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  1. Salmon

    Audi Promo for Xmas

    Better read T&C before signing on dotted line, later need to sign 1 yr maintenance at $XXXXX
  2. Salmon

    'I'll just pay compensation'

    Bro, if I were you, I'll ask "Where's your mommy?" instead
  3. Salmon

    Sing! China (fka Voice of China)

    What's the different either you know it now or tomorrow. Maybe this one full version whereas tomorrow on TV they may cut off some part due to precious air time.
  4. Salmon

    Sing! China (fka Voice of China)

    http://haoshengyin.cztv.com/huaxuinfo/384245.html Nah here is the PK video
  5. Salmon

    There is life after death!

    If failed, will be PR status.
  6. Salmon

    Altercation at IMM earlier.....

    No point wasting time on such people. I read somewhere that says "It takes two to quarrel, one to stop"
  7. Salmon

    Mindchamps and sgforum saga

    Winner is always the lawyer
  8. Salmon

    Menstruation leave?

    Reply from Boss: Dear ms sNOw We canNOt express our heartfelt thanks for your NOble suggestion. As you kNOw, we have to make miNOr adjustments to our company policy if your NOtion is being accepted. Your point is NOted. We will NOtify you once the decision is made. P.S. We shall NOminate you as the best employee for the month of NOvember.
  9. Your front passenger may want to consider going on a diet.
  10. Salmon

    How to tell if your coffee is good

    My first quick glance of your topic 'How to tell if your coffin is good'. Looks like I need a pair of reading glasses.
  11. Salmon

    Boy Boy Un Needs Election Meh ......

    Should be this 3 choices: 1. Mr Kim 2. You die 3. Your whole family die
  12. Salmon

    Dogs, rats, bats & monkeys roasted WHOLE in Indonesia

    The wild boars are lucky not to be on the menu list.
  13. This doesn't make sense, usually there are 3 parties involved. There will be a guy that opens the ATM and the 2 Cisco staff just help out. Also the money case is locked and tamper proof. Seems like lots of loop holes.
  14. Salmon

    Anyone tried backup their com online before?

    Chances are your data could be residing in Timbuktu data centre.