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  1. A pet peeve of mine is when commercial vehicles (Eg. Vans, lorries, tipper trucks) travel on lane 2 of the expressway. And I am certain this is a pet peeve of many drivers in Singapore. Due to the speed limit imposed on these vehicles, they often cause a slow down in the lane they are travelling in (assuming traffic is clear and they are driving under the speed limit). However, just because they are commercial vehicles, does it give them the right for passenger vehicles to "bully" them? Watch this video to find out what I mean: IMG_7319.MP4 What Happened?
  2. I'm not saying there are supernatural forces behind this incident, but it's not improbable. With the cam car travelling in Lane 1 and the lorry travelling on Lane 2, the video starts with the cam car diagonally behind the heavy vehicle on the PIE. As both vehicles manoeuvre around a bend, the cam car promptly overtakes the lorry. This explains the change in perspective throughout the video. As if something had possessed the vehicle, the lorry suddenly skids to the left. The driver counters the skid by turning the wheel to his right. Luck
  3. TL:DR – An impatient lorry driver tries to beat the red light at a cross junction but ends up t-boning and wrecking a Mercedes instead. A horrific accident happened earlier today (9th Feb) at 2.23pm at Choa Chu Kang. It could have all been avoided if the lorry driver had shown some patience. Here’s the video: Rekt Not going to go into too many details, but the lorry certainly did a number on the Mercedes. If it were a lighter car, like a Honda Fit for example, it would have been flung down the bridge. How’s the driver? There are n
  4. Cross-junctions have and always will be a dangerous section of any road. It is essentially an intersection with the most concentrated traffic, which poses additional hazards to road users. One such hazard is being a victim to vehicles that beat the red light, such as this one: What Happened? This unfortunate accident took place at a cross-junction along Boon Lay Drive. Firstly, let's take a look at an overview of the location below: Upon the green light signal, a ComfortDelgro taxi on the left lane, intending to travel straight, gradually approached th
  5. "Red light stop, green light go" is a basic and universal traffic rule. Heck. Even if you live under a rock, the viral Netflix show 'Squid Game' would have taught you otherwise. Sadly, two 'ah-bengs' and one of their 'zha-bor' simply couldn't understand this simple traffic rule and got into multiple confrontations with a lorry driver. Watch it here: What Happened? Two 'ah-bengs' and a woman blatantly jaywalked in front of oncoming traffic at Victoria Road. The lorry they obstructed honked them for their blatant disregard for road safety. And boy,
  6. Are you familiar with those 'guai lan' drivers that speed up to prevent you from changing lanes or merging by blocking you on purpose? I swear this type of driver infuriates me. Watch this video and witness an 'instant karma' moment for one such driver: What Happened? The accident occurred along the Seletar Expressway (SLE). The cam vehicle was travelling on lane 3, the left-most lane of SLE. Despite a white Subaru Forester attempting to merge into SLE, the cam vehicle decided not to give a hoot about the white SUV and continued travelling alongside it.
  7. Yishun Dam is a well-known spot for two things - a scenic place to 'lepak' and an accident hotspot. Watch a near-miss freak accident caught on dashcam here: What Happened? It was any other usual day for the cam car, cruising along lane 1 of Yishun Dam towards Yishun Ave 1. A black lorry from the opposite direction mounted the kerb out of the blue. As a result, it almost caused a head-on collision with the Lexus in front of the cam car. At this juncture, both the quick-thinking Lexus driver and cam car performed a sudden evasive manoeuvre to avoid getti
  8. Transformers used to be every kid's dream toy back in the good old days – what's not to love when it's based an innovative combination between cars and robots? The driver of a prime mover seemed to be stuck in his dream as he re-enacted a scene you would probably see in a Transformers movie. What Happened? The cam car was driving along Kian Teck Avenue when he witnessed this horrifying accident between a prime mover and a lorry. Just as the cam car and lorry was passing by a junction, a prime mover emerged from Kian Teck Drive and smashed headfirst into the side
  9. Nicolas Cage, is that you? What went down On 17th May 2021, a ghost lorry was spotted rolling across Yio Chu Kang Road without a driver and crashing into the barricade across the street. If you'd like to see the full video, you can check it out here. Anyways, when I first saw this clip, my initial reaction was: But afterwards, I realised that there is a possibility that the lorry might not have had its handbrake engaged while its being parked. Even so, why would one leave a heavy vehicle alone in the middle of the road? Where is the driver? Is the lorry meant
  10. Someone should contact Universal and hire this lorry uncle for their next movie. What went down Click here for the full video: https://www.facebook.com/roadssg/videos/375107703849837 On 5th May 2021 at 5:46 pm, a lorry driver attempted to tap his brakes as he sped through the BKE expressway. Instead of slowing down, the vehicle unexpectedly spun out of control and ended up facing against traffic. And if that wasn't scary enough, things nearly went south for both the motorcyclist and the dash-cam driver as the lorry stops abruptly. They managed to stop their vehicles
  11. So, I chanced upon a video posted on ROADS.sg Facebook page with the caption: "Posting as video witness. Lorry driver changes lanes without signalling or checking blindspots, causes Pizza Hut delivery rider to slip and fall to avoid collision. Wishing rider speedy and full recovery. Happened along Thomson Road on 12/01/2021." My first thought: What exactly is it about turn signal / indicators that makes them so difficult to use?! Whenever an incident occurs, only the first party would know what exactly happened, however, some Facebook users felt that the lorry driver w
  12. There's a difference between vengeance and self defence. Blockheads who don't know the difference will be educated in court. And the only reason these spandex heroes are so garang is because they're basically anonymous. Make visible registration compulsory and their balls and ego will shrivel right up, along with their keenness to destroy other people's property to vent their outrage.
  13. Unlike our previous blog post, this is neither weird nor uncommon. Unfortunately. Shot earlier today from an unknown camera vehicle, a red light-beating mini lorry which was carrying an unspecified number of passengers at the back, flipped when a taxi smashed into it. The accident happened at the junction of Tanjong Katong South and Mountbatten road with the driver of the Transcab taxi appearing fazed but unhurt. The video, which was post by SG Road Vigilante, did not mention what injuries there were and how many were hurt but we could see at least two passengers
  14. Another day and another careless driver. Today, we have for you guys an accident that happened at the junction of Orchard Road and Buyong Road. As seen from the photo, a SMRT cab has collided with a Nissan truck which in turn has flipped over. We hope those involved in the accident are alright as of press time, though there is currently no news on whether there are any injuries or not. 8e96337c-f950-4b82-a6ef-90577e45cdbc.MP4 From the video, we can understand a bit better what caused the truck to flip over. That said, we have no idea why the taxi slowly crept forwar
  15. With everyone encouraged to stay home due to the ongoing coronavirus , life must be quiet dull for most. However, we are pretty sure the motorcyclist at the traffic light didn't find his last friday bland at all... 92a4c569-89c1-4c7c-81f8-f298494e1650.MP4 Shot in an unknown heavy vehicle, the footage clearly shows a wild white truck doing a quick lane change at a traffic junction that has just turned red along Jurong Town Hall Road. From the video, we thought the poor biker would be bulldozed by the truck but amazingly, the truck managed to avoid crashing into it! Se
  16. Looking for Monday-Friday(5 days x 4 weeks = 20 days per month) Grab/ryde/car/lorry/van hitch from my house(Choa Chu Kang) to work(Yio Chu Kang). Need Pick up at 7:45am or earlier depending on jam, need to reach by 8:30am. If you live near me and work near yio chu kang area and looking for extra cash per month, pm me. Cash/Paylah. Don't mind lorry/van/car pickup. Let's discuss pricing in private messaging. If you live 10mins away from where i live and work then you'll only have to leave home 20mins earlier then usual for extra cash per month. Win-Win situation for both. If you
  17. Hi Any contacts for above rental? Or anyone willing to help? Just need like half hour or so at your convenience anytime tomorrow to transport just 1 bulky but very light item (my new roof headliner so can't fit into my small car) for a short distance from spare parts shop to my home nearby. Tks
  18. Got a scratch around 2cm. Suspect scratched by lorry. Any suggestion bros here? I was quoted respect whole panel for $100. Any bros know where I can get a touchup paintjob? Thank you all for any suggestion.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utMx1mkSUCE&feature=youtu.be This happened on TPE towards SLE, even if speed limit 70km/h, but this lorry speed above 100km/h, short period even above 110km/h, in the end I cannot catch it at 110km/h, as per traffic rule driver should be prosecuted in court
  20. Recently saw a lorry keep trying to over take a car and jam break in front of it. Not sure why but I think the car somehow offended the lorry driver. He did pulled finger a few times at the car driver too before the car speed off. Not the first time I saw this on the road. But just wondering - what does one gain for jam breaking in front? Insurance can claim meh when it is the jam break driver's fault? What if someone is playing this kind of game with you and you just decide to smash into him?
  21. Hi all, Make Singapore better place for EVERYTHING. Note for all bosses construction company: -please reduce your karaoke season, golf clubing to make your worker safety. no matter how, we all same human, regardless race, nationality, etc, right?
  22. may i know is there a height limit of the goods for a 10FT lorry? iam looking to buy a open top lorry but the height of my goods is about 1.7m in pallet form but will not exceed the weight limit. is height a concern or only weight or both? thanks.
  23. RadX

    RIP David Bowie!

    Rest in peace! BREAKING: Singer David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYZRfDhCHlc
  24. https://youtu.be/s53mBc-pI5s Going to submit to this video Traffic Police.
  25. I had check google and doesn't mention which country make for engine on Nissan Cabstar. Anyone know which country made? Example: Nissan NV200 engine is Renault made.
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