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Found 103 results

  1. looking at the many recent launches for Thailand property. https://www.icompareloan.com/resources/things-need-know-buying-thailand-property/ With so many coup and disruptions from external factors. Is it reasonable to expect that it can only go up from here onwards? I notice the condo sizes is clearly smaller that our shoebox apt. Except that it does not have a bomb shelter. And that sort of remove the dead space. There is no property taxes as well and it comes with a guaranteed yield of 6% per annum for 3 years. Seems quite good IF the thai baht rises after the 3 years of guarantee yield. http://www.homenayoo.com/the-excel-hideaway-sukhumvit-50/ interested in this with a view of the longkang
  2. Currently driving a subaru impreza 2008 5d 1.5r i wanted to get this, any advice? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KT5C88I/?tag=powsto07-20
  3. Want to buy a car. Found a good deal, but the dealership is 2 far from me. I can transfer a car to my area, but not ready to visit the dealership several times, have no time. They sent me a vehicle history report, pretty good grades. Tons of car photos and one short video. Also my brother in law bought there a 2010 Tacoma, didn't complain (but they moved so he can't help). Now a dealership offers me to test drive a car online via some app called LVS. I want to try because driving 200 miles for a test drive - no thanks. I think I can get necessary info from an online test drive, at least I could hear how engine works and stuff. Has anyone had such an experience? Is it safe and modern or I've lost my mind? Thanks in advance!
  4. Does anyone know the procedures involve to transfer car ownership while car is still under hire purchase? Thanks.
  5. Shawnong81

    Just purchase a Chevrolet Cruze

    Hi all, I just purchase a Chevrolet Cruze 2010 model, where can I get more information on this car? Was there a forums for Chevrolet? Thank You
  6. Hi All, Where could you purchase parking coupons by using credit cards? Normally at the petrol kiosk the staff expect me to pay separately by Cash or NETS if I were to purchase for petrol. I wonder supermarket like Shengsiong, NTUC, Giant do they sell parking coupons & can pay by credit cards.
  7. Neutrino

    How to bid COE

    I bought my car 10 years ago and sold it in April and now I want to buy the Hyundai Elite or similar. But I've got a bit confused about guaranteed COE just reading the Hyundai Elantra thread. Can someone explain simply the cost of a car Is it: the cost of the car - X, plus the Actual COE - Y, plus a a fixed cost for the guaranteed COE - Z so the total cost of the car is X+Y+Z I can confirm the X The Y is dependent on bidding The Z should be fixed I then bargain with the SE about any extras??? But what is this tier 1, tier 2 etc etc
  8. Hi MCF-ers, just need to ask this question to get it over my mental calculations. Im driving a BMW 316i for close to 2years now (since Nov 2014) and im looking to change to another ride with a larger interior space (MPV / SUV / Stationwagon). I searched through Sgcarmart and find that some 2013 cars are quite "value for $$". My current monthly installments (5years loan) is about $1.6k. The 2013 cars i shortlisted, monthly installments ranges from $1.15k - $1.2k for 7years loan. I know i am a itchy backside person having changed a few cars within 10years of driving. so i think i might change cars normally 2-3years of ownership. I was looking at Audi A6 Avant or some Conti/Jap SUVs price ranging from $125k-$140k. Depre is around 16-17k/year. I think depreciation will not matter to me since i most probably wont drive the full 10years. As we all know, 2013 was record breaking for COE prices. Most of the 2nd hand cars i saw had $93k COE and the prices listed are now almost 40% off the then listed prices (not sure of any discount or what when 1st owner bought) for a short 3years usage. Can any helpful soul enlighten me? Thanks very much!
  9. Hi, Has anyone successfully purchased any furniture(s) from TaoBao? I mean big items like Sofas, Dining Table etc.? And have them successfully shipped in, delivered to your doorstep or SG cargo? Izit really worthwhile? What's the shipment cost like? Reliable? Success stories? Advices, Dos & Duns etc . . . . Cheers!
  10. Hi Just a thread for casual discussion. We have seen a lot of bulk purchase online tools like Qoo, etc.. will it be possible with cars? Like if the orders gather to a certain qty within a week, then the car price will have a certain discount. As we know COE is twice every month, so will this work? Just fun discussion.
  11. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=456797&DL=1027 Was looking at this car. Price was $29,000 when status was available. After status set to pending as buyer paid a deposit, price increased to $37,000??? Is this an example of overtrade?
  12. Hi Guys I am a newbie, know nuts about cars. Due to far workplace from one end of island to the end, I got no choice but to consider buying an used car. This is my friend's account, saw this car like not bad coz fits my low budget. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=403346&DL=2276 Can you guys please help to assess to see if it is good buy or recommend any cars that is on sale which you think is a good buy. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Hi all, am new to this site. Is there anyone here whom have contacts to purchase left hand drive cars? Commission will be split accordingly.
  14. Part of our 2014 NDP funpack, to promote: Now you can buy puppies in S’pore like furniture with 0% installment plan http://mothership.sg/2014/08/now-you-can-buy-puppies-in-spore-like-furniture-with-0-installment-plan/ Yes, I am a dog lover, and this is really WTF.
  15. Spken1976

    Where to purchase fender lamp?

    Hi bros, anyone know where to purchase side fender lamps? No need to be original. I'm driving a Nissan Latio. Thanks.
  16. Hi guys, I have lost touch with the market for quite sometime. Last time I remember buying a new or used car is quite straight forward. Car price equals to import tax, ARF, COE and some kuni kuching fees. Now, with the introduction of CEVS, 50% loan 5 years loan period, it got a little messy. So, if any bros or sis here know of the guideline for new and old car. How CEVS work for old and new car? How loan structure works for old car since some cars may not have 5 years left? For example, I wish to purchase a 3 year old car, I can loan only 2 years, up to the 5th year of the car age, is this true? I will also have to down 50% of the sales price of the second hand car, true? Pls correct me if I'm wrong. I couldn't seems to find the info off MAS and onemotoring website.
  17. Hi Bros Anyone know where to purchase e clips for fuel pump? Regards
  18. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_825964.html The National Parks Board's controversial purchase of 26 foldable Brompton bikes had been brought to the attention of graft investigators, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau. In response to queries, the Ministry of National Development told The Straits Times on Wednesday afternoon: 'MND confirms that it has reported the matter to the CPIB.' Earlier, on Tuesday night, the ministry said it had suspended its assistant director of the Park Connector Network, Mr Bernard Lim, from duty. It also said that its minister, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, had told a ministry internal audit team to work with NParks to review the purchase of the bicycles last month.
  19. To fellow bros, anyone have any recommendations to install bonnet for toyota altis 08 make? tomyaaaaam
  20. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...now/745958.html I rather not.
  21. http://www.ura.gov.sg/lad/HBG/progressPayments.htm The last 2 payments are 25% and 15%. Does anyone know what the typical time between T.O.P. date and completion date?
  22. Hi like to check with all of you soccer fans out there. Does anyone know where can i purchase a infant Liverpool jersey for my friend son (1 yrs old). Thanks !
  23. Managed to contact Climaxtech and they have EL gauge (Sports edition) for Nissan Sunny, Facelift (horizontal grill). They don't have a picture yet but the effects will look something like this. [inline EL-daytime.jpg]Day [inline EL-Nitetime.jpg]Night Quote for one without group discount is $180 including installation. I need to take a rollcall to see if more is interested to negotiate for a better price. Please list your name here if you are interested. Will state the discounted price before confirmation of orders. 1. Osiris
  24. Whats the different from buying car insurance thru agent and self purchasing it ? More discount ? And side track, my insurance is ending soon. so it will be my 2nd year buying insurance, but my insurance company state 0% NCD on next renewal. Why ? Didn't make a claim on my own or other claiming me.