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Found 542 results

  1. Has been trouble by constant sore throat for a long time. My friend recommend Dr Eng Soh Ping from Mt E. checked a session with scope n medicine may cost up to $500. damn this place freq by rich Indo is expensive man. But if he is that good, I just have suck thumb and go for it. Any suggestion here?
  2. Ok was inspired by some of the bookworm threads in HWZ. Reading books maybe considered old fashioned in this day and age. I was clearing out some books and comics out from my parents' storeroom as they are undergoing renovation, so was inspired to start this thread. You can strongly recommend a book or the book you are currently reading. Of course there are sites like goodreads. But I'm curious if any of you still read actively. Any genre is fine except for tiko ones. I read mostly fantasy/urban fantasy/thrillers and more "serious" books. Currently I'm reading this. Thinking, fast and slow by Danial Kahneman. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11468377-thinking-fast-and-slow Do chip in with what you are reading or what you think is a MUST READ!
  3. Hi. I would like to seek some recommendations here for halal food. Cafe style or buffet style both fine. This is because my department regularly organise team lunch/dinner and we are running out of great halal food ideas for our muslim colleagues.Pax size between 4 to 6. Appreciate all suggestions/ideas. If do a quick search google there's too much options and mostly paid ads. Would prefer genuine recommendations. I'll start here with three I personally feel is quite good Landmark Buffet http://www.landmark.com.sg/ T-Bob Corner https://www.tbobscorner.com/ The Dim Sum Place http://www.thedimsumplace.sg/ Thank you everyone for your contributions in advance
  4. Does any1 here have any good n reliable lobang on car dealers?I need to sell of my ride.Any recommendations?Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi guys, Am thinking of getting an active sub to put under the car seat. Did a search in the forum and results are topics that were some time back, so thought I ask again to see if there are new developments :) I'm not an audiophile so I don't need high end one, but same time don't want to get very cheap brandless/china ones that might not last. Just looking for one roughly that is value for money for its performance. My Scirocco is due to arrive soon, so since I don't have the car yet I don't have the under seat space measurements but would like to shortlist some options first. I have read some discussion on Pioneer TS-WX11A. Also saw 3 models from Steelmate SW826, SW826V & SW833V2. Any thoughts?
  6. My house aircon is not working efficiently. I'm looking for good and reliable servicing company. Any good recommendation? Thanks.
  7. As the topic. Any bros can recommend not too expensive but good one? Please advise.
  8. Rubberstamp

    Any good dentist to recommend?

    I have to admit that i have got a slight phobia of going to the dentist. But i do need to go now. I think i got receding gum Can anyone recommend me a good dentist? Someone who is gentle. Is Raffles Medical dentist any good?
  9. Hi Bros, Pls recommend a good Gastroenterologist( Specialist in Digestive System) in Sgp.. Was recommended to Dr. Tan Chi Chiu at Gleneagles but think his charges will be high.. So need some recommendations here.. TIA.
  10. Hi all have a friend whose sec 3 niece is looking for 1 to 1 tuition teacher near Yishun area or better still go to her house to teach. Found some which are good but charge by the hour and expensive. Btw they are from china so need to have good english background, if not at least for sec 3 standard. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi All, I just got my 1 Week old Honda Civic WHITE. Planning to go for PPS CF-II By UNIQUE1995.com Any recommendations? Should i do it? As after reading some posts here, some commented that doing PPS will leave Swirl Marks etc. Hope you can advice :) Thanks!
  12. Since domestic helper went back for home leave for a month, has been thinking of getting a water dispenser to reduce the hassle of boiling hot water and storing cool water and cleaning works. With a big family size, this seems very logical to have. Chanced upon the Fontan office dispenser awhile ago and was impressed with its look. It connects directly to water pipe and can provide hot and chilled water. But am looking at Fontan Home since I do not need a 6L hot water capacity. http://blondal.com.sg/products/fontan-home/ Then I came across this Tong Yang water dispenser at a neighborhood shop in Bedok that specializes in water dispensers. The shop stocks nothing but water dispensers. The model featured was touted at $938 with free installation. Set of 3 filters to be replaced annually at $120. The uncle was very confident of the product, throwing Mount-E hospital clinincs as his existing customers. And check online found it could be had for $688 with installation, so still looking around. Btw, this particular model has been rebranded by several companies, most notably Novita. http://www.lazada.sg/korea-tong-yang-water-dispenser-hot-and-cold-water-dispenser-with-best-water-purifier-3-magic-korea-water-filters-black-2486152.html http://www.courts.com.sg/novita-hydroplus-water-dispenserhot-cold-with-installation-np3360-h-with-installation-ip093855-m.html http://english.magic.co.kr/App/product/proDetail.asp?prdt_no=70&ctgr_no1=3&ctgr_no2=12&page=1&iMNum1=2&iMNum2=1 I would like to seek opinion from fellow forummers if you have any personal experience in using this kind of products. But please do not bring the Alkaline/ distilled/mineral water arguments into this thread. I only want a simple water dispenser with some filtration function that is able to run off a pipe and serves water and chilled water. Many TIA... Added: seems like the cold water function could be turned off, serving just rom temperature water.
  13. Dear all, Just wondering is there any good All-In-One Laser printer that is .. - Network-able - Scan to pdf/email - Receive fax as pdf/email Thanks for feedback ...
  14. Xiao_qiang

    Any Tire Shine to recommend??

    Bros Any good tire shine to recommend?? Been looking for one, and tried some foam types but the results are not that good..
  15. Hey guys, What's the cheapest range of android auto HU currently available and the approx cost of it? Thanks
  16. Good Morning My mum is looking for a part-time cleaner, no ironing & washing required and got a dog at home. Once per week only, so not easy to find one hence I'll try my luck here. Location: Serangoon North Anybody with contacts? Thank you.
  17. Hey guys, i'm looking to move home and need recommendations for movers. I have quite a lot of heavy items (each weighing more than 60kg). I've heard too many horror stories of irresponsible movers who damage your items and those who suddenly demand a top-up on the day of the move. Will they help wrap your furniture or should I wrap them myself first? Please do share your experience and the contact. Thanks!
  18. Hi bros, any cheap mobile polisher to recommend? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi all, wanna do my white ride before CNY, not very good condition although i DIY groom my car, got scratches and all, would machine polishing help? Dun have a polishing machine, wanna get one but afraid would screw things up, any to recommend? Mine is a kim chi white ride, if not convenient can PM me...
  20. Dear all, I disappear for awhile...hehe...my daughter is 2 weeks now old...she's beautiful and adorable and healthy and cheerful and the list go on and on... However my confinement lady is a nightmare.... Anyone has good confinement lady (preferably you use before) to recommend? And yeah I already tried and called many confinement lady from motherhood forum and the likes. Many thanks!
  21. I need to order some cakes for my friend's birthday and my dad's birthday. I want to get something nice and special. Any good recommendation? Thx a lot
  22. Hi all bro and sis, wonder anyone got a list of stockist for Toyota camry rotor+brake pads.. Am looking to change..
  23. Any good recommendation for servicing Mazda 3 80k? Preferably in the east and reasonable price.
  24. We are planning for a 2 nite stay at Desaru in March. Heard that some are pretty rundown and cleanliness are very bad. Any recommendation for a nice and clean resort in Desaru with some seasports and go-kart and ATV? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  25. Hello all, As above. So far, HSBC quote me $104 for Classic Couple Plan.