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    Unusual or rare cars

    is this in singapore? registered in singapore?
  2. Aerosmith

    Anyone know any info on isuzu pickup TFR69H

    no la, i am researching for my boss, need to calculate expenditure mah, to show a proposal, FC is directly linked to costs for business. also would be good to know the power of this pickup too. the mystery is why google has no results lol, wiki says it has many names like rodeo, or tfr or bighorn. too chim liao this isuzu.
  3. saw some on the market seems like a nice double cab pickup. only issue is googling the model gives no result. i cannot seem to find any info on this double cab pickup. interested to know how is the fuel consumption like, how much power it has in that 3.1 litre turbodiesel. also, i saw some got 4wd some 2wd, i wonder whats up with that.
  4. anyone wants SGL6688E, going for cheap, i need to pay LTA $1200 to transfer it to you take note, if you placing it on your new car, then you only need to pay LTA $100, if you placing on your used car, you need to pay LTA $1300. looking to sell $888 just for the plate, all transfer costs on you
  5. anyone wants SGL6688E, going for cheap, i need to pay LTA $1200 to transfer it to you, so please offer higher than $1200. take note, if you placing it on your new car, then you only need to pay LTA $100, if you placing on your used car, you need to pay LTA $1300. pm me your offer, i looking to sell by weekend.
  6. i call all the famous ones and the freelancers one, all of them will not remove the tyre from the rim to respray. neither will they remove the calipers to spray. i was wondering if anyone has a contact to a professional who can spray paint in that manner.
  7. i curious too. my opinion is that too many rich and elites who owns existing rare plates will complain to LTA saying that vanity plates will cause their existing plates to lose value. maybe this is the reason why the project silently axed. think about it, some of these people paid upwards of $500k to buy lets say S11T or Q1X or E7E and then when vanity plates come out, suddenly their investment drop by a lot.
  8. Aerosmith

    Need help - Anyone driving BMW 520i (F10)

    thanks guys, my friend car is under warranty. so best not to self diagnose or go other workshop. just need some first hand testimony, as long as your 520i is smooth at idle, then he will go PML bang table.
  9. Aerosmith

    Need help - Anyone driving BMW 520i (F10)

    you mean tell PML that?
  10. hi, my friend has a 520i bought 2 years already. since day 1, the car will vibrate when stop at traffic light in Drive mode. this is of course with the engine still running, idling at traffic lights. can feel the whole car vibrate from the feet and whole seat. every passenger can feel it. It happens the whole day even after warming up. the worst part is that his mechanic at PML says it is normal for this model. they even let my friend test sit the demo car to prove that their demo car has the same vibration. i help my friend search on BMW forums but no one complain of this permanent vibration. only some people complain of intermittent vibrations which goes away after warm up. anyone who drives 520i or has friends who has driven 520i, please comment whether yours got vibrate at idle?
  11. Aerosmith

    Nissan GTR 3.8L

    lol, not in that group lol
  12. Aerosmith

    Nissan GTR 3.8L

    yup you raised one good point on the japanese menu. best is get a the workshop to teach you some of the important stuff like connecting bluetooth. but to be honest, i never touched the touchscreen for 2 years already lol. once or twice will have one error is about your tyre pressure low. i also launch the car on sandy road before and the 4wd warning light up. in such cases, i just whatsapp the picture to mechanics and they translate for me. if you have friends who can read japanese even better lol.
  13. Aerosmith

    Nissan GTR 3.8L

    i initially maintain at MB motors. but i did not get a good experience there, so now at maximus racing where you pay slightly more for a boutique feel. take note gtr maintenance cycle is 5k km. so maybe that is why everyone say it is expensive. regarding what brand of oil, i personally don't know, i let the workshop decide, the 3 main gtr workshops should be experts. conservative driving, mine get 300km per tank (6km/l), but aggressive driving, maybe 250km per tank. stock gtr especially the 2015 ones i heard can even get 400km per tank. when i got mine a long time ago, i think mine was $20k depreciation. for gtr, you should include body value in order to get realistic depreciation. e.g. what is the export value of the car at the end of its 10 year COE. another way to get a good estimation is to just compare price difference between two cars of different year, that should be a good approximate of the depreciation too. e.g. if 2008 and 2009 got an average of $20k difference, that should be the depreciation.
  14. Aerosmith

    Nissan GTR 3.8L

    omg, so old thread also kena dig. anyway, my costs are lower compared to spawn. to be honest, i consider myself quite lucky to not get a lemon one. mine is stage 2 modified and i drive it like i stole it, so if you get a stock one, it will definitely be cheaper to maintain. my latest full servicing, engine oil, trans oil, diff oil etc is $1.4k. have not changed tyre for 3 years already. PSS last very long. but will costs $2k to replace FYI. brake pads is endless brand and they are really endless, serious, since 2008 to now, it is still 3/4 new lol. but the screeching noise is ... for repairs, my coolant tank boom, forgotten how much, but not expensive. replaced radiator fan, i think was $900 (considering normal saloon jap fan is $100?) car never once broke down, which is what you expect from a japanese brand. just have to take note of slopes cause it is lower than usual, i don't know how many times relacquer the carbon fiber front lip already. dashboard if left under sun will crack. $2k to releather. gearbox is noisy and jerky from 2nd gear to 1st gear especially when you drive in auto up slopes etc. bell housing is always noisy, don't need spend money replace. some more tips to you if you are shopping for one, make sure you get those with the changed selector clips in the gearbox, once that minor change is done, seriously, gearbox can last forever one la. all those gearbox spoil is either lemon or stock from 2008. make sure the transmission software is updated to LC5+ (should be done free if you have the cobbs tuning). make sure the owner spent that $200 to get the rear lights modded so all 4 rings light up at night. there are some in the market i just browsed that are really really good deals on paper, they have the new 2012 gearbox, litchfield suspension (this alone already $8k) etc. to me la, get those with 3rd party exhaust, if not whats the use lor... try to stick to stage 2, cause this is enough power yet lta legal. if you want, just get it la, you only live once, don't think about costs. if you can buy it now in cash, you can pay for the running costs. just for the driving experience, you need $500k car and above to just be on par with it liao.
  15. Aerosmith

    Buying a Pickup Truck / SUV . (Need advice)

    i not too sure for truck, but i heard before. take it with a pinch of salt. i did see S plate diesel van on the road before. i give you an example is this citan registered as private plate, notice there is no speed limit sign behind http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=492582&DL=1317 after registration, you will pay the road tax as if it was a petrol car, on top of that, you pay additional special tax. it should work out to roughly $2k plus for a 2 litre diesel engine. my main concern is can the commercial vehicle in this case be tax deductible on the company?