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Found 238 results

  1. Picnic06-Biante15

    Super Virgin Coconut Oil

    Found out latest craze last night during MU with my retired colleagues. It seem that there is a latest hot items in the market "Super Virgin Coconut Oil' as health suppliment. Many of my colleagues who when to JB would buy a few bottles (1 liter bottle) and bring back to SG. Here the health benifits from Web Page: http://coconutoil.com/coconut-oil-weight-loss/ and http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-amazing-health-benefits-of-virgin-coconut-oil.html Any members here tried ? Think of buying and try. Maybe your commence appreciated.
  2. https://www.straitstimes.com/world/united-states/no-need-to-tell-the-public-super-fungus-that-kills-nearly-half-of-its-victims-in
  3. Am sure many watch MCM. But their latest full-length feature is on a totally different level and really needs to be shared. Truly epic and I think rivals the top automotive shows currently available imo. Amazing work for hobbyist. These guys need to be on The Grand Tour. Part 1: Part 2:
  4. Yes I was there... Yes I'm proud to be there... No I wasn't happy going there. Those phrase means a lot to me. Why? Cause... 1)I was just there this evening to look see look see how the workshop looks like. 2)I'm proud to be there cause I saw these words which says something like... "We specialize.... Volkwagen, Audi, Skoda..." One of the VERY few workshop that does Skoda cars. 3)I got lost trying to reach there... Took wrong exit from CTE (AMK)... Ended up in AMK Ave 8... Make 1 BIG round just to reach back AMK St 22 to reach Sin Ming Ave... Like the topic says... Once I've reached the workshop, it's jam packed with lots and lots of VW and 2 Skoda Octy.
  5. How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRSoRkM8GcM
  6. Carbon82

    Super Car Taxi

    Lamborghini Huracan Taxi In a UK first, Wolverhampton council has granted a private hire car license to a supercar. The Lamborghini Huracan, worth at least £180,000 ($260,000, €230,000), will be the first taxi of its kind in the UK. The green Lambo is more than likely the only taxi you'll ever get with a five-litre engine and a top speeds of over 200mph. Admittedly, the streets of Wolverhampton aren't be the best place to put your foot down. If you think black cabs are expensive, Wolverhampton's Lamborghini might be out of your price range. The minimum charge for a journey is £349 for 90 minutes.
  7. Picnic06-Biante15

    Super Typhoon Hit Philippines

    Scientist most feared have arrived, The Super Typhoon of wind speed of more than 300km/hr .... Hitting Philippines today with deadly forces of nature ... from Yahoo: One of most intense typhoons ever recorded hits Philippines One of the most intense typhoons ever recorded tore into the Philippines on Friday, triggering flash floods and ripping down buildings as millions of people huddled indoors. Super Typhoon Haiyan smashed into fishing communities on the central island of Samar, about 600 kilometres southeast of Manila, before dawn on Friday with maximum sustained winds of 315 kilometres (195 miles) an hour. The strength of the wind made it one of the four most powerful typhoons ever recorded in the world, and the most powerful to have made landfall, according to Jeff Masters, the director of meteorology at US-based Weather Underground. Masters said he expected the damage in Guiuan, the fishing town of about 40,000 people that was the first to be hit after Haiyan swept in from the Pacific Ocean, to be "catastrophic". "Perhaps the greatest wind damage any city on Earth has endured from a tropical cyclone in the past century," Masters wrote on his blog for the weather monitoring website at www.wunderground.com. Communication with Guiuan was cut off immediately after Haiyan hit, and the civil defence office said it was too early to give an assessment of the damage there. But in Tacloban, a nearby city of more than 200,000 people, streets were flooded and some buildings were torn down, according to footage broadcast on ABS CBN television. Haiyan had maximum sustained winds on Friday morning of 315 kilometres an hour, and gusts of 379 kilometres an hour, according to the US Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Centre. more stories, link : http://sg.news.yahoo.com/super-typhoon-haiyan-hits-philippines-230815112.html The storms are getting bigger and stronger...
  8. mxtradings not selling more, I'm a big fan of it leh, anywhere else in Singapore selling? :) Or any similar DOT 4 alternatives?
  9. Carbon82

    Super Compact / Mini SUV

    With latest statistics in Europe showing that sales of SUV is beginning to overtake hatchback, it is do not come as a surprise that many auto manufacturer are making their new model to ride higher, label them as Crossover, and there after markup the selling price, taking full advantage of the latest trend in the motoring world. Actually the "pioneer" in mini SUV is not any conti car maker, but Japanese. How many here still remember there was once a a 659cc 20V turbo charged sample, with max. horsepower of 64ps, max torque of 97Nm, and a top speed rated at 130Km/h (in stock condition)? Yes, I am referring to Mitsubishi Pajero Mini. A fun car, but not necessary a fuel efficient one as one might have expected from a Kei car.
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    Malaysia Super League 2012

    Tonight, Lion XI vs Kelantan opening match at Jalan Besar Stadium for Malaysia Super League season 2012. My predicton Lion XI 0 : 2 Kelantan
  11. Anyone knows? Yesterday bought a towel that sucks ... it only moves the water from 1 end of my car bonnet to the other .. never suck it up at all ... Anyone know where to get a good towel ?
  12. Thaiyotakamli

    Super Cute Kid!

    Watch http://youtu.be/1jcwNyMpT2A
  13. if your salary is $2,601/mth ... you are upper income liao then $5K is what? $10K is what? $20k is what? wait for it ... $100K/mth is what????? but based on MCF standard $5k is the new poor wor ... MediShield Life: Govt accepts proposals, will provide almost S$4b in subsidies
  14. wah this Atletico Madrid is really a good place for strikers either they produce very good strikers or strikers have high level of success playing there and they also reap in huge profits from the sale of their strikers (apart from Forlan) in recent years.... Torres (2001-2007) played 214, scored 82 (1 goal in 2.6 games) homegrown, sold to Liverpool at 20m pounds Forlan (2007-2011) played 134, scored 74 (1 goal in 1.8 games) bought at 21m euros, sold to Inter for unknown Aguero (2006-2011) played 175, scored 74 (1 goal in 2.4 games) bought at 23m euros, sold to Man City at 45m euros Falcao (2011-2013) played 68, scored 52 (1 goal in 1.3 games) bought at 40m euros, sold to Monaco at 60m euros Diego Costa (2007-2009, 2010-2014) played 94, scored 43 (1 goal in 2.2 games) bought at less than 5m, rumoured to be sold to Chelsea for 32m pounds and not forgetting, last time they also had Vieri (1997-1998) played 24, scored 24 (1 goal in 1 game) bought at 10m euros, sold to Lazio at 25m euros Hasselbaink (1999-2000) played 34, scored 24 (1 goal in 1.4 games) bought at 12m pounds, sold to Chelsea for 15m pounds
  15. Taken from http://www.hotelsandphotos.com/its-beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-xmas ( I don't own these photos)
  16. Dear bros, does it irritate you when a driver behind you has super white and bright headlights shining at you when u drive at night? it certainly does to me.... paisei, no offence to drivers whose cars do have such headlights.
  17. I had a conversation with my GF last night. When I meant GF, I refer to the real human female with nice C-cup tits and pussy, and not referring to my vehicle. My GF has a collick who is a CHC convert. So this collick said that her cell group leaders said New Creation Church is on a "slippery road to the infernos of hell" because its member designed and built the infiniti pool on top of Marina Bay Sands, hence New Creation Church is supporting the vice of gambling! The collick also said Christians should band together to pray for New Creation Church. I am like WTF. What's the link? So I asked my GF how's the likability of this collick. She said she and others would try to avoid that collick if possible unless bo bian because that collick carries the holy Bible around. LOL This is scary stuff. I assume the CHC members will rise-up against the country if their pastor tell them to do so! Where's secularism?
  18. Anyone know which rich guy bought this? Article says Singapore-based, so may or may not be local. But regardless, ridiculous amount of money for a boat. http://megayachtnews.com/2013/07/ocean-par.../#axzz2ZTaOJfAh http://www.superyachttimes.com/editorial/3/article/id/10858
  19. Mockngbrd

    Super Saiyan TIME!

    Need one of these machines now! https://www.facebook.com/8ersofficial/videos/874445295924060/
  20. Dear Nissan owners! I will be dekitting/export the very rare Primera 2.0 Luxury Sedan soon on 10 days time! This car is super rare... if if you are a Primera Owner and yr car interior is worn out. This is the final chance if you wish to change any parts... My car internal is superbly well maintained! Everything works perfectly! My rims are the "5 nuts 16inch Original rare primera sports rims... Its also in well maintained condition. looks clean and not abused! I believe you can change it to yr Cefiro/teana or any Nissan with 5nuts socket. Lastly I also have the Armron Hilife battery less than 2yrs and last week check, power still 100% best! The battery I believe is compared to many other cars such as Toyotas as my Mark X are using the same. Its pity to dekit with such superb condition. Honestly, I do not have a price in mind, anything you want just quote me, find a place to change/swap. Mostly importantly my car parts are put to good use rather than throwing off to the export/scrap... What a WASTE! So anyone! This is a rare chance, I am a easy going, generous chap, as long as you need it, just give me a reasonable quote you deem and we get it fixed. Final day of this deal will be 18th April... After that... its will be gone.!
  21. Starian

    Super mario BRO is back!

    This player is good! With his walking speed, I would had died at world 1-1...
  22. https://sg.sports.yahoo.com/video/talent-fou-basketball-darcade-185731989.html insane beyond belief. he picks up the basketballs with wat kind of finger strength?!?
  23. I am deciding if I should opt for the above brand of car mats. Any feedback and comments ?
  24. Picnic06-Biante15

    Cruise - Super Star Virgo ......

    Super Star Virgo had been around for the past 15 over years and this is the first time going on board with my whole family next week. (a bit suah koo..... ). Might not want to board again after this trip. Just want to get the experience on board a cruise ship. Will be on board for 3 days 2 nights cruise to KL and I had planned to stay on the ship throughout. The stopover at Malacca & KL doesn't attract me as been to both places countless times. I would like to make full use of the journey to explore the ship as much as possible and would like to seek fellow members (who had been to the ship) suggestions where the best places to enjoy during the journey. Will limit myself at the casino for 2 hours only (throughout the journey) and the rest is exploring, exploring, exploring......... Your suggestion(s) and recommendation is very much appreciated. Regards.
  25. Duckduck

    Super scary roller coaster

    This is one scary roller coaster! the entire seat spins around as it goes along the track!