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Found 38 results

  1. Thinking of selling your 8 to 10 years old car? Do you have questions like: • How much will I get back at the end of 10 years? • What is the procedure for scrapping my car? • Which is the best way to sell? • Should I sell/scrap it myself? • When should I sell my car? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Talk to us, we give answers to your questions! sgCarMart Quotz provides a FREE service, helping you get the best selling price for your vehicle from a partner network of over 100 scrapyards and exporters. No obligation to sell, and flexible hand-over date. Should you wish to accept the offer, we will connect you directly to the buyer. Please feel free to private message us your enquiries or just post your enquiries in this thread. Alternatively, Call us at 67447571 or visit www.quotz.com.sg for more information.
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-malaysia-singapore-sand-exclusive-idUSKCN1TY0C4 Surprised how come this haven't reached local media yet.
  3. sgCarMart Quotz is Singapore's most reliable online car auction platform. For car owners who want to sell their cars to dealers, we take away the pain of going to multiple shops to ask for quotations. Car owners are able to obtain the highest offers for their cars through the sgCarMart Quotz bidding system which reaches out to over 500 used car dealers. More info at www.quotz.com.sg We also provide a free car valuation service for car owners who would like an indicative quote for their car. To get a quote, simply key in your details at our free car valuation page, or post your details in this thread in the below format. Car model Year of manufacture Registration date Mileage
  4. Hi guys My COE is due end of the month and I'm looking to export my car. Any recommendation on who to check for prices? I've gotten quotes from Quotz and motorist.sg so far. Need a few more to compare.
  5. is the car required to be in country before deregistering ? or can it be out of country when you deregister? is it possible to drive a deregistered car in another country ?
  6. I'm thinking how to maximise my car lifespan One thing I can think of is export the car to Msia to my in-laws place. So can it be done? We scrap car. Arrange paperwork to export car. Import into Msia. Register car in Msia. Drive in Msia for many more years... Note that I want to do this the legal way. Not drive in and report lost type I believed it can be done, just a matter of cost. Worth it? Anyone with experience or know of anyone who did this?
  7. would like to know which country i can attempt to export cars to in order to get a better sale price. i can't seem to find exporters in singapore, and the dealers and lowballing. anyone knows which are the general market we can direct export our cars to in order to sell? i know to export cars to UK must pay at least 30+% of duty and tax. export to malaysia must pay $50k RM for the licence. i know australia stop allowing import already.
  8. Hi Guys, My Integra is gonna due for scrap. Any ideas how much can the body fetch if i send it to those export dealers? Maybe we can consolidate a list for easy reference on various model? Thanks
  9. im toying with the idea of exporting my car at 10 years to australia for personal use. question is how do i derive the value for customs duty, gst etc..? since at 10 years.. the possible remnant value is the paper? i had to pay for shipping and custom duty and gst and any possible fees to get it on road there. tried contact freight companies to no avail... anyone to advice?
  10. Nonewposts

    Car export/scrap value

    Hi, I have a 523i due for scrap in a few months time. Hence I would like to get a gauge of what to expect
  11. I am wondering if Malaysia accepts import of 10-year old sg car and if yes,any procedures to certify and register it in malaysia? considering Malaysia is our neighbour, if rules permitting, we can even drive it across as mode of export, the export cost would be next to nothing. Anyone done it before or knows how to do it?
  12. http://news.asiaone.com/news/crime/msian-charged-exporting-stolen-vehicles Any particular reasons for bringing stolen Malaysian vehicles into Singapore and then exporting?? Claiming the vehicles are from Singapore hence fetching higher value? Exporting from Singapore so vehicles are more legit?? Just wondering why the trouble to transport stolen vehicles down our country.
  13. Once considered pet food, kangaroo meat could soon be sold to China as a luxury product, to encourage Chinese consumers to do something few Australians will - eat it. With a booming middle class, China’s appetite for meat is expected to rise nearly 17 per cent over the next eight years, the World Trade Organization says. Exporters do not yet have permission to sell kangaroo meat to China but recent comments by Australian officials have put the industry in a bullish mood. “This is something that ticks a whole range of boxes,” Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “I’m going to try and look at further discussions with the Chinese because I think there is a big prospect for a market there.” Mr Wang Jun, the owner of a small restaurant in Beijing, said he would be keen to try kangaroo. “Why not? As long as it is delicious,” Mr Wang said. Beef, pork and chicken are staples in China but some diners also tuck into cat, rat, dog and more exotic animals in the belief that they have medicinal qualities. Still, not everyone may be so adventurous when it comes to kangaroo. “How could we lay our chopsticks on such cute animals?” said Ms Liu Xinxin, a 21-year-old university student from Beijing. Ms Liu’s comments echo sentiments in Australia that have kept the kangaroo meat industry in a state of suspended development. A 2008 government survey showed nearly a fifth of Australians would never eat kangaroo on ethical grounds. Others are reluctant to consume an animal that figures in the national coat of arms. Just 15.5 percent of people eat kangaroo meat more than four times a year. Australia is already a large supplier of red meat to China, with shipments worth A$616 million (S$720 million) in the 2012/13 season. The kangaroo industry hopes to jump into the action. “It would be huge if we could get access to the Chinese market and they are certainty very interested,” said Mr Ray Borda, founder and managing director of Macro Meats, Australia’s largest processor of kangaroo and wild game meat. Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/11/19/us-australia-china-kangaroo-idUSBRE9AI07820131119
  14. Guys anyone using Pioneer single din head unit? I found these price at mustafa, seems attractive but I don really know the actual price for local set. So donno how much cheaper issit. Any feedback on these? DEH-9350SD $209 DEH-8350SD $183 DEH-6350SD $150 DEH-5350UB $135 DEH-2350UB $108
  15. [extract] Japan's auto lobby urged their government and central bank to quickly take action to counter the strong yen after it hit a seven-month high against the dollar. The currency has strengthened to under 78 yen per dollar from more than 120 yen five years ago. With a strong currency, it is more costly to purchase Japanese products and squeeze the car makers
  16. just happened to find out this portal for car export from spore... http://www.singaporemotors.net/about.php can search for specifc car models and even can see chasiss nos.... you will find out how cheap cars really are when they are exported out of spore..... 2003 civic is only selling for $12k - $14k 2004 getz only selling for $6k-7k now we all know we all had been fooled into paying so much when we first buy our cars..... how much is the profit margin for these export dealers? any 1 knows how to calculate?
  17. Went Mustafa yesterday and saw a few Pioneer HU with touch screen at a really good price. However it states that no testing, no refund, no exchange.... Anyone bought one there before? Am worried that my $ will go down to drain if I bought a lemon......
  18. Is there any good workshop will help me to install an export headunit? Or I must die die to buy from them? I tot of just change my current old unit to a mp3 type headunit which support SD/USB. Is it possible? Thanks :)
  19. Oreo

    Export of car

    Hi brudders, I want to know how the system for export of car works. I currently thinking of scrapping my car (4yrs old) and the paper value is about 43K. It's a Civic VTI. I heard that if exporting the body itself, can fetch 4-5K.. Is there a formula to calculate this? I have a few "agent" which give me different export price ranging from 1K to 5K... I don't know if the body could fetch higher or is the offer really good. Can any expert here guide me along?
  20. Hi guys, I am looking out for PARF BMW and Lexus that are into its 10th year with owners that do not intend to renew their COE. I have been monitoring sgcarmart but very limited ads as compared to those that are 7 y/o or newer. Does anyone know of websites that I will have better luck finding such cars? I think it should be cheaper to buy direct and offer slightly more than what the exporters would offer. I feel (not backed by any articles) that luxury cars are built to last beyond 10 years or even 20 years. Thanks for your inputs.
  21. Longbownet

    Scrap vs Export

    Hi bros, need some advise here. What's the difference btwn scrapping and exporting my car in monetary terms? I know i can get the figures for PARF and COE rebates from OneMotoring website. But the car body value is not included right? How can I get that figure? Thanks in advance!!
  22. Beehive3783

    SLT export sets - HU prices

    Just returned from Sim Lim Tower. Some prices as follows: Pioneer AVH-P4250 - $580 Alpine CDA-9887 - $440 Above prices includes GST. Pioneer DEH-P80RSII - $580 Not sure whether GST is included for this one. All the prices were obtained from the only 2 shops selling export set HUs on the first floor. The rest of the shops on the other floors had nothing interesting on display so I didn't bother to ask.
  23. Hi, can someone kindly advise me where I could a get Japanese brand 7" 2Din DVD HU cheap export set ? Old JVC or other models is fine ? Thanks for your help !
  24. Hi guys, Just a sharing and an enquiry. Was at Automobile Mart over the weekend to check out some resale vehicles. Spotted a new C Class and inquired about the price and trade in package. The sales rep took my details and came back with my PARF rebate. Was told by him that if i was to trade in my Mini, his exporter will change 2% of the PARF rebate value. This is the first time i heard of this and so my question is: is this a market trick or is this a norm?