriers, I took the inner one and he drove up fast and took the outer one. As both barriers open up, he sped forward and as we are turning into a narrow path under the MSCP, I gave way to him to turn first. The driver must be thinking that I will follow him behind but I turn into the MSCP and took another exit out of the MSCP to go to Escape Themepark. There was a yellow taxi waiting at the taxi stop at DE and he overtook the park taxi and followed behind my vehicle. I was thinking to myself, if he follows again with me to the car park of Escape Themepark, he will get hell from me if he confront me..... Was at the Themepark to pickup my child from his yearend class party and whilst slowing down and turn left to the car park, the taxi stopped for a while and I guess that the driver was thinking whether to continue to follow me or not. I slowed down to crawling speed on the straights and looking at my rear view mirror to see if he still follow me. The taxi then move forward and left DE. To the taxi driver, in the first place, you made an illegal 'U' turn and almost knocked onto my vehicle rear. I did not horn or high beam you and I continue my journey peacefully and totally ignore you along the journey but why you choose to cut in and out of the traffic (PR DR 3) really confused me. Why you followed me to DE and did not even pickup or drop off any passenger puzzle me also. Lucky you did not follow me to the car park at Escape Themepark and confront me or you will get hell from me. Maybe you saw the 'P' plates on my vehicle windscreens and trying to create an accident and in hopping that I crash onto your taxi and you can claim your holidays, daily pay, taxi rental fee, then you can dream on as I had attended several courses on Defensive Driving, Speed Driving, Evasive Driving and Off-Course Driving (4 x 4). BTW, the 'P' plates is not for me .... I find it more stressful driving at night after 10pm as a lot of cars speeding, cutting in & out of lanes, HID headlights where super bright following behind you, lorries on 1st lane in slow speed ..... etc...
  12. Yusld

    Irritating Motor rider

    Many people might encountered this kind of rider. During a quiet and peaceful night, suddenly you heard a long blast and their exhaust pipe sound really irritating. Why must they ride this way? To show off they have big exhaust pipe or...... ?
  13. mouse over it 90% of the time, then banner open, block the latest threds. then mouse away, the banner won't close one lo. i got to literally click the "Close" bottom left, btw u guys find it irritating also?
  14. Helpppppppppppppp.....found the 159 seat belt reminder buzz very very irritating....especially when the passenger remove the seat belt when driving, it will buzz until i stop the car and engage reverse gear or the passenger reinsert the seat belt. Anyone got a way to get rid of it or a button in the car to STOP this damn noise? I know the agent EA can remove it permanently.
  15. Do u find fat girls irritating?
  16. That irritating static noise came back again last night, however seemed like it only affect Channel 8, U and 5 only. initially also thought TV up lorry liao but many bros also experience it at different areas. Anyone know who we can we contact to feedback on this issue...
  17. Ahtong

    Irritating car passengers

    Person A proactively asks me for a lift. I say OK but I need to make a small detour to drop off some stuff, which was my original plan. Person A gives an impatient look and asks why can't I do it tomorrow? Person B likes to anyhow touch here touch there and fiddle with all the knobs within arms reach. Seats, aircon, radio channel and volume all proactively adjusted. Person C left shoe prints, plus some leaves, sand and twigs on the floor mat. Anymore irritating passenger stories to share?
  18. Yellowrx8

    Irritating cyclists

    This morning while i was driving up 99 bend. After exit, i saw 2 cyclist occupy the 3rd lane. Side by side, machiam their father's road. Stop at the traffic light, then slowly cycle off. Everyone driving or riding need to siam them. Then when reach holland road, WORSE! 1 stupid angmo woman cyclist, stop her bicycle at the middle lane, While waiting for the traffic light! Then when green light, she was cycling 10km/h at the same lane! CCB! These cyclists are simply so selfish! [furious]
  19. Personally I really cannot understand the need to put so many humps at the ERP gantry. If I remember correctly it's Causeway point that has 2 humps at the gantry entry point. It's really totally over done, guess the carpark and building management never drive before. Just remember it's the open air carpark at Toa Payoh at the BLK 192 Fairprice that has 4 humps, in and out
  20. Well, my aunt (father younger sis)like to take a ride from me since she is working near to my office... put aside she keep nagging when i drive (too fast... too slow..) she always complain that my car is stink cos I smoke in car. I am not allowed to smoke when she is taking my ride... Sometimes, its really irritating especially when I really need the ciggy in the morning Jam... today, she asked me to pick her up tomorrow morning and i am quite bad mood cos I just kena a call from client... I told her that if she want to take a ride, she must be able to accept me smoking in the car... she complain to my father (her big bro) and I kenna shot for 2 hours during dinner just now... KNS, can anyone advise me what to do? I really buay stand alrd... I am even considering changing another job where the office is far away from her's!
  21. And force you to click into their URL? Is that Cheating? Cos I am not interested in an overpriced small car
  22. Hi guys.. Wonder if you guys encountered such stupid drivers.. I was along Fort road and is preparing to enter ECP towards changi, thus was driving along the slip road that joins with ECP. In front of me there is first a van, then an altis, then me. Usually when you are about the join the main expressway traffic, there is a chevron, then pass the chevron you will start to filter to the lanes on the right. The van is slow, so driver decides to stays on left most lane. The altis is following closely behind the van, without any indication that he is gg to filter right. As the speed is slow, i signaled, checked blind spot and start to accel and filter to right.. Then at this moment, the stupid altis starts to edge out without any warning as my car nose is already at his rear wheels level. I honked and he just carried on his manouvre. To avoid an accident, i have no choice by to jz take avoidance measure and go right again.. then to my horror there is fast approaching white grandis, which has to slowed down as he witness what was happening infront and he was prepared... To the Grandis, my sincere apologies.. to the altis uncle, please wake up your farking idea.
  23. Hi bro, I need help about road noise at night. Ima using Firenza ST03 tyres. having 225kpa for the 15 inch wheel. Whenever I travel at night. The road noise is unbearable. However, I dun have this problem when travelling in the day. I did many experiment like driving at higher speed, lower speed, higher rev and lower rev but still. The road noise is there at night. The only difference is the kind of road. New black tar road, the car will be quiet. but once it on expressway like AYE. It so noisy that it like driving a van.. Can anyone give advice on this?