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Found 312 results

  1. Nowaday Si*gt*l got one AMPED application that enable unlimited download of song. Happened to downloaded som very nice cantonese song which I had lost the cassette album...It really bring back good old memory where HK Singer like Alan Tam, Lesile Cheng and etc rule the music world..Below are some memory of the nice song...taken from Youtube...enjoy.... Alan Tam 1 Alan Tam 2 Alan Tam 3 Danny 勁歌金曲 陳百強 (Danny Chan) - 1983十大中文金曲 偏偏喜歡你
  2. hi all... all my previous rides even till now... i have always believed in a good oil... i can imagine sludge built up in the engine and i dont want that to happen with a lousy oil used... my last 4 oil services were with OWS NA Racing... i have used before Mobile 1, Shell Helix Ultra, x-REV, spitfire, bizol, KIC oils, liquid moly,idemitsu, Castrol... etc. i have never used mineral or semi-syn oil... always fully syni & I want my car to be fed with oil from at least a company with abit of positive reputation... until lately... i read and found out about many cheap fully syn oils in the supermarkets... so far reviews have been pretty positive... so i thought to myself... OWS NA racing 4liters = $135 (average price) VX Super Syn 5W/40 - 5 liters = $23.80 (promo) schnell is 4 liters german... $29.90 or $39.90 cant remember... c@rlube is 5 liters from UK... ($28.90 with engine flush@Giant) or ($38.90 with oil treatment@carrefour) ($50-$60@autobacs) carrefour also has a full range of the new oil from x-gold or smthing... Giant only 1 from the range but on offer $27 for 5liters basic range one 5W/40. this VX Super Syn is made in SG... i have purchased 1 btl earlier (note this is only at Carrefour Suntec... Plaza Sing dont have) and will change today thursday afternoon... i will just change the oil... no sparkplug change... no cleaning of my air filter, (also no oil filter change cause no tools to take out filter)... thus i can do a proper test with my butt dyno... haha 2.5liters i will need for my sunny... cost=$11.90... for a 5W/40 fully Syn engine oil change... with $135 ... i can change my engine oil 8 times plus 3 oil filters... i hope this oil is really as good as it looks... so far i've heard c@rlube is ok no problems... Schnell is ok and smooth no problems.... and as i am only using it for 5k OR less, i dont forsee problems... i hope. if its ok i might even change every 4k... haha... the thing is nothing beats a 'new engine oil' drive... so if $11.90 is all i need to get it, why not? more clean oil time for my car should be a good thing right? hang on for the results...
  3. Old-driver

    Cigarette Smoke Coming into my house

    I have a neighbour living one floor above me and I'm also on talking terms with me. Recently his daughter married and son-in-law came to stay with them. This is where it all started.... he would open the grills, stick his head out of the windows and blow smoke out of his room. I will have to close my windows everytime he smoke... 1 an hour if he's home. So what can I do and what's my rights? Complain to HDB can or not? Or speak to the father-in-law? Kindly advise
  4. Truely Asia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sQ_TFego_U Guys, better have your sisters, wives or girlfriends check their panties before wearing :)
  5. Lethalstrike

    Anyone into laopok Mercs?

    Was browsing through sgcarmart for Mercs which are more than 10 years old and happened to spot a few gems, besides the usual W124s. Its interesting to see the classic Merc genes and design slowly evolving over the years as well. If the owners happened to chance across this thread, could you kindly share with us the experience of owning a classic Merc in Singapore, besides being patient and having wads of cash on hand for restorations and ad-hoc repairs? 1. W111? Earliest predecessor to the S-classes link 2. R129 in chio chio chilli red link 3. W201 The legendary ex-DTM Cosworth 2.3-16 link 4. W113 Predecessor to the SL-classes Visit My Website 5. W108/109 Predecessor to the S-classes link 6. W123, still used as taxis in some European countries link 7. R107, another SL from the 1970s. Dun really like this round quad lamps variant though link 8. W140. A 5-litre V8 german tank registered in 1994. Can't imagine the roadtax then... link 9. W126. Most successful S-class which seals Merc's status as the leading luxury car maker. link 10. R170. First SLK with mass-produced folding metal roof. Destined to be a future classic. link
  6. I went to Mal very often and wish to get an international license as i need to drive Mal Vehicle there. was told by their LTA (JPJ) that Singaporean license can only use on Singaporean registered plate in malaysia.... Can anyone pls advise?
  7. Hi ya all, recently read a book bout organic vinegar and did some online reading. Seems like it can help to lose weight, regulate blood pressure etc. Anyone here into this? Jus wanna learn more fr ppl who hv tried it. Been on some Taiwanese vinegar for 2 wks Liao. Drinking apple cider vinegar in office
  8. This is one of the old time classic...... (1979)網中人
  9. Only Roger can do this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUCobDz7aec
  10. Hi dear forumer, if i crash into a lamp post and damaged it.. the whole pole drop down and land onto the road... what is the fine that i'm likely to pay? Could i use my insurance to pay for the damage? or insurance would not cover that?
  11. hi guys, would be my first time driving in. pardon me but can i buy the toll card at all counters?
  12. Castrate serial rapists, says Malaysian minister July 10th, 2008 - 3:59 pm ICT by IANS Kuala Lumpur, July 10 (IANS) A Malaysian minister has demanded that serial rapists be castrated and given hormone therapy to reduce sexual desire.
  13. 2cents

    Anyone into Thai amulet?

    Many years ago, i like to collect amulets. However, the hobby dies off after a few years. Recently i have a craze again. Bought an amulet and start to wear it again. Anyone here with the same hobby or pic to show ur precious amulet? I start off with mine 1st =)
  14. I witnessed this accident right in front of my eyes while standing at my office window. The Trailer rammed into the back of the dark blue Mitsubishi Lancer and pushed it for a good 10m into the first lane. Can't tell if it was a lane-switch mistake. See pics.
  15. A taxi took a dive into a swimming pool at a condominium when it took a wrong turn in the heavy rain early Sunday morning. The ComfortDelgro taxi apparently plunged into the pool at about 3am. ComfortDelgro spokesperson Tammy Tan said the driver had gone to the condominium along Upper Bukit Timah Road to fulfil a booking job. As it was raining heavily, the driver could not see clearly and made a wrong turn. He thought it was to the road leading to the lobby. The 44-year-old driver managed to escape unhurt before police arrived on the scene. The vehicle was fished out after 7am. Ms Tan said, "We are relieved to learn that our cabby had escaped unhurt and we will assist him the best we can. We will also be in touch with the condominium with regards to any damage that may have resulted." Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/taxi-dives-into-condo/881512.html
  16. Cerano

    Anyone into hifi?

    Recently ive been considering upgrading my older system at home and i have finalised my upgrade selection. Im getting a Sony VW95ES and either a Marantz AV 7005 and MM7005 or LX-85. I considered the yamaha aventage 3010 but I found in reviews thats its lacking compared to the Pioneer LX-85. Problem is that pioneer is made in malaysia so i not so sure... Any bros have any comments on the above models?
  17. Kelpie

    Anyone into Malay Pop Songs?

    Hi all, Contemplating to start a Malay pop song list and wondering whether Malay pop songs are as good as those from K-Pop and T-Pop? Found this one from Youtube: Seindah Biasa by Siti Nurhaliza at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO8S5tx-tI4...feature=related Need your recommendation. Thank you very much. Regards,
  18. hi bros, yesterdae was a bad day for me, i went over to condo near bukit timah, and run into a barrier at the guard hse as i was entering, i dint stop and notice about the barrier cuming down, instaed i went thru it pushing against it, so my fault jus wanne to knw how much it cost to fix the replace the barrier??? it's a rubber type, [inline barrier.bmp] the barrier was bend forward, i was told by the mgt that they will send the BILL to me! thanks in advance, barrier.bmp
  19. I'm thinking how to maximise my car lifespan One thing I can think of is export the car to Msia to my in-laws place. So can it be done? We scrap car. Arrange paperwork to export car. Import into Msia. Register car in Msia. Drive in Msia for many more years... Note that I want to do this the legal way. Not drive in and report lost type I believed it can be done, just a matter of cost. Worth it? Anyone with experience or know of anyone who did this?
  20. Met an irresponsible Lady Lexus driver this morning while ferrying my baby to my Mother place at the cross junction of Mandai Road and Sembawang Road. The light already turned red for a good 3 to 5sec and she still rush OUT!!!! These are the scums that cause major accident on the road! Very similar to the Ferrari case! Luckily i saw the bikes stop and I stop immediately, my view was blocked by the bikes and din't know some idiot would rush out. Next time better wait for a while before moving off from traffic light! Carplate: SGW228G Driver: Lady
  21. Any one ever appeal against the notice before? ha ha
  22. what is what now?? do also die, dun do also die! [:(]
  23. Hi bros, my friend upsent mindedly poured 1 litre of coolent into his engine instead of engine oil. After poured in, then he realise. He didn't start the engine at all thank god. What are the steps to rectify this? Call for tow truck send to workshop and do Engine flush?
  24. By right commercial vehicle not suppose to enter JB, unless got wadever licence or road tax. Was thinking could i drive my company kangoo into JB? using the by left way. Anyone had tried driving commercial in and manage to siam the authorities, or what will be the consequence if i kana booked? If i not wrong, diesel vehcile not affected by the 3/4 tank rule, so i can go in empty tank to pump.
  25. RadX

    SG Flyer into receivership!

    It had to happen sooner or later! din see it being that big an attraction? what next? roller coaster? Accounting firm Ferrier Hodgson has been appointed as the receiver and manager of the company's charged assets. PHOTOS Singapore Flyer (ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP FILES/AFP) EnlargeCaption SINGAPORE: The Singapore Flyer is in receivership. Accounting firm Ferrier Hodgson has been appointed as the receiver and manager of the company's charged assets. Still it's business as usual at the giant wheel. Ferrier Hodgson said it is looking into identifying investors to manage and enhance the Singapore Flyer, and will ensure smooth operations at the Flyer throughout the receivership. The Flyer has been an icon of the Singapore skyline since 2008. The Singapore Tourism Board said it reserves its rights as landlord and will be closely engaging the various parties involved to ensure the best possible outcome that enhances the tourism sector. It adds that it looks forward to a smooth resolution with minimal disruption to visitors. - CNA/de