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Found 56 results

  1. SINGAPORE - The police are appealing for information on a man who robbed $3,000 from a SingPost branch at Potong Pasir Community Club on Thursday afternoon (Feb 8). There was no weapon involved and no one was injured. The police said in a statement on Thursday that they received a report of the robbery at about 1.30pm. The male suspect had walked into the branch wearing a white surgical mask and allegedly demanded the female staff to hand over all the money, the statement said. "The female staff immediately ran into a room for safety. The male suspect then climbed over the counter and made off with about $3,000 in cash that was placed in the drawers." The male suspect was wearing a black cap, a black sweater, blue jeans and black shoes, and was also carrying a black sling bag. He was last seen running in the direction of Upper Serangoon Road, along Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Police investigations are ongoing. Anyone with information can call the police hotline on 1800-255-000 or submit information online at www.police.gov.SG/iwitness http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/man-robs-3000-from-singpost-branch-police-appealing-for-information?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10
  2. There's a difference between vengeance and self defence. Blockheads who don't know the difference will be educated in court. And the only reason these spandex heroes are so garang is because they're basically anonymous. Make visible registration compulsory and their balls and ego will shrivel right up, along with their keenness to destroy other people's property to vent their outrage.
  3. http://eatbook.sg/pasir-ris-central-hawker/ Things to eat at Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre New food place to explore. It is advertised as an instagram worthy hawker center served by young entrepreneurs. I would very much prefer simple hawker fares at less exorbitant prices compared to 'hipster' food but if the food is good, it's still worth a try. Anyone been here?
  4. I wonder what are the profiles who would rent in areas like Pasir Ris? It's awfully far from other parts of Singapore? Where do they work? What do they do and why would they rent there?
  5. Lmws214

    Paris Ris Park (photos)

    This morning I went to pasir ris park for cycling with my family. Sharing some photos of the park. photos photos photos photos
  6. Hi guys, Wonder if anybody know what time the bbq seafood/satay stalls close at Pasir Panjang hawker center? And if anybody can give some recommendations for anyplace with such stalls that open till late around the West or CCK area? Thanks in advance
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU9Eoh71z60 The last challenge in 2015 before Pasir Gudang track is closed for upgrade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF5sKaJn0gc Attack of the Audi /. rear view camera is more fun to watch
  8. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/2-smrt-staff-dead-in/2625352.html?cid=cna_editorspick_070814 "(They) were part of a technical team that went down to the track to investigate a reported alarm from a condition monitoring device for signalling equipment. Permission to access the track was authorised," said Mr Nathan. "Initial findings indicate that before the accident happened, the team was moving in a single file on the walkway beside the track, on the way to the location of the signalling equipment." The brother of a signals officer who witnessed the accident told Channel NewsAsia that the signals officer was "traumatised".
  9. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/2-smrt-staff-dead-in/2625352.html Services between Tanah Merah and Pasir Ris MRT stations were disrupted on Tuesday (Mar 22). The SMRT incident on Mar 22, 2016. (Photo: Sue Rosli) SINGAPORE: Two SMRT maintenance staff have died after an accident near Pasir Ris station, the transport operator confirmed on Tuesday (Mar 22). "At around 11.10am today, there was an accident involving two SMRT maintenance staff along the track at a servicing point near Pasir Ris station," said Mr Patrick Nathan, Vice-President, Corporate Information and Communications, SMRT Corp. "SCDF was immediately activated and they have confirmed that the two SMRT staff have passed away. We convey our deepest condolences to their families and will be providing support to them at this very difficult time," added Mr Nathan. "We are working with the Police to conduct a detailed investigation into this accident." The brother of a signals officer who witnessed the accident told Channel NewsAsia that the signals officer was "traumatised". Pasir Ris resident Francis Dorairaj, who was at the scene, expressed shock and disbelief. "Why were maintenance people on the track when the train was operating?" he questioned. TRAIN SERVICES DISRUPTED Train services along the East-West Line were also disrupted. SMRT announced at 11.20am on Twitter that there would be no train services between Tanah Merah and Pasir Ris in both directions until about 12.15pm. This disruption was later extended till 12.45pm, but by 1.35pm, service had not yet resumed. The train service provider updated 10 minutes later that free regular and shuttle bus services were available. The train disruption on the East-West Line on Mar 22, 2016. (Photo: Diane Leow) Social media users reported seeing personnel from the Singapore Civil Defence Force and the Singapore Police at Pasir Ris station. According to SCDF, it was alerted to the incident at Pasir Ris MRT station at 11.11am. A fire engine, A Red Rhino, two fire bikes, two ambulances, and three support vehicles were dispatched. SCDF confirmed that two men were pronounced dead at the scene.
  10. Hi fellow bros and sis, This may sound alittle absurd to share my last sunday car wash experience but I felt that it will be nice to help some folks out there with my story. I was on the way to Vivo city for some weekend shopping with my wife, thereafter I realise the small ride of mine was pretty covered with dirt and grime.Thus,I decided to pop into one of the petrol stations along Pasir Panjang for a wash. Soon I was in the queue of several cars waiting to be washed, I realised it took longer than usual. Upon approaching I realised there were 5 persons washing the car infront of me but the entire process was alittle slow. I then came to senses these folks were from MINDS group,I must commend they are pretty co-ordinated and task oriented.Each was assigned a portion of the car to clean and they really do it with pride. Just do remember if you are within the vicinity and like to have a car wash and time is on your side, pop by to have them help wash your car.Tip them if you feel they have provided you a job well done but not out of sympathy. As all of us know, for some of the petrol kiosks we patronise don't even do a good job compare to these folks Their operating hours are as follows Weekdays : 10am -6pm Weekends : 10am -3pm Let them make your day with a smile Cheers
  11. Accident at TPE Pasir Ris Flyover,Lane 1. Kiss your license goodbye. Video: https://www.facebook...111961/?theater
  12. I've got a few questions. Can those fancy scooter helmet be used for track in malaysia? Say like the one here If it's not suitable can anyone recommend a place to get affordable helmets? And also if i want to visit Pasir Gudang, I can do so anytime of the day during their designated time slot for cars as long as the track is not booked for events right? Thanks for answering my queries.
  13. http://therakyatpost.tumblr.com/post/99804394381/new-post-has-been-published-on-the-rakyat-post Twitter was abuzz this evening with reports that said the overhead pedestrian bridge near Taman Kobena, Pasir Gudang, Johor had collapsed. The bridge, which is along the Pasir Gudang highway, had reportedly collapsed between 4pm and 5pm today. Netizens shared pictures of the incident on Twitter, showing the entire stretch of the pedestrian bridge having fallen onto the road below. No fatalities were reported as yet, however several vehicles were said to have been damaged in the incident. Work is currently ongoing to clear the area as traffic is not able to go through that portion of the highway. Johors Road Works Department twitted via their account @JKRJohor asking for motorists to opt for alternative roads after they were informed of the incident. - MORE TO COME - Photo from Facebook
  14. Can't say the same for Ong and Desmond
  15. Does anyone knows what is going to happen to pasir panjang port? During the last national day rally, PM said all ports will move to Tuas by 2030. Does it include pasir panjang? It doesn't make sense, they are reclaiming the land at PP to develop into a bigger port. Then in less than 20 years, they all shift to Tuas?
  16. I was involved in a traffic accident today at about 8.25am along Pasir Ris Central. My car was stationary behind a white volkswagen scirocco, SJZ 6094J, while waiting to make a U turn to Pasir Ris Sports Complex. A sliver Toyota Wish, from the opposite direction, mounted the center divider, knocked down the U turn sign and hit my rear right door. I need the driver of the white scirocco to be my witness. I appeal to the scirocco driver or anyone who knows the scirocco driver to pm me if u see this post. Would greatly appreciate if members of volkswagen or scirocco club can help to repost this appeal at the respective forums. Thanks and have a happy long wkend.
  17. [shakehead] My estate some more but heng for yours truly not the car park I park. Suay for the 10 owners though In this case the 10 owners can only sue the clown via a civil suit for damages as the latter's insurance will not compensate anything right? From AsiaOne: http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...103-393243.html Suspected drink driver rams into 10 cars in Potong Pasir SINGAPORE - A driver believed to be intoxicated rammed into 10 parked cars in a HDB carpark in Potong Pasir early this morning, before falling asleep at the wheel, the Shin Min Daily News reported. The incident happened at about 2.30 am at the car park of blocks 137 and 138 of Potong Pasir Ave 3. According to the Chinese evening daily, the man had earlier drove his car up a kerb and struck a lamp-post before speeding away. But he returned 30 minutes later, after realising that his license plate and bumper had fallen off because of the impact. Said an eyewitness, Mr Wu, 40: "The driver wanted to park his car in a lot, but I don't know how he ended up hitting 7 cars in the process." In an attempt to get away, Mr Wu said the driver knocked into 3 other parked cars. The driver's car ended up wedged in between 2 cars. According to another eye-witness, Mr Tan, 35, the man then got out and pushed the car in a bid to free it. When that failed, he returned to the car and subsequently fell asleep at the wheel, said Mr Tan. Mr Tan added that the police and officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived shortly after. BMW damaged Said businesswoman Ms Lin, 26, the owner of a BMW which was damaged in the accident: "If only I'd returned home from work later." Ms Lin had arrived home just 15 minutes before the accident. She said she heard a loud noise after she got home and showered, but was too tired to find out what had happened. "I knew something bad happened when I looked out the window this morning and saw that my car had moved," said Ms Lin, who had bought the car less than a year ago. candicec@sph.com.sg
  18. And you thought you have heard or seen it all... [shocked] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1208639/1/.html Man charged with stealing rifle at Pasir Laba Camp By Alvina Soh | Posted: 19 June 2012 1951 hrs
  19. Sugar

    Pasir Panjang Village

    I drove past pasir panjang village today (beside ESSO) and realised all the shops are closed. i remember i use to go the pubs there and have steak at the restaurant at the corner. anyone knows what is happening to this stretch of shops? tear down?
  20. Beautiful creatures, but also fierce. Those venturing there, becareful. I went to the boardwalk before, luckily never met one. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...d_at_pasir.html
  21. 今日强打』 罕见劫案!30岁新婚男子,因涉嫌在裕廊军营内用螺丝起子抢一把80公分长的步枪,被控上庭。 劫案发生在5月8日下午4时,地点在裕廊的巴西拉峇军营(Pasir Laba Camp)的标准障碍挑战场(Standard Obstacle Course,简SOC)。 据婚姻注册局资料,30岁被告莫哈默立扎,今年3月16日才结婚。不料新婚燕尔之际,他被指在巴西拉峇军营涉案。 如果一旦罪名成立,他可被判最长14年监禁和鞭打至少12下。
  22. Whats wrong with the water in Pasir Ris? I remembered NEA closed the beach and label the water "NOT SAFE TO SWIM IN" 2 year ago. According to results from a study released by NEA in 2009 during the last annual assessment of water quality at beaches, Pasir Ris beach's water quality is affected by various possible sources, including minor leakage from older sewers, moored vessels, animals, as well as discharges from small-scale Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) that presently serve the more remote areas in Pasir Ris. The low water currents in the concave part of Pasir Ris beach are not effective in diluting and dispersing the discharges. When dead fish wash ashore at Pasir Ris ... by Esther Ng A layer of white covered the muddy banks of Sungei Api Api yesterday, as thousands of white fish, measuring 5cm long each, were washed up onto the shore. The smell of rotting fish could be detected as far as 30m away from the river, which flows through the Pasir Ris estate. "I was frying chicken, but all I smelt was fish," said homemaker Wati Mansor, 47. "The smell was very strong - it even went up to my master bedroom - I felt like I was in a wet market." Mdm Wati's second-floor mansionette at Elias Road overlooks the river. In all her 10 years living in Pasir Ris, this is the first time such an incident has happened, Mdm Wati said. This was confirmed by other residents. Mr Mark Rodrigues, a resident and chief controller at SMRT, told Today that the stench turned up after 3pm. "This is the first time that we have fish dying on the banks," he said. A foreman from Neo Lian Poh Construction, who only gave his name as Wanz, agreed. He told Today that he and his crew have been cleaning the river for two years and there had been no such incidents previously. He said the dead fish were ikan bilis and ikan tamban. About 30 men in reflective vests were spotted cleaning up the banks yesterday. Mr Rodrigues and Mr Wanz believed that the dead fish came from Serangoon Harbour, near Pulau Ubin, and both were puzzled about the cause of death. Residents told Today that the river is commonly used for recreational activities such as canoeing and fishing. The sight of thousands of dead fish yesterday spooked some of them. "If the fish died because the water was polluted and people eat their catch, there's a health concern," said Mdm Wati. Pasir Ris resident Heidi A said: "I'm wondering whether the water is polluted because it's near Pasir Ris beach which until recently was not safe for water activities." According to national water agency PUB, the dead fish were found at the mouth of Sungei Api Api and along Pasir Ris beach yesterday. "(They) were likely to have been washed in by the tide, and some of them were deposited on the river bed of Sungei Api Api. The contractors are currently clearing the dead fishes," it said. "PUB assures the public that this incident has no impact on drinking water quality. The water in Sungei Api Api is not used for the drinking water supply." The National Environment Agency is also investigating the cause of the incident.
  23. Hi guys, Need to drive from bukit panjang (jelapang road) to pasir panjang (MRT) every morning reach at 9am. What is the best road to take. I have tried taking upper bukit timah all the way, too many traffic lights. Tried BKE Clementi AYE South Buona Vista Road but clementi will jam some days smooth some days. If jam will be slower den bukit timah. But if smooth will be faster. I haven tried BKE PIE adam road. Will that be faster?
  24. STOMPer S.S.Rajan saw a Silver Toyota Wish burning at Pasir Ris Drive 1 at around 9.45pm yesterday (Jun 1). The passengers had reportedly got out of the car before it turned into a ball of fire. The STOMPer reports: "This incident occurred between Block 747 and White Waters Condominium. "The occupants had abandoned the car without switching off the ignition. "The Fire Department came within 5 min to extinguish the burning inferno. "Nobody was injured in this incident." STOMPer Wong was also at the scene and the STOMPer snapped a picture of the inferno. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._pasir_ris.html
  25. There have been rumours circulating about Aljunied GRC this few days. Will the residents in the 3 areas care to share your experience in the state of municipal activities? Hougang remains under WP so it should be fairly straightforward. Now I am curious to see if Potong Pasir resembles Aljunied GRC.