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Found 95 results

  1. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/china-oil-giant-enters-singapore-petrol-station-business Or are they joining the cartel?
  2. Orangepineapple

    Persistent Lower Back Pain

    Want to seek some advice from bros here who also suffer from lower back pain I am having lower back pain for few months already. Initially only pain when I do some awkward motions like twisting and bending down. But now it has worsen to constant pain/ache no matter standing or sitting, to the extend that when walking I cannot really straighten the back. Of course i had been to the doctor's several times, every time he will take an x-ray and tell me that there is no problem with the spine and bones. and there's nothing he can do except prescribing some physiotheraphy. I went for physio for a while but it did not help. So i went back and the doctor said the x-ray did not show anything and he really dunno how, so he suggested to do an MRI scan to check if the nerves are ok. My question is: are MRI scan really useful? I am worried that after i go through this expensive scan the doctor is going to say that the scan shows nothing and direct me to physio again. then i would have wasted money to go back to square one any bros can advice? or any bros know of any good places that can treat back pain?
  3. Went for servicing for my matrix 1.6M. Told by mechanic, front left lower arm a bit crack. Is this a normal part to change. Right front suspension gone, I can feel it. So going to change front left and right. But the mechanic says don't know the mounting for the suspension will crack or not. So when changing suspension, do I need to change the so called mounting? Regards
  4. Dear brothers, currently driving year 2004 Civic (ES5), observe that when driving through hump or uneven roads, the drive feel quite bumpy (is it because of the stiff suspension?). if by installing the above items will the drive be beter (beside better corning)? thank you
  5. https://youtu.be/NCiiS-UlXMY?list=PL9hNbo_Ztnr9kyeIy53_uudXtRPTbOjAw&t=1360 Something to ponder.. 22​.43min to 27:13min Petter Schiff talked about illegal immigrants in USA and misconceptions people have. He come to explain some of the misconceptions about illegal immigrants take away American jobs and lower down wages. Having listened to his explanation, somehow it also applies to Singapore, replace the word illegal immigrants with foreigners and the whole things makes a lot of sense to Singapore context. People keep complaining foreigners come in Singapore that took away our job and taking down our wages, is that true? Foreigners come in Singapore that took away our job, debate:​ Not so true as there is unlimited amount of work. There is no limit to the numbers of jobs that can be created. Foreigners come in Singapore that lower down our wages, debate: Not so true​, let's assume because there are foreigners come in, Employer can hire foreigners can do things at a lower price then they would have to pay higher if these foreigners won't here. Let's say we are getting an influx of skilled workers, carpenters, plumbers, tailors, mechanics. Let's say your sink is clogged up and you want to call plumbers. If there's more plumbers here and because there is more plumbers, employer can hire plumbers for less money, cost of hiring plumbers goes down. The debate is less money to hire plumbers, more money to spend someplace else. Foreigners help bring down the cost of doing business and ultimately bring down prices and that benefits everyone, its a good idea to have more workers in the economy. There are a lot of foreigners that come to Singapore that jobs that Singaporeans won't do. The only way these job (that Singaporeans won't want to do ) gets down is because these foreigners did them and if these foreigners won't here, the jobs won't get done, and a lot of these companies won't exist here anymore and so a lot of higher paying jobs will go away. Because without lower paying job doing the job, higher paying jobs will not be possible. It is an chicken and egg debate. However, there still need to have foreigners that need to fill up jobs that many Singaporeans do not want to do. Many companies would not have exist if unable to find lower paying workers and likelihood, a lot of higher paying jobs will not be here and many Singaporeans would also suffer.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTDnjimqrYY Very simple DIY 1. Clean with #1 Wet packet 2. Clean with #2 Dry packet 3. Prime with supplied primer packet ( if provided ) 4. Stick lower lip onto underside 5. Secure with screw 6. Sit back and admire.
  7. Anyone knows which will consume more FC?
  8. recently just service my car and the tech pointed out that on both front lower arm bush (not sure is that the correct term, i think it's somewhere at the join as below picture which has some kind of rubber thing) have sign of tearing... they said must change but it will be a few hours job, so cant d it on that day ...... did ask about the cost but they didnt provide any numbers after that........... any bro has change it before, what is the estimated cost and where is a good place to have it changed?.. tyre shop or workshop a better place?....
  9. Sunlight

    Lower back pain

    I usually go to gym on tuesdays to train on chest n biceps. After that, i will wake up with lower back pain on wednesdays. Can anyone help explain what went wrong??
  10. Hamburger

    Lower cholesterol

    thru relentless pursuit of lower down my cholesterol level, it has indeed gone down but still not to e level of satisfaction of my GP. So i ve decided to go for health supplement together wif my everyday's routing exercise n diet. So which supplement is gd for lowering bad cholesterol???eg.evening primrose ??
  11. Lets all guess what happens by this year end
  12. And what is happening here? Come on Singapore, I am sure we can do better, calling major hypermarkets in Singapore, where are you??? Do I have to start queuing at the causeway?..LOL KUALA LUMPUR: The nationwide price reduction campaign, announced by the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, has begun even before its March 1 kickoff date. Major hypermarkets taking part in the campaign are already slashing prices by 30 per cent but have pledged, according to the Star online, that the quality of their food and essential items will not be compromised. Hypermarket Aeon Big launched its “Always Low Prices” campaign on January 16. Mydin Mohamed Holdings, another major hypermarket, will lower the prices of 50 essential items following a decline in operating costs. Tesco Malaysia communications manager Rohazida Mohamed said a total of 134 product lines would see a price drop in line with the campaign. GCH Retail, which owns the Giant hypermarket, has pledged that there would be no compromise on quality under its nationwide price reduction campaign. Hypermarkets and supermarkets aside, restaurants have also jumped on the bandwagon to slash prices. Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (Presma) president Noorul Hassan Saul Hameed said that so far 50 of its members have agreed to reduce their prices by at least 5 per cent. More than 6,000 member clinics of the Muslim Doctors Association of Malaysia (Perdim) have offered a 10 per cent discount on medical charges, reports Bernama. Its president Dr. Ahmad Shukri Ismail said the reduction, which began on Monday, would cover treatment, medication and consultation. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2015/02/18/nationwide-price-reduction-campaign-before-march-1-kickoff/
  13. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1239830/1/.html how does it work? rebate upon purchase new car?
  14. is this true? the manual says if go lower, there is small chance of engine faults and other problems. is this a general guideline? fuel tank cannot be too empty?
  15. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates will be reduced by $1 or 50 cents during certain time periods at 12 gantries for the June school holidays. The revised rates will apply from June 1 to June 29. The ERP rates will revert to pre-school holiday charges from July 1, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in a news release on Monday. The 12 gantries include one on the southbound Central Expressway before Braddell Road, and two along Dunearn Road. Rates for other gantries remain unchanged. The LTA monitors traffic speeds on all roads and found that traffic flow at these 12 gantries during the last June holidays was smooth enough to warrant a reduction of ERP rates this year. In addition, vehicle entry permit operating hours will end earlier at noon on weekdays for June 1 to June 30. Drivers of foreign-registered cars and motorcycles do not have to pay permit fees for the day if they drive into Singapore after 12pm and leave by 2am the following day on weekdays during this period. The LTA said this is part of an ongoing initiative to attract foreign visitors to Singapore, especially during the local school holiday period. For normal weekdays outside of Singapore's June and December school holidays, vehicle entry permit fees are charged from 2am to 5pm daily except on weekends and public holidays. The existing vehicle entry permit fee is $20 a day for cars and $4 a day for motorcycles. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...mit-hours-june-
  16. Good luck to them on holding expensive goods! will there be fire-sale coming soon? they mark up 20-30k for 2nd hand cars above parf+body...time for them to jialat jialat
  17. When a Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) captain was sentenced for speeding at 195km/h on May 8, he was not worried about the one-year driving disqualification. Instead, Yang Chee Hwa wanted the district court to lower his maximum $1,000 fine, because it would have an adverse effect on his promotion prospects and performance bonuses. But in the judgment released this week, District Judge John Ng said Yang should have to bear the consequences of his irresponsible act. He said: "I could not justifiably order him to pay a fine of $999 for him to avoid the collateral consequences of his conviction and sentence. The maximum fine and one-year disqualification are also to serve as a general deterrence to other speedsters." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...jected-20130530
  18. Any idea which spring is recommend for comfort also
  19. hi All, how do we know the stock shock absorber due for replacement when used with lower spring? example - No oil leaking stain on the absorber when hoist up to inspect, when rock the car at park position all are firm and mileage at 85k km what other method test or know the absorber is giving way?
  20. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1236698/1/.html SAF uses technology to counter lower birth rate & ageing population By Imelda Saad | Posted: 12 November 2012 1429 hrs SINGAPORE: The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has been affected by Singapore's declining birth rates and ageing population. National Service (NS) enlistees are drawn from eligible male Singapore citizens and permanent residents. In a reply to Parliament, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said in the 1990s, about 15,000 NS men were enlisted into the SAF each year. From the year 2000, Singapore experienced higher numbers as children given birth by cohorts of baby-boomers came of enlistment age, including those born in the 1988 Dragon year. As a result, SAF enlistments increased and reached a peak of about 21,000 in 2011. But going forward, due to an ageing population and declining fertility trends, SAF enlistments are expected to gradually taper and revert to levels in the 1990s, of about 15,000 each year. But even with these enlistment numbers, Dr Ng said Singapore's long-term projections till 2040 indicate that the SAF will still be able to mobilise about 300,000 soldiers from regulars, full time national servicemen (NSFs) and operationally ready NS men (ORNS), if needed. Dr Ng added the SAF has taken into account its manpower requirements over the long term through its transformation towards a 3rd-generation SAF. That is, through advances in technology and with more effective systems and platforms, which require fewer men to operate. Dr Ng said: "Beyond investing in technologically advanced platforms, we also leverage technology to network our platforms together to provide us greater synergy in training and operations. "So one example is the recently inaugurated community for command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence. Another important factor driving up the overall capability and productivity of the SAF lies in the rising quality of our servicemen." "As a whole, the higher quality of our NS men combined with the advanced platforms and effective use of technology to network our systems, will ensure that the SAF continues to be an effective military force and a strong deterrent against any aggression," he added. - CNA/xq
  21. Picnic06-Biante15

    Fries Cause Lower Birth Weight .......

    From Yahoo:Fries and chips during pregnancy can cause lower birth weights: study By Jordana Divon | Shine On
  22. Albeniz

    Lower arms question

    Is it reasonable to change whole lower arm when only the rubber pad has been worn out? Some months ago, I could hear some sound when the car was traveling on less even road. The sound came from metal rubbing against metal underneath the car. The mechanic jacked up the car to about ~50cm high and went underneath to check. He then told me the sound came from metal rubbing against metal as the supporting rubber pad has been worn out. He replaced a total of two lower arms. Together with post-installation alignment, the repair came close to $465. The "rubbing" noise was only partly rectified. My question is:- (1) If the lower arm structure is still solid, with only the supporting rubber pad on it having been worn out, can we just re-stick another new rubber pad on it without having to replace the whole arm? (2) Must lower arms be replaced in pairs? He replaced both, but I could see one was newer than the other when they took them out from my car. (3) How often do we need to change lower arms? (4) The non-original ones cost almost half price, are they compatible and reliable?
  23. Simple peasant like myself only have one question. Why is there an inverse correlation between flat size and flat price? Smaller flats doesn't mean lower quality of living: HDB CEO Posted: 10 November 2011 1355 hrs SINGAPORE: Public flats in Singapore may be getting smaller but this has not lowered quality of living, says Housing and Development Board's (HDB) CEO Cheong Koon Hean. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a housing forum on Thursday morning, Dr Cheong noted that there were now fewer persons living in one flat which works out to increased living space per person. "Our families are smaller. In the old days, we have very large families living in a flat. Today, the family is two, three, four (people)." The size of HDB flats has shrunk by five to 10 per cent over the last 20 to 30 years. For example, a five-room flat in Bukit Batok Central built in 1989 has a floor area of 121 square metres, compared to 110 square metres for a similar unit built in 2003. Based on official surveys, the average household size was 3.5 in 2010, and 4.9 in 1980. This means an occupant in a 110 square metre five-room flat today will have 31 sq metres of space, while a resident in a 121 sq metres five-room flat in the 80s had only about 25 sq metres of space. Dr Cheong added that interior design also plays a part in creating good living space. "In many global cities of the world or big cities, people do pay attention to how they do the inside of the flat as well as optimising the use of furniture and storage. It can be a very comfortable living environment."
  24. Using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to browse the web? Your IQ score is likely to be lower than someone using Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. A new study published by online psychometric testing company AptiQuant Psychometric Consulting Co. has found that a user's choice of web browser is related to their cognitive ability. "There was a clear indication...that the subjects using any version of Internet Explorer ranked significantly lower on an average than others," said Aptiquant. Out of all the IE versions, "subjects using IE 8 [fared] a little better." People using Opera, Camino and IE with Chrome Frame scored slightly higher than their not-so-bright Internet Explorer-using friends, suggesting that people with a lower IQ "tend to resist a change/upgrade of their browsers." "There was no significant difference in the IQ scores between individuals using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple's Safari; however, it was on an average higher than IE users," said Apitiquant. More than 100,000 people in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand took the online Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (IV) test in the space of four weeks and their IQ scores were correlated with their browser choice for the study.
  25. I feel this is even more dangerous than flooding