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Found 273 results

  1. source: https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/some-singaporeans-willing-pay-more-12000-dog Would you pay more than $12,000 for a dog? Some Singaporeans can - and will. And demand for these costly canines shows no signs of abating, despite prices for many breeds ballooning since last year. Checks by The Straits Times found that a golden retriever can cost up to $12,800, compared with about $5,000 last January. A poodle can go for as much as $11,800, when one cost around $4,000 in the previous year. Demand for puppies surged right after the circuit breaker ended, and all five shops suggest that prices will continue to rise. Dogs are imported from places like Ireland, Taiwan and Australia, or come from local breeders. Nanyang Technological University student Isabel Joy Kua, 20, who bought her three-month-old bichon frise, Sunny, for $8,900 last month, said: "Several shops tried to get me to reserve a dog even before I interacted with it, which didn't make sense. But they said that if I went the next day, the dog would probably have been bought by another customer." A dog owner in his 30s, who gave his name only as Maxime, bought a local toy poodle last June and a pomsky - a pomeranian-husky mix - from Ireland in November. He told ST that once dog sales resumed on June 19, when phase two started, all the time slots for viewings at pet shops were fully booked for the first two days. Buyers said that they were willing to pay "pandemic premiums" due to money saved from cancelled holidays and work from home arrangements. Ms Kua had wanted a dog since primary school and finally managed to persuade her parents to let her buy one. She said: "We used the money saved on travelling to pay for Sunny." Maxime, who paid $10,300 in all for both his dogs, said: "Working from home during the circuit breaker period was a major factor for me as I now had time to invest in training the puppy." Others like Ms Joanna Cheng-Ajlani chose to adopt dogs from animal shelters instead. "To be honest, if not for the change in work arrangements for both my husband and myself, we would not have even considered a pet," said Ms Cheng-Ajlani, who adopted nine-year-old Polo, a Singapore special from Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD). Depending on the animal shelter, adopting a dog can cost between $250 and $531.50. While adoption queries were reported to have increased in August, the number of adoptions have returned to pre-pandemic levels for animal welfare groups Causes for Animals (CAS) and Save Our Street Dogs. In-person adoption drives have yet to resume. Mr Ricky Yeo, founder of ASD, said: "We are always operating at full capacity. While adoptions peaked at 247 last year, the take-in rate is still high." The organisation shelters around 150 dogs, of which 90 per cent are Singapore specials. CAS fundraising coordinator Christine Bernadette said while there is nothing intrinsically wrong with buying dogs, it is important to get them from ethical breeders. "Many buyers are unaware about the conditions that the parents of their dogs are subjected to, which often mean being caged and kept alive just for breeding," Ms Bernadette, 32, added, "There needs to be more education on the cruelty of puppy mills."
  2. Hi folks, Looks like my current budget only allow me to buy Avante 1.6A car in the range of 2008-2009 registered vehicles. As such, would like to seek fellow Avante drivers about the maintenance section. 1. do Avante like some older car need to change timing belt ? If yes, at what mileage interval (e.g. 60KM) need to change and how much $$$ ? And also, does it also need to change the water pump that usually associated with timing belt ? 2. How much is to replace the original shock absorber (4x) ? 3. How much to replace the aircon fan belt ? 4. Anything special about Avante car battery ? Can settle with $150 ? 5. So far anybody overhaul or change their auto gearbox before ? If yes, how much ? 6. Anybody replace their master brake pump ? If yes, how much ? The above is based on my current ride experience which I need to replace. Any other areas where I have missed, will be be glad if you can point out to me :) Thanks
  3. my rear seat car door lock is spoil.. passenger cannot open the door from inside but opening using the outside is ok.. how much will the repair roughly cost?
  4. Notitwain

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    Hi All. I am interested to find out the price of replacing the hybrid battery for our vehicle. How much does it varies from brand to brand? Anybody had theirs replace before?
  5. Hi Bros Anyone familiar with flooring cost for a 90m2 4 room flat? just living room and 3 bedrooms, new bto flat..looking at either parquet or laminate flooring.. Reason being, im going for my flat selection next week(first time as current flat was resale) and i do not like the OCS offered..seems overpriced and design not to my liking.. many thanks for you kind advice!
  6. Speedz76

    High cost of living in SG

    interesting article taken from an article on yahoo website... my vote goes to option (1) http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/05/09/th...-a-global-city/ The price to pay for being a global city Did anything strike you as strange after reading today
  7. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/the-most-and-least-expensive-cars-to-maintain-by-maddy-martin
  8. A little surprised that car horns can break down. I mean, my Sylphy is coming to 9 years old only. I was told by the workshop that it is a common problem to Nissan cars. It's not the horn but the contact on the steering wheel that's worn. Appreciate fellow motorists in this forum can advise where to find distributors who supply the "pad" (to be mounted on steering wheel) for the horn. Perhaps, what is a reasonable price to replace the horn? Thanks! Also, looking for manual air horn to save cost. Hahaha!
  9. Just realised that the bulb in one of my headlamps n the bulb in one of my foglights is down. Anyone ever changed before can ask how much to change ah n need to pay for labor charges? At same time e plastic cover of e foglight also cracked. Can it be replaced or need to change e whole foglight?
  10. So_nice

    Unichip Q

    I'm thinking of adding unichip to my car since IHE are all done and there are little else that could be done to enhance further legally. Just wondering if it is worthwhile to get a used unichip and then go for installation and tuning? How much does the tuning cost and any good installers/tuners? Thanks
  11. Hi folks, probably feeling a tad suicidal or something but was wondering if any of you here owned fiats before? I saw a listing for a used Fiat 500 manual and got me tingling abit. Was wondering if it is really as horrific as it was thought to have been? Or perhaps in some ways, the drive and ownership is somewhat rewarding? or the tradeoffs perhaps? Some tips of the trade or some some? Any tip would be good. Thanks
  12. Hi what is your cost per km for your car? Mine is about $1.50 per km travelled It prices in the coe cost of car road tax maintenance parking erp insurance fines and giving free trips to friends
  13. The true cost of driving in Singapore https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/true-cost-of-driving
  14. Car reaching 100k soon , and planning to replace timing belt and wearable items : Is following pricing reasonable ? Timing Belt - $300 Water Pump - $120 Vaccume Pump O-ring - $30 Water Flange -$30 Coolant 2 Bottles -$60 Power Steering Oil -2 Bottles $60 Front & rear Absorber original - 1080 ( included labour 240) Labour -$300 Car model : Audi a6 C6 CVT 2.0
  15. Resale Value? Does it really mean resale Value higher? Some AD make 70% while most make 20%-30% premium.
  16. The video below sadden me more than a bit: It just does not feel right about what we have been doing. But what to do? We need all the resources to build our infrastructures and buildings. But lets be mindful of the costs to other countries, whether we pay them fairly or not is another matter altogether. Our action is causing other people hardship, and that just feel terrible.
  17. ok... im blur already after reading here and there on the process and cost......need help to guide me on the processa and total cost ok, let's say i have a car now with current number plate sss1234s and intend to bid for new number sss6789s. i know i can just go and bid for the sss6789s which cost me $1K. now, how should i swap my current number plate with the new one? how to handle the old number plate? how much it cost to do the paperwork?...any kind soul can provide a "guide for dummies"...
  18. Has anyone keep a log of all petrol fill up, average consumption and cost involved ? I have all details in a great program.. called automobil ( For Palm )..It calculate everything from head to toe with graph.. Here the results of all the data since day 1 until now.. Here's mine below.. Current Fuel Eco ( per l ) : 17.3km Average Fuel Eco ( per l ) : 17.1km Avg Distance ( Month ) : 2,475km Avg Distance ( Year ) : 30,107km ( Computed ) Avg Cost ( Month ) : SGD $187.82 Total Cost : SGD $763.82 Cost per km : SGD $0.075 Date of last fill up : 3/10/03 Mileage of last fill up : 10,078 km NEAT NEAT Program... track my mileage,cost and averages.. If you want the program..I will attach it... its SHAREWARE..
  19. Good morning and Blessed Christmas to everybody! Norwegian Airlines, an award winning European low-cost carrier, started operations in Singapore (flying London Gatwick to Singapore) back in late 2017 but they have since announced that they are stopping their flights to Singapore in Jan 2019. Had an opportunity to fly with Norwegian, London Gatwick to Singapore, in their Premium cabin. You can think of Norwegian like Scoot - their core product is in Economy low cost, but they offer a premium cabin on some flights, especially in their long haul ones, and they also operated the Boeing 787. This flight was from London Gatwick to Singapore. The full flight review video is below. Take note, the flight was from London Gatwick, and not London Heathrow. That morning, we took the Gatwick Express train from London Victoria station to London Gatwick airport. Norwegian has its hub at Gatwick, so the check-in lines were crowded. As we were in Premium, there was a dedicated line for Premium passengers. Unfortunately, one of our bags exceeded 20kg, so we had to do some instant repacking. Tip - weigh your heaviest bags first. After that little hiccup, we got our boarding passes and lounge invites, and were on our way. We headed to security, and we could use Fast Track (called Gatwick Premium). There was still a line for Gatwick Premium, but it moved much faster. Remember to put all your liquids in the clear plastic bags that they provided. MY LOUNGE - HOME OF NORWEGIAN From the security area, it was a very short walk to the lounge. The lounge that Norwegian uses at Gatwick is called My Lounge, Home of Norwegian. Fascinating, I didn't know that Norwegian had its own lounge. After spending about 1.5 hours in the lounge, it was time to board. The walk to Gate 34 took about 15 minutes, so give yourself ample time. Boarding was very smooth. Once aboard, the cabin crew served a drink (water or orange juice, no alcohol). Pushback was on time. Even though the single runway was pretty crowded - we managed to take off in good time. We were blessed to have departed from Gatwick shortly before the recent drones incident, where the airport was pretty much shut for 3 days! Thank God we got home safely and quickly before that drama. Check out the full pushback and takeoff video: As this was a day flight (departing Gatwick at 1050hrs), I didn't expect to be sleeping much. Shortly after takeoff, the drinks service began. Stewardess came around to offer drinks. In Premium, beer, white wine, red wine, water are complimentary. However, if you wanted spirits, you would have to pay. You can order from the touch-screen. See 3:15 of the video for the prices. LUNCH WAS SERVED - 3 CHOICES After drinks were served, the meal cart came along. As there were no printed menus, the stewardess had to tell us the options. There were 3 options for lunch - beef, chicken and fish (salmon). I chose the salmon with risotto, while my wife took the chicken dish. Both were very good. The meals were served in a fairly large box, with disposable cutlery. There was a small side salad and dessert. The main course portion was of a decent size and I certainly was full after eating it (including a warm bun). Food was tasty, no complaints. After lunch was cleared up, the cabin lights were dimmed, and most passengers tried to catch a nap. SEATS The Premium seats were comfortable. We were right in front, and I was in 1J, window seat. Let's be clear, this is not a lie-flat bed. But the seats and space were very comfortable. I noticed that in the Boeing 787-9, the configuration in Premium was 2-3-2, i.e. only 7 seats abreast. When fully reclined, the seat was very comfortable, and I certainly managed to snooze. Norwegian provided a comfy blanket, but no pillow, so bring your own if you need a pillow. MID FLIGHT SNACK About 5 hours before landing, when the plane was somewhere over the Indian sub-continent, cabin light were increased slightly, and a cabin crew came around handing out chicken wraps as well as water. I guess this was the mid-flight snack. The wrap was tasted ( I ate it all up!) BREAKFAST - 2 HOURS BEFORE LANDING The scheduled landing time in Singapore was 0730hrs (local time). Singapore was 8 hours ahead of London. About 2 hours before landing, cabin lights came on, and I could smell the food being warmed up at the galley. Not long after, the meal cart came out and breakfast was served. There was no choice - we were all given the same box, which contained About Overall, I found the service to be efficient, and even pleasant. Would I fly with Norwegian on Premium again? Why not? The fares were competitively priced and I think worth the money for a long-haul flight. The other perks at Gatwick like dedicated check-in line, Fast-Track at security as well as Lounge access were awesome too, and added to the Premium experience. Recommended. On a personal note, as I live in Singapore, I find it a pity that Norwegian has decided to end her long-haul service in early 2019, after only flying to Singapore for a very short period of time. I'm glad I managed to fly on this award winning airline during her short stint in Singapore. I hope Norwegian comes back! EDIT Sorry, typo in the title. Should be low cost carrier and not career.
  20. Hi All, As most cars here need to have their car brake fluid replace every 2-3 yrs (fluid absorbs moisture and lose braking efficiency) and properly bleed the system (avoid air pockets), let us all contribute some places to go and estimated costs. Brake system is important and safety aspect even more so due to high humidity here in Singapore. Some drivers even change brake fluid every year. Well done guys! With more info, so hoping more drivers will inclined to maintain their brake system whichever part of the island you're at. Cars with ABS system need to be bleed by vacuum method and those without ABS may simply use the leg pump method. Let's contribute : 1) Stamf Tyres = bleed by vacuum method, uses Caltex DOT4 , est $40 (Feb 2011) 2) Yap Bro = by vacuum method, uses Indemitsu DOT 4, est $45-$50 (Feb 2011). 3) 4)
  21. We cannot make a flight on Air Asia next week for family reasons. Anyone know how to reclaim the cost of the flight?? My missus tried for a couple of hours yesterday but got nowhere.
  22. Lala751

    Sensha and Ceramic Pro 9H

    Hi all, I am cross shopping between these 2 products. Sensha is about $840 (8 years warranty) and Ceramic Pro Gold package is $1660 (7 years warranty) What are your thought? Specifically, is there any difference in the coating technology? Should I go for the cheaper version? Thank you.
  23. KiaCeratoHB

    Conti Cost Of Ownership

    Hi Guys, I've only owned Asian cars so far and recently feel like getting a conti car. May I know how much more does it cost to maintain a conti car say around the level of Golf GTI, C250 & X3? I'm ok with the purchase price but my friends are warning me that the real costs comes if after buying. Maintenance, parts replacements, repairs and the downtime at workshops; the frequency as well as waiting time for parts. So far I've owned a Corolla, Cefiro, Waja, Cerato, Stream and Wish. Cars never spent more than 1 night at workshops.
  24. anyone driving a ford focus here? would appreciate if you can share about the maintenance/servicing cost of ford focus by regent motors, eg, oil change, spark plug charge, timing belt, wheel bearings etc. the more detailed the better. and also major parts cost, eg, brake rotor/pad, transmission, suspension, ECU. thanks in advance. thinking to get a ford focus wagon.
  25. A detail breakdown of the cost/taxes of a new car including the dealer's profit margin The table is pretty much self-explanatory. This explains the high cost of new car despite the fall in COE prices! https://www.onemotoring.com.sg/content/onemotoring/en/lta_information_guidelines/buy_a_new_vehicle/car_cost.html Car_Cost_Update.pdf