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Found 29 results

  1. TVT

    Lazada good deals lobang!

    Bros/sis Anyone buy things from Lazada before? If yes, how do you find their services ? One thing good is that they can even accept "cash on delivery", for selected items....
  2. Hey bros Im having a little dilemma if it’s cheaper buy a new car now or to wait for another 2 years instead. I’m currently driving a Nissan slyphy 1.6 signature series 2015 model. My loan finishing in June This year. Current rebate amount from one motoring is approximately 47K. i know that by waiting for another 2 more years I’ll need to factor in the depreciation too Hope to seek savvy bros on this for the best option(s) for me. Thanks in advance!
  3. Microsoft to buy solar power in Singapore in first renewable deal in Asia REUTERS Mar 01, 2018 SINGAPORE - Microsoft Corp said on Thursday it will buy solar power from the Sunseap Group in Singapore, the technology company's first renewable energy deal in Asia. Microsoft will purchase 100 per cent of the electricity generated from Sunseap's 60 megawatt-peak solar power project for 20 years for its Singapore data operations, the software company said in a statement. Sunseap's project consists of an array of solar panels on hundreds of rooftops across the city-state. "This deal is Microsoft's first renewable energy deal in Asia, and is our third international clean energy announcement, following two wind deals announced in Ireland and the Netherlands in 2017," said Christian Belady, general manager, cloud infrastructure strategy and architecture at Microsoft. Microsoft said it is on track to exceed its goal of powering 50 per cent of its global datacenter load with renewable energy this year. "Once operational, the new solar project will bring Microsoft's total global direct procurement in renewable energy projects to 860 megawatts," Belady said. The solar project is under construction and will be operational by the end of the year, the companies said. http://www.asiaone.com/singapore/microsoft-buy-solar-power-singapore-first-renewable-deal-asia
  4. Rule change allows car buyers to access bigger loans https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/rule-change-allows-car-buyers-to-access-bigger-loans
  5. Tried NTUC and Jelita Cold Storage. Can't find it. Any ideas???
  6. Hi Bro n Sis, Anyone know where to get this hammock, i hate the wiring, prefer battery type: Kum sia in advance.
  7. Guys, my nine year old Sylphy is giving me problems so I need to get a new car asap. I am looking for a reliable and cheap to maintain car for my family, two adults two kids. Don't care how it looks or how the drive is. I usually service with the authorised dealer so servicing is a concern too. Budget is flexible but looking at the cheaper models unless the more expensive one is very fuel efficient or reliable. I am thinking like Toyota or Honda. No more Nissan due to bad experience with Sylphy. Toyota Corolla or wish? Honda city? Going down to the showrooms today. Any suggestions is appreciated
  8. Anyone know where in Singapore can buy "half" size temp spare tyres. Or anyone has one and want to sell? e.g. those who upgrade to full size spare or those who prefer to save weight and get rid of the spare. Am interested in this specific size: 145/90 D16 or 145/90 R16 (which is actually the same size). Nowadays, many new cars don't come with spares. Am thinking of a half-size spare just in case (esp. for trips to Malaysia).
  9. MotoristMel

    Rent or buy a car?

    I only need a car to travel to and fro from work (I live in Tampines & my workplace is at Benoi). My work is on a 2 years contract tho... And sometimes, I also go out at night for supper. In this case, is it more worth it to rent a car, or buy?
  10. For those who are waiting at the sidelines for COE prices to drop further, console yourselves that car prices are cheaper now than before. Back in 1997, the G8 Toyota Corolla cost $125K. The G9 Corolla dropped to $100K in 2000. Today, the Corolla Altis costs $100K with 5 years warranty and servicing thrown in. If you take inflation into consideration, the brand new Corolla today is CHEAPER than 20 years ago. With Uber and Grab in the picture fighting for a piece of the small Cat A pie, COE prices are unlikely to drop to $40K levels. If you really need a car, just go for it now, before more Car Llite policies come into place and COE quote gets cut, then we will be back to $80+K COE seen just very recently 2 years ago.
  11. If you are to buy a chinese made and chinese made only, which will you buy and why? Chery , Geely or Haifei, only the makes that are here now. Thanks!
  12. Achtung

    Buy Christmas tree

    Any lobang to buy cheap good ones?
  13. Can someone advise which are the popular website for buying/selling a 2nd hand car. I also scouting ard now to buy a 2nd hand car. Can someone advise how not to fall pry to pitfalls, like we read so much abt buyer got con and already paid out huge deposit sum of money only to find out car is still under finance instead of already transfer ownership, etc. and still can’t own the car after paying all the money. Are there such pitfalls for direct dealing with seller? Tks
  14. Was looking for a used car which has 2-3 years left. Seems like used cars with 2-3 years left have ridiculously high depreciation, some cases even higher than brand new cars or those that are 1-2 years old? This is especially so for the popular ones like altis and camry where you can get the brand new ones for lower depreciation, with warranty and 5 years free servicing. I can understand the loan restriction probably pushed the price of these used cars up, but are this pricing really what is happening if I walk into a used car dealership?
  15. Rachdanom

    First time car owner - what to get

    Will collect car on 8 or 9 June. Thought I'd list down for fun what stuff I have planned to get ( some stuff may not be locally available I see a lot of Youtube). These are basic necessities. Not interested in nice to have items.... 1. Hozelock fitting for connecting hose to MSCP paid tap 2. Hose - Prob like 10m long 3. Pail with grit guard 4. Car Shampoo - Optimum No Rinse 5. Wax - Meguairs Spray Wax 6. Microfiber cloths - 10 pcs (plan to use Single Bucket with several cloths for 1 wash) 7. Leather cleaner - Chemical Guys 8. Leather conitioner - Chemical Guys 9. Vacuum - I got a Dyson handheld so no need to buy 10. Brushes for tyres - I dont see much point in cleaning tyres to be honest... 11. Suction cup holder for phone for Google Maps navigation 12. Sun shade - Need to install Blackvue first before buying to make sure it doesn't block the view Planned regiment : 1. Wash once a week or 2 weeks 2. Wax after wash once a month 3. Clean leather once a month (condition alternate month) Thats all for now..... Heard about Autobacs to will prob pay the place a visit this weekend. Feel free to post :-)
  16. Hi all, i would like to use this thread to share information when you are looking to trade in your cars to dealers. By making use of this information here, we can provide the trade in price that the dealers are offering for your current car, then the people who browse this thread can also offer you a price that is above what the dealer quotes you. WIN WIN for both sellers and buyers. Sellers can to sell their cars at prices higher than what dealers offer, buyers can buy used car at a much more reasonable price. Hope that i can start this thread to make buying/selling prices more reasonable, more transparent. format as shows. Make: Model Colour COE Mileage OMV Handover date Dealer $$$
  17. Apparently many people do.. https://www.facebook.com/techinsider/videos/440968499434845/
  18. Lets all guess what happens by this year end
  19. RadX

    Insecurity at it's best

    REally! Money cannot buy class! Shocking! I would b flattered if it happened to me! Most of us here would anyway, no biggie, just an AMG Gullwing...zzzzz FROM FAcebook just had this BIZARRE experience— I was walking to my car in the carpark of Paragon when i saw this very cool Mercedes AMG with gull-wing doors. I took my phone out and snapped a photo of it. Just then the owner, a lady, comes up and starts SCREAMING at me for taking photos, saying "I didn't give you permission! Stop! I'm calling the police!" I was so shocked and asked her what the problem was, and that I took the photo because she had a very nice car. She continued to shout and said she would call the police, at which point I said, 'Fine call the police" and she takes out her phone and starts taking my photo. I just stood there and smiled at her as she snapped photos. Then when I walked back to my car, parked nearby, she screamed, "Your cheapskate car! You are so cheapskate!" As I got into the car she ran in front of it and snapped photos, saying "See your cheapskate car! Get lost! Cheapskate!" WTF!!??? And yes, she was a local. ‪#‎MoneyCantBuyYouClass‬
  20. mpv_lover

    Buy low sell low

    Hi guys... I'm noob, hoping to seek your advice if the below is pure marketing talk I was told that there is no point to wait for coe to lower since my trade in car will correspondingly lower. buy low sell also low. zero sum game. Does this make any sense? Age of trade in car matters? I recalled some ppl agreed with this. However some have a different view. Confused
  21. There is a previous discussion, but the individual situation is different so the advice could be different. 52 year old guy middle income owning a 2008 Sti purchased new in 2009 at $124,000. The COE was $12,901 at that time ... Last year, i "blew up" the engine [thats another story] at a cost of $22,000. So the entire block is new, rad, air con compressor .... I honestly don't think i can afford the same "kind" of car at todays prices and although i drive to work everyday, driving is a hobby to me rather than a necessity. So perhaps from an "approaching retirement" point of view, what do you guys think?
  22. my mum recently bought a second hand car and I got for her only third party insurance. I have been thinking if it's been a good idea. That car has about 2 years left on it. Should I have it changed ? What is the usual insurance to take if given a choice?thanks in advance.
  23. SUV and wagon both have extra 'cargo' space but a SUV is heavy and less stable (due to higher centre of gravity), less fuel economical, etc than a wagon. A SUV doesnt really drive like a sedan while a wagon does, more or less. Try going fast through corners and you can feel the difference in handling. In Singapore most SUV users seldom go off road so the so-called off-road ability is hardly needed. But we see much more SUVs than wagons everyday. Not all SUVs on the road are 7 seater, so the extra passenger seats shouldnt be the key reason for the owners.
  24. Hi, The price of really old BMW seems to be on the relatively low side. Some are even cheaper then some luxury Japanese car. Just trying to gather feedback from people with experiences on owning BMW. Is this worth it?. Does the repair cost will weigh on the buying price later on?. Is it better to just buy a Japanese second hand car instead even if it is more expensive or the same price?. How to make it relatively safer to buy an old BMW? Does Vicom check really tells you the condition of the BMW?. Thanks in advance for any advise. rdgs, Gildor
  25. SGCM_editorial

    The 'lease' of your worries

    The sharp reduction in COE (certificate of entitlement) supply relative to current demand has led to sky-high premiums and equally astronomical car prices. A Toyota Vios, for instance, now costs $119k – twice as much as it did five years ago. As if that wasn’t enough, the introduction of a tiered ARF (Additional Registration Fee) scheme plus the stricter financing rules implemented earlier this year have truly left aspiring car owners in a quandary, for they’ve created a significantly higher barrier to car ownership for the average buyer. The previous lending regulations, which allowed banks to extend “full” loans with a repayment period of 10 years, have been abolished. Under the new rules, buyers who intend to purchase a car (including used ones) with an OMV less than or equal to $20k can only borrow 60 per cent of the vehicle’s price (COE included), and must repay the loan in five years. If the car’s OMV is above $20k, a buyer can only borrow 50 per cent of the car’s price and must settle the loan within five years. Specifically, it’s the hefty down payment that is a big hurdle to many people. Buying a Toyota Vios, for example, requires one to fork out a $47.6k down payment. Acquiring a Camry 2.0 – which is listed at $167k at press time – would mean handing over $83.5k should you decide to purchase one. If you can’t afford to buy a car, we’ll demonstrate how you can still “own” one. Even if you could purchase a car outright, we’ll show you how leasing could potentially save you a good amount of cash. THE ADVANTAGES Apart from not having to hand over a big chunk of your savings as a down payment, most leasing contracts also stipulate that the leasing company will be responsible for expenses such as road tax, insurance and vehicle maintenance (see sidebar overleaf for potential “savings”). Some dealers even offer the use of a courtesy car while the leased vehicle is being serviced. Of course, the lessee remains responsible for ERP charges, parking fees and any fines incurred for the duration of the lease. The greatest advantage leasing holds is that since you don’t own the car, you don’t have to contend with depreciation and resale issues when changing vehicles. This is significant as, generally speaking, a new car loses 15 per cent of its value within the first year alone. If you’re planning to lease a new car, it is possible to choose specifics such as colour and standard equipment. But if you’re leasing a used vehicle, you’ll be limited to whatever the dealer in question currently has in stock. A new car is, of course, more expensive to lease than an older one. Most firms will also allow you to use your own registration number on the car you intend to lease (as long as you pay the necessary LTA transfer fee, of course). In contrast to owning a car, leasing also gives you the opportunity to change vehicles sooner, without having to worry about settling the outstanding loan for the car in question. According to Steven Ng, marketing manager at Motorway Group, a customer can negotiate to have an “upgrade clause” included in his contract. “But we will only allow a client to change cars within a reasonable amount of time. A customer cannot expect to be able to change cars every two months. But if it’s a four year contract and the client wants to upgrade after two years, we can negotiate and put that into the agreement.” THE CATCH However, when monthly payments on a car lease are compared to monthly payments on a hire-purchase loan, the former’s advantage doesn’t seem especially great. Local Suzuki agent Champion Motors, for example, is offering the Swift 1.4 GLX hatchback (manual gearbox) from $998 a month – subject to a minimum lease period of 36 months. But if you were to purchase said Swift model, the monthly repayment on a five year loan (at 2.6 per cent annual interest) would be $1,231. This is assuming a 40 per cent down payment against the car’s selling price of $108.9k at press time. When it comes to luxury models, however, leasing is a much more expensive option. Under Mercedes-Benz’s Star Lease programme, for example, the A200 Style hatchback costs $2,460 a month for a 60-month term. But if you were to purchase the vehicle, listed at $159,888 at press time, your monthly repayment would amount to $1,506 (assuming a 50 per cent down payment and a five-year loan). That’s $954 more to lease the same car per month, or an extra outlay of $57k after five years. And once the hire-purchase loan is fully paid, the car is “free” to be driven for the rest of its COE lifespan. Besides, if you’re planning to buy a new vehicle, you’ll have your Preferred Additional Registration Fee (PARF) rebate and the remaining COE paper value – provided the owner scraps the car before its tenth year – to put towards the next car. The PARF rebate is 50 per cent of the Additional Registration Fee (ARF) in the car’s tenth year. In contrast, when the leasing period is over, you’re left with nothing. As several industry veterans have pointed out, this is the other reason why many remain cool to the idea of leasing. PRE-OWNED LEASING If leasing a brand-new car is too expensive, you could consider leasing a used vehicle. Performance Premium Selection Limited (PPSL), a dealership that specialises in pre-owned BMWs. If you want more variety in terms of the makes and models available, you can check out multi-brand distributor Wearnes Automotive’s leasing programme, which offers all the models – both new and used units – from the seven marques (Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Infiniti, Renault, McLaren and Bentley) under the Wearnes umbrella. Apart from these brands, the company also claims to be able to meet a customer’s request for any make/model that isn’t part of its portfolio. Unique to Wearnes, however, are the added services not offered by most firms. For instance, Wearnes’ “Full Service” leasing programme includes vehicle pickup/delivery for maintenance, personal accident insurance in addition to the comprehensive insurance coverage, and 24-hour roadside assistance that covers driving in Malaysia, too. The quality of the used vehicles available for lease varies by dealer. Motorway, for example, tries to ensure that its cars have good service histories no matter their age, but if your budget is lower, you’re more likely to end up with a high-mileage vehicle. Wearnes, on the other hand, tries to offer cars not more than five years old. Be aware, too, that some dealers place mileage caps on their cars. Wearnes, for instance, has an annual cap of 20,000km on its vehicles (whether new or used) and charges 50 cents per additional kilometre covered at the end of the lease, although a spokesperson did mention that clients can negotiate to have this clause waived. AN EMERGING TREND Although leasing isn’t popular among local motorists yet, more car dealers have joined the leasing game anyway. Porsche, MINI, Kia and Volkswagen are just a few of the authorised agents that have recently introduced leasing schemes. This is great news for drivers, as more options equal better chances of finding the programme that best suits their needs This article was written by Jeremy Chua, writer for Torque