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  1. Any MCFers here have any experience with 10years old or more Mercs? In your opinion, are they reliable? Of course I'm not expecting it to drive or operate like brand-new, but are they worth getting? Also, on average, how much do you spend on servicing and maintenance? Thanks in advance.
  2. Did a search and I didn't find any owners' thread, so here goes.. Some links I found useful: External workshops: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2675115-independent-workshop-for-mercedes-benz/?hl=mercedes Freebies that you can expect from Merc: (with contributions from @heman75) 1. 3k service credit. anything more depend your bargain and model. E and above will be like 5k. A, B and C i think only 3k but can ask for more. i did it for my other car. usually within 500$more 2.. JS front back camera sure give 3. insurance some loyalty discount for next two year renewal. 4. 3D matt 5. solar film 6. some car essential package inclusive nano coat. 7. welcome pack.. laptop bag. 8. some amount of overtrade (feel free to add more to the list)
  3. Why Mercedes skipped GLB when they’ve GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS? GLA too small while GLC too unnecessary, GLB would be just nice for a specific market segment. Only if there is a B Class Grand Tourer, I would have bought it. I waited for it ever since BMW came out with their 2 series Grand Tourer. A futile wait. Merc is missing a market segment in the absence of these 2 models. Anyone interested if such models eixst ?
  4. Gen2 G Wagen will be unveiled in 2018 Some shots of interior https://jalopnik.com/the-2018-g-wagen-is-different-and-mercedes-really-means-1821235895
  5. There's nothing like celebrating National Day with a little racing between an SUV and an MPV. A white Honda Odyssey was spotted going toe to toe with a silver Mercedes GLA200 along the TPE expressway on Monday (Aug 9). The video starts off with the white Honda in the lead, as the driver recklessly switched into the camcar lane. Footage from the rear of the camcar showed that both cars were initially speeding along the expressway, with the silver Mercedes desperate to outrun its fellow counterpart. With the Honda quickly gaining speed, the driver of the Mercedes decided to resort to overtaking the camcar on its left - a really dangerous move given that all vehicles were travelling at a relatively high speed. As both vehicles zipped in and out between other cars on the road, it was tough to judge who won the race. Netizens' reactions Who really won this race? --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  6. It replaces both C and E coupe
  7. It look larger and sleeker... The length and size of the rear quart window pointing to a 7 seater variant?!
  8. Mercedes came out with Extended Warranty Package called - Protector Plus It comes with 1-year or 2-year package. Anyone bought it, please share your thoughts
  9. This beau is a classic! any one remember this car? http://www.mercnews.net/2012/02/mercedes-c...87-to-1996.html
  10. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  11. Hi all, some of you might know that i used to drive a Lexus Gs450h , bought 2nd hand 7yrs old with 117K km. Although i did choose lexus for reliability , it gave me 2 big big issues one being the hybrid battery and another being the engine blew up, hence have decided to scrap the car. with the lexus , i have learnt a few things : - 3.5 road tax can die - horsepower not worth in SG, although car is silky smooth - dont buy a old hybrid car hence, I've been looking around for the next car that will not give me so much problems ( at least not so expensive ones) and have come across a friend that drives a W204 facelift model. so far since day 1 of owning the car, the car had no major problems other than a few cheap wear and tears that were very minor. anyone can share any opinion regarding the reliability of the w204 model, buying 2nd hand , and also, after the expiry of COE, will it be worthwhile to renew COE on this model? i have yet to test drive the car, but overall looks and interior quality are pretty nice IMO any opinions regarding is appreciated, or even other car suggestions are welcome too. looking at c180 or c200 model
  12. Mercedes is launching a new model called the EQG. It is based on the current Mercedes G class.
  13. Looks amazing and like a s class. This is going to be a seller in singapore Ultimate luxury
  14. The heart of this new beast is NOT a V8, or even V6, but a 2.0L IL4 unit! These spec should WOW you more than it's outlook. Max Horsepower: 671 hp / 680 ps Max Torque: 1,020 Nm 0 - 100 Km/h: 3.4 sec Top Speed: 280 Km/h (electronically controlled) The engine is AMG’s M139L 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder as seen on the SL43 roadster and the C63’s little brother, the C43. Like those cars it features an electrically-driven turbocharger, but for the C63 the blower is much bigger. So while the SL43’s gas motor peaks at 376 hp (381 PS), and the C43 tops out at 402 hp (408 PS), the C63 kicks both into the weeds with a 470 hp (476 PS) output. That doesn’t only match the old base model C63’s V8 for muscle despite being half the size, it makes this new version of the M139 the most powerful four-cylinder production engine in the world, and with 545 Nm, it must be the torquiest too. And that’s before we’ve factored in the electric boost that’s also new for 2024. That boost happens at the rear wheels courtesy of a 150 kW (201 hp /204 PS) electric motor packed into the rear axle together with an electronically-controlled limited slip differential and a two-speed drive unit. It can power the car as an EV at up to 125 km/h and for up to 13 km, if driven gently, which makes it sound like a PHEV from a decade ago, but that’s because AMG has prioritised power over efficiency for this hybrid system. Drawing from a 6.1 kWh battery the motor delivers its 150 KW maximum for up to 10 seconds at a time, but is always on hand with at least 70 kW (94 hp / 95 PS), and engages its second gear from 140 km/h once it kissed its 13,500 rpm rev limiter. The result is a fairly spectacular combined gas-electric output of 671 hp (680 PS) and 1,020 Nm, making the C63 not only far more powerful than the old V8-engined C63 S and its 503 hp, or the 503-hp BMW M3 Competition but punchier than super sedans from the class above like the 617-hp BMW M5 Competition. 0 to 100 km/h takes 3.4 seconds (down from 4.0 seconds for the old C63 S) and the 250 km/h top speed can be raised to 280 km/h with a suitable bung to your Mercedes dealer at order time. The electric motor acts only on the rear axle, and you can configure the gas motor to do the same. But for the first time the model operates by default in all-wheel drive. Power flows to the 4Matic+ four-paw transmission via a conventional nine-speed epicyclic auto, but one fitted with a wet clutch pack instead of a torque converter. Rear-axle steering also makes its debut on the new C63, and carbon brakes join a list of standard equipment that includes adaptive dampers for the steel-spring suspension and an AMG Dynamics drive mode selector with a new “Master” mode that allows the kind of oversteer antics C63s have become famous for. Drivers also get AMG-specific graphics in the digital instrument cluster and head-up display, plus a button on the steering wheel giving four levels of energy recovery ranging from almost nonexistent to strong enough to allow one-pedal driving.
  15. The new A-class sedan will be positioned slightly below the CLA, which will get another generation next year and whose swoopy styling means it’s classified by Mercedes as a four-door coupe. While the new CLA is likely to be closer dimensionally, for comparison’s sake the current version of that car is 3.2 inches longer than the 2019 A-class sedan, yet the latter offers greater interior room. The US version's A220 sedan peaks at 188 horses and 221 lb-ft from its turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, versus 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft for today’s CLA250. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/2019-mercedes-benz-a-class-sedan-the-first-of-a-new-generation-of-baby-benzes-official-photos-and-info Mercedes has confirmed that the A-Class saloon will be offered with just two engines when it goes on sale, although further units are planned once production is ramped up. The launch options are a turbocharged 1.3-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with 161bhp and 184lb ft (badged A200) and a 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel with 114bhp and 192lb ft (badged A180d). https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-mercedes-benz-class-saloon-rival-four-door-audi-a3
  16. While the CLA concept will only be announced during IAA Munich Auto Show (5 - 10 Sep), prototype with production ready parts has been caught testing on the road in Europe. The upcoming sedan will be part of the newly founded Entry Luxury category. The smallest sedan to carry the three-pointed star will ride on the Mercedes Modular Architecture. The next-gen CLA won't have a bigger brother anymore since Mercedes is pulling the plug on the CLS at the end of this month. Stay tuned for more info.
  17. Just got a used Mercedes GLA180 need help for recommendation for servicing and repair workshop.Thanks a lot in advance
  18. Yes, this is the EV version of the GLB, with a distinctive face from Mercedes-Benz EQ family. Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 4MATIC AMG Line
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