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Found 111 results

  1. So_nice

    Unichip Q

    I'm thinking of adding unichip to my car since IHE are all done and there are little else that could be done to enhance further legally. Just wondering if it is worthwhile to get a used unichip and then go for installation and tuning? How much does the tuning cost and any good installers/tuners? Thanks
  2. Link installation of solar plants and sale of electric vehicles Sources: https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-in-print/link-installation-of-solar-plants-and-sale-of-electric-vehicles To date, the proposals to reduce Singapore's greenhouse gas emissions, while laudable, may not have a huge effect. The large-scale adoptions of solar power and electric vehicles (EVs) are two avenues by which emissions could be reduced significantly and rapidly. Currently, the uptake of both is slow due to the cost and lack of economic incentives. Return on investment from solar-power systems is quite low and EVs are expensive partly because of the way they are taxed. The installation of solar plants and the sale of EVs should be tied together. For example, a developer of a 1MW solar plant would be allowed to import EVs duty-free that would consume the electricity generated by that solar plant. It doesn't take much effort to imagine how this would turbocharge both the construction of solar plants and the take-up rate of EVs in Singapore. EV-charging stations will be installed by developers at a faster rate if there is more demand as the EV population increases. There may be a short-term reduction in government revenue from the import of duty-free EVs, but this could be adjusted as the cost of EVs drop and the number becomes a greater portion of the overall vehicle population. Tying the adoption of solar power and EVs could be the low-hanging fruit on reducing emissions at a low cost to Singapore. Robert Alexander Stone
  3. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    Dear All, Does anyone has lobang to install blackvue (2Ch) camera for front and rear? Thanks
  4. Any recommended shop that helps to install and link DVB-T2 HD Mobile Digital TV Tuner to existing In-Car entertainment system with LCD screen?
  5. The reliable cable/wiring in aircon installation for home that I have read about is the Keystone or Sigma brand. I was quoted a system 2 using Eikou wiring. The salesman told me that it is a Singapore company. Does anyone here has any experience with the Eikou wiring. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guru, My KIA K5 head unit went off suddenly. Most auto shops recommend Pioneer kind of ICE. https://www.pioneer.com.sg/sg/products-detail/index.html/?product=AVH-X8850BT I'm not so like it as it need to change the panel to fixed it. I searched the web and found exact profile of a head unit from Taobao that fit exactly to my current head unit. Read through review and seems better features than Pioneer, Would like to seek helps any recommendation of good auto shops willing to provide service to install head unit we ordered from overseas. Much appreciate any bro/sis lobang. Thanks. Good day.
  7. Hi guys, I wish to change my ride passenger seat from manual to electric powered seats. Any recommendations?
  8. Tok

    itronics dashcam

    Had a pleasant experience with Sindo Accessory in the installation. The boss explained to me the installation process and made some recommendations as to the operation of the dashcam. Only after the explanation that he quoted his price. Unlike some installers who are non-commital of their price leaving the customers apprehensive of how much more they would be charged in the end. The installation did not seem to be easy, took about an hour and after that the assistant helped to install the software in the handphone. The price is not the lowest in the market but we are happy that it is reasonable for the work done. Anybody know where to download the software for itronics ITB=100SPW in window 7 platform in laptop/ If the distributor is in the forum would appreciate if you could revert.
  9. Hi All, Can someone recommend a reliable and good workshop that I could do the following in one stop? 1. Remove BlackVue from old car and install in new car 2. Remove rim /tyres from old car and install in new car 3. Alignment of the wheel 4. Install a power point for handphone charging. Thank you.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTDnjimqrYY Very simple DIY 1. Clean with #1 Wet packet 2. Clean with #2 Dry packet 3. Prime with supplied primer packet ( if provided ) 4. Stick lower lip onto underside 5. Secure with screw 6. Sit back and admire.
  11. Just being there to check out my friends working on their car. De-kitting a Forester and transferring parts to another Forester. https://youtu.be/S08G_yXYu5w
  12. Any recomendations of tyre shop who can install 4 x tyre which are not purchase from them? Friend scrapping car and taken out tyre an I intend to install on my ride Info needed; Cost of installing and balancing
  13. I recently DIY installed a set of spacers for my car. Thought I share with you guys the process. Hopefully this can help those of you keen to install wheel spacers yourself. Why I did not choose to pay a small amount of money and save myself the hassle of the DIY? Well, after researching on the proper installation of spacers, there are a few reasons why I think DIY will be better compared to workshop installation: 1) Proper application of anti-seize copper grease to the right surface and not to accidentally get these into thread grooves. 2) Tightening of the bolts need to be in "Star" shaped pattern sequence to ensure the spacer and wheels are aligned properly 3) After 150km of travel, will need to remove the wheels to retighten the bolts. 4) Need to use torque wrench to tighten to the factory specification. In my case is 150nm. I shall span this tutorial over a few thread posts for clarity in presentation. First up, a pictorial video guide.
  14. I am driving Proton EXORA (Year 2009 model) Front Door - 2 x speaker [1 left / 1 right] Rear Door - 2 x speaker [1 left / 1 right] Wanted to change speaker Reasons: during Head Unit installation at Malaysia Feedback my Right side door area no sound So mechanics open up to check, saw existing speaker Rusty - including the contact at speaker end Offer RM450 to change 4 x MOHAWK - but I declined as no time, urgently went back Singapore to fetch my kids Saw item @ MY Lazada http://www.lazada.com.my/mohawk-plug-amp-play-oem-speaker-for-honda-city-front-amprear-13115501.html?spm=a2o4k.brand-54815.0.0.Iw3yCh&ff=1&sc=MR/W&rb=54815&boost=3 Went to MUSTAFA - saw Pioneer model TS-A1676S [Max Ouput up to 320W] Per set (2) @ $42.50, cheap and good Thinking of buying 2 set to install @ my Front and Read Door - is it OK to install 4 x Coaxial Speaker? Will there by any problem? Asking for opinion from Experts as me still newbie *Paiseh as looking for item Cheap - as long as can use, I am satisfied already - Kindly excuse if asking such noob question + no money to buy High End Stuff
  15. Plusplus

    Pioneer HU and GPS

    This is my 1st time buying a PI car and choosing a pioneer HU to install. What I need is a HU with GPS function and can work with iphone(preferably with andriod too). Hope the experts can help. From what I have read from pioneer website and this forum, it seems that only 8650 has GPS module. What does this mean? Just upgrade firmware? Free? Other forumers have also suggestion to use the phone navigation function. Does all the model support this? Somehow I find that 8650 is an overkill as I'm not really into audio systems. Just listen to radio and MP3. Sorry for this noob question. I'm still lost and couldn't find explanation to my queries. Thanks a lot in advance.
  16. Jiinkoh

    Installation work required

    Hi forumers, If i happen to purchase a few items like front & rear bumper, carbon fiber stickers for interior touch up, shark antenna etc. Where can i bring it to for installatiom works if i am not confident of doing it myself to achieve a good job? Any advise? Conveniently West side or AMK side. Your input is much appreciated.
  17. Any workshop in Singapore could install 3rd row foldable seat to SUV or wagon? i.e. Harrier, Shuttle etc
  18. SGCMWhiteKnight

    How to wire your sub?

    I was wondering how to hook up a sub if you have one or two voice coils, and how it affects the impedance, which of course determines what kind of amp you should be looking for. This website shows you the various wiring options and the effect on the impedance the amp sees: This is the 1sub 4ohm 2 voice coil model: http://www.hifisoundconnection.com/How-to-Wire-One-Dual-4-Ohm-Voice-Coil-Subwoofer You can play with the options and see what suits you best.
  19. Hi guys, need to change my BM E60 shocks as its already leaking, will order one set new shocks from US, any bro could recommend one shop can do the labour installation with good skill? ofcos with alinetment done together, tks
  20. Nojoke123

    Car horn installation

    Need to change my horn. Any place recommened to change ? How much ? Thanks.
  21. Clementi123

    CCFL AE installation

    Hi Guys, Which workshop in singapore do provide installation of CCFL AE with a reasonable labour price? I am keen to buying a pair of CCFL AE from aliexpress and get it installed here. thank you!
  22. Hi, can anyone recommend me a workshop to replace my clutch? I already have clutch. I was quoted $800 for installation. Sigh.
  23. Hi All, Have been seeing PI selling Welcab models for Estima, Sienta etc. But any idea if there is any after-market installer for welcab facilities ? To be specific, for a Toyota Wish. Thanks in advance. Cheers ...
  24. Hi fellow MCFers, need some advice / feedback from anyone who has installed car roof boxes if there is any problem / restriction encountered going into multi-storey carparks? Seriously considering installing one but think my vehicle height would end up somewhere between 1.9-2.0m depending on how slim the box is. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  25. Hi bro and sis, anyone know of any 24hrs shop doing installation of car alarm? Tks in advance