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  1. Hi, Can anyone intro me a petrol kiosk with car vacuum service? I help to ferry my friend's dog and all the fur is stuck inside my car. Please help!
  2. tudorpapa

    First all-female S’pore car wash to open in Yishun on August

    haha. I copy from mothership only. I think personal data issues.
  3. tudorpapa

    First all-female S’pore car wash to open in Yishun on August

    For those who are staying at the North, you guys are in luck! Credits: https://mothership.sg/2019/08/yishun-carwash-all-female/ Here is the logo for Mrs Carwash, which according to the co-founder, is Singapore’s very first all-female car wash. And that is a deliberate choice. “Fun and unique washing experience”Royce, one of the co-owners of the establishment told Mothership that he had “never experienced” an all-female car wash before. He stated that the reason for using female washers is to “create a fun and unique washing experience which we cannot achieve the same results with males (sic)”. That curiosity, mixed with the inevitable “first-mover” advantage, spurred him to set up such a company. or those curious about what exactly the sizes represent, here they are. – Small cars are hatchback cars – Medium cars are sedans/SUVs – Large cars are luxury sedans – They also have an option for vans and MPVs They are also using Chemical Guys, a well-known American automotive detailing product. SexismAnd while one might think it’s a pop-up stall type of scenario, disappearing behind a wall of foam after the last fireworks go off, Royce has big plans for the venture. Invariably, issues of sexism might rise, with some questioning whether the women will be used as sexualised props instead of being seen as actual employees. This is a claim spurred on by the negative associations with the previous bikini carwash in Singapore. Royce, however, was quite adamant that this is a whole different ball game. When we broached the subject of the possibility of girls in bikinis, Royce quickly shut down the idea that his staff would be in swimwear. “Mrscarwash is a legitimate and a non shady female carwash business. Hence, our girls will be wearing personalised crop tops with shorts and flip flops.” Perhaps something like this. “I do not intend to exploit any females to dress in a revealing or skimpily manner and it’s going to be just another job for them,” he added. He also reiterated that it will be “just another car wash business”. “Frankly speaking, I choose to believe that concerns of sexism may float up from the general public but i strongly believe that with proper honest working ethics, even if it involves fully female washers, it’ll be just another car wash business where customers get their car cleaned up.” The car wash will open their doors on August 9, 2019. Here's thier Facebook just in case you want to follow. (: https://www.facebook.com/mrscarwash/
  4. tudorpapa

    Leather Vs. Fabric Seats

    what type of stains are you referring to?
  5. We can all agree on one thing; it is important to have seat comfort in your car! Just think about it this way: when you drive, you're spending all the time in your car seat, so that car seat has to be comfortable and suitable for you. However, when choosing a car seat, there are several choices you can make. Leather or fabric car seats are the most popular choices. Anyhow, the real question here is ' ' Are car seats in leather better than fabric '? ' And, we're here to discuss all of this. So, let's no longer waste time and get straight to business. Let's see the leather and fabric car seats ' advantages and disadvantages. I prefer fabric seats myself as it is not as hot as leather. But the thing about fabric is that it gets dusty very quickly. So usually I will standby a magic clean duster to dust away from the dust.
  6. I have recently tried quotz and swiftquote. Basically they are providing the same service of helping to sell my car but with some differences in how they do it. Things i like about quotz There is quote alot of personal touch. Give me confidence that someone is taking care of my inquiries. Fast in replying. They replied back to me first with a valuation They are the expert of cars. Even thou i need to make a trip down to Ubi for an inspection, they inspected my car and explain what was checked. The final bidding i gotten from Quotz is substantially better figure than swiftquote. (Swiftquote have a better quote thou. But not the final biding) Very steady in the offer bid. Fast and prompt. because their offer is back-to-back, I only deal with Quotz and Quotz only. They will settle my payment, and they will liaise with the dealer on their own. No need me go meet dealer Things I don't like about Quotz Sure kenna makan for $38 even if I reject the bidding. Although they got this $100 highest price guarantee, like if you sell higher to another dealer they give $100. not sure got other weird weird t&cs anot. Anyone tried b4? Things I like about swift quote Very responsive (smart company that use a lot of automation) The mobile page for the valuation is clean and easy to use, Good for on the go ppl like me. the quotation price they give me is attractive and precise, unfortunately their final bidding price is not final means dealer still got chance to reduce. Things I don't like about swift quote price even after bidding not firm. may need to nego with dealer the actual workflow is a domino effect, the actual bidding take up a much longer period Too much artificial replies. No personal touch, I selling something that is $60,000 and above. So would like to get some expert insight. In the end, I sold my car with quotz. (:
  7. I found this interesting read from one of the online article. Share with you guys and see what you all think. Why incompetent people often think they’re actually the best There’s a psychological phenomenon behind it: the Dunning-Kruger effect.Source: https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/11/18/16670576/dunning-kruger-effect-video Maybe you’ve experienced this at school or work before: Dealing with someone who thinks he’s much better at his job than he really is. This can not only be really annoying, but it can lead to disaster as a group project is made much more difficult by someone’s unchecked ego. A new TED-Ed video, based on a lesson by psychologist David Dunning, dives into why this happens and why people are so bad at judging their skills in general, looking into the phenomenon known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. “Knowing how competent we are and how our skills stack up to other people’s is more than a self-esteem boost,” narrator Addison Anderson explained. “It helps us figure out when we can forge ahead on our own decisions and instincts and when we need, instead, to seek out advice.” “But,” Anderson added, “psychological research suggests that we’re not very good at evaluating ourselves accurately. In fact, we frequently overestimate our own abilities.” This is true “to a degree that violates the laws of math.” For example: “When software engineers at two companies were asked to rate their performance, 32 percent of the engineers at one company and 42 percent at the other put themselves in the top 5 percent.” So what’s going on here? There’s actually a reasonable explanation: “When psychologists Dunning and [Justin] Kruger first described the effect in 1999, they argued that people lacking knowledge and skill in particular areas suffer a double curse. First, they make mistakes and reach poor decisions. But second, those same knowledge gaps also prevent them from catching their errors. In other words, poor performers lack the very expertise needed to recognize how badly they’re doing.” For example, how can someone know he’s a bad writer if he doesn’t know even basic spelling and grammar rules? The good news is once people know they are bad at something — say, if they fail at a logic puzzle — they’ll typically admit to it. But some level of experience or expertise is needed for a person to come to that realization. “That may be why people with a moderate amount of experience or expertise often have less confidence in their abilities,” Addison said. “They know enough to know that there’s a lot they don’t know.” But knowledge can also lead to people overestimating others: “Experts tend to be aware of just how knowledgeable they are. But they often make a different mistake: They assume that everyone else is knowledgeable too.” “The result is that people, whether they’re inept or highly skilled, are often caught in a bubble of inaccurate self-perception,” Addison explained. “When they’re unskilled, they can’t see their own faults. When they’re exceptionally competent, they don’t perceive how unusual their abilities are.” There’s a way to prevent all of this: “First, ask for feedback from other people — and consider it, even if it’s hard to hear. Second, and more important, keep learning. The more knowledgeable we become, the less likely we are to have invisible holes in our competence.” Keep in mind this is all just one explanation for why and how incompetent people may overestimate themselves. For examples of other explanations, check out a good rundown by psychologist Tal Yarkoni.
  9. tudorpapa

    Ridiculous office rules revealed

    Depends on the office space also lah. If the office is very small and cannot have a conducive pantry, then have to act with cautious liao.
  10. tudorpapa

    Crystal Coat: Why you should Coat instead of Wax?

    Anything that is to clean and protect the car interior?
  11. tudorpapa

    Ridiculous office rules revealed

    Ridiculous office rules revealed LAURA FRANSEN HUMAN RESOURCES Sep 18, 2017 Source: http://www.asiaone.com/business/ridiculous-office-rules-revealed Does your company have any silly or unnecessary rules in place? While management will probably say no - after all, all rules are implemented for a reason - employees may feel differently. In a recent workplace study, 36.8 per cent of respondents said their workplace has "ridiculous" rules. The survey by UK job site CV-Library asked 1,000 UK workers whether their employer had any silly or unnecessary rules in place. If the fact that over a third of employees think their company has stupid rules doesn't motivate you to review your policies, perhaps this will: 22.5 per cent said that workplaces with ridiculous rules can't be trusted. When it comes to the ridiculous rules in question, according to the survey results they broadly fall into five categories: Bathroom breaks: Respondents reported they either had a strict time frame in which to go to the toilet (3 minutes), had to ask before using the toilet facilities, or were even searched before going to the toilet. Dress code: Some respondents reported they had to wear particular coloured clothes to match the business, and women weren't allowed to wear trousers. One individual even said that they were sent home for not dressing down. Talking: Some employees stated that they weren't allowed to talk out loud outside of the staff room, while others said that they weren't allowed to say "hello" to a customer, only "good morning", or "good afternoon". Time keeping: One company deducts 15 minutes worth of pay if an employee is 2 minutes late. Another won't allow staff to travel further than 20 metres away from the building during lunch in case they're back late. Drinks: Some workplaces won't allow their staff to drink water and another will not let workers carry drinks up and down the stairs. One company won't let employees have drinks on their desk in case they get spilt. Commenting on the results, Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: "Every workplace needs rules: otherwise you'd simply never get things done! That said it's clear that many of the rules highlighted in our research are just ridiculous." He added: "Employees want to feel trusted and while one workplace can differ massively to another, you have to treat your staff like adults - especially when it comes to being allowed to drink water and going to the toilet!" A final finding from the survey provides another reason for ensuring any office rule makes sense to staff. Over half of respondents (57.2 per cent) said that if they feel a rule is silly, they'll simply disobey it. My company also quite kecoh one. Quite stringent on dress code and such.
  12. tudorpapa

    Euro 2016 Weekly Recap with Hyundai Motor - Week One

    Germany is looking very strong this Euro. Will cheer for them!!!!
  13. tudorpapa

    Anyone doing major servicing before CNY?

    My servicing haven't due yet. But was thinking of going to do a servicing again before CNY and get everything check. You know lah. Singaporean scare CNY no car mah.
  14. tudorpapa

    Volkswagen's ultra hot hatch spied

    Although this Golf R is supposedly AWD and boasts a higher power output than the new Civic Type R turbo, I would love to see them go head to head on a racetrack. That's also if the DSG doesn't fail halfway..