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Found 14 results

  1. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a32840985/vw-car-buying-online-signature/ Volkswagen has announced that its dealerships now offer buyers the ability to send a remote digital signature for vehicle purchases and leases. Now instead of sitting in the showroom signing paperwork, customers can take care of all their signatures on a tablet. The technology uses two-factor authentication to help secure the transmission of sensitive data. If you’re looking to buy a new Volkswagen but would rather not step foot into a showroom because of the ongoing pandemic, the automaker and its financial arm, VW Credit, have unveiled a Sign Anywhere digital solution that supports signing paperwork digitally instead of with paper and pen. The service is currently available at 420 U.S. VW dealerships after a small pilot program of 10 dealerships began in April. "Planning to implement this technology began two years ago, but since this pandemic took hold, we've accelerated our plan to make this a permanent tool for our dealers," said Anthony Bandmann, CEO of VW Credit. Since Sign Anywhere has gone live, Volkswagen says that more than 1900 sales and lease transactions have occurred using the system. The technology is powered by CDK Global, and Volkswagen is its first customer using the tech, but it’s likely that other automakers will follow suit as potential customers start seeing the advantages of online car shopping and purchasing. The Sign Anywhere system will use two-factor authentication (using a second method such as a known device to determine that the correct person is using a service) to secure the transmission of paperwork to reduce the chance of that information falling into the wrong hands. Volkswagen also notes that it's up to individual dealerships to determine if this type of transaction is legal within their state. Will you guys buy your car using remote signatures or would you prefer to see the salesperson?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3N8MS8Gffg The terrifying footage shows that a man drove into an Automobile 4S Store in Beijing frantically and smashed around, crushing many equipment in the store on March 11, 2016. The man, surnamed Bai, bought a car in the store in July, 2015, but was unsatisfied with the product as well as the store’s service. He sued the store in February, 2016 after they had a dispute on how much refund should be returned. Eventually, the lawsuit was withdrawn. The salesman said this car attack came “without warning”, and they were “totally unprepared”. However, Bai had another story to tell. He said that his family was threatened as they were asked to drop the lawsuit. “The store threatened to find ten men to do something to my wife!” said Mr. Bai angrily. “I called before I came. I didn’t want to hurt anyone.” He said. The store manager responded to this, saying that “Our salesman does not have any contact information of Mr. Bai’s wife.”
  3. Want to buy a car. Found a good deal, but the dealership is 2 far from me. I can transfer a car to my area, but not ready to visit the dealership several times, have no time. They sent me a vehicle history report, pretty good grades. Tons of car photos and one short video. Also my brother in law bought there a 2010 Tacoma, didn't complain (but they moved so he can't help). Now a dealership offers me to test drive a car online via some app called LVS. I want to try because driving 200 miles for a test drive - no thanks. I think I can get necessary info from an online test drive, at least I could hear how engine works and stuff. Has anyone had such an experience? Is it safe and modern or I've lost my mind? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone, some questions that I can hopefully get answered here instead of heading down to the authorised dealer showroom and disturb the executives. I am looking at either a mitsubishi attrage or a honda jazz. 1. For driving PHV, will the in-house Authorised Dealer warranty and servicing apply? 2. Will I get a better deal bidding for my own COE instead? For example, C&C cays the COE charged amount is $20,000. Meaning if I buy a car without COE, they assume COE is worth $20,000. But I will lugi if I bid for my own COE. 3. How will the AD charge me for the COE? Guaranteed COE? Do I need to pay a markup to guarantee my COE? 4. If I pay cash upfront, how much price markup should I expect? Or is getting a loan better overall? 5. Can anyone recommend me a SE for C&C or KAH that will treat me nicely? I am a greenhorn and don't want to get destroyed by their sales tactics. 6. Can anyone recommend me a good car insurance for PHV, with good excess and reasonable premiums. 7. Is the in house insurance usually any good for the bonus for $5000? Will I end up paying more in the long run? Thank you!
  5. Tesla Motors Inc.'s recent defeat in New Jersey may have catalyzed lawmakers in other states to take the side of the electric car maker. Arizona lawmaker, Rep. Warren Petersen, added an amendment to a non-dealer-related piece of legislation Wednesday that would open the state to sales of Tesla vehicles. The legislation made it out of a Senate committee, but still must be approved by both legislative bodies to become law, a staffer for Rep. Petersen said. Right now, Arizona, along with Texas and New Jersey, are the only states where Tesla sales are prohibited. Arizona is one of four states, including Nevada, Texas and New Mexico, that also are vying to be the location for Tesla’s so-called “Gigafactory,” a massive battery plant for which the company recently raised $2 billion. Last week, New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission added new language to its dealer licensing regulations that required all dealers to be independent franchises. Tesla will have to cease operating its two New Jersey dealerships by April 1, turning them into “galleries” that can display the vehicles but not try to sell them. New York state is the next stop in the Tesla war with the dealers. On Friday, the state’s legislature is expected to take up a bill that would stop Tesla from operating in the state. The move prompted New York lawmaker David Buchwald to hold a protest rally at the Tesla store at The Westchester Mall in White Plains. He also promises to propose a new state “clean energy policy to promote the expansion of electric cars.” Ohio legislators similarly have proposed legislation that would limit Tesla to the two stores it already operates in Columbus and Cincinnati. Tesla would like to expand to Cleveland, at a minimum, and is trying to strike a deal with the state dealers’ association there. Last week, Tesla Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, responded to the defeat in New Jersey with a blog post that excoriated New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and took issue with the franchised dealer system. Tesla sells direct to consumers without using independent dealers. Dealers argue that the system is dangerous for consumers because manufacturers aren’t incentivized to make warranty repairs and if the company fails, customers are left without an outlet to repair their vehicles.
  6. Porsche plans to increase its global dealership by 33% over the next five years. According to CEO Matthias Mueller, Porsche will invest 200 million euros annually to increase the number of dealerships to 1,000 outlets by 2018 from the current 750. "Our international dealership network is being expanded at a high pace," said Mr Mueller at the Porsche museum. "In China alone, there's a new Porsche Centre opening almost every month," he added. Despite challenging economic conditions in 2012, Porsche's operating profit rose 19% to 2.44 billion euros while delivering a record 143,096 vehicles. Such sterling results probably gave Porsche the confidence to commit to the aggressive expansion plans. However, the brand is cautiously optimistic on this year
  7. Maserati announced their partnership with British company 'Benfield', the North East's largest Motor Group, to create the first dedicated showroom for the Trident brand in the UK. Maserati will be the 13th brand sold in the UK by Benfield. The dealership will be operated from Benfield's existing premises on Warwick street, Newcastle and will be open from 10 July 2012. The Warwick Street showroom has the capacity to display all the three cars under the Maserati vehicle range, namely the GranTurismo, GranCabrio and Quattroporte. Additionally, the facility will allow the business to showcase pre-owned Maserati, all of which will be prepared to the highest standards in the adjoining aftersales facility. Giulio Pastore, Managing Director of Maserati Europe said,
  8. [extract] The Italian-based supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini, has recently opened its second dealership in Mumbai, India. The dealership is located in Prabhadevi and is being run by the Raging Bull
  9. FaezClutchless

    BMW cars frozen in time

    Owning or seeing a car that is beyond 20 years of age is something rare on this island and even if you get to see one, it would probably be in a poor condition. In a small Canadian town there are two 20 year-old cars that were left untouched. Want to know more? Read on. In Oakville, Ontario there is a BMW dealership that has been abandoned for more than two decades. Inside its showroom lie two mint-looking BMW cars, frozen in time. Local reports showed that this particular dealership had its licence revoked, for unknown reasons, in 1988. The company shifted to Toronto and set up a new dealership there which closed in 2002. The owner seems not interested in selling the place, including its inventory and had left everything behind intact. Located inside the showroom are two cars, an E28 5-series and an E24 635 csi, in rather mint condition. Probably some parts have given way, such as rubber seals and other mechanical parts. An interesting find was that the 635 csi has only double digits on its odometer. The interior design of the showroom and the furniture left inside also suggests that they were something from the 1980s. And that is not all; around the back is the workshop left behind similar to the showroom. Inventory, tools and parts remained completely untouched. It is as though as this is the place where time has forgot. Photo credit : Jalopnik
  10. The local BMW community were invited to a preview launch of the World's first ///M exclusive dealership just a day before the public launch. The turn out was pretty good and i think most of us had fun. This dealership differs from the regular BMW showrooms in that this one will only sell and service the M cars and cater to all the needs of M car customers. Even though there were not that many cars in the showroom yet. Apparently, ALL the cars inside have been spoken for. Even 5 units of the new limited production M3 GTS have been sold. (Arriving in Singapore only early next year) :jump Some pictures of the event. Some of the attendees' (cars)... The new F10 with Breyton wheels X6M demo car sitting outside Inside the showroom, there was an M3 Competition-spec. I loved the color. A video wall on the side They had an ipad rigged up to a headset playing various engine noises from the M cars There was a Competition-Spec M6 sitting inside as well in Frozen Grey The finish was really smooth, feels sort of like those aluminium doors on high-end refrigerators. Very cool and smooth. At the back was the service area, it was clean... I wish i had a home looking like this... (With the cars of course) M3 CSL was sitting on a lift The back of the building Lovely Exige S And lastly, just before we left... (& i headed off to another meetup :) )
  11. A Parallel importer has invested $2 million to specialise in higher-end Japanese models - especially petrol-electric hybrid vehicles - and opened for business at the former Opel showroom in the Ubi motor belt. Hybrid Motors at 5 Ubi Close has taken up half of the Auto Eurokars showroom, as well as workshop space at the back for its after-sales and PDI (pre-delivery inspection) services. Also significant is the fact that this is the first time a parallel importer has moved into a stretch of road which has been the sole domain of authorised distributors. 'We will be concentrating on hybrid cars, and luxury MPV and SUV models,' says Eddie Lo, CEO of Hybrid Motors. He adds that the reason for his focus on hybrid technology is that he expects this to be the future trend. 'I believe hybrid cars will be a trend soon because of high oil prices,' says Mr Lo. He explains that many people are still not familiar with hybrids but that can be changed by educating them about the technology and giving them some experience with the cars. 'After that, I am sure we can turn them into potential customers. So this is a market we want to tap,' he says. Another reason for targeting hybrid vehicles is the anticipated arrival of more such models next year. 'In 2009, a lot of the big manufacturers will be entering the hybrid segment, like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche,' he says. 'There will also be additional models from Lexus and Toyota, such as the new Prius.' For now, Hybrid Motors is offering two hybrid models from Toyota - the Estima MPV and the Harrier SUV. Other conventional models include the Alphard Vellfire, Estima and Voxy MPVs from Toyota, as well as the Land Cruiser 200 and the RAV4 SUVs. The Honda Stream compact MPV is also available at Hybrid Motors. Authorised Toyota and Lexus distributor Borneo Motors Singapore already offers several hybrid models, such as the Toyota Prius, Lexus RX400h and Lexus LS600h. Another hybrid Lexus, the GS450h saloon, will also be launched by Borneo Motors by the end of this year. Mr Lo says those who are concerned with fuel economy and green motoring should consider a hybrid over cars that have been retrofitted to run on CNG or compressed natural gas. 'CNG may not be so practical because of the gas tank at the back,' he says. 'What happens if a big truck hits the car from behind? Think of the physical impact of this heavy metal object on the occupants.' Mr Lo first entered the parallel import business when he began working for Richburg Motors in Hong Kong in 1999. In 2004, the Hong Kong citizen was posted to Richburg's Singapore office as sales manager. He says that by the time he left in early 2008, he had doubled Richburg's sales of Toyota and Honda parallel imports to an average of 50 units a month. After leaving Richburg, Mr Lo returned to Hong Kong. But he was lured back by the 'many opportunities' in Singapore and decided to start Hybrid Motors earlier this month. He says he aims to sell about 15 hybrids a month, plus another 30 conventional petrol-engined models. 'With the government pushing for green cars and the integrated resorts opening next year, it will be a very good opportunity to sell more hybrid vehicles,' Mr Lo says. Any Road Tax Rebate ?
  12. Hi, anyone care to comment on the cars relaibilitt, dealer support and maintenance? Intend to book the Oct Amb, but very concern on the poor service support.
  13. Magfocus

    New Skoda Dealership

    just happened to come across this in the Business Times today; "Peter Kwee's Group Exklusiv, which has been making news with sensational acquisitions, has done it again. The privately held enterprise - best known for its cars and golf businesses - has secured the distributorship for Skoda, the Volkswagen-owned Czech marque. BT understands the previous representative, cash-strapped JTA Motors, has been served a termination notice. Group Exklusiv will sell Skodas under a new company, Czech Auto. To be sited at an $8 million facility at No 3 Leng Kee Road, the new division will complement the group's Renault and Volkswagen businesses when it is ready in the third quarter...." THE BEST PART 'We welcome all Skoda customers,' he said. 'Skoda has a charm of its own, and we've got exciting products coming.' He will be bringing in the entire Fabia range, which includes a hatchback, sedan and stationwagon. The sporty 180-horsepower Octavia RS is also in the pipeline." BT online 5th Apr' 02