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Found 7 results

  1. Just an amazing video all around. The run simulation in the acrobatic aircraft is mindblowing.
  2. Actually, I think the whole world wants to see Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, because this is the first time she is making a public appearance for a few months, because of her second pregnancy. Anyway, the pictures are fun to look at. Some have been coming out, and I have posted some on the blog. http://londonproperty123.blogspot.sg/2014/10/president-tony-tan-of-singapore-visits.html
  3. Visited Wan Yang for the past one year. Personally i kinda like their service, although most of the time was served by different people in the same outlet (causeway point) but the experience was never disappointing. The shi fu station @ causeway point are well experience and always explain clearly to me what are the do's and don't. Somehow i feel with regular foot reflexology it helps to improve my migraine condition. Sharing my past experience with different outlets/Shi Fu: 師傅: Changi Airport - Anyhow, one of the worst outlet i visited City Square Mall- Good Service and slot are kinda of flexible Ang Mo Kio - Depending on "shi fu" mood Parkway Parade - Very chatty, skill so-so Suntec City - Not too bad, just that its not fully equip at the moment (they are moving). Plaza Singapura - Shi fu skill above average, slot are kinda of flexible. Anyone visited other outlets, care to share more information's?
  4. Source : the JakartaGlobe April 10, 2013 Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo visited Singapore over the weekend to look for advisers for the MRT project and to draw inspiration for the development of the capital.
  5. I was told time off is under mgr's discretion. I need to visit dentist 3 times to complete a crowning procedure. My mgr keeps asking me to take MC but i told HER no MC is given for crowning. I just need to take time off to see the dentist as my dentist only work during office hrs. I have a time chit to show also. I think maybe she petty or stingy, came and told me time off is mgr discretion and wont be fair if i have to take 3 times. 3 times = 1 day already. those who r bosses/mgrs here, are you ok if ur employee needs to take time off to complete a procedure? its not like i take time off to bring my kid to see a doc. i also told her im ok to take MC but some docs dont give u MC but time chit because they dont see the need to. Whats wrong w her? I also said that time chit allows me to return work and my colleagues do not need to backup me for entire day.
  6. Tom_kkh

    Visits to canada

    Singaporean require any visa to visit canada or any document declaration from Canada embassy like USA?
  7. The local BMW community were invited to a preview launch of the World's first ///M exclusive dealership just a day before the public launch. The turn out was pretty good and i think most of us had fun. This dealership differs from the regular BMW showrooms in that this one will only sell and service the M cars and cater to all the needs of M car customers. Even though there were not that many cars in the showroom yet. Apparently, ALL the cars inside have been spoken for. Even 5 units of the new limited production M3 GTS have been sold. (Arriving in Singapore only early next year) :jump Some pictures of the event. Some of the attendees' (cars)... The new F10 with Breyton wheels X6M demo car sitting outside Inside the showroom, there was an M3 Competition-spec. I loved the color. A video wall on the side They had an ipad rigged up to a headset playing various engine noises from the M cars There was a Competition-Spec M6 sitting inside as well in Frozen Grey The finish was really smooth, feels sort of like those aluminium doors on high-end refrigerators. Very cool and smooth. At the back was the service area, it was clean... I wish i had a home looking like this... (With the cars of course) M3 CSL was sitting on a lift The back of the building Lovely Exige S And lastly, just before we left... (& i headed off to another meetup :) )