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  1. Car sharing drivers have developed quite a bad reputation for their atrocious driving over the years. If you're wondering how bad they are right now, look no further. Here's a video that will make you facepalm yourself: What Happened? After failing to come to a complete stop at a stop-line, a GetGo Mazda 3 abruptly performed an e-brake to avoid t-boning a taxi. For some reason (most likely to give the Mazda 3 driver a death stare), the taxi stopped just in front of the Mazda 3. At this point, the Mazda 3 somehow gently rolls forward and collides with t
  2. TL:DR – SMRT taxi abruptly stops on lane 1 of an expressway for reasons unknown and causes a massive chain collision in its wake before driving off, oblivious to the destruction it caused behind. There are idiot drivers everywhere Our latest example drives a SMRT taxi. Watch the video below to find out why. Here’s the rear-view camera footage The SMRT taxi abruptly stops just before an ERP gantry on lane 1. The alert cam car driver comes to a complete stop as well. One or two cars manage to avoid crashing into cam car by quickly changing to lane 2 before the
  3. Public announcement service for those who dun drive to msia... No updates on pricing yet... Used to take the taxis Rochor to Larkin and Larkin back to Rochor before I started driving.. Larkin still arnd?? M’sia taxis to S’pore now available as 24-hour taxi stand opposite JB City Square opened on Oct. 15, 2019 The taxi stand is located outside the KTM Berhad Museum building, which is the old railway station. The taxi stand provides 24-hour taxi service back to Singapore.
  4. Transcab taxi drivers are notorious for their driving behaviour among the various taxi companies. It is an impression that the public has developed over time, which I couldn't agree more. Here's why: Warning: This video contains excessive flashing lights. If you have photosensitive epilepsy, please do not watch the video What Happened? In the TikTok video posted by the cam bike, a Transcab taxi furiously chases an Audi A6 down an expressway. From the cam bike's speedometer, the Transcab taxi and the Audi A6's speed was approximately 100km/h or above. W
  5. One can never take road safety for granted. There is a purpose behind inculcating a sense of road safety in us from a young age. Watch what happens when you take a chance and throw your road safety knowledge and guidelines out the window: What Happened? The accident occurred along Pasir Ris Drive 1, involving a taxi and a cyclist. A cyclist was cycling across a pedestrian crossing when a taxi performing a discretionary left turn started to accelerate as he approached the junction. Due to the lack of lights and reflectors and the dark coloured clothing
  6. 'Crazy Taxi' is a popular game of the late 1990s to 2000s, which requires you to pick up passengers and drop them off at their location in the quickest time possible. It also allows you to drive freely and perform 'crazy stunts' to earn additional tips. Unfortunately, this one cabby took the game too seriously: What Happened? This peculiar incident occurred at the Dover Park Connector, where a taxi driver somehow drove his taxi in. I have no idea how he managed to accomplish such a feat. The only way to find out is to watch his dashcam footage (if he has
  7. Taxi fares in Singapore poised to rise in March [SINGAPORE] First, bus and train fares. And now, taxi fares are poised to rise - as early as March. The Straits Times understands market leader ComfortDelGro, which controls 60 per cent of the total taxi fleet of around 15,000 cabs in the Republic, has signalled to the authorities its intention to adjust flagdown and distance rates. The Public Transport Council, which has to be informed of fare changes, has yet to respond to queries from ST filed early Thursday (Jan 27). Currently, taxi flagdown fares are mostly S$3.70 for die
  8. Cross-junctions have and always will be a dangerous section of any road. It is essentially an intersection with the most concentrated traffic, which poses additional hazards to road users. One such hazard is being a victim to vehicles that beat the red light, such as this one: What Happened? This unfortunate accident took place at a cross-junction along Boon Lay Drive. Firstly, let's take a look at an overview of the location below: Upon the green light signal, a ComfortDelgro taxi on the left lane, intending to travel straight, gradually approached th
  9. There is a saying that goes like this: "If you are not angry when you drive, you are the one making others angry." It is true to a certain extent, except that it is more towards being annoyed than being angry. However, for this particular taxi driver, he may have taken that quote a bit too far. Watch the video below to see how he expresses his anger towards a fellow motorist: Warning: The following video features plenty of Hokkien vulgarities, voice cracking and inaudible shouting. Watch it at your own risk! What Happened? The incident occurred along Jalan S
  10. Nothing beats heading home after a long day of work. Unfortunately for this woman who was on her way home from a night shift, she encounters a taxi driver who she accused of looking at her breast through the rear-view mirror. Watch her as she confronts the taxi uncle here: What Happened? A woman accused her taxi driver of looking at her breast through the rear-view mirror, as she could see her chest in the rear-view mirror from her Point of View (POV). This sparked to a confrontation with the taxi uncle to which she asked in an angry manner, "Why you put on
  11. From a young age, we were taught to avoid "monkey see monkey do" actions by our parents, caretaker, or guardian in the hopes that we do not perform any actions without thinking about consequences. Unfortunately for these two drivers, it seems like they did not pay attention when they were young. Watch this video to find out why: What Happened? A cyclist, Transcab taxi and BMW X1 were stationary at a traffic junction, waiting for the red light to turn green. After observing how the junction was clear from traffic, the impatient cyclist moved off and beat the red
  12. ComfortDelGro is offering its passengers the option to be insured against accidents or covid for $0.30 per ride Some features: - coverage for personal accidents such as accidental death and permanent total disability of up to $50,000 for 24 hours starting from the time they board the taxi - $500 cash payout for anyone who has taken the COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test and is tested positive for COVID-19, within 14 days from the date of the ride; and is hospitalised to receive in-patient treatment for a consecutive period of at least three days after testing positive for
  13. *Disclaimer: The conversation below is satire, written for entertainment purposes only.* Here's how it all went down: What happened? A ComfortDelGro taxi was spotted driving on the pavement in the vicinity of MBS and the ArtScience Museum. This puzzling incident drew the attention of many onlookers, who were curiously staring at the taxi as he navigated his way around the area. WHUTTTT... Taxi drivers may have developed a notorious reputation for being improper and reckless road users over the years. This incident has just added one more to this
  14. The age-old debate on whether cyclists should be allowed on the road continues. Watch this video, to find out why the debate never ends: The incident happened along Nicoll Drive, in the vicinity of Changi Beach Park. The video was from the cyclist's perspective, who was cycling relatively fast at the said location. What happened? As the cyclist approached a junction, a Comfort Delgro taxi emerged from the filter lane. However, the taxi is seen not stopping at the stop line. The cyclist's fast speed, coupled with his late reaction caused him to be unab
  15. An impatient Mercedes taxi driver repeatedly honks aggressively at cyclists and recklessly drives like a 10/10 a**hole. On Monday (Aug 9), a group of cyclists were cycling along the junction of Thomson Road and Balestier Road at seven in the morning when they encountered a rude taxi driver. The Mercedes taxi driver could be seen tailgating the cyclists as they turned right at the junction in the video. He aggressively honked at them despite not being in the same lane as the cyclists. Towards the end, the taxi suddenly sped up and cut in front of the group. The tax
  16. TRANSPORT operator SMRT will bring in its first batch of 300 electric vehicles from July this year, as it aims to replace its entire taxi fleet with electric vehicles within the next five years. The fleet of electric vehicles to be launched could include various models well suited to meet the demands of the transport market. These could include sedans, station wagons and multi-purpose vehicles, SMRT said in a press statement on Tuesday. Going electric with taxis is part of SMRT's growth strategy in green businesses under Strides Mobility, its sustainable urban mobility services arm.
  17. Two pedestrians jaywalk across a junction in Bangkit Road and almost lost their lives. In this short clip, two men jog across a pedestrian crossing on a red light. As they almost reached the other end of the crossing, a yellow taxi quickly zooms past them. The vehicle nearly hits the uncle at the front, who notices the car and slows down for a second. The camcar follows the taxi as it slows down further up the road, with the driver claiming that the taxi uncle had the fright of his life after encountering the two jaywalkers. Although the taxi had the right of way, t
  18. A taxi driver falls victim to a van driver's road rage when he obstructs the path of the van driver. There are two videos of the incident. 1. Taxi driver's POV 2. Passenger of the taxi's POV The taxi driver's POV The clip starts with the taxi driver moving off after dropping a passenger at Loyang Rise. As there are numerous cars parked along the lane and obstructing his right of way, he decides to travel on the opposing lane. He notices a black van from afar and stops his vehicle, hoping that the van driver will let him pass before moving on. However, the van
  19. Hi any bros heard of the new comfort taxi app Zig? Giving out free $3 off with every ride using ZIG3OFF promo code. Don't know whether it's true but I'm going to try it later. Anybody got lobang for other promo codes can share here?
  20. We thought ComfortDelGro taxi drivers should be the most well-mannered taxi drivers on our island based on service standards, but this driver's actions made us stop and think. What made us think otherwise? This video of a very pissed-off taxi driver confronting the cam car driver for sounding his horn at him. Rewinding back to how it all started, the cam car can be heard sounding his horn at the taxi driver after a passenger gets off at a sheltered crossing. The taxi driver then proceeds to move off slowly, triggering the cam car driver to toot his horn in impatience.
  21. Hi guys, we have more trouble-making cyclists to report. Uploaded on SG Road Vigilante's page is an incident between a cyclist and a SMRT taxi on 7th of Feb 2021 at around 2pm along Kallang road. All was well until the taxi driver wanted to turn into Crawford Street but realised that two cyclists was in his way. Realising that the cyclists wasn't going to give way, the taxi slowed down and slotted himself behind the cyclists before turning left. However, it seemed that one of the cyclist felt that the taxi driver had endangered his life when the taxi made his first move to
  22. Seen on Mothership.sg is a family of otters trying to cross Orchard Road near Plaza Singapura over the weekend. With more than 10 of them in the family, the leader of the pack tried a few times to cross the road despite the heavy traffic. According to the article, the otters, which were squeaking, turned around twice as they realised it was not the right time to cross yet. We bet it must have been nerve-wrecking for everyone viewing this, especially the last part where a yellow CityCab taxi nearly couldn't stop in time for them. Thankfully, all of them made it ac
  23. This is why, in driving school, the instructors are always going on and on and on about checking for oncoming traffic when making a discretionary right turn, because you never know who or what might be coming from the other side. At the junction of North Coast Road and Woodlands Ave 9, this motorcyclist unfortunately did forget what he learned in driving school, seeing as he took off without fully checking if there were any other oncoming vehicles. Thankfully for him, his bike seemed to take the brunt of the impact, even though the rider did go flying in the air a little. He even is
  24. Have you encountered trouble at carpark entries and realised that you needed to have another go with the IU scanner but the car behind is so close that you cant even reverse a tiny bit? We sure have and know how troublesome it is get the car behind to reverse so that you can re do the IU scan. Often, the driver behind refuses to bulge leaving you in an awkward position and frustrated at the driver behind you. Something like this happened on 22nd of October 2020 at Crawford Court between a Prius Trans-Cab and an unknown camera car. However, egos and tempers got the best of them and t
  25. We all know cyclists should cycle on either the PCN or on the roads. But being on the road can be dangerous for cyclists who don't know how to look out for themselves as we can see in the video posted by SG Road Vigilante on the 28th of October. Shot in the morning by a camera car on Clemenceau Ave, the cyclist could be seen changing lanes to the right without checking for traffic coming up from the right. Unfortunately, a Comfort taxi did really come up on the right at a good speed and just barely managed to avoid knocking him down. That said, the taxi's wing mirror did knock t
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