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Found 17 results

  1. Taking a short break with the missus to see autumn leaves in US and Canada. We usually do this autumn leave thing in Japan but this time we thought we’d travel farther. Journey obviously started in Bangkok. Then we catch a direct flight from Singapore to New York, yes our journey shall start from New York City. The flight is expected to take 18 hours but this is a very comfortable aircraft an Airbus 350-900. Seats are super wide Lots of legroom Lots of storage too Will sign in again when arrive
  2. Departing to USA New York via SQ 26 Airbus A380-800.
  3. Canada Pension Plan Investment Board ("CPPIB") and Pavilion Group ("Pavilion") today announced the creation of a joint venture to invest in Pavilion Damansara Heights, a mixed-use development project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As part of the joint venture, CPPIB will commit approximately MYR485 million (C$170 million) for a 49% interest in the development. Representing CPPIB's first direct real estate investment in Malaysia, Pavilion Damansara Heights is a freehold development integrating corporate towers, luxury residences and a retail galleria. The development is located in one of the mo
  4. http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/02/05/canadians-sued-the-bank-of-canada-won-mainstream-media-government-blacks-out-story/ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=40Jz0LPQAQY This is fierce man.
  5. The recent Tokyo Auto Show and the North American International Auto Show are considered by many to be two of the biggest auto events and at times these two could overshadow other not so well known auto exhibitions. At the 2013 Montreal International Auto Show, where not many were talking or reporting about, Honda showcased a promising concept car that was inspired by fixed-gear bicycles. The concept car you see here is simply known as the Gear Concept. The two door concept shows a highly stylish design and is equalised with levels of practicality. The design of the car also ope
  6. Unker Sam running out of countries to whack? [laugh] From 《联合早报网》: 美国务院:不会入侵加拿大 (联合早报网讯)中央社报道,美国国务院发言人纽兰,今天在对记者做新闻简报时,连续3声否认美国与墨西哥正在密谋侵占加拿大。 在新闻简报前,美国国务卿希拉蕊曾与墨西哥外交部长艾斯皮诺萨(Patricia Espinosa)签订1项协议。签约仪式并未公开。 在新闻简报中,记者问纽兰(Victoria Nuland),签约仪式为什么不公开,美墨到底签了什么协议。 纽兰答说,「我尚不知道答案,不过我会为你找到答案。」 记者又问,是否像是侵占加拿大那样的事?纽兰急忙回答,「不、不、不,这绝非机密性的协议。」 这件趣闻,在美国引起很多人兴趣,大家开始在网上开玩笑地讨论美国要不要侵占加拿大。 美国NBCnews.com网站的部落格里,有人写道,美国在1935年确曾拟定入侵加拿大的秘密计划。 有人在www.invadecanada.us网站留言称,加拿大人有点太骄傲,美国应该将本土及阿拉斯加连成一块。 也有人称,美国应该入侵加拿大,因为加拿大人喜欢在炸薯条中加上奶酪及肉汁。 《联合早报网》 (编辑:王秘)
  7. I've got a bit of business news to report. Looks like BMW has big plans for its 'i' sub-branding. The German automaker has recently invested in one Coulomb Technologies, a company based in California that provides electric-vehicle charging stations and software. Besides BMW, Coulomb technologies has development agreements with General Motors, Ford, Nissan and the luxury hybrid maker, Fisker. Coulomb's ChargePoint operates EV charging stations in more than 14 countries, including the US and provide EV customers, dealers and manufacturers with a range of cloud-based services.
  8. Singaporean require any visa to visit canada or any document declaration from Canada embassy like USA?
  9. Back in September last year, there was a news report about thirteen supercars impounded in British Columbia, Canada for their involvement in street racing. The drivers of these cars have to pay a $196 fine plus an impound fee. On top of that, they might get their driving license suspended. Apparently, an eye witness informed the local police about these drivers late night activities. Two of the cars would block off a stretch of a road and the rest would do the racing. Some of the drivers involved were students from an exclusive boarding school and some did not even have driving lice
  10. Ok TGIF can relak abit liao Read this from Yahoo! News found it interesting so like to share with cryptozoology freaks like myself: From Yahoo!: http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/canad...-012241654.html Canada's Loch Ness Monster Caught on Tape? By Lauren Sher | ABC News Blogs
  11. Owning or seeing a car that is beyond 20 years of age is something rare on this island and even if you get to see one, it would probably be in a poor condition. In a small Canadian town there are two 20 year-old cars that were left untouched. Want to know more? Read on. In Oakville, Ontario there is a BMW dealership that has been abandoned for more than two decades. Inside its showroom lie two mint-looking BMW cars, frozen in time. Local reports showed that this particular dealership had its licence revoked, for unknown reasons, in 1988. The company shifted to Toronto and set up a new deal
  12. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...928-302037.html Youth unremorseful at being nabbed for speeding above 200kmh VANCOUVER, Canada - A group of young Chinese drivers, stopped by police on charges of speeding, have claimed that the Westerners were jealous of Chinese driving high-powered cars. Witnesses claimed the group, driving Maseratis, Lamborghinis and Mercedes, were travelling at speeds upwards 200kmh, according to a Vancouver Sun report (see pictures below). The report said the police caught up with the convoy and impounded all the vehicles, which were worth
  13. Need to find out if any bros know if there are any restrictions for a car rented in Canada and driven across the border to the US. I will be in Canada next June and would be renting a Chevy Impala and drive from Calgary to Yellowstone / Grand Teton and then back to Calgary. Hopefully I would not kena any problem at the border crossings.
  14. China rejects pork imports from U.S., Canada Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:47 AM ET BEIJING (Reuters) - China has rejected shipments of pork kidney from the United States and of spare ribs from Canada after finding traces of a banned growth agent in them, in the latest volley of cross-border accusations over product quality. The Xinhua news agency cited the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) as saying that the 18.4-tonne shipment of frozen kidneys and the 24-tonne shipment of frozen pork ribs had been returned to the exporters by local quaranti
  15. DarkLord

    Canada GP

    Hi guys! Do remember about this weekend's Canada GP! I know the Euro championships are on (France vs England on Sunday as well) but I will still do a live commentry of the Canada GP and maybe throw in a few words on the European Championships!
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