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Found 50 results

  1. A Singaporean student was attacked by a man wielding a knife, who tried to steal his bicycle on a London street. Mr Raymond Hing, 21, was left with a cut on his face after being knocked to the ground while cycling in Leicester Square at about 1am. His ordeal was recorded by British YouTuber Sherwin, who helped fend off his attacker. Sherwin, known only by his first name, was live-streaming his walk around central London on April 10 when he heard Mr Hing's screams for help. In the video, which has since been viewed 155,000 times, he can be seen rushing to help the student, who is sprawled on the ground and bleeding from the cut on his face. The attacker is seen making a desperate lunge for Mr Hing's bicycle before walking away as more bystanders gather. Mr Hing is seen screaming for help and saying "call the police" multiple times. More than a week on from the attack, he said: "I have recuperated and I am feeling better - still alive and kicking." Mr Hing said he did not contact the Singapore High Commission in London because he recovered quickly and did not require help. Sherwin described the experience as surreal, telling the Insider news website: "As I was rushing over, adrenaline mixed in with my anxiety. I truly really hope, if anything, I've maybe inspired people to not be afraid. To try and step in, and to stop a bad-looking scenario from turning (from) bad to fatally worse." After calling emergency services, Mr Hing was seen in the video asking for assistance and describing the attacker as being about 1.7m tall and wearing a blue jacket. "It's attempted murder, he is armed and dangerous," he said. The Metropolitan Police said they were called at 12.49am "to reports of an attempted robbery in Whitcomb Street", according to the Insider report. watch the video at the most top for the attack. dunno who this sherwin but good job thou not exactly sure how this live stream works this dude seem to just stream his random walking around for a full 7 hours so many things i noticed in the video... in the same live stream just above this (full clip), skip to 6:59:00 of the video, there seem to be some kind of domestic abuse happening to the streamer or rather mental abuse by his mum becus she watched his live stream, saw tat he tried to help the singaporean n didnt like it tat he was risking his life also notice something a bit off bout the singaporean tat was attacked notice the head twitch which he ddid many times? is tat some sort of anxiety twitch? hope he is feeling better poor guy how can a man cycling be attacked in london just liddat? with so many ppl around something is wrong in amdk countries
  2. Mockngbrd

    A day in London

    Recently I had the chance to travel to the UK for some "work", naturally, I had to extend my stay but unfortunately due to ticketing costs, could only extend it by one extra day. So with that extra day, i headed over for my first visit to London. Here's a writeup of where I went. https://garage36.wordpress.com/2019/08/28/a-day-in-london/
  3. Viruses, Empty shelves, mask issues and more.. What a way to start the year well I have a plan B There’s only so much room for bad news and we’ve certainly had our fill of it So what better way than to drive off somewhere to chill out.. literally and take a almost brand new AMG A class out for a spin in the English B roads? An offer from SIA for cheap tickets to UK and a business conference allowed me to grab a week off and visit the land of pies, beans and more. Given my limited time, I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of spots and I’ll be sharing them as we go along 🙂 Let’s get to A... Which stands for AMG A class! So with B roads and many miles to cover, I was lucky and scored an upgrade from a Ford Focus to a Mercedes AMG A class. A brand new one with almost nothing on the odometer 150 quid a day for a spin in a brand new car? Not bad at all First thing to note, this version is made in Germany BUT that’s a Renault Diesel engine... and don’t let that engine cover fool .. It’s a 1.3l turbo diesel with a seven speed DCT but a proper multi link suspension. But if you get over that and get on with driving, it’s pretty good. The cabin surrounds you in nice well fitted plastics that have a soft touch. The steering wheel has great heft and the seats are really comfortable, even after 400 miles. Pick up is delivered like a wall of torque with instant reaction and within seconds you are approaching illegal speeds. Legroom at the back has improved greatly and whilst the ride is now both firm and yet comfortable despite the AMG package. The handling is superb and the steering reacts well without being twitchy. It firms up significantly at speed whilst remaining easy to use when parking and the dimensions of this compact sedan are good despite the improved legroom. Visibility all round is decent. The downsides? The noise insulation at speed isn’t good and the engine can be heard. It’s not a great soundtrack but I’ll forgive that given the power it produces. Plastics lower down are still hard but the cabin does feel well put together. The MBUX is a mixed bag.. the navigation works but the steering controls are not easy to use and the voice system is too sensitive. Whilst the steering well is meaty and lock to lock ratio is tight, there are too many things which feel gimmicky after the first five minutes. The LED screen does look nice but it’s not tilt able and tall drivers might not like the angle. Trying to make adjustments whilst driving is a little harder than it should be. Even so it’s a great ride and the fuel consumption is amazing. Didn’t even use a quarter tank after one full day out with eight hours of driving. On the B roads or the highway, this car cuts through the air and is such a pleasure to drive. When we were presses for time the car easily responded to our more urgent needs with great aplomb.
  4. Story as it unfolds live on the BBC. Hope no one is badly injured!
  5. no Huawei, no problem ... UK’s first 5G network taster goes live in six cities tomorrow The UK’s first 5G consumer mobile network is launching tomorrow in six cities. Mobile network operator EE will switch on the next-gen cellular connectivity in select locations in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester — promising “increased speeds, reliability and connectivity”. Though of course consumers will also need to have a 5G handset and 5G price plan, as well as being in the right location, to see any of the touted benefits. EE says it expects customers to experience an increase in speeds of around 100-150Mbps when using the 5G network — “even in the busiest areas” where network coverage extends. “Some customers will break the one gigabit-per-second milestone on their 5G smartphones,” it adds. Ten other UK cities are set to get a taste of EE’s 5G later by the end of this year, also in select, busier parts — namely Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol — with more cities planned to come on stream in 2020. While rival mobile operator Vodafone has said it will began its own rollout of a 5G network in July. Among the advantages for 5G that EE is pushing on its website to try to persuade users to upgrade are better connections in busy places (such as festivals or stadiums); faster download speeds to support movie downloads and higher quality video streaming; and a gamer-friendly lack of lag — which it bills as “almost instant Internet connection”. Whether those additions will convince masses of mobile users to shell out for an EE 5G device plan — which start at £53 per month — remains to be seen. Earlier this month the network operator, which is owned by BT, launched its first 5G Sim-only handset plans, and began ranging 5G handsets — from the likes of Samsung, LG, OnePlus and Oppo. Though not from Huawei. Last week it told the BBC it would pause on offering any 5G smartphones made by Chinese device maker Huawei — saying it wanted to “make sure we can carry out the right level of testing and quality assurance” for its customers. Huawei remains subject to a US executive order intended to dissuade US companies from doing business with it on national security grounds. And Google has been reported to have taken a decision to withdrawn some Android-related services from Huawei — raising question-marks about the future quality of its smartphones. (The Chinese company’s involvement in building out core UK 5G networks is also subject to restriction, with the government reportedly intending to impose limits.) EE says the 5G network it’s launching tomorrow is an additional layer on top of its existing 4G network — dubbing it “phase 1”. So this switch on is really a toe in the water. Or, well, a marketing opportunity to claim a 5G first. It describes it as a “non-standalone” deployment, saying it’s combining 4G and 5G to “give customers the fastest, most reliable mobile broadband experience they’ve ever had” — saying it’s planning to upgrade more than 100 cell sites to 5G per month, as it builds out 5G coverage. It will also expand its 4G coverage into rural areas and add more capacity to 4G sites — as 4G will remain the fall-back option for years to come (if not indefinitely). Phase 2 of EE’s 5G rollout, from 2022, will introduce the “full next generation 5G core network, enhanced device chipset capabilities, and increased availability of 5G-ready spectrum”. “Higher bandwidth and lower latency, coupled with expansive and growing 5G coverage, will enable a more responsive network, enabling truly immersive mobile augmented reality, real-time health monitoring, and mobile cloud gaming,” EE adds. A third phase of the 5G rollout, from 2023, is slated to bring Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications, Network Slicing and multi-gigabit-per-second speeds. “This phase of 5G will enable critical applications like real-time traffic management of fleets of autonomous vehicles, massive sensor networks with millions of devices measuring air quality across the entire country, and the ‘tactile internet’, where a sense of touch can be added to remote real-time interactions,” EE suggests. As we’ve said before, there’s little call for consumers to rush to upgrade to a 5G handset, with network coverage the exception not the rule, even as building out the touted benefits of so-called ‘intelligent connectivity’ will be a work of years.
  6. KapitanE

    Trip Report..... SQ to London

    Yes, I am again in the air and flew out of Singapore on the 12th evening, SQ322, the A380 direct flight.... Well, have been on this type of seat configuration many times before, so it is not as exciting as before. But as always, couples of drinks, good food, and a good night rest before arrival...... Service not as good as previous experience, maybe because stewardess is young and new.... I was not asked if I wanted a drink when I woke up and she walked pass the aisle a few times,.... walk through... I had to stop another to ask for coffee... haiz.... What is a trip report without pictures.... Plane took off from Terminal 3, shots of other SQ planes at the terminal last night... Traditional leg room shot..... some champagne before taking off....
  7. kdash

    London Zoo fire

    latest news on the London Zoo fire which caused Misha the aardvark, one of the best-loved animals in the zoo, to perish... Aardvark dies in blaze at London Zoo, meerkats missing https://www.todayonline.com/world/more-70-firefighters-tackle-blaze-london-zoo
  8. An American judo fighter and reigning Olympic champion are the two latest athletes to be caught out for doping. American judo fighter Nick Delpopolo was expelled from the Olympic Games on Monday after testing positive for marijuana he said he ate accidentally before arriving in London. Delpopolo is the first of the 10,500 games athletes to fail an in-competition doping test. His case is the fifth positive test for a banned substance reported by the IOC since their official London Games testing period began in mid-July. The other four athletes were caught before competing. "My positive test was caused by my inadvertent consumption of food that I did not realize had been baked with marijuana, before I left for the Olympic Games" Judo fighter Nick Delpopolo The International Olympic Committee said it disqualified Delpopolo from the men's 73-kilogram class, where he placed seventh. Delpopolo tested positive for metabolites of cannabis after competing on July 30. He apologized to the United States team in a statement acknowledging he was 'embarrassed by this mistake.' http://m.aljazeera.com/se/20128620272470414 http://www.usatoday.com/video/us-judoka-ex...g/1773842206001
  9. Emirates Airlines is the largest operator of the A380 aircraft in the world. The airline flies 5 times a day from Singapore to Dubai (one flight has a stopover in Colombo, Sri Lanka). The airlines has been growing very rapidly over the years and many people have flown with Emirates before. However, for some reason, my family has never flown with Emirates, until this year, when we travelled to Europe for our year end holidays. We flew with Emirates simply because it was the cheapest fare we could find, for our requirements. The experience was very good. In some ways, their Economy class is even better than SQ. Dubai Airport is also a incredibly huge place and extremely busy. It has become such an important aviation hub, pretty much built from sand! With this type of competition, I do wonder how Singapore Changi can survive as an aviation hub, but we need to keep trying. I have made several flight review videos of my recent trip. Here are the first three. Emirates A380 Singapore to Dubai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nXZM64tHXc Dubai International Shake Shack Burger and Airport Bus Transfer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovVNQ-FoYdQ Emirates A380 Dubai to London https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DUkv4aihuU Happy viewing.
  10. Just got back. I will share videos of my recent holiday here. Privileged and blessed to be able to travel and see the world with the family. Awesome trip. For this trip, the plan was to take a cruise out of Genoa, Italy. The problem was that Genoa was pretty hard to get to. So, to get there, we first flew to London, stayed one night, then flew from London Stansted to Genoa via Ryanair, stayed on night in Genoa, then boarded the ship for a 7N cruise covering ports like Civitavecchia (for Rome), Palermo, Malta, Marseilles, Barcelona (not in that order). On disembarkation day, we took British Airways flight back from Genoa to Gatwick, and spent some nights in London before heading home. That, in gist, was the plan. The rest of this thread, I will post videos (probably in random order). First day in London, arrived quite early, went for a walk. Here were some aggressive ducks in London Regent's Park. The Triton Fountain, also at London Regent's Park. Very bright and quite cool, around 11 deg. A boy feeding pigeons. Quite fun.
  11. Rayd8or

    London Property

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking of getting a property in London. Appreciate advice from current London property owners or anyone who is able to give valid advice on this. Anything that I have to look out for? Thank you.
  12. A video link - https://youtu.be/IPXdvZfd3I8 A Poem Audi, Audi, oh my Audi Your A3 S-Line, made me moody Car was new and driving easy But only two bags, in your booty Audi, Audi, oh my Audi Nav was good but controls messy Press but can't find things easily Maybe I am just very lousy Audi, Audi, oh my Audi, Loved the drive, but not my family Sitting behind, kids got cranky Sorry Audi, I need my harmony Audi, Audi, oh my Audi, Your A3 S-Line, made me moody Car was new and driving easy But only two bags, in your booty ------------------- A picture.
  13. http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/travel/article/russian-superhighway-could-connect-london-to-new-york Russian superhighway could connect London to New York Published: 27 March 2015 8:24 AM Russian Railways is proposing to build a new train network alongside the Trans-Siberian Railway. – AFP/Relaxnews pic, March 27, 2015 Russia has unveiled ambitious plans to build a superhighway that, in theory, could make it possible to drive from London on one end to New York on the other. According to a report by The Siberian Times, the head of Russian Railways is asking the government to seriously consider his project dubbed the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development, the first modern transportation corridor that would link up the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Plans call for the construction of a new high-speed railway and the development of major roads that would span the length of Russia, link up with existing transportation networks in Europe and Asia – and cross the Bering Strait. A network that would run about 20,000km in length. The proposal was presented at a meeting of the Russian Academy of Science and was touted, not only as a major transportation route, but as a means to create new cities and jobs in parts of Russia and Siberia that are woefully underdeveloped, and experience the haemorrhaging of young talent who leave the region for better opportunities abroad. The new network could also be used to build pipelines for oil and gas as well as infrastructure for electricity and water supplies, said Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin. The lofty proposal, however, comes with an equally sky-high price tag that could be trillions of dollars. Currently, the longest international route operated by Russian Railways is Moscow to Pyongyang, North Korea, a 10,267-km journey that takes about nine days. – AFP/Relaxnews, March 27, 2015.
  14. Boringchap

    Choose Vegan - PETA

    I like to eat meat. Recently, I found out that there are very strong 'vegan' organizations around the world, and one of them is called PETA. Recently they held a 'human body' exhibition, right out in the open on the streets of London, Trafalgar square. Check out the pictures that I got from their website. http://londonproperty123.blogspot.sg/2014/11/peta-people-for-ethical-treatment-of.html Can you imagine such an 'exhibition' in Singapore?
  15. Actually, I think the whole world wants to see Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, because this is the first time she is making a public appearance for a few months, because of her second pregnancy. Anyway, the pictures are fun to look at. Some have been coming out, and I have posted some on the blog. http://londonproperty123.blogspot.sg/2014/10/president-tony-tan-of-singapore-visits.html
  16. Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC has sold its entire stake in the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Financial Centre in London for £582.5 million (S$1.2 billion). Norges Bank Investment Management, Norway's sovereign wealth fund, is the buyer of the prime freehold property in London's financial district, said GIC in a statement yesterday. The move follows GIC's full acquisition of the RomaEst Shopping Centre - in which it already had a 50 per cent interest - in Italy on Monday. GIC bought the 585,000 sq ft London office property from Merrill Lynch in 2007 for £480 million, beating investors such as Syrian-born tycoon Simon Halabi and Irish investor Derek Quinlan. Norges Bank said in a statement that the acquisition was not financed by debt. Bank of America Merrill Lynch will continue to manage the property, under the lease agreement. The financial centre has a net lettable area of about 550,000 sq ft. It comprises four buildings on a 1.3ha site, and was first purpose-built by the American bank as its flagship headquarters in London. The complex is also near the historic St Paul's Cathedral. GIC has been on a shopping spree in Europe of late. It bought a stake in RAC, Britain's second-largest roadside assistance firm, from Washington-based private equity firm Carlyle Group two weeks ago. GIC also agreed to buy 30 per cent of Spanish real estate firm Gmp for more than €200 million (S$323 million) last week. Earlier reports had noted that GIC may be part of a group of investors in talks to buy airports in Aberdeen and Glasgow in Scotland as well as in Southampton in southern England for £1 billion. Quick calculation on the returns from purchasing Bank of America Financial Centre: Purchase $480 million (sterlings) in 2007 = SGD $1,440 million (07 sterling to SGD is 3 ish to 1 give and take lah) Sold $582.5million (sterlings) in 2014 = SGD $1,194 million (current rate is 2.05 ish give and that lah) Lost = SGD$246 million just in foreign exchange fluctuation Assumption: No debt financing, related fees not taken into account, rental not taken into account Somebody please tell me I'm wrong but the numbers are what it is right?
  17. Ex-Malaysian Beauty Queen Has 1000 Pairs Of Shoes, As Told To UK High Court http://eng.mynewshub.cc/2014/10/06/ex-malaysian-beauty-queen-has-1000-pairs-of-shoesas-told-to-uk-high-court/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Mynewshub-English+%28MyNewsHub+-+English%29 LONDON: In a bid to have her divorce heard in Britain, Pauline Chai, the estranged wife of Malaysian business tycoon Khoo Kay Peng, has told the High Court that she keeps 700 of her 1,000 pairs of shoes in her £30mil (RM156mil) Hertfordshire mansion. “I have more than 1,000 pairs of shoes from 43 years. I have accumulated them, I never dispose of them,” Chai, 67, was cited by the Telegraph as saying. Chai, who was crowned Miss Malaysia 1969, was giving evidence last Friday to prove that the couple settled permanently in Hertfordshire in 2009 and she was therefore entitled to file her divorce petition in the country. Khoo, 75, is contesting Britain’s jurisdiction and has filed his own divorce petition in their native Malaysia. Neither of them is a British citizen. They have five adult children together. Chai’s claim is estimated at £200mil (RM1bil) and if successful, is potentially Britain’s largest divorce settlement. It is believed that she filed her petition in London because divorce settlements are based on an equal distribution of matrimonial assets here. She could be entitled to less under Malaysian law, which divides matrimonial assets according to a spouse’s contribution to their acquisition, either directly via payments or indirectly by raising the children and taking care of the home. The couple lived a lavish lifestyle during their 43-year marriage, with luxury staffed homes also in Kuala Lumpur, Canada and Australia. In Britain, they live in separate mansions at Rossway Park, a sprawling 405ha estate in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire guarded by Gurkhas and containing some llamas, alpacas and two man-made lakes costing £60,000 (RM312,000) each. According to the Telegraph, when challenged by Khoo’s lawyers that she also had an extensive collection of clothes, shoes and handbags in her Kuala Lumpur home, Chai responded: “When you have houses all over the world and you travel so much, (you have some at each house) so you don’t have to carry it all along with you.” Khoo is ranked 42nd on Malaysia’s 50 richest list by US magazine Forbes. According to Forbes, his net worth as at February this year is £190mil (RM987mil), though it is speculated his worth is closer to £500mil (RM2.6bil). Chai also told the court last Thursday that she had ordered a padded toilet seat for her husband as he had backache from spending hours reading and working while sitting on the toilet daily. The Daily Mail reported that Chai’s lawyer Richard Todd QC said last Friday she lived on a “beautiful English estate”, had a taste for English TV shows and valued what was “quintessentially” English. It had been reported earlier that Chai had her 15-room Hertfordshire home decked out in Laura Ashley furnishings because she “loved England and everything English”, and not just because her husband owns a 40% stake in the clothing and interiors firm. Chai filed for divorce in February last year, citing her husband’s unreasonable behaviour. She has accused him of being “very controlling”, rationing her food and forbidding her from leaving their house without his permission. Chai said on Friday that she was not divorcing her husband for money, but to get away from a “violent” relationship, admitting that at one point she had locked herself in a back room, according to The Telegraph. “I just wanted to get away from an abusive, oppressive relationship which I could not take because of my age,” she said. “When I was younger, I could recover. Now it is too difficult to overcome it because of the violence and the fear he is putting on me,” she added. She said he had told her: “You are nothing, you have nothing, you have no bargaining powers.” Khoo’s lawyers have strenuously denied these allegations on his behalf, though the reclusive magnate has not made a personal appearance at any of the proceedings in Britain. He will give evidence via live video link when the hearing resumes on Oct 13. This high-stakes case has also attracted attention, and criticism, for its spiralling costs. The legal fees for both sides have reached an eye-watering £2.3mil (RM12mil) in total, just for the preliminary proceedings so far. Chai is represented by Ayesha Vardag, the capital’s “diva of divorce” who in 2010 got pre-nuptial agreements recognised in England, allowing her client, German heiress Karin Radmacher, to protect her £100mil (RM520mil) fortune from her former husband. Khoo has retained Fiona Shackleton, another renowned divorce lawyer who has advised the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Nigella Lawson and the Prince of Wales during his divorce from the late Diana, Princess of Wales. – Singapore Straits Times/ANN
  18. London's Heathrow is the fourth busiest airport on the planet, and it's not nearly big enough to handle the doubling in traffic the UK's Department for Transport predicts will hit by 2030. Some want to construct a third runway, but that would likely require the demolition of entire villages, as Heathrow is in a dense area outside London. There is a more outlandish idea that takes advantage of unused space... Build a new airport on the estuary of the Thames River. One group pushing for this option, the Thames Estuary Research and Development Company (Testrad) has released new plans for its "innovative and spectacular" London Britannia Airport. The new six-runway hub airport on the Thames estuary to the east of London could be built within seven years at a cost of US$76 billion ($91.2 billion), said a consortium formed by London Mayor Boris Johnson to address the capital's air capacity crunch. The British government and business groups want to expand flights to fast-growing economies to ensure the UK can tap into billions of pounds of trade opportunities. With Heathrow, London's biggest airport, operating at 99 per cent capacity, more runways are needed. The proposed new airport would sit on a purpose-built island off the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, some 50 miles east of central London, and would be known as London Britannia Airport, said the Thames Estuary Research and Development (Testrad) consortium formed by Johnson to study options for estuary airports. The plan, to be launched at the House of Lords, the upper house of parliament, comes two years after architect Norman Foster unveiled proposals for a four-runway hub in the Thames Estuary, backed by Johnson and dubbed "Boris Island". Testrad said the new hub would have six runways and could be built within seven years at a cost of 47.3 billion pounds, without having to demolish houses or industrial infrastructure. "This project avoids flying over densely populated areas of London and the south east, removing completely the noise contours and impact which have bedevilled millions of people throughout and around London over the past 40 years," a Testrad spokeswoman said, adding that Heathrow airport would likely have to close to accommodate its plans. Britain's Conservative-led government last year set up the UK Airports Commission, chaired by Howard Davies, to look into airport capacity in southern England. It is due to publish a list of potential schemes by the end of this year with the final report due after the 2015 general election. Earlier this year bosses at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports urged the government to let them build additional runways to solve the capacity shortage, plans vigorously opposed by Johnson. Johnson previously proposed a new four-runway hub should be built either east of central London on the Isle of Grain or further out in the Thames Estuary on an artificial island. http://www.smh.com.au/travel/travel-news/plan-for-spectacular-island-airport-in-london-20131118-2xq0v.html
  19. Regan_ong

    Stream your video on a MINI

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1xsfFT3K_Q An illuminating new project from MINI has been unleashed onto the streets of London: MINI Art Beat. Driven by your Style. Always the innovator, MINI showcases interactive and digital design with a truly one-of-a-kind MINI Countryman custom-fitted in a stunning 48,000 LEDs. The result is the most vibrant and customisable 'NOT NORMAL' ride you'll ever lay eyes on. But MINI Art Beat isn't just brightly coloured eye candy. It's your vehicle to bright fame. Stream your own live animation directly onto its glowing LED surface as the compact crossover takes nightly cruises through London. City passers-by and the entire World Wide Web will see your personalised style light up the mobile canvas. Stream your own short video direct to the MINI Art Beat car using the Facebook app, or by tweeting your Vine videos with #MINIartbeat. Then add a customised design and beat to get your face in lights. Not sure how to go about doing it? Follow the instructions in the video below. Now, if MINI picks your submission, you'll get a custom clip as a takeaway - a real piece of MINI, just for you. So grab your shades as the lights are on. If you want your style and beat on the streets of London, get on MINI Art Beat here. See the video below for a sample. As much as this funky idea looks uber cool, we reckon it wouldn't really work locally as the car would probably be stuck in the traffic jam.
  20. [extract] It seems that some of those who live in London just can
  21. RchLuvSlly

    Advice - Never neglect your car insurance!

    If you are planning to buy a car, I recommend that you also plan to buy a car insurance policy that you see fit. Just don't take the car insurance policy for granted. As you know, in Singapore, it is compulsory that every car is covered by a car insurance policy. In addition to that, you need to make sure that you renew it every year as the policy will only be valid for one single year. The same also applies in the U.K., it seems. Just recently, London police officers managed to seize a customised Lamborghini Aventador. As it turned out, the car belongs to Nasser Al Thani, a member of the Qatar Royal Family. For your information, this guy is well known for his fondness of showing his supercars to the public in London, the capital city of the Great Britain. The tuned Aventador got impounded because Al Thani didn't have a proper insurance to cover his Italian supercar. While impounding the car, though, the officers seemed to get a little problem at first, due to the limited headroom and low ground clearance that comes as a result of installing aftermarket carbon fibre splitters. So, after all being said, if you love your car and don't want it to get seized by the police, you better start thinking about a suitable and proper car insurance policy.
  22. Apparently 2 terrorists knocked down a soldier with their car. They then proceeded to hack and behead the guy. Polis took 20 mins to arrive and in the meantime one of them was even filmed giving comments Here's a news LINK for those interested
  23. SYF77

    Bentley designs chairs for men

    Bentley has collaborated with Pankhurst London, a high end men's grooming salon, to retrofit six barber chairs using the luxury car maker's artistry and engineering knowledge with materials and finishing found in Bentley models. On the partnership, Bentley Motors' Director of Marketing, Stefan Buescher commented, "A key part of what makes Bentley special is our hand-crafted expertise in wood and leather that makes our car interiors a special place to be. Working with Pankhurst has given us the opportunity to show this craft in an innovative and exciting way to create a unique experience in London's finest barber shop. Only Bentley could make such exquisite and beautiful chairs." The refurbished chairs were covered using leather from eight hides. The headrest sports either Bentley or Pankhurst embroidery. The suspension system of the chairs was reworked to enhance the comfort level. If you cannot afford to own a Bentley, perhaps the next best thing to do is to have a haircut at Pankhurst when you are holidaying in London. Kimage Hair Studio and NEXT hair salon : any plans to upgrade to Bentley barber chairs?
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21040313 Helicopter crashed after hitting a high rise crane. Terrorism ruled out but crash site is very near the MI6 building and where the new US embassy is being built. Authorities are unable to confirm the number of casualties so far.
  25. Jeff49er

    Driving out of London

    Hi all I am going to London in the part of June and will be staying at Trafaglar Sq. I have Avis car rental in mind. I would like to ask if anyone has driven out of London and please share ya experience and where to park the car overnight Thanks to all