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  1. Looking the leg makes me feel that he is suffering bloated foot, which is a early sign for male gender to returns to where he came from very soon....
  2. Could be on his way to Vicom for the infamous blue and white decal.
  3. No lah.... Ah Mock looking from the sky in bird eyes views TP reads his drawing will definitely ask a million dollars question... What is the meaning of "Zuah" ???
  4. I noticed you have hidden talents, what a marvelous mocking birdie
  5. Ah Lian will asking you... Ler Mai Gia Chia Liao, Chi Pai boh dang song liao
  6. Nowadays defensive driving lessons got to teaches... " watch up the sky " for anything that flies
  7. 2BDriver

    Sharing of Good Jokes

    She is " ON HEAT " Anyone https://youtu.be/DSraOSQmj90
  8. 2BDriver

    Sharing of Good Jokes

    Where is the obstruction ??? https://youtu.be/9MV4fpHck3k
  9. Not now, working like a honey bee lately
  10. 2BDriver

    CHC Trial Matters Part 2

    Does this washing machine brand qualified in Full FIVE TICKS or not ? Mr. @Yuan goes for ecomical lifestyes to avoiding publicity.
  11. 2BDriver

    CHC Trial Matters Part 2

    You should introduce your best Malaysian buddy ah jibby to them for coaching in the game of moolar bleaching somewhere
  12. 2BDriver

    Freak Car Accident

    Obviously, FB is putting up donkey ears long old news commentary ?
  13. This particular Lky grandson sounds differently in forgiveness and perfectly wise to mention "his tolerance with criticism". My sincere vote to him for becoming our national elitist registering.
  14. 2BDriver

    Freak Car Accident

    I'd spent much time to search for the former old similar signboard crushed an Mercedes Benz traffic accident but couldn't find it anywhere... In Chinese version is known as 天灾人祸 aka unpredictable nature disaster and death.
  15. 2BDriver

    Freak Car Accident

    I also recalled that similar accident but the deceased are Chinese, this recent accident deceased are Malay family of three.