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Found 119 results

  1. There's a difference between vengeance and self defence. Blockheads who don't know the difference will be educated in court. And the only reason these spandex heroes are so garang is because they're basically anonymous. Make visible registration compulsory and their balls and ego will shrivel right up, along with their keenness to destroy other people's property to vent their outrage.
  2. Looking for Monday-Friday(5 days x 4 weeks = 20 days per month) Grab/ryde/car/lorry/van hitch from my house(Choa Chu Kang) to work(Yio Chu Kang). Need Pick up at 7:45am or earlier depending on jam, need to reach by 8:30am. If you live near me and work near yio chu kang area and looking for extra cash per month, pm me. Cash/Paylah. Don't mind lorry/van/car pickup. Let's discuss pricing in private messaging. If you live 10mins away from where i live and work then you'll only have to leave home 20mins earlier then usual for extra cash per month. Win-Win situation for both. If you are reading this post and have relatives or friends that drive van/lorry/car to work and fit the criteria, drop me a PM and we can arrange accordingly.
  3. Hi Any contacts for above rental? Or anyone willing to help? Just need like half hour or so at your convenience anytime tomorrow to transport just 1 bulky but very light item (my new roof headliner so can't fit into my small car) for a short distance from spare parts shop to my home nearby. Tks
  4. derron0102

    Scratch by lorry

    Got a scratch around 2cm. Suspect scratched by lorry. Any suggestion bros here? I was quoted respect whole panel for $100. Any bros know where I can get a touchup paintjob? Thank you all for any suggestion.
  5. Quantum

    Lorry Speeding

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utMx1mkSUCE&feature=youtu.be This happened on TPE towards SLE, even if speed limit 70km/h, but this lorry speed above 100km/h, short period even above 110km/h, in the end I cannot catch it at 110km/h, as per traffic rule driver should be prosecuted in court
  6. kngjq

    Jam Brake Game

    Recently saw a lorry keep trying to over take a car and jam break in front of it. Not sure why but I think the car somehow offended the lorry driver. He did pulled finger a few times at the car driver too before the car speed off. Not the first time I saw this on the road. But just wondering - what does one gain for jam breaking in front? Insurance can claim meh when it is the jam break driver's fault? What if someone is playing this kind of game with you and you just decide to smash into him?
  7. Hi all, Make Singapore better place for EVERYTHING. Note for all bosses construction company: -please reduce your karaoke season, golf clubing to make your worker safety. no matter how, we all same human, regardless race, nationality, etc, right?
  8. may i know is there a height limit of the goods for a 10FT lorry? iam looking to buy a open top lorry but the height of my goods is about 1.7m in pallet form but will not exceed the weight limit. is height a concern or only weight or both? thanks.
  9. RadX

    RIP David Bowie!

    Rest in peace! BREAKING: Singer David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYZRfDhCHlc
  10. https://youtu.be/s53mBc-pI5s Going to submit to this video Traffic Police.
  11. I had check google and doesn't mention which country make for engine on Nissan Cabstar. Anyone know which country made? Example: Nissan NV200 engine is Renault made.
  12. RadX

    Cathay Restaurant closes

    SINGAPORE - Iconic eatery The Cathay Restaurant, located on the second floor of The Cathay building in Handy Road, closed its doors on Monday. On the restaurant's website, a notice read: "Please be informed The Cathay Restaurant has ceased operation with effect from 15th June 2015." The restaurant, which opened in 1940, initially served European food, but it was renovated and reopened as a Chinese restaurant in 1951. In its heyday, it was considered one of the finest restaurants in town, with a bar serving Western cocktails, a dancefloor and a resident band accompanying popular songbirds of the era such as Ruby Wah and Chang Lu. And the chefs whipped up Cantonese and Shanghainese dishes that were much admired. But by the 1960s, the restaurant's popularity had dwindled and it closed on Dec 31, 1964. Its owner, Cathay Organisation, resurrected the restaurant in 2007, when it opened The Cathay, its cineplex-cum-shopping mall in Handy Road. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/iconic-eatery-the-cathay-restaurant-popular-the-1950s-sh#xtor=CS1-10
  13. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/man-fined-7k-and-banned-five-years-causing-fatal-accident-20141201
  14. Hi guys, anyone know of any workshop can provide decent maintenance service for old lorries ( 4-6 tons ) > 10years old? secondly, anyone know the estimated/avg maintenance cost of such lorries per year?
  15. Saw this lorry in a huge longkang at Ubi last night. Driver seemed conscious when left in ambulance. I am just guessing the lorry tried to chiong yellow light, its a downhill road from bedok reservoir road. Next morning lorry not there liao, wasted never get to see how they carry, hahah...
  16. Thaiyotakamli

    Power Lorry

    3 countries logo in this lorry, satki sia
  17. Please advise where to report this kind Assh*le Reckless Lorry Driver? incarrecord1.wmv
  18. Hmmm... CD license plate is transferable from MPV to Lorry? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/here-comes-the-embassy-truck-that-can-break-all-traffic-rules-because-it-has
  19. Kenlinliu1419

    HELP! I need a lorry to...

    Can anyone help recommend anyone who can transport a load of my stuff (furniture and cartons) to and from Suntec City? The lorry needs to be covered and probably about 14 to 20 feet long to carry everything in 1 trip. Because of the furniture, I think it should have one of the tailgate hydraulic lifts to make things easier. I've called a few companies but they want to charge me $60 - 100 per hour! I want to hire someone on a per trip basis!
  20. BabyBlade

    Poor lorry on its side

    Not a paparazzi uh but just saw this accident towards Serangoon North. Lorry flipped and there's lots of glass on the road. The poor lorry is still on its side. Drive safe mcfers!
  21. Saw this vehicle this morning; messy looks like a movie scene but it's the real thing!
  22. Dunno posted here, but this deserves a thread! This breaks my heart! Good boy and this had to happen! Sigh. http://youthphoria.stomp.com.sg/breaking_news/article/4097 Student killed in Sin Ming Ave accident was excited about poly life By Joyce Lim The Straits Times Sunday, May 11, 2014 It was a dream come true when Tien Kang Fan got into a polytechnic. The former Bishan Park Secondary School student was thrilled as he had not thought his results were good enough. He had started at Ngee Ann Polytechnic just two weeks ago, in what his mother said were "probably the happiest two weeks in his life". But it has all come to an end for the 18-year-old logistics and supply management student, who was taken off life support on Thursday morning after he was run over by a lorry on Monday and left brain dead. Getting into a polytechnic had given Kang Fan hope of a good future, in which he could provide a better living for his parents, said his good friend Koh Jun Wee, 18. And he had worked very hard, his father Tien Yoon Seong, 49, a construction supervisor, told The Straits Times at his wake. "My son was never afraid of hard work. He spent long hours studying every day to prepare for his O-level examinations," he said. "He needed help with his schoolwork, but delayed asking for tuition as he was worried if I could afford the extra expenses." Kang Fan was crossing the road at Sin Ming Avenue just past 7am last Monday when the accident took place. He was on his way to school. He was excited about poly life, said his mother Lee Kim Ling, 52, a hawker assistant. She recalled how he would jump onto her bed every night to tell her about his day in school. "He was like a big boy, showing me photographs that he had taken in school of his activities and friends," said Madam Lee, her voice trembling. Kang Fan's parents had no doubt that the second of their three sons would do well in life. Many described him as sensible and hard-working. Kang Fan's former cashier colleague at FairPrice, who gave her name only as Madam Lew, said: "Whenever there is a school break, he would work to earn some extra money. I always see him taking his mother to the supermarket and he would pay for the groceries. "He would also help the elderly carry their groceries. It's a pity he died so young," said the 50-year-old. Police said a 55-year-old Singaporean lorry driver is helping with investigations. The accident killed another pedestrian, Madam Khoo Thuan Kheng, 72. Almost a hundred relatives, friends and teachers as well as former colleagues from FairPrice turned up at Kang Fan's wake in Ang Mo Kio. He was cremated on Saturday.
  23. Angry driver gives lorry both fingers for blocking his turn This man flashed both middle fingers at the driver of a lorry for apparently blocking his turn. According to Stomper Weldon, who contributed the picture, a police report has been lodged over the man's behaviour. The Stomper wrote: "Is this how a Singaporean should behave? "Just because you drive a big car doesn't mean you can do anything. "This guy overtook and stopped people from using the road just because the lorry blocked his way when making a turn . "Worse of all he came down from his car and start pointing centre finger at the lorry driver. "The driver of the lorry has filed a Police report regarding this matter." Sources from: Stomp.com.sg http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/motoring-goondus/angry-driver-gives-lorry-both-fingers-for-blocking-his-turn
  24. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cyclist-dies-in-accident/1037730.html A 44-year-old cyclist died in a road traffic accident involving a lorry on Sunday morning. The accident took place at Paya Lebar Road, towards Upper Paya Lebar Road. SINGAPORE: A 44-year-old cyclist died in a road traffic accident involving a lorry on Sunday morning. The accident took place at Paya Lebar Road, towards Upper Paya Lebar Road. Police and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said they received a call about the incident at around 10am. SCDF dispatched an ambulance which arrived at the scene within nine minutes. However, the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. SCDF said the man had sustained trauma injuries. Police said the driver, who was not injured, has been arrested and investigations are ongoing. Channel NewsAsia understands both the cyclist and lorry driver are from China. - CNA/nd BAAL : Just a couple of weeks back, I was at a huge cross junction at Paya Lebar area. iirc, it was the junction in which 1 side is MacPherson Road. I saw 2 cyclist........10-15 secs apart from each other.......cycled diagonally across the junction
  25. Just want to share something i found quite amazing this morning, what one stalled lorry can do. for those who was clueless on why you were stuck around clementi for eternity this morning, this may shed some light. 1) going into AYE from clementi ave 6, side by side with a lorry. after both of us waited for a bus to clear the expressway bus lane, i turn into AYE, lorry nv move and saw it on hazard lights. the time was 715am. i thought to myself... hong kan for the traffic later liao... worst timing worst place to happen... 2) after settling my kid at childcare at bouna vista, i need to head back to tuas. i decide to take commonwealth ave west all the way and turn into PIE at clementi ave 6. the time was 820am. 3) traffic from outside singapore poly was building up. abnormal. it then took me 20min to reach only clementi ave 2. damn tulan liao... i was not in a rush, so turn into clementi ave 2 caltex pump petrol, wash car, vacumn and pump air... 4) clementi ave 2, (oppo caltex) towards commonwealth ave west was crazy... jam all the way back to near ulu-panadan, my eyes could not see the end of the jam. the time was nearing 9am. Have to avoid that side of ave 2 to go back to commonwealth ave west, so did a small detour end up at clementi mrt area. from there to entrance of PIE (near nan hua primary school) another 15min. 5) From what my eyes can see, jurong east towards nan hua pri the traffic was endless, PIE to AYE (oppo clementi camp) was endless also... All these was more than 2 hours after the lorry stalled. that, my friends, is what one stalled vehicle can do... thousands late, pollution many many...